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Think Stewartville | Stewartville, MN and surrounding area
var Byline_3851 = ""; var BylineEmail_3851 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3851 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3851 = "400"; var Filename_3852 = "1590%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3852 = "vb%2DNelson dig"; var Caption_3852 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EErica Nelson dives for a dig in the section title match%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3852 = ""; var BylineEmail_3852 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3852 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3852 = "400"; var Filename_3853 = "1589%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3853 = "vb%2DLangseth%2DRainey block"; var Caption_3853 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ERachel Langseth %28left%29 and Julie Rainey block a Pine Island attack%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3853 = ""; var BylineEmail_3853 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3853 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3853 = "400"; var Filename_3854 = "1588%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3854 = "vb%2DRainey attack"; var Caption_3854 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EJulie Rainey beats a Warrior block with a cross%2Dcourt kill%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3854 = ""; var BylineEmail_3854 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3854 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3854 = "400"; var Filename_3855 = "1587%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3855 = "vb%2DBlahnik attack"; var Caption_3855 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ELindsay Blahnik blasts a kill by a Caledonia block%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3855 = ""; var BylineEmail_3855 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3855 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3855 = "400"; var Filename_3856 = "1586%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3856 = "vb%2DBench celebrates"; var Caption_3856 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETigers celebrate as the winning point of the section title match hits the floor%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3856 = ""; var BylineEmail_3856 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3856 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3856 = "400"; var Filename_3857 = "1572%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3857 = "VB%2DLangseth%2DRainey block"; var Caption_3857 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ERachel Langseth %28left%29 and Julie Rainey block a Lourdes attack at the net during subsection action last week%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3857 = ""; var BylineEmail_3857 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3857 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3857 = "400"; var Filename_3858 = "1571%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3858 = "VB%2DDzubay 700th win"; var Caption_3858 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger coach John Dzubay %28center%2C back row%29%2C was recognized for recording his 700th career match win before Stewartville%92s 1AA Subsection quarterfinal match win over Rochester Lourdes on Oct%2E 23%2E Here%2C Dzubay is surrounded by this year%92s Tigers%2C front row%2C from left%2C Danielle DeGeus%2C Julie Rainey%2C Emily Rainey%2C Alyssa Hoth%2E middle%2C from left%2C Stephanie York%2C Lindsay Blahnik%2C Rachel Waugh%2E Back row%2C from left%2C Lindsay Block%2C Sam Blahnik%2C Lisa Flynn%2C Erica Nelson%2C coach John Dzubay%2C Rachel Langseth%2C Kelly Norman%2C Jill Oftedahl%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3858 = ""; var BylineEmail_3858 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3858 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3858 = "400"; var Filename_3859 = "1570%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3859 = "VB%2DBlahnik attack"; var Caption_3859 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ELindsay Blahnik blasts a kill at the tape%2C beating a Lourdes block attempt during subsection action%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3859 = ""; var BylineEmail_3859 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3859 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3859 = "400"; var Filename_3860 = "1566%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3860 = "FB%2DTuffly lowers shoulder"; var Caption_3860 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EZac Tuffly lowers his shoulder and churns his legs%2C driving for extra yardage in Stewie%27s 27%2D14 playoff win at La Crescent%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3860 = ""; var BylineEmail_3860 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3860 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3860 = "400"; var Filename_3861 = "1565%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3861 = "FB%2DSchroeder punishes Lancer D"; var Caption_3861 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EBryan Schroeder plows over one La Crescent defender %28%2316%29 and sheds a second Lancer %28%234%29 on a big ground gainer during Stewie%92s first playoff win in 11 years%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3861 = ""; var BylineEmail_3861 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3861 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3861 = "400"; var Filename_3862 = "1564%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3862 = "FB%2DJensen%27s QB sack"; var Caption_3862 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ELucas Jensen wraps up the La Crescent quarterback%2C recording one of his two sacks in Stewie%92s 27%2D14 playoff victory%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3862 = ""; var BylineEmail_3862 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3862 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3862 = "400"; var Filename_3863 = "1563%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3863 = "FB%2DGisler chops fumble"; var Caption_3863 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETom Gisler chops the pitch arm of the La Crescent quarterback%2C causing an errant toss during Stewie%27s 27%2D14 playoff win%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3863 = ""; var BylineEmail_3863 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3863 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3863 = "400"; var Filename_3864 = "1562%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3864 = "CC%2DHuiras leads at woods"; var Caption_3864 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ESeth Huiras keeps pace with the lead pack at sections%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3864 = ""; var BylineEmail_3864 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3864 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3864 = "400"; var Filename_3865 = "1561%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3865 = "CC%2DChristian and Huiras lead Tiger boys"; var Caption_3865 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EFront runner David Christian and Seth Huiras lead the Tiger boys team at sections%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3865 = ""; var BylineEmail_3865 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3865 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3865 = "400"; var Filename_3866 = "1560%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3866 = "CC%2DAutumn Kruse leads at prairie"; var Caption_3866 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EAutumn Kruse in the front pack%2C leading the Tiger girls at sections%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3866 = ""; var BylineEmail_3866 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3866 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3866 = "400"; var Filename_3867 = "1558%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3867 = "CC%2DChloe Kidd leads at woods"; var Caption_3867 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EChloe Kidd pulls away from the pack at sections%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3867 = ""; var BylineEmail_3867 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3867 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3867 = "400"; var Filename_3868 = "1549%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3868 = "FB%2DRogers tackle"; var Caption_3868 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETyler Rogers drags down the Lancer quarterback at the line of scrimmage on this option keeper%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3868 = ""; var BylineEmail_3868 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3868 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3868 = "400"; var Filename_3869 = "1548%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3869 = "FB%2Dgang tackle"; var Caption_3869 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETigers swarm for a gang tackle%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3869 = ""; var BylineEmail_3869 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3869 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3869 = "400"; var Filename_3870 = "1547%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3870 = "FB%2DTuffly carry vs LaC"; var Caption_3870 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EZac Tuffly eludes a lunging Lancer defender%2C cutting behind Bryan Schroeder%92s lead block that turfs another Lancer defender%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3870 = ""; var BylineEmail_3870 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3870 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3870 = "400"; var Filename_3871 = "1546%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3871 = "FB%2Dforced fumble"; var Caption_3871 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ESteve Jezeski jars the ball from the Lancer QB%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3871 = ""; var BylineEmail_3871 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3871 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3871 = "400"; var Filename_3872 = "1543%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3872 = "CC%2DOrte leads the pack"; var Caption_3872 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EMichael Orte is out in front of the lead pack%2E Orte was the number four runner for the Tigers%2C placing 22nd at the HVL meet in Winona%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3872 = ""; var BylineEmail_3872 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3872 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3872 = "400"; var Filename_3873 = "1540%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3873 = "VB%2DRainey earns 1000 set assist"; var Caption_3873 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EEmily Rainey eyes a pass and makes another perfect set assist%2E Rainey reached the 1%2C000 set assist milestone during Stewie%92s sweep of Hayfield last week%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3873 = ""; var BylineEmail_3873 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3873 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3873 = "400"; var Filename_3874 = "1539%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3874 = "VB%2DFlynn tips vs Hayfield"; var Caption_3874 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ELisa Flynn is stronger at the net%2C popping a tip over a Hayfield hitter for a Tiger point during Stewie%92s HVL three%2Dgame sweep of the Vikes%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3874 = ""; var BylineEmail_3874 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3874 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3874 = "400"; var Filename_3875 = "1538%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3875 = "VB%2DBlahnik%2DFlynn block vs Vikes"; var Caption_3875 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ELindsay Blahnik %28left%29 and Lisa Flynn sky high for a block against Hayfield%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3875 = ""; var BylineEmail_3875 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3875 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3875 = "400"; var Filename_3876 = "1533%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3876 = "FB%2DSchroeder run vs KM"; var Caption_3876 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EFullback Bryan Schroeder breaks through the line and into the secondary on a big ground gainer against Kasson%2DMantorville%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3876 = ""; var BylineEmail_3876 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3876 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3876 = "400"; var Filename_3877 = "1532%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3877 = "FB%2DRogers tackle vs KM"; var Caption_3877 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ECornerback Tyler Rogers clings to a shirtail tackle as pursuit from Caleb Schmidt and Steve Jezeski %28%234%29 arrives%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3877 = ""; var BylineEmail_3877 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3877 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3877 = "400"; var Filename_3878 = "1530%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3878 = "FB%2DHarris fumble recovery"; var Caption_3878 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EDefensive end Ben Harris makes a fumble recovery against Kasson%2DMantorville%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3878 = ""; var BylineEmail_3878 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3878 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3878 = "400"; var Filename_3879 = "1529%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3879 = "FB%2DGisler tackle vs KM"; var Caption_3879 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EDefensive end Tom Gisler makes a tackle against a KoMet ball carrier%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3879 = ""; var BylineEmail_3879 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3879 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3879 = "400"; var Filename_3880 = "1528%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3880 = "FB%2DGisler catch vs KM"; var Caption_3880 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EWideout Tom Gisler makes a catch against Kasson%2DMantorville%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3880 = ""; var BylineEmail_3880 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3880 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3880 = "400"; var Filename_3881 = "1525%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3881 = "5th grade football action"; var Caption_3881 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EHome System Installation%27s Jordan Johnson runs for a touchdown during the Stewartville fifth grade football team%92s 36%2D0 victory over Rochester%92s Ryan Siding on Sept%2E 20%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3881 = ""; var BylineEmail_3881 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3881 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3881 = "400"; var Filename_3882 = "1522%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3882 = "vb%2DNorman%2DBlahnik block"; var Caption_3882 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EKelly Norman %28left%29 and Blahnik block this Cannon Falls hitter%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3882 = ""; var BylineEmail_3882 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3882 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3882 = "400"; var Filename_3883 = "1521%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3883 = "vb%2DBlahnik spike"; var Caption_3883 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ELindsay Blahnik beats two Bomber blockers on this cross%2Dcourt spike during Stewie%92s sweep of Cannon Falls%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3883 = ""; var BylineEmail_3883 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3883 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3883 = "400"; var Filename_3884 = "1505%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3884 = "gsoccer%2DSteph Bussan aggressive"; var Caption_3884 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EStephanie Bussan attacks the ball%2C beating a St%2E Charles forward on the play%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3884 = ""; var BylineEmail_3884 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3884 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3884 = "400"; var Filename_3885 = "1504%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3885 = "gsoccer%2DReinhardt breakaway"; var Caption_3885 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EAmy Reinhardt uses her speed to beat the defense and charge the Saints goal%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3885 = ""; var BylineEmail_3885 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3885 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3885 = "400"; var Filename_3886 = "1503%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3886 = "gsoccer%2DLC champs"; var Caption_3886 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville varsity soccer team captured first place at the Lake City tournament on Sept%2E 27%2E Tiger team members are%2C seated%2C from left%2C Amy Reinhardt%2C Nicole Amos%2C Stephanie Bussan%2C Jackie Betcher%2C Morgan Hettinger%2C Steph Jorde%2E Kneeling%2C from left%2C Shawnna Sperber%2C Gabi Hale%2C Kahla Aldrich%2C Maria Gehling%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Brianna Probach%2C Ellie Bergeson%2C Taylor Hutchins%2C Karyn Christian%2C Tori O%27 Sullivan%2C Teala Heddlesten%2C Mallory Berg%2C Coach Greg Hale%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3886 = ""; var BylineEmail_3886 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3886 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3886 = "400"; var Filename_3887 = "1502%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3887 = "fb%2DTuffly around end vs CF"; var Caption_3887 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EZac Tuffly follows his lead block around end for a big ground gainer against Cannon Falls%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3887 = ""; var BylineEmail_3887 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3887 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3887 = "400"; var Filename_3888 = "1501%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3888 = "fb%2DSchroeder sheds tackle vs CF"; var Caption_3888 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EBryan Schroeder breaks a Bomber tackle for a big ground gainer during Stewie%27s 24%2D7 Homecoming win%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3888 = ""; var BylineEmail_3888 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3888 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3888 = "400"; var Filename_3889 = "1500%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3889 = "fb%2DRogers%2DHain tackle vs CF"; var Caption_3889 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETyler Rogers and Alex Hain %28%2324%29 tackle a Bomber ball carrier during Stewartville%92s 24%2D7 homecoming win%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3889 = ""; var BylineEmail_3889 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3889 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3889 = "400"; var Filename_3890 = "1499%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3890 = "fb%2DHarris fumble recovery vs CF"; var Caption_3890 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EBen Harris pounces on a Bomber fumble caused by Adam Glahn%27s QB sack%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3890 = ""; var BylineEmail_3890 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3890 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3890 = "400"; var Filename_3891 = "1498%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3891 = "fb%2DGlahn sacks CF QB"; var Caption_3891 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EAdam Glahn sacks the Cannon Falls QB during Stewie%27s 24%2D7 Homecoming win%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3891 = ""; var BylineEmail_3891 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3891 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3891 = "400"; var Filename_3892 = "1497%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3892 = "fb%2DBentley YAC vs CF"; var Caption_3892 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EBraden Bentley collects big yards after catch %28YAC%29 against Cannon Falls%2E Bentley finished with 117 yards receiving%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3892 = ""; var BylineEmail_3892 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3892 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3892 = "400"; var Filename_3893 = "1495%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3893 = "bsoccer%2D Matt Terhaar header"; var Caption_3893 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EMatt Terhaar advances the ball against Plainview with this header%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3893 = ""; var BylineEmail_3893 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3893 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3893 = "400"; var Filename_3894 = "1494%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3894 = "bsoccer%2DMatt Welter boots"; var Caption_3894 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EMatt Welter boots a knee%2Dhigh bouncer%2C sending it to a team mate down field%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3894 = ""; var BylineEmail_3894 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3894 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3894 = "400"; var Filename_3895 = "1493%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3895 = "Boys SMS soccer champs"; var Caption_3895 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EStewartville Middle School soccer team captured first place at the Plainview Junior High tournament on Sept%2E 27%2E The Tigers beat Plainview 2%2D0 in the opening game and topped Lake City 3%2D1 for the championship%2E Team members are%2C goalies Ben Hogan %28left%29 and Mack Christenson%2E Kneeling%2C from left%2C Tim Eisen%2C Shane Parks%2C Nick Stibbens%2C LeRoy Malone%2C Michael Stageberg%2C Josh Wilson%2C Chay Chou%2C Jacob Vetsch%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Matt Terhaar%2C Steven Brady%2C Conner McCartan%2C Josh Peirick%2C Gabe Hilger%2C Coach Sean Bestor%2C Kenny Dux%2C Joel Venzke%2C Dillon Welter%2C Matt Titel%2C Matt %22Tiny%22 Welter%2C Spencer Wright%2C Troy Vetsch%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3895 = ""; var BylineEmail_3895 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3895 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3895 = "400"; var Filename_3896 = "1491%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3896 = "vb%2DRainey spike"; var Caption_3896 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EJulie Rainey drives the ball against Goodhue for a Tiger point%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3896 = ""; var BylineEmail_3896 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3896 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3896 = "400"; var Filename_3897 = "1490%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3897 = "vb%2DLangseth%2DBlahnik block"; var Caption_3897 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ERachel Langsth %28left%29 and Lindsay Blahnik block a Goodhue hitter%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3897 = ""; var BylineEmail_3897 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3897 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3897 = "400"; var Filename_3898 = "1489%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3898 = "tennis%2DVeronica Lawrenz"; var Caption_3898 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ENumber two singles player Veronica Lawrenz aggressively charges the net for this backhand volley%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3898 = ""; var BylineEmail_3898 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3898 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3898 = "400"; var Filename_3899 = "1488%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3899 = "tennis%2DMarilyn Yennie"; var Caption_3899 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EMarilyn Yennie makes an aggressive return at the net on the number two doubles court%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3899 = ""; var BylineEmail_3899 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3899 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3899 = "400"; var Filename_3900 = "1479%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3900 = "fb%2DTuffly sheds LC tackler"; var Caption_3900 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EZac Tuffly squirts through a seam on the line and sheds a Lake City tackler%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3900 = ""; var BylineEmail_3900 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3900 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3900 = "400"; var Filename_3901 = "1478%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3901 = "fb%2DRobak reception"; var Caption_3901 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThomas Robak protects the ball and gains yards after this reception%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3901 = ""; var BylineEmail_3901 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3901 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3901 = "400"; var Filename_3902 = "1477%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3902 = "fb%2DGlahn fumble recovery"; var Caption_3902 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EAdam Glahn causes a fumble on this quarterback sack and lands on the loose ball for the recovery%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3902 = ""; var BylineEmail_3902 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3902 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3902 = "400"; var Filename_3903 = "1476%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3903 = "fb%2DGisler TD catch"; var Caption_3903 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETom Gisler sheds a Lake City tackler after the reception and gallops to the end zone during the Tigers%92 47%2D28 HVL triumph%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3903 = ""; var BylineEmail_3903 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3903 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3903 = "400"; var Filename_3904 = "1475%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3904 = "fb%2Dgang tackle"; var Caption_3904 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Tiger defense makes a gang tackle at the line of scrimmage%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3904 = ""; var BylineEmail_3904 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3904 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3904 = "400"; var Filename_3905 = "1474%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3905 = "bsoccer%2Dsivesind clears zone"; var Caption_3905 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ERyan Sivesind clears the defensive zone against Byron%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3905 = ""; var BylineEmail_3905 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3905 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3905 = "400"; var Filename_3906 = "1473%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3906 = "bsoccer%2Dosullivan hustle"; var Caption_3906 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EJohn O%27Sullivan uses his speed to maintain ball control against Byron%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3906 = ""; var BylineEmail_3906 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3906 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3906 = "400"; var Filename_3907 = "1469%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3907 = "Tennis%2DOlivia Skic"; var Caption_3907 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EOlivia Skic eyes a low volley for a return during recent action%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3907 = ""; var BylineEmail_3907 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3907 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3907 = "400"; var Filename_3908 = "1468%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3908 = "Tennis%2DHaley Pearson"; var Caption_3908 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EHaley Pearson charges and returns a volley during Tiger court action%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3908 = ""; var BylineEmail_3908 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3908 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3908 = "400"; var Filename_3909 = "1465%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3909 = "Gsoccer%2DGehling pass"; var Caption_3909 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EMaria Gehling pushes the ball upfield before centering to an open Shawnna Sperber%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3909 = ""; var BylineEmail_3909 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3909 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3909 = "400"; var Filename_3910 = "1463%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3910 = "Gsoccer%2DGehling header"; var Caption_3910 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EMaria Gehling beats a D%2DE player to the ball for a header%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3910 = ""; var BylineEmail_3910 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3910 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3910 = "400"; var Filename_3911 = "1462%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3911 = "Gsoccer%2DBussan sends"; var Caption_3911 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ESteph Bussan sends with this big boot%2C beating a Dover%2DEyota player%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3911 = ""; var BylineEmail_3911 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3911 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3911 = "400"; var Filename_3912 = "1461%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3912 = "Gsoccer%2DBetcher clears zone"; var Caption_3912 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EJackie Betcher hustles to clear the defensive zone%2C beating a Dover%2DEyota attacker%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3912 = ""; var BylineEmail_3912 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3912 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3912 = "400"; var Filename_3913 = "1460%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3913 = "FB%2DTuffly breaks free"; var Caption_3913 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EHalfback Zac Tuffly breaks free and outruns the Cotter defense for a touchdown during Stewie%27s 36%2D19 win%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3913 = ""; var BylineEmail_3913 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3913 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3913 = "400"; var Filename_3914 = "1459%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3914 = "FB%2DSchroeder TD dive"; var Caption_3914 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EBryan Schroeder ducks and dives%2C eluding Cotter defenders as the hash marks end to score on the Tigers%92 first offensive play%2E Stewartville rocked the Ramblers 36%2D19%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3914 = ""; var BylineEmail_3914 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3914 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3914 = "400"; var Filename_3915 = "1458%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3915 = "FB%2DRogers kick return"; var Caption_3915 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EKick return man Tyler Rogers leaps over a Cotter attempt on a kick return during Stewi%27s 36%2D19 win%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3915 = ""; var BylineEmail_3915 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3915 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3915 = "400"; var Filename_3916 = "1457%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3916 = "FB%2DHarris sacks Cotter QB"; var Caption_3916 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EDefensive end Ben Harris sacks the Cotter QB during the Tigers%27 36%2D19 win%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3916 = ""; var BylineEmail_3916 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3916 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3916 = "400"; var Filename_3917 = "1456%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3917 = "FB%2DBentley TD vs Cotter"; var Caption_3917 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EBraden Bentley beats a Cotter defender to the endzone for one of his two touchdowns%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3917 = ""; var BylineEmail_3917 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3917 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3917 = "400"; var Filename_3918 = "1453%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3918 = "5th grade fb action%2DMax Runkle"; var Caption_3918 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EStewartville running back Max Runkle breaks into the secondary%2C outrunning the Rochester Adler%92s defense for a touchdown%2E The Stewartville fifth grade football team sponsored by HSI beat Adler%92s 31%2D12 on Sept%2E 13%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3918 = ""; var BylineEmail_3918 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3918 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3918 = "400"; var Filename_3919 = "1448%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3919 = "Rainey spike vs Lourdes"; var Caption_3919 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EJulie Rainey beats the Lourdes block%2C crushing this cross%2Dcourt kill for a point%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3919 = ""; var BylineEmail_3919 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3919 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3919 = "400"; var Filename_3920 = "1447%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3920 = "Rainey block vs Lourdes"; var Caption_3920 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EJulie Rainey skies high for a block duriing Stewie%27s 3%2D0 win over Lourdes%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3920 = ""; var BylineEmail_3920 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3920 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3920 = "400"; var Filename_3921 = "1446%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3921 = "Oftedahl bumps vs Lourdes"; var Caption_3921 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EJill Oftedahl makes a bump pass of a serve receive during the match win against Lourdes%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3921 = ""; var BylineEmail_3921 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3921 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3921 = "400"; var Filename_3922 = "1445%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3922 = "Flynn spike vs KM"; var Caption_3922 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ELisa Flynn eludes a KoMet block%2C driving this hit cross%2Dcourt for a Tiger point%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3922 = ""; var BylineEmail_3922 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3922 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3922 = "400"; var Filename_3923 = "1444%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3923 = "Blahnik Rainey block vs KM"; var Caption_3923 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ELindsay Blahnik %28left%29 and Julie Rainey deny a KoMet hitter with this block during Stewie%92s 3%2D0 HVL win%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3923 = ""; var BylineEmail_3923 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3923 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3923 = "400"; var Filename_3924 = "1443%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3924 = "Blahnik spike vs KM"; var Caption_3924 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ELindsay Blahnik skies high and drives straight down for a kill against the KoMets%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3924 = ""; var BylineEmail_3924 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3924 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3924 = "400"; var Filename_3925 = "1438%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3925 = "Tuffly gets outside vs Byron"; var Caption_3925 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EHalfback Zac Tuffly pops outside for a long run against Byron%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3925 = ""; var BylineEmail_3925 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3925 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3925 = "400"; var Filename_3926 = "1437%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3926 = "Tuffly sweeps vs Lourdes"; var Caption_3926 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EHalfback Zac Tuffly gets some help from a pair of blockers on this sweep against Lourdes%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3926 = ""; var BylineEmail_3926 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3926 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3926 = "400"; var Filename_3927 = "1436%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3927 = "Tuffly scores vs Byron"; var Caption_3927 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EHalfback Zac Tuffly squirts through the middle of the Byron line a scores Stewie%27s first touchdown%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3927 = ""; var BylineEmail_3927 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3927 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3927 = "400"; var Filename_3928 = "1435%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3928 = "Schroeder breaks a tackle vs Byron"; var Caption_3928 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EFullback Bryan Schroeder breaks the grip of a Byron tackler to add yardage to a big ground gainer%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3928 = ""; var BylineEmail_3928 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3928 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3928 = "400"; var Filename_3929 = "1434%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3929 = "Robak tackles Byron receiver"; var Caption_3929 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EStrong Safety Thomas Robak wraps up a Byron receiver for a tackle%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3929 = ""; var BylineEmail_3929 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3929 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3929 = "400"; var Filename_3930 = "1433%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3930 = "Gisler chases down Byron QB"; var Caption_3930 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EDefensive end Tom Gisler chases down the Byron quarterback%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3930 = ""; var BylineEmail_3930 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3930 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3930 = "400"; var Filename_3931 = "1432%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3931 = "Gang tackle vs Lourdes"; var Caption_3931 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EA trio of Tiger tacklers drag down a Lourdes ball carrier%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3931 = ""; var BylineEmail_3931 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3931 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3931 = "400"; var Filename_3932 = "1431%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3932 = "Schroeder big gainer vs Lourdes"; var Caption_3932 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EFullback Bryan Schroeder breaks into the Lourdes%27 secondary for a big ground gainer%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3932 = ""; var BylineEmail_3932 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3932 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3932 = "400"; var Filename_3933 = "1430%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3933 = "Bentley TD reception vs Byron"; var Caption_3933 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EWideout Braden Bentley outruns the entire Byron defense for a touchdown%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3933 = ""; var BylineEmail_3933 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3933 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3933 = "400"; var Filename_3934 = "1429%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3934 = "Schroeder first down dive vs Lourdes"; var Caption_3934 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EBryan Schroeder dives for the first down after a 10%2Dyard gain against Lourdes%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3934 = ""; var BylineEmail_3934 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3934 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3934 = "400"; var Filename_3935 = "1427%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3935 = "5th grade football action"; var Caption_3935 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EGarret Nosbisch shakes a tackle%2C scoring an extra point for Stewartville%27s 5th grade Home System Installation youth football team during a 25%2D22 loss to the Rochester Jets on Sept%2E 6%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3935 = ""; var BylineEmail_3935 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3935 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3935 = "400"; var Filename_3936 = "1425%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3936 = "Tennis%2DSara Fry net volley"; var Caption_3936 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ESara Fry aggressively returns a volley at the net during number one doubles action%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3936 = ""; var BylineEmail_3936 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3936 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3936 = "400"; var Filename_3937 = "1424%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3937 = "Tennis%2DHannah Bardwell"; var Caption_3937 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EHannah Bardwell eyes the ball on this lunging volley at the net during her number one singles match against Cannon Falls on Sept%2E 2%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3937 = ""; var BylineEmail_3937 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3937 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3937 = "400"; var Filename_3938 = "1423%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3938 = "Soccer%2DVenzke defense"; var Caption_3938 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EJoe Venzke fends off a Lake City forward with his defensive hustle%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3938 = ""; var BylineEmail_3938 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3938 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3938 = "400"; var Filename_3939 = "1422%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3939 = "Soccer%2DMatt Terhaar breakaway"; var Caption_3939 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EMatt Terhaar dashes down the middle of the field on a breakaway against Lake City%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3939 = ""; var BylineEmail_3939 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3939 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3939 = "400"; var Filename_3940 = "1419%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3940 = "Football%2DTuffly busts free"; var Caption_3940 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EHalfback Zac Tuffly sweeps around end and breaks free in the secooondary for big yardage%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3940 = ""; var BylineEmail_3940 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3940 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3940 = "400"; var Filename_3941 = "1418%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3941 = "Football%2DSchroeder cuts back"; var Caption_3941 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EFullback Bryan Schroeder cuts away from a Hayfield tackler to add more yardage to a big ground gainer%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3941 = ""; var BylineEmail_3941 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3941 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3941 = "400"; var Filename_3942 = "1417%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3942 = "Football%2DRogers reception"; var Caption_3942 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EWideout Tyler Rogers tucks the ball after the buble pass and dashes for big yardage against Hayfield%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3942 = ""; var BylineEmail_3942 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3942 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3942 = "400"; var Filename_3943 = "1416%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3943 = "Football%2DGisler%2DTuffly tackle"; var Caption_3943 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETom Gisler %28left%29 and Zac Tuffly sack the Hayfield quarterback%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3943 = ""; var BylineEmail_3943 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3943 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3943 = "400"; var Filename_3944 = "1415%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3944 = "Football%2DGisler TD catch"; var Caption_3944 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger receiver Tom Gisler eludes a Hayfield d%2Dback and strides into the end zone%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3944 = ""; var BylineEmail_3944 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3944 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3944 = "400"; var Filename_3945 = "1414%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3945 = "Football%2Dgang tackle"; var Caption_3945 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville defense swarms to the Hayfield ball carrier on this gang tackle%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3945 = ""; var BylineEmail_3945 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3945 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3945 = "400"; var Filename_3946 = "1406%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3946 = "vball%2DNorman%2DFlynn block"; var Caption_3946 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EKelly Norman %28left%29 and Lisa Flynn block a Kingsland hitter%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3946 = ""; var BylineEmail_3946 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3946 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3946 = "400"; var Filename_3947 = "1402%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3947 = "soccer%2DHettinger sends one"; var Caption_3947 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EAttacker Morgan Hettinger sends the ball with a booming boot in a 4%2D0 non%2Dconference loss to Albet Lea on Sept%2E 26%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3947 = ""; var BylineEmail_3947 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3947 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3947 = "400"; var Filename_3948 = "1401%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3948 = "soccer%2DHelldlesten header"; var Caption_3948 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETeala Heddlesten skies high for a header against Albert Lea%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3948 = ""; var BylineEmail_3948 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3948 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3948 = "400"; var Filename_3949 = "1400%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3949 = "soccer%2DGehling splits defense"; var Caption_3949 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EMaria Gehling splits two Albert Le defender with her hustle for the ball%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3949 = ""; var BylineEmail_3949 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3949 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3949 = "400"; var Filename_3950 = "1399%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3950 = "soccer%2DBerg breakaway"; var Caption_3950 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EMal Berg receives a long sending pass for a breakaway against Albert Lea%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3950 = ""; var BylineEmail_3950 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3950 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3950 = "400"; var Filename_3951 = "1397%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3951 = "CC%2DCurtis%2DGeerdes pass"; var Caption_3951 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EShannon Curtis %28left%29 and Brittany Geerdes pass a Medford runner at the Stewie Invite%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3951 = ""; var BylineEmail_3951 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3951 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3951 = "400"; var Filename_3952 = "1396%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3952 = "CC%2DDistad churns uphill"; var Caption_3952 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ECorinna Distad makes a move%2C churning uphill to pass runners in the lead pack at the Stewie Invite%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3952 = ""; var BylineEmail_3952 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3952 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3952 = "400"; var Filename_3953 = "1395%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3953 = "CC%2DHuiras corners"; var Caption_3953 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ESeth Huiras races the 5K at the Stewie Invite%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3953 = ""; var BylineEmail_3953 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3953 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3953 = "400"; var Filename_3954 = "1394%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3954 = "CC%2DChristian corners"; var Caption_3954 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EDavid Christian pulls away in the lead pack of the boys 5K race at the Stewie Invite%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3954 = ""; var BylineEmail_3954 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3954 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3954 = "400"; var Filename_3955 = "1392%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3955 = "12U Baseball"; var Caption_3955 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville 12U traveling baseball team recently completed its 2008 summer season%2E Highlights included a first place finish in Holmen%2C Wis%2E%2C second place in Lake City%2C third place in Shelby%2C Wis%2E and 12%2D5 overall record%2E Tiger team members are%2C seated%2C Zack Hickman %28batboy%29%2E Kneeling from left%2C Shane Uptagrafft%2C Jason Danielson%2C LeRoy Malone%2C Conner Paulson%2C Bailey Herman%2C Casey Swanton%2E Standing from left%2C coach Joey Johnson%2C Noah Johnson%2C Alex Sperber%2C coach Ian Swanton%2C Jeremiah Iverson%2C Cody Stanger%2C Jack Swanton%2C Joshua Nordine%2C Tyler Hickman%2C coach John Hickman%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3955 = ""; var BylineEmail_3955 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3955 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3955 = "400"; var Filename_3956 = "1391%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3956 = "Gang tackle vs Red Wing"; var Caption_3956 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Tiger defense converges to gang tackle a Red Wing receiver%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3956 = ""; var BylineEmail_3956 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3956 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3956 = "400"; var Filename_3957 = "1389%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3957 = "Tuffly cuts throughhole vs Red Wing"; var Caption_3957 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EHalfback Zac Tuffly reads the lead block of fullback Bryan Schroeder and cuts through a gaping hole for big yardage against the Red Wing defense during the Winona Jamboree Scrimmage on Aug%2E 23%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3957 = ""; var BylineEmail_3957 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3957 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3957 = "400"; var Filename_3958 = "1388%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3958 = "2008 swim team photo"; var Caption_3958 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe 2008 Stewartville swim team competed from July 7%2DAug%2E 2 against five communities%2C including Chatfield%2C St%2E Charles%2C Kasson%2C West Concord and Dodge Center%2E Tiger team members %28not pictured in order%29 incuded%2C Cecelia Gray%2C George Gray%2C Taylor Bestor%2C Lily Schimke%2C Ben Schimke%2C Jenna Willenborg%2C Kathryn Bucknell%2C Mikayla Engel%2C Haley Ahart%2C Mackenzie VandeWalker%2C Emma Dwire%2C Elizabeth Becker%2C Stacy Dahl%2C Jesse Dahl%2C Kaitlyn Claeys%2C Nate Sikkink%2C Connor Stenberg%2C Sidney Flottum%2C Sierra Flottum%2C Sabrina Elton%2C Samantha Elton%2C Crystal Piercey%2C Carissa Smith%2C Kennedy Schwichtenberg%2C Mack Christenson%2C Abby Christenson%2C Libby Christenson%2C Chrissy Lofgren%2C Amy Lofgren%2C Lauren Arneson%2C Emily Loux%2C David Rysted%2C Heather Rysted%2C Breanna Smith%2C Alexis Leathes%2C Tucker Reed%2C Ethan Peter%2C Jordan Peter%2C Tyler Smidt%2C Madline Miller%2C Brianna Henderson%2C Marie Larson%2C Audrey Miller%2C Morgan Wildeman%2C Nicole Stanley%2C Mathew Terhaar%2C Miriah Terhaar%2C Jessie Gorder%2C Kailyn Manthei and Zach Rupprecht%2E Coaches included Michael Terhaar%2C Chris Richardson%2C Steven Rysted and Brittany Nelson%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3958 = ""; var BylineEmail_3958 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3958 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3958 = "400"; var Filename_3959 = "1387%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3959 = "Schroeder punishes Red Wing d%2Dback"; var Caption_3959 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EFullback Bryan Schroeder lowers his shoulder to deliver a punishing blow to a Red Wing defender%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3959 = ""; var BylineEmail_3959 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3959 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3959 = "400"; var Filename_3960 = "1379%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3960 = "Bentley tackles vs Red Wing"; var Caption_3960 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ELinebacker Braden Bentley drags down the Red Wing fullback%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3960 = ""; var BylineEmail_3960 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3960 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3960 = "400"; var Filename_3961 = "1378%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3961 = "Bentley sweeps vs Red Wing"; var Caption_3961 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EHalfback Braden Bentley jukes to the sideline before cutting inside behind this lead block against Red Wing%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3961 = ""; var BylineEmail_3961 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3961 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3961 = "400"; var Filename_3962 = "1377%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3962 = "10U baseball"; var Caption_3962 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville 10U traveling baseball team recently completed its 2008 summer season competing at tournaments in Zumbrota%2C Rolingston%2C Lake City and Shelby%2C Wisconsin%2E Tiger team members include%2C kneeling%2C bat boy Parker Grotjohn%2C Taylor Hagstrom%2C Paul Betcher%2C Garrett Johnson%2C Tyler Nagel%2C Tanner Prochaska%2C Brody Herman%2E Standing%2C from left are%2C Cain Quandt%2C Bryce Fistler%2C AJ Quandt%2C Dawson Grotjohn%2C Travis Capelle%2C Dawson Buss%2C Tyler Smidt%2E The team was coached by%2C from left%2C Mark Herman%2C Gary Betcher%2C Mike Johnson%2C Aaron Fistler%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3962 = ""; var BylineEmail_3962 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3962 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3962 = "400"; var Filename_3963 = "1376%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3963 = "Amos sideline scamper vs Red Wing"; var Caption_3963 = ""; var Byline_3963 = ""; var BylineEmail_3963 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3963 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3963 = "400"; var Filename_3964 = "1368%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3964 = "Big musky caught"; var Caption_3964 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThis trio of local fishermen caught a 50%2Dinch%2C 45%2Dpound musky on a recent Minnesota fishing trip%2E John Ulwelling %28left%29%2C ran the pole%3B Rodney Bell %28center%29%2C minded the net%2C while the vacationing Kent Bell captained the boat%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3964 = ""; var BylineEmail_3964 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3964 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3964 = "400"; var Filename_3965 = "1364%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3965 = "Football%2D Sanderfoot spins"; var Caption_3965 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EHalfback Will Sanderfoot dives for extra yardage during a hit and spin drill at practice on Aug%2E 14%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3965 = ""; var BylineEmail_3965 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3965 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3965 = "400"; var Filename_3966 = "1363%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3966 = "Football%2D Tuffly explodes"; var Caption_3966 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EHalfback Zac Tuffly eludes a defender%92s grasp%2C exploding through the hole behind the lead block of fullback Bryan Schroeder during an intrasquad scrimmage%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3966 = ""; var BylineEmail_3966 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3966 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3966 = "400"; var Filename_3967 = "1362%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3967 = "Football%2D Schroeder scampers"; var Caption_3967 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EFullback Bryan Schroeder busts outside and upfield for a touchdown during the Aug%2E 14 intrasquad scrimmage%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3967 = ""; var BylineEmail_3967 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3967 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3967 = "400"; var Filename_3968 = "1361%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3968 = "Football%2D Jezeski passes"; var Caption_3968 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EQuarterback Steve Jezeski executes a passing drill with perfect form and accuracy%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3968 = ""; var BylineEmail_3968 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3968 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3968 = "400"; var Filename_3969 = "1360%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3969 = "Football%2D Gisler snares pass"; var Caption_3969 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EReceiver Tom Gisler snares this pass%2C looking the ball into his hands during a drill at practice on Aug%2E 14%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3969 = ""; var BylineEmail_3969 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3969 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3969 = "400"; var Filename_3970 = "1359%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3970 = "Tiger cheerleaders"; var Caption_3970 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger varsity cheerleader team members displaying the %93Spirit Stick%94 are%2C kneeling%2C Emily Gorder %28left%29 and Sonora Dahl%2E Middle row%2C from left%2C Chrissy Dotterwick%2C Cassie Westphal%2C Kara Roeder%2E Back row%2C from left%2C Ashley Nauman%2C Jamie Warford%2C Dana Maxon%2C Autumn Lee%2E Unavailable for photo%2C Stephanie Zylstra%2C Colleen Nagel %28advisor%29%2C Ann Westphal %28advisor%29%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3970 = ""; var BylineEmail_3970 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3970 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3970 = "400"; var Filename_3971 = "1351%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3971 = "Weights%2DSteve Jezeski"; var Caption_3971 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ESteve Jezeski works with dumbbells on an incline bench%2C lifting at an open weight room session last week%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3971 = ""; var BylineEmail_3971 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3971 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3971 = "400"; var Filename_3972 = "1350%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3972 = "Weights%2DLuke Jensen"; var Caption_3972 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ELuke Jensen strengthens upper body muscles for the upcoming football season on a weight machine%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3972 = ""; var BylineEmail_3972 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3972 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3972 = "400"; var Filename_3973 = "1349%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3973 = "Weights%2DEric Nelson"; var Caption_3973 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EEric Nelson strengthens his legs for the upcoming football season%2C executing a squat during open weight room%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3973 = ""; var BylineEmail_3973 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3973 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3973 = "400"; var Filename_3974 = "1348%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3974 = "Softball%2DLevi Horvei"; var Caption_3974 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ECorner Meats%0D%0A%26 More pitcher Levi Horvei hurls a deep inside pitch during Men%92s Middle League playoffs last Thursday%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3974 = ""; var BylineEmail_3974 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3974 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3974 = "400"; var Filename_3975 = "1347%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3975 = "Softball%2DJake Flynn"; var Caption_3975 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ECorner Meats %26 More hitter Jake Flynn waits for the ball to come down before taking a level swing for a base hit during Men%92s Middle League playoff action last Thursday%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3975 = ""; var BylineEmail_3975 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3975 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3975 = "400"; var Filename_3976 = "1340%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3976 = "Mikko hits"; var Caption_3976 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EMikko Norman set two SHS school records%2C hitting 16 doubles in a single season and 31 doubles in his career%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3976 = ""; var BylineEmail_3976 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3976 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3976 = "400"; var Filename_3977 = "1339%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3977 = "Mikko catch"; var Caption_3977 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EFour%2Dyear Tiger starter Mikko Norman was named MSHSL Class AA All%2DState catcher%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3977 = ""; var BylineEmail_3977 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3977 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3977 = "400"; var Filename_3978 = "1335%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3978 = "Stageberg hole%2Din%2Done"; var Caption_3978 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EMichael Stageberg%2C right%2C a seventh grader at Stewartville Middle School%2C carded his first hole%2Din%2Done on Aug%2E 8 at Little Willow Golf Course in Rochester%2E Stageberg used an eight%2Diron to ace the 92%2Dyard%2C fourth hole%2E Nick Stebbins was on hand to witness the event%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3978 = ""; var BylineEmail_3978 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3978 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3978 = "400"; var Filename_3979 = "1330%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3979 = "Tiger Youth Football Camp3"; var Caption_3979 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ED%2Dbacks go for the pick during a drill at the Tiger Youth Football Camp on July 29%2D30%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3979 = ""; var BylineEmail_3979 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3979 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3979 = "400"; var Filename_3980 = "1329%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3980 = "Tiger Youth Football Camp2"; var Caption_3980 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ELinebackers work on agility and shedding blocks during a Tiger Youth Football Camp drill%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3980 = ""; var BylineEmail_3980 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3980 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3980 = "400"; var Filename_3981 = "1328%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3981 = "Tiger Youth Football Camp2"; var Caption_3981 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ESHS Tiger football coach Jeff Jacobsen assists a youth camper on punting%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3981 = ""; var BylineEmail_3981 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3981 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3981 = "400"; var Filename_3982 = "1327%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3982 = "Youth Football camp1"; var Caption_3982 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ECoach Aaron Meyer %28right%29 leads 4%2D6 grade d%2Dbacks in a drill during Tiger Youth Football Camp last week%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3982 = ""; var BylineEmail_3982 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3982 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3982 = "400"; var Filename_3983 = "1326%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3983 = "Tiger Training%2DSimmons"; var Caption_3983 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EAaron Simmons %28right%29 and Jordon Foster manipulate the cone agility drill during Tiger Training%2C as Coach Ben King looks on%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3983 = ""; var BylineEmail_3983 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3983 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3983 = "400"; var Filename_3984 = "1325%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3984 = "Tiger Training%2DSchmitz"; var Caption_3984 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETyler Schmitz shows his agility and quickness as he sprints through the cone line drill during Tiger Training%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3984 = ""; var BylineEmail_3984 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3984 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3984 = "400"; var Filename_3985 = "1324%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3985 = "Tiger Training%2DCoach Hughes"; var Caption_3985 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ECoach Curt Hughes %28center%29 motivates Tiger Training athletes executing the power harness drill%2E Athletes are paired%2C from left %28front to rear%29%2D Kyleigh Reinartz pulling Jacqui Dodd%3B Kaylee Muller pulling Caitlyn Hughes%3B Katelyn Hanf pulling Sarah Schrandt%3B Katie Bauman pulling Nicole Amos%2E A record%2Dhigh 92 athletes participated in the seven%2Dweek weightlifting%2C speed and conditioning program%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3985 = ""; var BylineEmail_3985 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3985 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3985 = "400"; var Filename_3986 = "1321%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3986 = "Soccer4%2DHeddlesten"; var Caption_3986 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETeala Heddlesten clears the zone%2C booting the ball down field as it grazes the shoulder of forward Morgan Hettinger during a scrimmage at girls soccer camp%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3986 = ""; var BylineEmail_3986 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3986 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3986 = "400"; var Filename_3987 = "1320%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3987 = "Soccer3%2DGehling%2DChristian"; var Caption_3987 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EMaria Gehling %28right%29 passes around defender Karyn Christian %28center%29%2C as Teala Heddlesten moves into position for a pass and Coach Hale watches the soccer camp triangle drill%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3987 = ""; var BylineEmail_3987 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3987 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3987 = "400"; var Filename_3988 = "1319%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3988 = "Soccer2%2DCoach Hale"; var Caption_3988 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger girls soccer coach Greg Hale %28left%29 explains a drill to a group of the 45%2Dplus athletes that attended soccer camp at Bear Cave Park%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3988 = ""; var BylineEmail_3988 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3988 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3988 = "400"; var Filename_3989 = "1297%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3989 = "11U baseball"; var Caption_3989 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville 11U traveling baseball team recently completed it 2008 summer season%2E Tiger team members include%2C kneeling from left%2C James Mathison%2C Aaron Clark%2C Collin Fanton%2C Conner Hanf%2C Dalton Heintz%2C Daniel Richardson%2C Alex Higgins%2E Standing from left%2C Jamie Gehling%2C Cole Quandt%2C Thomas Lewis%2C Shane Curtis%2C Kailen McGuire%2C Aaron Quandt%2C Brandon Groski%2E Coaches from left%2C Dave Groski%2C Jesse Hanf%2C Steve Quandt%2E Not pictured%2C Drew Gilk and Coach Todd Curtis%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3989 = ""; var BylineEmail_3989 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3989 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3989 = "400"; var Filename_3990 = "1294%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3990 = "10U baseball champs"; var Caption_3990 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville 10U traveling baseball team captured first place at the Lake City tournament on July 26%2E The Tigers beat Miesville%2C 14%2D1%3B St%2E Charles%2C 11%2D3%3B and Kenyon%2DWanamingo%2C 7%2D0 in the championship game%2E Tiger team members include%2C kneeling from left%2C Nathan Johnson %28batboy%29%2C Ryan Clark%2C Lucas Scruggs%2C Logan Heintz%2C Max Runkle%2C Blake Ellerbusch %28batboy%29%2E Standing from left%2C Jordan Johnson%2C Chye Stecher%2C Adam Gehling%2C Dylan Stofferahn%2C Sam Woods%2C Garret Nosbisch%2C Lucas Ellerbusch%2E Stewartville is coached by%2C from left%2C Kent Johnson%2C Todd Ellerbusch%2C Bryan Runkle%2E Team members not present%3A Caleb Miller%2C Colton Miller%2C Luke Schmidt%2C Joey Thompson%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3990 = ""; var BylineEmail_3990 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3990 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3990 = "400"; var Filename_3991 = "1291%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3991 = "fball%2DTiger tug%2Do%2Dwar"; var Caption_3991 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ESeveral members of the Tiger football team exert power and strength working together during the team tug%2Do%2Dwar competition at the RCTC football camp%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3991 = ""; var BylineEmail_3991 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3991 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3991 = "400"; var Filename_3992 = "1290%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3992 = "fball%2DSchroeder TD run"; var Caption_3992 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EBryan Schroeder explodes into the open field%2C gets a key block %28right%29 and scores a TD against St%2E Charles during a scrimmage at the RCTC football camp%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3992 = ""; var BylineEmail_3992 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3992 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3992 = "400"; var Filename_3993 = "1289%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3993 = "fball%2DSchmidt top O%2Dlineman"; var Caption_3993 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EOffensive lineman Caleb Schmidt %28left%29 blocks a Southland defender in a 1%2Don%2D1 competition in which Schmidt won first place among ninth and 10th grade linemen at the RCTC football camp%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3993 = ""; var BylineEmail_3993 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3993 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3993 = "400"; var Filename_3994 = "1288%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3994 = "fball%2DJezeski makes tackle"; var Caption_3994 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EStewartville linebacker Steve Jezeski makes the tackle by wrapping up this St%2E Charles ball carrier during a scrimmage at the July 19 RCTC football camp%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3994 = ""; var BylineEmail_3994 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3994 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3994 = "400"; var Filename_3995 = "1287%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3995 = "fball%2DJensen top D%2Dlineman"; var Caption_3995 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EDefensive end Luke Jensen sheds the block of a St%2E Charles lineman and gets to the RCTC coach %28left%29%2C posing as a QB%2E Jensen went on to win the 1%2Don%2D1 competition between 11th and 12th grade lineman at the RCTC football camp%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3995 = ""; var BylineEmail_3995 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3995 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3995 = "400"; var Filename_3996 = "1286%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3996 = "fball%2DAmos ground gainer"; var Caption_3996 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EJake Amos reads his lead block and cuts back for a ground gainer against St%2E Charles during a scrimmage at the RCTC football camp%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3996 = ""; var BylineEmail_3996 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3996 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3996 = "400"; var Filename_3997 = "1285%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3997 = "fball%2DSchroeder turfs Rebel"; var Caption_3997 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EFullback Bryan Schroeder turfs a Rebel defender attempting to rush the quarterback during a drill at the RCTC football camp%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3997 = ""; var BylineEmail_3997 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3997 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3997 = "400"; var Filename_3998 = "1275%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3998 = "10U baseball champs"; var Caption_3998 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville 10U traveling baseball team captured first place at the St%2E Charles tournament on July 19%2E The team beat St%2E Charles 14%2D1%2C Minnesota City %28Gray%29 2%2D0 and in the Championship game defeated Minnesota City %28Red%29 8%2D0%2E Tiger team members include%2C kneeling from left%2C Nathan Johnson %28batboy%29%2C Max Runkle%2C Logan Heintz%2C Ryan Clark%2C Joey Thompson%2C Lucas Scruggs%2C Luke Schmidt%2C Blake Ellerbusch %28batboy%29%2E Standing from left%2C Coach Kent Johnson%2C Chye Stecher%2C Garret Nosbisch%2C Jordan Johnson%2C Sam Woods%2C Adam Gehling%2C Lucas Ellerbusch%2C Coach Todd Ellerbusch%2E Team members not present%3A Caleb Miller%2C Colton Miller and Dylan Stofferahn%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3998 = ""; var BylineEmail_3998 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3998 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3998 = "400"; var Filename_3999 = "1262%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_3999 = "All%2DStar Norman"; var Caption_3999 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EWest All%2DStar hitter Mikko Norman drives a double to the gap%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3999 = ""; var BylineEmail_3999 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3999 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3999 = "400"; var Filename_4000 = "1260%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4000 = "Football camp"; var Caption_4000 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Tiger defensive line%2Flinebackers react to the ball as coach Trevor Wiles %28back to camera%29 reveals the direction of a run%2Fpass during Stewartville%92s first annual mini team football camp for grades 7%2D12 on July 15%2D16%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4000 = ""; var BylineEmail_4000 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4000 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4000 = "400"; var Filename_4001 = "1257%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4001 = "CC pool donation"; var Caption_4001 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville cross country team and booster club donated %24500%2E00 to the Stewartville%0D%0Apool project%2E The team and booster club gave the money to thank the city of Stewartville for its support%2E Standing from left%2C cross country runners Seth Huiras%2C Brittany Geerdes%2C councilperson Greg House%2C representing the city of Stewartville%2C runners Molly Bisbee%2C Michael Orte and cross country booster and Summerfest Run Director Kevin Torgerson%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4001 = ""; var BylineEmail_4001 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4001 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4001 = "400"; var Filename_4002 = "1255%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4002 = "Hope and courage bike tour"; var Caption_4002 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ESTRONG RIDERS %2D%2D Bob Mortimer%2C in front%2C leads his wife Darla and son Grant on a ride near Stewartville%92s Main Street last week%2E The Mortimers are riding across America witnessing to their faith in Jesus Christ%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4002 = ""; var BylineEmail_4002 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4002 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4002 = "400"; var Filename_4003 = "1254%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4003 = "All%2DStar Beddow2"; var Caption_4003 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EWest All%2DStar base runner Donnie Beddow dives back to first base%2C beating a pickoff attempt by the East All%2DStar pitcher%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4003 = ""; var BylineEmail_4003 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4003 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4003 = "400"; var Filename_4004 = "1253%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4004 = "All%2DStar Beddow"; var Caption_4004 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EStewartville Legion player Donnie Beddow steps into a pitch during the Division II%2C District 1 All%2DStar game%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4004 = ""; var BylineEmail_4004 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4004 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4004 = "400"; var Filename_4005 = "1252%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4005 = "Babe Ruth 13U league champs"; var Caption_4005 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville 13U traveling baseball team finished the season with a 15%2D2 record and captured the league tournament championship in Byron on July 16%2E Tiger team members are%2C kneeling%2C from left%2C Taylor Iverson%2C Jon Pyan%2C Justin Thompson%2C Paul Trisko%2C Reese Rinken%2C Shayne Udenberg%2E Standing%2C from left%2C coach Cody Digre%2C Aaron Simmons%2C Cooper Billings%2C Matt Aldrich%2C Nate Muller%2C Ryan Larson%2C coach Dan Simmons%2E Not pictured%3A Zach Schwalbach%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4005 = ""; var BylineEmail_4005 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4005 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4005 = "400"; var Filename_4006 = "1251%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4006 = "All%2DStar Babcock"; var Caption_4006 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EStewartville Legion player Bruce Babcock connects for a single during the Division II%2C District I All%2DStar game%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4006 = ""; var BylineEmail_4006 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4006 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4006 = "400"; var Filename_4007 = "1250%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4007 = "All%2DStar Albers2"; var Caption_4007 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EJared Albers miffs batters with some wicked junk pitching for the District I%2C Division II%2CAmerican Legion West All%2DStar team%2E Albers%2C four other Generals and their West All%2DStar teammates beat the East All%2DStars 6%2D1 in the first%2Dever Legion All%2DStar game hosted by Stewartville on July 16%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4007 = ""; var BylineEmail_4007 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4007 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4007 = "400"; var Filename_4008 = "1249%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4008 = "All%2DStar Albers1"; var Caption_4008 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EStewartville Legion pitcher Jared Albers was selected to the Division II%2C District I%2C West All%2DStar roster%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4008 = ""; var BylineEmail_4008 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4008 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4008 = "400"; var Filename_4009 = "1248%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4009 = "Hoops camp%2Ddriving score"; var Caption_4009 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EWill Gisler scores on this layin during a 1%2Don%2D1 game at the Tiger boys summer basketball camp%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4009 = ""; var BylineEmail_4009 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4009 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4009 = "400"; var Filename_4010 = "1246%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4010 = "Hoops camp%2Dgame jumper"; var Caption_4010 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EAaron Simmons beats a defender and goes hard to the hole for a bucket during a 1%2Don%2D1 game%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4010 = ""; var BylineEmail_4010 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4010 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4010 = "400"; var Filename_4011 = "1245%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4011 = "Hoops camp%2D1%2Don%2D1 game"; var Caption_4011 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EJason Robey breaks baseline to beat a defender in a 1%2Don%2D1 game%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4011 = ""; var BylineEmail_4011 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4011 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4011 = "400"; var Filename_4012 = "1244%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4012 = "Hoops camp%2Dlayup drill"; var Caption_4012 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EDain Bauman drives and scores during a layup drill%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4012 = ""; var BylineEmail_4012 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4012 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4012 = "400"; var Filename_4013 = "1243%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4013 = "Hoops camp%2Ddishoff"; var Caption_4013 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EWarren Lawrenz drives and dishes to a teammate in the lane%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4013 = ""; var BylineEmail_4013 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4013 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4013 = "400"; var Filename_4014 = "1242%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4014 = "hoops camp%2Ddribble drill"; var Caption_4014 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EConner Paulson weaves between cones during a dribbling drill%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4014 = ""; var BylineEmail_4014 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4014 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4014 = "400"; var Filename_4015 = "1241%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4015 = "Medal winners grades 8%2D9"; var Caption_4015 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EBoys basketball camp medal winners in grades 8%2D9%2C included%2C kneeling from left%2C Nate Muller %28Dribble Champ%29%2C Justin Thompson %283%2Don%2D3 Champ%29%2C Tyler Schmitz %28Hot Shot Champ and 3%2Don%2D3 champ%29%2E Standing from left%2C Ben Hogan %283%2DPoint Shot Champ and 3%2Don%2D3 Champ%29%2C Will Gisler %28Free Throw Champ%29 %2C Jason Robey %281%2Don%2D1 Champ and Defensive Shuffle Champ%29%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4015 = ""; var BylineEmail_4015 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4015 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4015 = "400"; var Filename_4016 = "1240%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4016 = "Medal winners grades 6%2D7"; var Caption_4016 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EBoys basketball camp medal winners in grades 6%2D7 included%2C from left%2C Daniel Richardson %283%2Don%2D3 Champ%29%2C Conner Hanf %283%2Don%2D3 Champ%29%2C Justin Zabinski %28Defensive Shuffle Champ%2C Free Throw Champ and 3%2Don%2D3 Champ %29%2C Dain Bauman %28Dribble Champ%2C 3%2DPoint Shot Champ%2C Hot Shot Champ and 1%2Don%2D1 Champ%29%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4016 = ""; var BylineEmail_4016 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4016 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4016 = "400"; var Filename_4017 = "1239%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4017 = "Medal winners grades 4%2D5"; var Caption_4017 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EBoys basketball camp medal winners in grades 4%2D5 included%2C kneeling from left%2C Paul Betcher %28Hot Shot Champ and 3%2Don%2D3 champ%29%2C Jon Beach %28Defensive Shuffle Champ%29%2C James Beach %283%2Don%2D3 Champ%29%2E Standing from left%2C Jakob Tordsen %28Dribble Champ and 3%2DPoint Shot Champ%29%2C Brandon Hoth %28Free Throw Champ%29%2C Joseph Finley %283%2Don%2D3 Champ%29%2C Garrett Nosbisch %281%2Don%2D1 Champ%29%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4017 = ""; var BylineEmail_4017 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4017 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4017 = "400"; var Filename_4018 = "1224%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4018 = "Junior Legioin baseball champs"; var Caption_4018 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EStewartville%27s Junior Legion team captured the championship of the Lewiston Junior Legion tournament on June 28%2E Team members included%2C in front%2C Mike Nelson%2E Kneeling%2C from left%2C Cody Digre%2C Mike Richardson%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Justin Lonien%2C Travis Pries%2C Jake Schwalbach%2C Alex Hain%2C Noah Nelson%2DGross%2C Zach Hatcher%2C Steve Jezeski%2C Kyle Augustin%2C Sean Hohmeister%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4018 = ""; var BylineEmail_4018 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4018 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4018 = "400"; var Filename_4019 = "1218%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4019 = "Fishing contest winners"; var Caption_4019 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETrophy winners in the Stewartville Summerfest Fourth of July Fishing Contest included%2C front row%2C from left%2C third%2Dplace finishers Abby Sistad%2C Hunter Benge and Will Urban%2E Second row%2C from left%2C second%2Dplace finishers Noah Hart%2C Evan Buri and Brian Kubat%2E Back row%2C from left%2C first%2Dplace winners Drew Koch%2C Nicholas Hart and Carly Benge%2E About 75 kids in three age groups %283%2D5%2C 6%2D9 and 10%2D12%29 took part in the contest%2C which was sponsored by Stephanie Fossum%2C standing at right in back%2C and Little Adventures Day Care%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4019 = ""; var BylineEmail_4019 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4019 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4019 = "400"; var Filename_4020 = "1212%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4020 = "5%2Dmile run overall winners"; var Caption_4020 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETom Pesch and Melissa King were the overall first%2Dplace finishers in the men%27s and women%27s divisions of Stewartville Summerfest 5%2Dmile run on Friday%2C July 4%2E Pesch finished with a time of 27%3A30%2E King was clocked in 34%3A53%2E In all%2C 239 runners took part in the 3%2Dmile event and 125 ran the 5%2Dmile%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4020 = ""; var BylineEmail_4020 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4020 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4020 = "400"; var Filename_4021 = "1211%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4021 = "5%2Dmile run group winners"; var Caption_4021 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EFirst place winners in their age groups in the Stewartville Summerfest 5%2Dmile run included%2C front row%2C from left%2C Sandra Dalquist%2C women%27s 60%2D69%3B Leah Polzine%2DCampbell%2C women%27s 30%2D39%3B Pat Brown%2C men%27s 70%2Dplus%3B Renee Saxman%2C women%27s 40%2D49%3B and Brad Kautz%2C men%27s 50%2D59%2E Back row%2C from left%2C Laura Jacobson%2C women%27s 19%2D29%3B Billy Schimmel%2C boys 15%2D18%3B Alex Higgens%2C boys 11%2D14%3B Andrew Shulha%2C men%27s 19%2D29%3B and Ron Giles%2C men%27s 30%2D39%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4021 = ""; var BylineEmail_4021 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4021 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4021 = "400"; var Filename_4022 = "1210%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4022 = "3%2Dmile run overall winners"; var Caption_4022 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ELisa Wegman and Clay Thomas were the overall first%2Dplace finishers in the women%27s and men%27s divisions of the Stewartville Summerfest 3%2Dmile run on Friday%2C July 4%2E Wegman finished the course with a time of 18%3A22%2E Thomas%27 winning time was 16%3A23%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4022 = ""; var BylineEmail_4022 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4022 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4022 = "400"; var Filename_4023 = "1209%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4023 = "3%2Dmile run group winners"; var Caption_4023 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EFirst place winners in their age groups in the Stewartville Summerfest 3%2Dmile run included%2C front row%2C from left%2C Jerry Reynolds%2C men%27s 70%2Dplus%3B Steve Carlson%2C men%27s 40%2D49%3B Andrew Shulha%2C men%27s 19%2D29%3B Steve Strange%2C men%27s 60%2D69%3B Chad Couser%2C boys 10 and under%3B and Shelly Mikel%2C women%27s 39%2D49%2E Back row%2C from left%2C Laura Cattaneo%2C girls 11%2D14%3B Elena Cattaneo%2C girls 10 and under%3B Henry Hartzler%2C boys 11%2D14%3B Dallas Davidson%2C boys 15%2D18%3B Brad Kautz%2C men%27s 50%2D59%3B and Connie McKee%2C women%27s 19%2D29%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4023 = ""; var BylineEmail_4023 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4023 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4023 = "400"; var Filename_4024 = "1208%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4024 = "3%2Dmile run action3"; var Caption_4024 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EParticipants in the Summerfest 3%2Dmile run cross the bridge before the final stretch to the finish line%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4024 = ""; var BylineEmail_4024 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4024 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4024 = "400"; var Filename_4025 = "1207%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4025 = "3%2Dmile run action2"; var Caption_4025 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EClay Thomas %28right%29 and Andrew Shulha sprint the final 200 meters battling to finish first in the Summerfest%0D%0A3%2Dmile race%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4025 = ""; var BylineEmail_4025 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4025 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4025 = "400"; var Filename_4026 = "1206%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4026 = "3%2Dmile run action1"; var Caption_4026 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EOver 235 participants take off at the start of the Summerfest 3%2Dmile race%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4026 = ""; var BylineEmail_4026 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4026 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4026 = "400"; var Filename_4027 = "1205%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4027 = "12U baseball"; var Caption_4027 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville 12U traveling baseball team captured the tournament championship at Holmen%2C WI on June 28%2D29%2E Team members are%2C kneeling%2C from left%2C Shane Uptagrafft%2C Jason Danielson%2C Leroy Malone%2C Conner Paulson%2C Zach Hickman %28batboy%29%2C Bailey Herman%2C Casey Swanton%2E Standing%2C from left%2C coach Joe Johnson%2C Noah Johnson%2C Alex Sperber%2C coach Ian Swanton%2C Jeremiah Iverson%2C Cody Stanger%2C Jack Swanton%2C Josh Nordine%2C Tyler Hickman%2C coach John Hickman%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4027 = ""; var BylineEmail_4027 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4027 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4027 = "400"; var Filename_4028 = "1200%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4028 = "Stanger relays vs Austin"; var Caption_4028 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ERebel third baseman Christina Stanger relays to first for the out versus Austin%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4028 = ""; var BylineEmail_4028 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4028 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4028 = "400"; var Filename_4029 = "1199%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4029 = "Sperber tags vs Austin"; var Caption_4029 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ERebel shortstop Shawna Sperber snares the throw from catcher Teala Heddlesten and makes the tag to deny this steal attempt%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4029 = ""; var BylineEmail_4029 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4029 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4029 = "400"; var Filename_4030 = "1198%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4030 = "Norman pitches vs Austin"; var Caption_4030 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ERebel pitcher Kelly Norman hurls the heat to beat Austin 4%2D3 in the first game of a doubleheader%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4030 = ""; var BylineEmail_4030 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4030 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4030 = "400"; var Filename_4031 = "1197%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4031 = "Vance hits vs Austin"; var Caption_4031 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ERebel hitter Ashley Vance steps into and drives this pitch for a single during Stewie%92s 4%2D3 win over Austin%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4031 = ""; var BylineEmail_4031 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4031 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4031 = "400"; var Filename_4032 = "1196%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4032 = "Pearson scoop at 2nd"; var Caption_4032 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ERebel second baseman scoops the ball on a routine grounder to make the play during Stewie%27s 4%2D3 win over Austin%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4032 = ""; var BylineEmail_4032 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4032 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4032 = "400"; var Filename_4033 = "1188%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4033 = "Blair Honsey"; var Caption_4033 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EBlair Honsey captured first place at the Optimist District Junior Golf Tournament at Crystal Lake Golf Course in Lakeville%2C Minnesota on June 23%2E Honsey%2C competing against girls from Minnesota%2C North%0D%0ADakota and South Dakota%2C topped the leader board of the 75%2Dgolfer field in the 12%2D13 year old age division%2E%0D%0AThe victory earns Honsey a berth in the Optimist International Junior Golf Championships in West Palm Beach%2C Fla%2E%2C in July%2E Blair is the daughter of Dave and Sue Honsey of Stewartville%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4033 = ""; var BylineEmail_4033 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4033 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4033 = "400"; var Filename_4034 = "1185%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4034 = "baseball all conf%2E"; var Caption_4034 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EStewartville baseball players selected to the 2008 HVL All%2DConference team included seated from left%2C Matt Smith%2C Donnie Beddow%2C Mikko Norman%2C Craig English%2E Standing from left are 2008 HVL All%2DConference Honorable Mentions Nate Nelson%2C Jared Albers%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4034 = ""; var BylineEmail_4034 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4034 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4034 = "400"; var Filename_4035 = "1182%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4035 = "16 blue vball"; var Caption_4035 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewie 16 Blue volleyball team captured third place in the Gold Division of the Star of the North Games in in St%2E Paul on June 21%2D22%2E Seated%3A Britney Laures%2C Stewart%2C %93the Goose%2E%94 Kneeling%2C Jill Oftedahl %28left%29%2C Kelly Norman%2E Standing from left%2C Lisa Flynn%2C Kaitlin Terleski%2C Coach Kelly Williams%2C Brenda Dahl%2C Caitlin Case%2C Ellie Bergeson%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4035 = ""; var BylineEmail_4035 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4035 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4035 = "400"; var Filename_4036 = "1181%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4036 = "14u baseball"; var Caption_4036 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EStewartville%27s 14U traveling baseball team captured runnerup honors at Owatonna%27s Bullpen Club Bash tournament%2C June 21%2D22%2E Stewartville went 4%2D1 in the tournament defeating Hastings%2C Owatonna and the Quad Cities in pool play%2E On Sunday in the semifinals%2C Stewartville defeated Mason City 10%2D9 in eight innings before losing %0D%0A9%2D6 to South St%2E Paul in the championship game%2E Kneeling%2C from left%2C Luke Lonien%2C Warren Lawrenz%2C Tyler Schmitz%2C Taner Wieck%2C Ben Vaupel%2C Josh Dodd%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Brady Gross%2C Peter Elton%2C Ryne Prochaska%2C Sam Quackenbush%2C Aaron Simmons%2C Robbie Campbell%2C Shane Mlenar%2E Not pictured%3A Coaches Dan Mlenar and Mike Prochaska%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4036 = ""; var BylineEmail_4036 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4036 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4036 = "400"; var Filename_4037 = "1180%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4037 = "14u vball"; var Caption_4037 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewie 14 Blue volleyball team captured second place in the Gold Division at the Star of the North games in St%2E Paul on June 21%2D22%2E Team members include%2C kneeling from left%2C Katie Doty%2C Danielle DeGeus%2C Liz Waugh%2C Brianna Behrens%2E Standing from left%2C Coach John Dzubay%2C Sarah Schrandt%2C Katie Bauman%2C Katelyn Hanf%2C Shauna Groski%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4037 = ""; var BylineEmail_4037 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4037 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4037 = "400"; var Filename_4038 = "1178%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4038 = "12u vball"; var Caption_4038 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewie 12%2D2 volleyball team captured first place in the Rochester Tournament at the National Volleyball Center on May 4%2E Team members include%2C seated from the left%2C Marissa Behrens%2C Kaylee Muller%2C Brianna Henderson%2C Taylor DeGeus%2E Standing from left%2C Olivia Oelke%2C Jackie Bleifus%2C Meghan Schmitz%2C Lauren Mikel%2C Caitlyn Hughes%2E Coaches from left%2C Mike DeGeus%2C Matt Behrens%2C Chris Hughes%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4038 = ""; var BylineEmail_4038 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4038 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4038 = "400"; var Filename_4039 = "1176%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4039 = "16U softball champs"; var Caption_4039 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville Rebels 16U summer traveling softball team captured the championship of the Southern Minny League tournament in Austin on June 21%2D21%2E Team members include%2C sitting%2C from left%2C Teala Heddlesten%2C Erin Hintz%2C Linzie Schunke%2EStanding%2C from left%2C Coach Pat Aldrich%2C Kahla Aldrich%2C Shawna Sperber%2C Erin Hain%2C Coach Lynnae Thompson%2C Kim Meyerhofer%2C Ashley Vance%2C Christina Stanger%2C Coach Mike Hintz%2E Unavailable for photo were%2C Kelly Norman%2C Haley Pearson%2C Liz Elton%2C Brianna Probach%2C Amber Sawyer%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4039 = ""; var BylineEmail_4039 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4039 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4039 = "400"; var Filename_4040 = "1175%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4040 = "Tiger varsity basketball champs"; var Caption_4040 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EStewartville%92s summer varsity boys basketball team captured championship titles at the Winona Cotter and RCTC tournaments on June 14%2D15%2E Tiger team members include seated%2C from left%2C Matt Smith%2C Tom Gisler%2C Nate Askelson%2C David Fritsch%2C Derek Robey%2E Standing from left%2C coach Tony Tuseth%2C Chad Harris%2C Mike Orte%2C Ben Harris%2C John Gisler%2C Brandon King%2C coach Tom Brown%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4040 = ""; var BylineEmail_4040 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4040 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4040 = "400"; var Filename_4041 = "1174%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4041 = "Sharks%2DScott Boettcher bunts"; var Caption_4041 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ES%2DR hitter Scott Boettcher lays down a perfect bunt during the Sharks%92 six%2Drun%2C sixth%2Dinning%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4041 = ""; var BylineEmail_4041 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4041 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4041 = "400"; var Filename_4042 = "1173%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4042 = "Sharks%2DRyan Manske hits"; var Caption_4042 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ESharks hitter Ryan Manske drives a pitch to a gap in the outfield%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4042 = ""; var BylineEmail_4042 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4042 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4042 = "400"; var Filename_4043 = "1172%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4043 = "Sharks%2DJosh Schultz hits"; var Caption_4043 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ESharks hitter Josh Schultz steps and drives the ball for a single%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4043 = ""; var BylineEmail_4043 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4043 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4043 = "400"; var Filename_4044 = "1171%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4044 = "Sharks%2DJoe Magee slides"; var Caption_4044 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ESharks base runner Joe Magee slides head first into secoond during S%2DR%27s 6%2D1 win%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4044 = ""; var BylineEmail_4044 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4044 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4044 = "400"; var Filename_4045 = "1170%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4045 = "Sharks%2DJade Boettcher"; var Caption_4045 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ES%2DR ace pitcher Jade Boettcher %285%2D1%29 eyes the target and brings the heat during the Sharks%92 6%2D1 win over the Dodge Center Dodgers on June 18%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4045 = ""; var BylineEmail_4045 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4045 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4045 = "400"; var Filename_4046 = "1135%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4046 = "Rebel slider"; var Caption_4046 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ERebel base runner Kaylee Muller %28%2339%29 slides safely into third on an extra base hit against Austin%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4046 = ""; var BylineEmail_4046 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4046 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4046 = "400"; var Filename_4047 = "1134%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4047 = "Rebel pitcher"; var Caption_4047 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ESummer softball action cranked up last week with Stewartville traveling teams taking to the diamonds%2E Here%2C Stewartville 12U Rebel pitcher Caitlin Hughes hurls the heat in a win over Austin on June 10%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4047 = ""; var BylineEmail_4047 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4047 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4047 = "400"; var Filename_4048 = "1133%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4048 = "Rebel fielder"; var Caption_4048 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ERebel infielder Amy Hintz uses textbook form%2C using two hands and looking the ball into her glove for the catch and the out%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4048 = ""; var BylineEmail_4048 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4048 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4048 = "400"; var Filename_4049 = "1132%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4049 = "Rebel batter4"; var Caption_4049 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ERebel hitter Lauren Mikel picks a pitch and drives the ball for a single against Austin%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4049 = ""; var BylineEmail_4049 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4049 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4049 = "400"; var Filename_4050 = "1131%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4050 = "Rebel batter3"; var Caption_4050 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ERebel hitter Meghan Schmitz steps into it and connects for a hit%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4050 = ""; var BylineEmail_4050 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4050 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4050 = "400"; var Filename_4051 = "1130%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4051 = "Rebel batter2"; var Caption_4051 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ERebel hitter Monika Anderson drives an RBI double to the gap during Stewie%92s win over Austin%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4051 = ""; var BylineEmail_4051 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4051 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4051 = "400"; var Filename_4052 = "1129%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4052 = "Rebel batter1"; var Caption_4052 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ERebel hitter Megan Howell steps and drives the ball for a hit%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4052 = ""; var BylineEmail_4052 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4052 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4052 = "400"; var Filename_4053 = "1123%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4053 = "Sheely vault at state2"; var Caption_4053 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EMarie Sheely dashes down the runway to capture ninth place in the girls pole vault at the MSHSL Class A State Track %26 Field championships at Hamline University on June 6%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4053 = ""; var BylineEmail_4053 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4053 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4053 = "400"; var Filename_4054 = "1122%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4054 = "Sheely vault at state1"; var Caption_4054 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EMarie Sheely powers herself over the bar set at 9%2D6 to capture ninth place in the girls pole vault at the MSHSL Class A State Track %26 Field championships at Hamline University on June 6%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4054 = ""; var BylineEmail_4054 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4054 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4054 = "400"; var Filename_4055 = "1121%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4055 = "Sheely HJ at state"; var Caption_4055 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EMarie Sheely clears the bar set at 5%2D0 to claim ninth place at the MSHSL Class A State Track %26 Field championships at Hamline University on June 6%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4055 = ""; var BylineEmail_4055 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4055 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4055 = "400"; var Filename_4056 = "1120%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4056 = "Bentley in 100m at state"; var Caption_4056 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EBraden Bentley%0D%0Abattles fiercely in the final 15 meters in heat one of the preliminary race of the 100m dash at the MSHSL Class A State Track %26 Field championships at Hamline University on June 6%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4056 = ""; var BylineEmail_4056 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4056 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4056 = "400"; var Filename_4057 = "1119%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4057 = "Stately relay medalists"; var Caption_4057 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe 4x100m relay team%2C from left%2C Braden Bentley%2C Korey Drees%2C Ryan Schaefer and Zac Tuffly proudly pose on the awards stand with their medals after capturing fifth place at the MSHSL Class A State Track %26 Field championships at Hamline University on June 7%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4057 = ""; var BylineEmail_4057 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4057 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4057 = "400"; var Filename_4058 = "1118%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4058 = "Stately baton exchange"; var Caption_4058 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ERyan Schaefer %28back%29 and Korey Drees %28front%29%2C the first two legs of Stewartville%92s 4x100m relay %28second team from left%29%2C exchange the baton%2C racing to fifth place in the finals at the MSHSL Class A State Track %26 Field championships at Hamline University on June 7%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4058 = ""; var BylineEmail_4058 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4058 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4058 = "400"; var Filename_4059 = "1100%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4059 = "14U baseball champs"; var Caption_4059 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville Tiger 14U baseball team captured first place in the Lakeville Woodbat tournament on May 30%2DJune 1%2E Stewartville outscored its opponents 50%2D15 in its six games%2C including 2%2D0 against Shoreview in the semi%2Dfinals and 9%2D0 against Eagan in the championship game%2E This tourney title qualifies the Tigers for two state tournaments later this summer%2E Team members are%2C kneeling%2C from left%2C Ben Vaupel%2C Ryne Prochaska%2C Tyler Schmitz%2C Tanner Wieck%2C Warren Lawrenz%2C Josh Dodd%2C Luke Lonien%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Coach Dan Mlenar%2C Shane Mlenar%2C Aaron Simmons%2C Pete Elton%2C Brady Gross%2C Sam Quackenbush%2C Robbie Campbell%2C Coach Mike Prochaska%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4059 = ""; var BylineEmail_4059 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4059 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4059 = "400"; var Filename_4060 = "1099%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4060 = "14U baseball 2nd at Roch%2E"; var Caption_4060 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville Tiger 14U baseball team captured runner%2Dup honors in the Rochester Classic Baseball Tournament%2E Stewartville defeated teams from Austin%2C Altoona%2C Wisconsin and Eden Prairie before losing in the championship game to Minneapolis 4%2D0%2E Kneeling%2C from left%2C Luke Lonien%2C Tyler Schmitz%2C Warren Lawrenz%2C Josh Dodd%2C Ryne Prochaska%2C Ben Vaupel%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Coach Dan Mlenar%2C Sam Quackenbush%2C Shane Mlenar%2C Robbie Campbell%2C Brady Gross%2C Peter Elton%2C Aaron Simmons%2C Coach Mike Prochaska%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4060 = ""; var BylineEmail_4060 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4060 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4060 = "400"; var Filename_4061 = "1097%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4061 = "Smith vs ZM on 5%2F26"; var Caption_4061 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EMatt Smith is tagged out at the plate against the Cougars%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4061 = ""; var BylineEmail_4061 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4061 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4061 = "400"; var Filename_4062 = "1095%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4062 = "Nelson vs ZM on 5%2F26"; var Caption_4062 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ENate Nelson drags a toe for the force and relays to first%2C turning a double play against the Cougars%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4062 = ""; var BylineEmail_4062 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4062 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4062 = "400"; var Filename_4063 = "1093%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4063 = "Mikko vs ZM on 5%2F26"; var Caption_4063 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger catcher Mikko Norman eyes one of Babcock%92s strikes behind the plate against Zumbrota%2DMazeppa%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4063 = ""; var BylineEmail_4063 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4063 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4063 = "400"; var Filename_4064 = "1088%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4064 = "Olson vs ZM on 5%2F26"; var Caption_4064 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EJake Olson lays down a bunt that barely spins foul down the third base line%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4064 = ""; var BylineEmail_4064 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4064 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4064 = "400"; var Filename_4065 = "1086%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4065 = "Getback to Beddow"; var Caption_4065 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EDonnie Beddow readies to make the tag on this pick off attempt at first base during the ZM playoff game%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4065 = ""; var BylineEmail_4065 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4065 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4065 = "400"; var Filename_4066 = "1082%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4066 = "Babcock vs ZM on 5%2F26"; var Caption_4066 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EBruce Babcock cranks back to rocket fire another smokin%92 pitch during Stewartville%92s 5%2D3 loss to Zumbrota%2DMazeppa in the state playoffs%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4066 = ""; var BylineEmail_4066 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4066 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4066 = "400"; var Filename_4067 = "1076%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4067 = "Nelson getback %2D 1st playoff game"; var Caption_4067 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ENate Nelson dives back safely to first base%2C beating this Byron pickoff attempt%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4067 = ""; var BylineEmail_4067 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4067 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4067 = "400"; var Filename_4068 = "1075%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4068 = "Mikko hits %2D 1st playoff game"; var Caption_4068 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EMikko Norman steps and drives this Byron pitch for a double%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4068 = ""; var BylineEmail_4068 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4068 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4068 = "400"; var Filename_4069 = "1073%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4069 = "English pitch %2D 1st playoff game"; var Caption_4069 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ELefty Craig English pitched strong in the 6%2D5 Byron loss%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4069 = ""; var BylineEmail_4069 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4069 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4069 = "400"; var Filename_4070 = "1071%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4070 = "Carter getback vs KM"; var Caption_4070 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EShane Carter dives and gets back safely with a hand on the base as the tag is made to his shoulder on this pickoff attempt%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4070 = ""; var BylineEmail_4070 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4070 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4070 = "400"; var Filename_4071 = "1070%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4071 = "8th grade baseball champs"; var Caption_4071 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville eighth grade boys baseball team placed first in the Byron Invitational on May 10%2C defeating Zumbrota%2DMazeppa 11%2D2%2C Kasson Mantorville 19%2D0 and Pine Island 8%2D1 in the championship game%2E The Tigers ended their season with a record of 19%2D1%2D2%2E Team members kneeling%2C from left%2C Taner Wieck%2C Sam Quackenbush%2C Tyler Schmidt%2C Ben Vaupel%2C Ryne Prochaska%2C Josh Dodd%2C Warren Lawrence%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Josh Pierick%2C Shane Mlenar%2C Jordan Foster%2C Brady Gross%2C Conner Craven%2C Collin Niesen%2C Luke Lonien%2C Tim Twohey%2C Robby Campbell%2C Zach Atkinson%2C Peter Elton%2E Coach was Curt Hughes with Adam Eichoff assisting%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4071 = ""; var BylineEmail_4071 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4071 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4071 = "400"; var Filename_4072 = "1067%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4072 = "14 Blue JO vball"; var Caption_4072 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville 14 Blue JO volleyball team beat the Milwaukee Sting to claim third place at the elite 24%2Dteam Rochester Cup Tournament on May 10%2D11%2E The team is preparing for the National AAU tournament in Orlando%2C Florida on June 11%2D14%2E Team members are%2C kneeling%2C from left%2C Liz Waugh%2C Brianna Behrens%2C Danielle DeGeus%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Shauna Groski%2C Brianna Behrens%2C coach John Dzubay%2C Katelyn Hanf%2C Katie Bauman%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4072 = ""; var BylineEmail_4072 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4072 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4072 = "400"; var Filename_4073 = "1057%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4073 = "Boys golf HVL champs"; var Caption_4073 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville boys golf team earned HVL team championship honors on May 15%2E Tiger team members are%2C from left%2C Travis Wellik%2C Will Fredricksen%2C Blake Honsey%2C Austin Mulleneaux%2C Tim Bergeson%2C Andre Joyce%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4073 = ""; var BylineEmail_4073 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4073 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4073 = "400"; var Filename_4074 = "1055%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4074 = "English vs Cotter"; var Caption_4074 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ECraig English crushes this thigh%2Dhigh fastball %28below%29 during the Tigers 2%2D0 win over Cotter on May 15%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4074 = ""; var BylineEmail_4074 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4074 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4074 = "400"; var Filename_4075 = "1050%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4075 = "Babcock vs Cotter"; var Caption_4075 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EBruce Babcock unleashes another blistering breaking ball that had Cotter hitters miffed%2C then whiffed%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4075 = ""; var BylineEmail_4075 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4075 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4075 = "400"; var Filename_4076 = "1049%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4076 = "All%2DConference Golfers"; var Caption_4076 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EEarning HVL All%2DConference honors at the conference championship meet on May 15 were Tigers%2C from left%2C Tim Bergeson%2C Will Fredricksen%2C Blair Honsey%2C Blake Honsey%2C Austin Mulleneaux%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4076 = ""; var BylineEmail_4076 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4076 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4076 = "400"; var Filename_4077 = "1047%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4077 = "Svoboda vs Shattuck"; var Caption_4077 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EJustin Svoboda eyes a high volley before tagging a return with wicked topspin against Shattuck%2DSt%2E Mary%27s%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4077 = ""; var BylineEmail_4077 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4077 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4077 = "400"; var Filename_4078 = "1046%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4078 = "Rysted vs Shattuck"; var Caption_4078 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EHeather Rysted chips on the green from about 20 yards out at the Stewie hosted HVL triangular on May 8%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4078 = ""; var BylineEmail_4078 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4078 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4078 = "400"; var Filename_4079 = "1045%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4079 = "Raygor vs Shattuck"; var Caption_4079 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EBen Raygor plays aggressively at the net on the number one singles court against Shattuck%2DSt%2E Mary%27s%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4079 = ""; var BylineEmail_4079 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4079 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4079 = "400"; var Filename_4080 = "1042%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4080 = "Nielsen vs Shattuck"; var Caption_4080 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EMatt Nielsen cranks a backhand slam at the net against Shattuck%2DSt%2E Mary%27s%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4080 = ""; var BylineEmail_4080 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4080 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4080 = "400"; var Filename_4081 = "1041%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4081 = "Mulleneaux at Stewie HVL triangular"; var Caption_4081 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EAustin Mulleneaux drains an 18%2Dfooter for birdie at the Stewie hosted HVL triangular on May 8%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4081 = ""; var BylineEmail_4081 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4081 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4081 = "400"; var Filename_4082 = "1038%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4082 = "Laber at Stewie HVL triangular"; var Caption_4082 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EBrittaney Laber executes classic follow through after her drive on the 13th tee box during the Stewartville triangular%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4082 = ""; var BylineEmail_4082 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4082 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4082 = "400"; var Filename_4083 = "1037%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4083 = "Jorde vs Shattuck"; var Caption_4083 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETravis Jorde drives a waist%2Dhigh forehand slam against Shattuck%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4083 = ""; var BylineEmail_4083 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4083 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4083 = "400"; var Filename_4084 = "1036%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4084 = "Jagusch vs Shattuck"; var Caption_4084 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EBekken Jagusch chases down a volley to the front court against Shattuck%2DSt%2E Mary%27s%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4084 = ""; var BylineEmail_4084 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4084 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4084 = "400"; var Filename_4085 = "1032%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4085 = "Fritz vs Shattuck"; var Caption_4085 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EDerek Fritz lunges for a return playing aggressively at the net against Shattuck%2DSt%2E Mary%92s%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4085 = ""; var BylineEmail_4085 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4085 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4085 = "400"; var Filename_4086 = "1029%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4086 = "Blake Honsey chip at Stewie triangular"; var Caption_4086 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EBlake Honsey chips from the fringe of the second hole during the Stewartville triagular%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4086 = ""; var BylineEmail_4086 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4086 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4086 = "400"; var Filename_4087 = "1028%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4087 = "Bergy at Stewie triangular"; var Caption_4087 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETim Bergeson curls a 25%2Dfoot putt in the cup for birdie during the Stewie hosted triangular on May 8%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4087 = ""; var BylineEmail_4087 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4087 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4087 = "400"; var Filename_4088 = "1024%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4088 = "7th grade boys bball"; var Caption_4088 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville seventh grade traveling basketball team captured the consolation championship at the regional Pacesetter tournament in Rochester on April 28%2E The Tigers lost their first game to Century %28eventual tournament champs%29%2C but went on to win their next three games%2C defeating LeRoy%2DOstrander%2C Fillmore Central and Faribault BA%2E The Pacesetter Minnesota Youth Basketball State Tournament has been conducted since 1993 with 700%2D900 teams in grades 5%2D9 participating annually throughout the state%2E Front row%2C from left%2C Justin Thompson%2C Jon Pyan%2C Nate Muller%2C Matt Terhaar%2C Ryan Larson%2C Zach Schwalbach%2E Back row%2C from left%2C Coach Dan Pyan%2C Aaron Simmons%2C Jordan Lemanski%2C Jack Howell%2C Matt Aldrich%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4088 = ""; var BylineEmail_4088 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4088 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4088 = "400"; var Filename_4089 = "1022%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4089 = "Westfall turkey hunt"; var Caption_4089 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EDean Westfall of Dexter%2C right%2C shot this turkey during the first annual turkey hunt for the disabled near Ironwood Springs Christian Ranch on Saturday%2C April 26%2E Lynn Laures%2C left%2C served as Westfall%92s hunting guide%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4089 = ""; var BylineEmail_4089 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4089 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4089 = "400"; var Filename_4090 = "1018%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4090 = "16 Blue JO vball"; var Caption_4090 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville 16 Blue JO volleyball team captured first place at the North Country Region Volleyball Tournament on April 28%2E Kneeling from left%2C Sam Jezeski%2C Jill Oftedahl%2C Ellie Bergeson%2C Lisa Flynn%2E Standing from left%2C coach Kelly Williams%2C Kaitlin Terleski%2C Britney Laures%2C Brenda Dahl%2C Caitlin Case%2E Unavailable for photo was Kelly Norman%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4090 = ""; var BylineEmail_4090 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4090 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4090 = "400"; var Filename_4091 = "1015%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4091 = "Meyerhofer hit vs Hayfield"; var Caption_4091 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EKatie Meyerhofer keeps her eye on the ball as she drives this run%2Dscoring single against Hayfield%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4091 = ""; var BylineEmail_4091 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4091 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4091 = "400"; var Filename_4092 = "1013%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4092 = "Irlbeck pitch vs Hayfield"; var Caption_4092 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EPitcher Wendi Irlbeck hurls the heat with her slingshot delivery%2E Irlbeck went the seven%2Dinning distance to record the win over Hayfield%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4092 = ""; var BylineEmail_4092 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4092 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4092 = "400"; var Filename_4093 = "1012%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4093 = "Irlbeck hits vs Hayfield"; var Caption_4093 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EWendi Irlbeck drives a Viking pitch for another Tiger hit%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4093 = ""; var BylineEmail_4093 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4093 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4093 = "400"; var Filename_4094 = "1011%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4094 = "Hain hits vs Hayfield"; var Caption_4094 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EErin Hain cranks on a fastbal lin the strike zone against Hayfield%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4094 = ""; var BylineEmail_4094 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4094 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4094 = "400"; var Filename_4095 = "1010%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4095 = "Donahoe tags vs Hayfield"; var Caption_4095 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ECait Donahoe turns and tags a Hayfield baserunner completing a 6%2D3%2D5 double play during Stewie%92s 14%2D6 HVL win on April 29%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4095 = ""; var BylineEmail_4095 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4095 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4095 = "400"; var Filename_4096 = "1009%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4096 = "Donahoe relay vs Hayfield"; var Caption_4096 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ECait Donahoe fires a relay to first%2C beating the Hayfield base runner %28left%29 during Stewie%27s 14%2D6 win%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4096 = ""; var BylineEmail_4096 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4096 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4096 = "400"; var Filename_4097 = "1002%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4097 = "Upty slides at home"; var Caption_4097 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EKayla Uptagrafft slides safely at home under the lunging tag of the Kasson catcher%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4097 = ""; var BylineEmail_4097 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4097 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4097 = "400"; var Filename_4098 = "1001%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4098 = "Stanger bunts vs KM"; var Caption_4098 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EChristina Stanger drops a perfect bunt straight down by leaning over the plate on the placement%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4098 = ""; var BylineEmail_4098 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4098 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4098 = "400"; var Filename_4099 = "986%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4099 = "Morse hit vs KM"; var Caption_4099 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETina Morse drive a high fastball to the gap to collect of of Stewie%27s 12 hits%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4099 = ""; var BylineEmail_4099 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4099 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4099 = "400"; var Filename_4100 = "982%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4100 = "Mikko Norman hit vs CF"; var Caption_4100 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EMikko Norman drives a knee%2Dhigh fastball in a 9%2D2 win over Cannon Falls%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4100 = ""; var BylineEmail_4100 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4100 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4100 = "400"; var Filename_4101 = "979%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4101 = "Kelly Norman tags vs KM"; var Caption_4101 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EWith a perfect one%2Dhop pickoff from catcher Shawnna Sperber%2C shortstop Kelly Norman readies to lay the tag on the KoMet base runner during Stewie%92s 8%2D3 HVL win last week%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4101 = ""; var BylineEmail_4101 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4101 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4101 = "400"; var Filename_4102 = "977%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4102 = "Hain pitch vs KM"; var Caption_4102 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EPitcher Erin Hain unleashes another wicked curve during the Tigers%92 8%2D3 win over the KoMets%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4102 = ""; var BylineEmail_4102 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4102 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4102 = "400"; var Filename_4103 = "976%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4103 = "English pitch vs CF"; var Caption_4103 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EStarting and winning pitcher Craig English mows down Bomber batters%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4103 = ""; var BylineEmail_4103 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4103 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4103 = "400"; var Filename_4104 = "975%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4104 = "Donahoe snares vs KM"; var Caption_4104 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ECait Donahoe snares a grounder at third base during Stewie%27s 8%2D3 win over the KoMets%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4104 = ""; var BylineEmail_4104 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4104 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4104 = "400"; var Filename_4105 = "974%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4105 = "16 Blue JO vball"; var Caption_4105 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville 16 Blue JO volleyball team captured first place in the Minnesota Sports Federation State Tournament at the National Volleyball Center on April 13%2E Team members include%2C kneeling%2C from left%2C Caity Case%2C Kelly Norman%2C Brittany Laures%2C Coach Kelly Williams%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Lisa Flynn%2C Brenda Dahl%2C Ellie Bergeson%2C Jill Oftedahl%2E Kaitlin Terleski was unavailable for photograph%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4105 = ""; var BylineEmail_4105 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4105 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4105 = "400"; var Filename_4106 = "973%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4106 = "14 Blue JO vball"; var Caption_4106 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville 14 Blue JO volleyball team captured first place in the MSF Tournament on April 12%2E Team members include%2C from left%2C Sarah Schrandt%2C Brianna Behrens%2C Katelyn Hanf%2C Elizabeth Waugh%2C Katie Bauman%2C Coach John Dzubay%2C Katie Doty%2C Shauna Groski%2C Danielle DeGeus%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4106 = ""; var BylineEmail_4106 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4106 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4106 = "400"; var Filename_4107 = "966%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4107 = "Smith pitch vs Byron"; var Caption_4107 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EStarting pitcher Matt Smith hurls the heat in game one against Byron%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4107 = ""; var BylineEmail_4107 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4107 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4107 = "400"; var Filename_4108 = "965%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4108 = "Nosbisch signs with Crookston"; var Caption_4108 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ESteve Nosbisch signs a National Letter of Intent to play basketball for the University of Minnesota%2C Crookston beginning in 2008%2D09%2E Looking on are%2C from left%2C Nosbisch%92s mother%2C Jenny%2C his brother Nick and dad Don%2C along with Tiger coach Tony Tuseth%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4108 = ""; var BylineEmail_4108 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4108 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4108 = "400"; var Filename_4109 = "952%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4109 = "Albie pitch vs Byron"; var Caption_4109 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ERight%2Dhanded reliever Jared Albers unleashes a wicked curve that silenced Byron bats%2C enabling the Tigers to rally for an 8%2D7 victory in game one of a doubleheader on April 17%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4109 = ""; var BylineEmail_4109 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4109 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4109 = "400"; var Filename_4110 = "951%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4110 = "Girls 4x200 at Heitman Invite"; var Caption_4110 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EMarie Sheely makes the baton exchange to Karyn Christian during the 4x200m relay%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4110 = ""; var BylineEmail_4110 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4110 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4110 = "400"; var Filename_4111 = "950%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4111 = "Drees leaps at Heitman Invite"; var Caption_4111 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3E%0D%0AKorey Drees leaps for a landing of 16%2D4 in the long jump%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4111 = ""; var BylineEmail_4111 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4111 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4111 = "400"; var Filename_4112 = "948%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4112 = "Flynn%2Ddiscus"; var Caption_4112 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EJake Flynn cranks off his release throwing the discus%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4112 = ""; var BylineEmail_4112 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4112 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4112 = "400"; var Filename_4113 = "944%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4113 = "Softball seniors"; var Caption_4113 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville varsity softball team will look to the leadership of six seniors for its 2008 campaign%2E Back to guide the Tiger nine are%2C in front%2C Tina Morse %28left%29%2C Wendi Irlbeck%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Amy Wohlhuter%2C Sam Engebreston%2C Kayla Uptagrafft%2C Cait Donahoe%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4113 = ""; var BylineEmail_4113 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4113 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4113 = "400"; var Filename_4114 = "941%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4114 = "Flynn throws shot at Rushford"; var Caption_4114 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ELisa Flynn heaves the shot put at the season opener in Rushford on April 3%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4114 = ""; var BylineEmail_4114 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4114 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4114 = "400"; var Filename_4115 = "938%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4115 = "Girls 4x200 at Rushford"; var Caption_4115 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EAndrea Venzke makes the baton exchange to Lindsay Blahnik during the 4x200m relay at the Rushford Invite%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4115 = ""; var BylineEmail_4115 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4115 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4115 = "400"; var Filename_4116 = "934%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4116 = "Schaefer LJ at Rushford"; var Caption_4116 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ERyan Schaefer catches air on this long jump landing at the R%2DP Invite%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4116 = ""; var BylineEmail_4116 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4116 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4116 = "400"; var Filename_4117 = "933%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4117 = "Johnson hurdles at Rushford"; var Caption_4117 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EJesse Johnson cruises to an easy win during the 110m high hurdle event at the Rushford%2DPeterson Invite on April 3%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4117 = ""; var BylineEmail_4117 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4117 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4117 = "400"; var Filename_4118 = "932%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4118 = "Harris throws discus%2DRushford"; var Caption_4118 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EBen Harris unleashes the discus for a first place landing of 110%2D9 at the Rushford Invite%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4118 = ""; var BylineEmail_4118 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4118 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4118 = "400"; var Filename_4119 = "928%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4119 = "15 blue jo vball"; var Caption_4119 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewie 15 Blue JO volleyball team captured first place in the 16s Upper Bracket Division at the National Volleyball Center Tournament in Rochester on March 29%2E Team members are%2C kneeling%2C from left%2C Kayla Lutteke%2C Sam Jezeski%2C Jessica Zent%2C Katie Twiete%2C Rachel Beaver%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Coach Pat Sobotta%2C Kayla Thompson%2DWooner%2C Allie Udenberg%2C Christina Stanger%2C Ashley Vance%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4119 = ""; var BylineEmail_4119 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4119 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4119 = "400"; var Filename_4120 = "925%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4120 = "Travis Capelle at NYWA"; var Caption_4120 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETravis Capelle drives the shoulders of his opponent to the mat and squeezes for a pin during action at the NYWA Regional tournament and state qualifier on March 29 at RCTC%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4120 = ""; var BylineEmail_4120 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4120 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4120 = "400"; var Filename_4121 = "924%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4121 = "Tanner Prochaska at NYWA"; var Caption_4121 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETanner Prochaska breaks down his opponent with leg control while driving his head to the mat%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4121 = ""; var BylineEmail_4121 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4121 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4121 = "400"; var Filename_4122 = "917%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4122 = "Eric Sistad at NYWA"; var Caption_4122 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EStewartville youth wrestling action at the NYWA Regional tournament and state qualifier saw Eric Sistad turn his opponent%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4122 = ""; var BylineEmail_4122 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4122 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4122 = "400"; var Filename_4123 = "913%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4123 = "David Capelle at NYWA"; var Caption_4123 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EStewartville youth wrestling action at the NYWA Regional tournament and state qualifier saw David Capelle throw a crossface%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4123 = ""; var BylineEmail_4123 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4123 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4123 = "400"; var Filename_4124 = "912%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4124 = "Carter Stenberg at NYWA"; var Caption_4124 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EStewartville youth wrestling action at the NYWA Regional tournament and state qualifier saw Carter Stenberg throw a headlock%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4124 = ""; var BylineEmail_4124 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4124 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4124 = "400"; var Filename_4125 = "911%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4125 = "Bushman rolls three 300s"; var Caption_4125 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EJared Bushman has rolled seven 300 games in 2008%2C including three in one day at a recent tournament in St%2E Cloud%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4125 = ""; var BylineEmail_4125 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4125 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4125 = "400"; var Filename_4126 = "910%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4126 = "Brody Herman2 NYWA"; var Caption_4126 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EBrody Herman uses his left hand on the lower shoulder and uses his chin to drive the shoulders of his opponent to the mat seconds before pinning him at the NYWA Regional%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4126 = ""; var BylineEmail_4126 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4126 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4126 = "400"; var Filename_4127 = "909%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4127 = "Brody Herman NYWA"; var Caption_4127 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EBrody Herman lifts his opponent with a two%2Dlegged takedown at the NYWA Regional on March 29%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4127 = ""; var BylineEmail_4127 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4127 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4127 = "400"; var Filename_4128 = "905%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4128 = "7th grade boys traveling basketball team"; var Caption_4128 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville seventh%2Dgrade boys traveling basketball team captured second place at the recent Austin Tournament%2E The Tigers defeated Albert Lea and Rochester John Marshall before falling 41%2D39 to Plainview%2DElgin%2DMillville in the championship game%2E Tiger team members include%2C kneeling%2C from left%2C Zach Schwalbach%2C Luke Wilde%2C Jon Pyan%2C Justin Thompson%2C Reese Rinken%2C Jacob Narveson%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Coach Jeff Schwalbach%2C Nate Muller%2C Ryan Larson%2C Will Gisler%2C Jack Howell%2C Matt Aldrich%2C Aaron Simmons %26 Dan Pyan%2E%09%09%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4128 = ""; var BylineEmail_4128 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4128 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4128 = "400"; var Filename_4129 = "903%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4129 = "6th grade boys traveling baskbetball team"; var Caption_4129 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville sixth%2Dgrade boys traveling basketball team captured championship honors at the MYAS State Tournament held March 15%2D16%2E The team beat the Minneapolis Lakers%2C Owatonna%2C New Life Academy and Woodbury in the championship game%2E Tiger team members include%2C kneeling%2C from left%2C Michael Stageberg%2C Jason Danielson%2C Dain Bauman%2C Conner Paulson%2C %0D%0AJustin Zabinski%2C Shane Uptagrafft%2E Standing%2C from left%2C coach Joe Bauman%2C Tyler Hickman%2C Alex Sperber%2C Jeremiah Iverson%2C Noah Johnson%2C Jordan Lemanski%2C Cody Stanger%2C Ryan Quandt%2C coach Cheri Stageberg%2E %09%09%09%09%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4129 = ""; var BylineEmail_4129 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4129 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4129 = "400"; var Filename_4130 = "902%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4130 = "4th grade boys traveling basketball team"; var Caption_4130 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville fourth%2Dgrade boys traveling basketball team finished its season with a 20%2D5 record%2C capturing first place in two tournaments%2C second place in two tournaments and third place in two tournaments%2E Team members are%2C kneeling%2C from left%2C Luke Schmidt%2C Justin Kime%2C Sam Woods%2C Moses Hettinger%2C Max Runkle%2C Cody Bakken%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Garret Nosbisch%2C Lucas Ellerbusch%2C Lucas Scruggs%2C Jordan Johnson%2C Dylan Stofferahn%2C Chye Stecher%2E%09%09%09%09%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4130 = ""; var BylineEmail_4130 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4130 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4130 = "400"; var Filename_4131 = "908%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4131 = "8th grade girls traveling basketball team"; var Caption_4131 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville eighth%2Dgrade girls traveling basketball team captured second place the MYAS State Tournament on March 8%2D9%2E The Tigers compiled an impressive 26%2D0 school record and 16%2D4 as a traveling team%2E Stewie participated in tournaments at Farmington%2C Minneapolis%2C St%2E Paul%2C Owatonna%2C and Rochester%2E Team members include%2C seated%2C from left%2C Steph Jorde%2C Jackie Betcher%2C Elizabeth Waugh%2C Sarah Schrandt%2E Kneeling%2C from left%2C Katelyn Hanf%2C Amy Reinhardt%2C Sharon Curtis%2C Nicole Amos%2C Katie Bauman%2C Coach Cheri Stageberg%2E%09%09%09%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4131 = ""; var BylineEmail_4131 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4131 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4131 = "400"; var Filename_4132 = "907%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4132 = "9th grade traveling basketball team"; var Caption_4132 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville ninth%2Dgrade girls traveling basketball team captured first place in the AAA Division at the 2008 Grade State Basketball tournament on March 8%2D9 in Spring Lake Park%2E Tiger team members include%2C kneeling%2C from left%2C Lindsay Blahnik%2C Kahla Aldrich%2C Allie Udenberg%2C Kayla Lutteke%2C Kim Meyerhofer%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Kristina Stanger%2C Shawnna Sperber%2C Maria Gehling%2C Lisa Flynn%2E The team is coached by%2C from left%2C Pat Aldrich%2C John Lemanski%2C Ray Sperber%2E%09%09%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4132 = ""; var BylineEmail_4132 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4132 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4132 = "400"; var Filename_4133 = "906%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4133 = "Stewie 14 Blue JO Volleyball %2D Sizzler Tourney"; var Caption_4133 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewie 14 Blue JO volleyball team captured first place at the Stewie Sizzler Tournament on March 1%2E Team members include%2C kneeling from left%2C Danielle DeGeus%2C Liz Waugh%2C Sarah Schrandt%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Katelyn Hanf%2C Brianna Behrens%2C Shauna Groski%2C Katie Bauman%2C Katie Doty%2C coach Julie Rainey%2E%0D%0A%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4133 = ""; var BylineEmail_4133 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4133 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4133 = "400"; var Filename_4134 = "904%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4134 = "14 Blue JO volleyball team"; var Caption_4134 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewie 14 Blue JO volleyball team captured first place at the Eastview Tournament on March 15%2E Team members include%3A front three%2C from left%2C Shauna Groski%2C Liz Waugh%2C Danielle DeGeus%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Brianna Behrens%2C Katie Bauman%2C Sarah Schrandt%2C Katelyn Hanf%2C Katie Doty%2C coach John%0D%0ADzubay%2E %09%09%09%09%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4134 = ""; var BylineEmail_4134 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4134 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4134 = "400"; var Filename_4135 = "900%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4135 = "Orte vs LAC"; var Caption_4135 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EMike Orte eludes a Lancer block with the scoop and the hoop for two of his six points%2E%09%09%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4135 = "Bill Schroeder"; var BylineEmail_4135 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4135 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4135 = "400"; var Filename_4136 = "899%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4136 = "Nosbisch vs LAC"; var Caption_4136 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ESteve Nosbisch skies high underneath the hoop for two of his 10 points against La Crescent%2E %09%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4136 = "Bill Schroeder"; var BylineEmail_4136 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4136 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4136 = "400"; var Filename_4137 = "898%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4137 = "Fritsch vs LAC"; var Caption_4137 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EDavid Fritsch tries for two of his 10 points against La Crescent%2E%09%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4137 = "Bill Schroeder"; var BylineEmail_4137 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4137 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4137 = "400"; var Filename_4138 = "897%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4138 = "King vs LAC"; var Caption_4138 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EBrandon King aggressively drives the lane and eyes an open teammate for a quick dish off%2E %09%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4138 = "Bill Schroeder"; var BylineEmail_4138 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4138 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4138 = "400"; var Filename_4139 = "896%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4139 = "English vs LAC"; var Caption_4139 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ECraig English uses his speed to blow by the Lancer defense from the wing%2E%09%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4139 = "Bill Schroeder"; var BylineEmail_4139 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4139 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4139 = "400"; var Filename_4140 = "895%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4140 = "Orte vs DE 3%2D15"; var Caption_4140 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EMike Orte floats trough the lane for a layup against DE%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4140 = ""; var BylineEmail_4140 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4140 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4140 = "400"; var Filename_4141 = "891%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4141 = "Subsection trophy"; var Caption_4141 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville varsity boys basketball team captured the West 1AA Subsection championship with a 62%2D51 victory over Dover%2DEyota on March 15 at the Mayo Civic Auditorium%2E Tiger team members with their first place medals and team trophy include%2C kneeling%2C from left%2C David Fritsch%2C Craig English%2C Matt Smith%2C Derek Robey%2C Mike Orte%2C Rob Vaupel%2C Tyler Rogers%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Coach Tony Tuseth%2C Will Fredricksen%2C Ben Harris%2C Tom Gisler%2C Steve Nosbisch%2C Nate Askelson%2C John Gisler%2C Brandon King%2C Chad Harris%2C assistant coach Tom Brown%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4141 = ""; var BylineEmail_4141 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4141 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4141 = "400"; var Filename_4142 = "886%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4142 = "Robey vs Kingsland 3%2D11"; var Caption_4142 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EDerek Robey drives the lane with the scoop and the hoop during Stewie%92s 76%2D53 win over Kingsland%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4142 = ""; var BylineEmail_4142 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4142 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4142 = "400"; var Filename_4143 = "885%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4143 = "Robey vs DE 3%2D15"; var Caption_4143 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EDerek Robey collects a leaning layup against D%2DE%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4143 = ""; var BylineEmail_4143 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4143 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4143 = "400"; var Filename_4144 = "884%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4144 = "Orte vs Kingsland 3%2D11"; var Caption_4144 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EMike Orte beats a Kingsland defender and eyes the bucket for a layup%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4144 = ""; var BylineEmail_4144 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4144 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4144 = "400"; var Filename_4145 = "882%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4145 = "Nosbisch vs Kingsland 3%2D15"; var Caption_4145 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ESteve Nosbisch splits Kingsland defenders and collects the hoop and the hack%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4145 = ""; var BylineEmail_4145 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4145 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4145 = "400"; var Filename_4146 = "881%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4146 = "Nosbisch vs DE 3%2D15"; var Caption_4146 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ESteve Nosbisch cleans the glass against Dover%2DEyota%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4146 = ""; var BylineEmail_4146 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4146 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4146 = "400"; var Filename_4147 = "880%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4147 = "King vs Kingsland 3%2D11"; var Caption_4147 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EBrandon King dishes baseline driving from the wing%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4147 = ""; var BylineEmail_4147 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4147 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4147 = "400"; var Filename_4148 = "878%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4148 = "Gisler vs Kingsland 3%2D11"; var Caption_4148 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETom Gisler takes it to the hole with this floating layin%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4148 = ""; var BylineEmail_4148 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4148 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4148 = "400"; var Filename_4149 = "877%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4149 = "Gisler vs DE 3%2D15"; var Caption_4149 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETom Gisler puts touch on this eight%2Dfoot baby hook during the subsection title game%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4149 = ""; var BylineEmail_4149 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4149 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4149 = "400"; var Filename_4150 = "876%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4150 = "Fritsch vs Kingsland 3%2D11"; var Caption_4150 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EDavid Fritsch with the scoop and hoop against Kingsland%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4150 = ""; var BylineEmail_4150 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4150 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4150 = "400"; var Filename_4151 = "875%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4151 = "Fritsch vs DE 3%2D15"; var Caption_4151 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EDavid Fritsch slips between Dover%2DEyota defenders for two of his 13 points in the title game%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4151 = ""; var BylineEmail_4151 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4151 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4151 = "400"; var Filename_4152 = "874%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4152 = "English vs Kingsland 3%2D11"; var Caption_4152 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ECraig English draws a foul driving for two of his 12 points against Kingsland%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4152 = ""; var BylineEmail_4152 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4152 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4152 = "400"; var Filename_4153 = "873%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4153 = "Casey Swanton reversal at Stewie"; var Caption_4153 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ECasey Swanton tips and scoots to score a reversal during the NYWA regional qualifier at Stewartville on March 15%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4153 = ""; var BylineEmail_4153 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4153 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4153 = "400"; var Filename_4154 = "868%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4154 = "Herman pins at Stewie"; var Caption_4154 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EBailey Herman pins his opponent during his second match at the NYWA regional qualifier at Stewartville on March 15%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4154 = ""; var BylineEmail_4154 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4154 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4154 = "400"; var Filename_4155 = "865%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4155 = "Stewie 15 blue JO vball"; var Caption_4155 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewie 15 Blue JOs volleyball team captured first place in the silver division of the Stewie Sizzler tournament on March 2%2E Team members are%2C kneeling%2C from left%2C Kayla Thompson%2DWooner%2C Katie Tweite%2C Kristina Stanger%2C Allie Udenberg%2C Jessica Zent%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Coach Pat Sobotta%2C Sam Jezeski%2C Rachel Beaver%2C Kayla Lutteke%2C Kaylie Anderson%2C Ashley Vance%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4155 = ""; var BylineEmail_4155 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4155 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4155 = "400"; var Filename_4156 = "862%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4156 = "Robey%2D1st playoff"; var Caption_4156 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger Derek Robey eyes a seam while breaking baseline between two Cougar defenders%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4156 = ""; var BylineEmail_4156 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4156 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4156 = "400"; var Filename_4157 = "861%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4157 = "Nosbisch%2D1st playoff"; var Caption_4157 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger Steve Nosbisch fights off a Cougar shoving foul with this strong leaning layin%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4157 = ""; var BylineEmail_4157 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4157 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4157 = "400"; var Filename_4158 = "860%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4158 = "JV champs"; var Caption_4158 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville JV wrestling team recently captured the HVL junior varsity conference championship%2C scoring 247 team points and distancing itself from second place Zumbrota%2DMazeppa with 222 points and the rest of the 12%2Dteam field%2E The championship is the Tigers%92 fifth title in the last 10 years and Stewie has not finished lower than second place since 1999%2E Tiger team members include%3A Mike Malone at 93 pounds%2C Tanner Johnson at 93%2C Brett Stolarzyk at 98%2C Zach Jaeger at 103%2C Austin Rosenblad at 112%2C Keith Idso at 119%2C Peter Elton at 125%2C Alex Svoboda at 130%2C Rodney Smith at 135%2C Cody Buchanan at 140%2C Jeff Smith at 145%2C Jeremy Hauger at 152%2C Mike Goeldi at 160%2C Justin Haase at 171%2C Jake Kuisle at 189%2C Tim Twohey at 215%2C James Kellner at 215 and Richard Skis at 285%2E The Tigers are coached by Dale Schmitz%2C Nate Kuisle%2C Cory Schmitz%2C Mike Schmitz and Heath Bakken%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4158 = ""; var BylineEmail_4158 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4158 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4158 = "400"; var Filename_4159 = "859%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4159 = "Matmen Senior team"; var Caption_4159 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville youth wrestling team captured first place at the Calmer%2C Iowa team tournament on March 1%2E Stewartville senior team members include%2C in random order%2C Cole Promley%2C Jack Swanton%2C Bailey Herman%2C Casey Swanton%2C Jamie Gehling%2C Zach Jaeger%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4159 = ""; var BylineEmail_4159 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4159 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4159 = "400"; var Filename_4160 = "858%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4160 = "Matmen Junior team"; var Caption_4160 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville youth wrestling team captured first place at the Calmer%2C Iowa team tournament on March 1%2E Stewartville junior team members %28above%29 include%2C in random order%2C Jack Swanton%2C Adam Gehling%2C Casey Swanton%2C Colton Miller%2C Conner Stenberg%2C Bailey Herman%2C Tanner Prohaska%2C David Hurley%2C Erik Sistad%2C Brody Herman%2C Tyler Nagel%2C Carter Stenberg%2C Brody Olson%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4160 = ""; var BylineEmail_4160 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4160 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4160 = "400"; var Filename_4161 = "857%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4161 = "King2%2D1st playoff"; var Caption_4161 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger Brandon King goes strong to the hole during Stewie%27s state playoff win on March 8%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4161 = ""; var BylineEmail_4161 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4161 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4161 = "400"; var Filename_4162 = "856%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4162 = "King1%2D1st playoff"; var Caption_4162 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger Brandon King floats through the lane for a one%2Dhanded layin%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4162 = ""; var BylineEmail_4162 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4162 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4162 = "400"; var Filename_4163 = "852%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4163 = "Gisler%2D1st playoff"; var Caption_4163 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger Tom Gisler skies high over the Cougar defenders to drop in two of his game%2Dhigh 18 points during Stewartville%92s 57%2D39 victory over Zumbrota in the first round of the West 1AA Subsection state playoffs%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4163 = ""; var BylineEmail_4163 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4163 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4163 = "400"; var Filename_4164 = "851%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4164 = "Fritsch2%2D1st playoff"; var Caption_4164 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger David Fritsch slips past a Cougar defender in the lane for an easy bucket%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4164 = ""; var BylineEmail_4164 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4164 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4164 = "400"; var Filename_4165 = "850%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4165 = "Fritsch1%2D1st playoff"; var Caption_4165 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger David Fritsch collects two of his 13 points with an easy layup%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4165 = ""; var BylineEmail_4165 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4165 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4165 = "400"; var Filename_4166 = "849%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4166 = "English%2D1st playoff"; var Caption_4166 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger Craig English pops a quick jumper from beyond the arc%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4166 = ""; var BylineEmail_4166 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4166 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4166 = "400"; var Filename_4167 = "833%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4167 = "Robey baseline vs PI"; var Caption_4167 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger Derek Robey beats a Panther defender driving baseline and eyes an open teammate inside%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4167 = ""; var BylineEmail_4167 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4167 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4167 = "400"; var Filename_4168 = "832%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4168 = "Orte dish vs PI"; var Caption_4168 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger guard Mike Orte drives baseline and dishes inside to a teammate%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4168 = ""; var BylineEmail_4168 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4168 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4168 = "400"; var Filename_4169 = "826%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4169 = "Gisler from wing vs PI"; var Caption_4169 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger Tom Gisler cuts hard from the wing against a Pine Island defender%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4169 = ""; var BylineEmail_4169 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4169 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4169 = "400"; var Filename_4170 = "825%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4170 = "English dish vs PI"; var Caption_4170 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger Craig English draws a crowd driving the paint and dishes to an open teammate%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4170 = ""; var BylineEmail_4170 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4170 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4170 = "400"; var Filename_4171 = "824%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4171 = "Babcock sits out at state"; var Caption_4171 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EBruce Babcock sits and scoots for an escape during his 3%2D2 victory in four overtimes in the championship quarterfinals at state%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4171 = ""; var BylineEmail_4171 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4171 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4171 = "400"; var Filename_4172 = "823%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4172 = "Babcock circles at state"; var Caption_4172 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EBruce Babcock can%92t quite circle fast enough for a two%2Dpoint reversal during his 3%2D2 victory in four overtimes in the championship quarterfinals at state%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4172 = ""; var BylineEmail_4172 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4172 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4172 = "400"; var Filename_4173 = "822%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4173 = "Babcock celebrates at state"; var Caption_4173 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EBruce Babcock celebrates his 3%2D2 victory in four overtimes during the state quarterfinals%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4173 = ""; var BylineEmail_4173 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4173 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4173 = "400"; var Filename_4174 = "821%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4174 = "8th grade girls bball"; var Caption_4174 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville eighth%2Dgrade girls basketball team finished its perfect undefeated 26%2D0 season with a victory over Rochester Lourdes%2DSt%2E Francis on Feb%2E 15%2E Team members are%2C in front%2C Katie Askelson %28left%29%2C Brianna Behrens%2E Kneeling%2C from left%2C Amy Reinhardt%2C Jackie Betcher%2C Nicole Amos%2C Rosilyn Steinkamp%2C Stephanie Jorde%2E Standing from left%2C Katelyn Hanf%2C Sarah Schrandt%2C Shannon Curtis%2C Katie Bauman%2C Coach Gerads%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4174 = ""; var BylineEmail_4174 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4174 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4174 = "400"; var Filename_4175 = "820%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4175 = "4th grade boys bball"; var Caption_4175 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville fourth%2Dgrade boys traveling basketball team captured second place at the 12%2Dteam Hayfield Tournament on Feb%2E 23%2E Team members include%2C kneeling from left%2C Lucas Scruggs%2C Cody Bakken%2C Max Runkle%2C Luke Schmidt%2C Moses Hettinger%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Coach Todd Ellerbusch%2C Garret Nosbisch%2C Lucas Ellerbusch%2C Jordan Johnson%2C Dylan Stofferahn%2C Chye Stecher%2C Coach Kent Johnson%2C Coach Mark Hettinger%2E Team members not pictured%2C Sam Woods and Justin Kime%2E The team also captured third place at the Red Wing Tournament on Feb%2E 16%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4175 = ""; var BylineEmail_4175 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4175 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4175 = "400"; var Filename_4176 = "815%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4176 = "Nelson reverse at sections"; var Caption_4176 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger 119%2Dpounder Eric Nelson sits out for a reversal in his first round at sections%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4176 = ""; var BylineEmail_4176 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4176 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4176 = "400"; var Filename_4177 = "816%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4177 = "Nosbisch award vs KW"; var Caption_4177 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger Steve Nosbisch was nominated as a McDonald%92s High School All%2DAmerican candidate by McDonald%92s reps before Stewie%92s 44%2D20 HVL win over Kenyon%2DWanamingo%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4177 = ""; var BylineEmail_4177 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4177 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4177 = "400"; var Filename_4178 = "813%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4178 = "Nelson arm bar at sections"; var Caption_4178 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger 119%2Dpounder Eric Nelson turns his section opponent with an arm bar%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4178 = ""; var BylineEmail_4178 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4178 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4178 = "400"; var Filename_4179 = "812%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4179 = "King floater vs KW"; var Caption_4179 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger Brandon King skies high%2C scoring on this jumper as he floats down the lane%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4179 = ""; var BylineEmail_4179 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4179 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4179 = "400"; var Filename_4180 = "811%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4180 = "Goeldi turns at sections"; var Caption_4180 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger 145%2Dpounder Nate Goeldi circles for a cradle at sections%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4180 = ""; var BylineEmail_4180 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4180 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4180 = "400"; var Filename_4181 = "810%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4181 = "Fritsch rebounds vs KW"; var Caption_4181 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger David Fritsch fight underneath for a rebound against KW%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4181 = ""; var BylineEmail_4181 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4181 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4181 = "400"; var Filename_4182 = "809%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4182 = "Fritsch vs KW"; var Caption_4182 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger Daivid Fritsch hits on a fade away jumper against Kenyon%2DWanamingo%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4182 = ""; var BylineEmail_4182 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4182 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4182 = "400"; var Filename_4183 = "798%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4183 = "Carter pins LC at sections"; var Caption_4183 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger Shane Carter cranks the shoulder of his 189%2Dpound opponent to the mat seconds before pinning him in the first round of the Class AA%2C Section 1 championships on Feb%2E 22%2D23%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4183 = ""; var BylineEmail_4183 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4183 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4183 = "400"; var Filename_4184 = "797%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4184 = "Bryce takedown vs CF at Sections"; var Caption_4184 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger Bryce Struckmann scores a takedown against his 135%2Dpound Cannon Falls foe and went on to record a fall in the first round at sections%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4184 = ""; var BylineEmail_4184 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4184 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4184 = "400"; var Filename_4185 = "796%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4185 = "Bryce vs CF at Sections"; var Caption_4185 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger 135%2Dpounder Bryce Struckmann reaches for the far arm to bar up his section oppoonent%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4185 = ""; var BylineEmail_4185 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4185 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4185 = "400"; var Filename_4186 = "794%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4186 = "8th grade girls bball"; var Caption_4186 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville eighth%2Dgrade girls basketball team finished its season on Feb%2E 15 by beating an undefeated Rochester Lourdes %2D St%2E Francis team%2E Tiger team members are%2C in front%2C Katie Askelson %28left%29 and Brianna Behrens%2E Kneeling%2C from left%2C Amy Reinhardt%2C Jackie Betcher%2C Nicole Amos%2C Rosilyn Steinkamp%2C Stephanie Jorde%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Katelyn Hanf%2C Sarah Schrandt%2C Shannon Curtis%2C Katie Bauman%2C Coach Gerads%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4186 = ""; var BylineEmail_4186 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4186 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4186 = "400"; var Filename_4187 = "793%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4187 = "7th grade girls bball"; var Caption_4187 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville seventh%2Dgrade girls traveling basketball team captured first place at the Albert Lea Tournament on Feb%2E 16%2E Seated from left%2C Gloria Mueller%2C Ashlyn Elliott%2C Kaitlyn Bentley%2C Molly Lynch%2C Paige Tapp%2E Kneeling%2C from left%2C Natalie Howell%2C Jen Speers%2C Liz Norman%2C Emily Ahart%2C Blair Honsey%2C Josie Hale%2E Standing%2C from left%2C coach Jim Elliott%2C Hannah Tapp%2C coaches Tracy Tapp and Sean Hale%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4187 = ""; var BylineEmail_4187 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4187 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4187 = "400"; var Filename_4188 = "792%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4188 = "6th grade boys bball"; var Caption_4188 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville sixth%2Dgrade boys basketball team captured second place at the Southland tournament on Feb%2E 16%2E Team members are%2C kneeling%2C from left%2C Tyler Hickman%2C Jeremiah Iverson%2C Jason Danielson%2C Justin Zabinski%2C Conner Paulson%2C Shane Uptagrafft%2E Standing from left%2C coach John Hickman%2C Ryan Quandt%2C Alex Sperber%2C Dain Bauman%2C Cody Stanger%2C Noah Johnson%2C coach Joe Bauman%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4188 = ""; var BylineEmail_4188 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4188 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4188 = "400"; var Filename_4189 = "783%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4189 = "Senior nite gymnasts"; var Caption_4189 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EMarie Sheely %28left%29 and Jackie DeGeus were honored on Senior Night in Stewartville on Jan%2E 11%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4189 = ""; var BylineEmail_4189 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4189 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4189 = "400"; var Filename_4190 = "782%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4190 = "Haack eyes hoop vs KM"; var Caption_4190 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger Rio Haack eyes the basket as she beats three Kasson defenders for two of her game%2Dhigh 17 points in Stewie%92s 57%2D38 win hosting the KoMets%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4190 = ""; var BylineEmail_4190 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4190 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4190 = "400"; var Filename_4191 = "781%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4191 = "Haack drives vs KM"; var Caption_4191 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger Rio Haack drives from the wing for two of her game%2Dhigh 17 points against Kasson%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4191 = ""; var BylineEmail_4191 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4191 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4191 = "400"; var Filename_4192 = "780%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4192 = "Rainey baseline vs KM"; var Caption_4192 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger Julie Rainey draws the hip foul driving baseline against a Kasson defender%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4192 = ""; var BylineEmail_4192 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4192 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4192 = "400"; var Filename_4193 = "779%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4193 = "Marie on vault vs LAC"; var Caption_4193 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger Marie Sheely vaults a full off against the Lancers%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4193 = ""; var BylineEmail_4193 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4193 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4193 = "400"; var Filename_4194 = "778%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4194 = "Karyn on vault vs LAC"; var Caption_4194 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger Karyn Christian springs into a full off during her vault routine against La Crescent%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4194 = ""; var BylineEmail_4194 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4194 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4194 = "400"; var Filename_4195 = "777%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4195 = "Karyn on beam2 vs LAC"; var Caption_4195 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger Karyn Christian executes a side scale on the beam against La Crescent%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4195 = ""; var BylineEmail_4195 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4195 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4195 = "400"; var Filename_4196 = "776%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4196 = "Karyn beam1 vs LAC"; var Caption_4196 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger Karyn Christian holds a pike during her routine on the beam versus La Crescent%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4196 = ""; var BylineEmail_4196 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4196 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4196 = "400"; var Filename_4197 = "771%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4197 = "Ally on beam vs LAC"; var Caption_4197 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger Ally Prochaska executes the splits during her beam routine against La Crescent%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4197 = ""; var BylineEmail_4197 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4197 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4197 = "400"; var Filename_4198 = "770%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4198 = "Ally on bars vs LAC"; var Caption_4198 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger Ally Prochaska swings into a kip during her uneven bars routine%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4198 = ""; var BylineEmail_4198 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4198 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4198 = "400"; var Filename_4199 = "769%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4199 = "8th grade girls bball"; var Caption_4199 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville eighth grade girls traveling basketball team captured second place honors at the Owatonna tournament on Feb%2E 9%2D10%2E The Tigers beat Big Lake 52%2D39 and Shakopee 40%2D18 before falling to Red Wing 40%2D37 in the championship game%2E Team members include%2C kneeling%2C from left%2C Amy Reinhardt%2C Jackie Betcher%2C Liz Waugh%2C Steph Jorde%2E Standing%2C from left%2C coach Cheri Stageberg%2C Katie Bauman%2C Shannon Curtis%2C Katelyn Hanf%2C Sarah Schrandt%2C Nicole Amos%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4199 = ""; var BylineEmail_4199 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4199 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4199 = "400"; var Filename_4200 = "768%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4200 = "6th grade boys bball"; var Caption_4200 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville sixth grade boys traveling basketball team captured second place at the Owatonna Tournament on Jan%2E 26%2D27%2E Stewie beat Lourdes 31%2D18%2C Albert Lea 53%2D41 and lost the championship game to Lakeville 31%2D28%2E Team members include%2C kneeling%2C from left%2C Michael Stageberg%2C Connor Paulson%2C Alex Sperber%2C Jason Danielson%2C Shane Uptagrafft%2E Standing%2C from left%2C coach Joe Bauman%2C Dain Bauman%2C Noah Johnson%2C Cody Stanger%2C Jordan Lemanski%2C Tyler Hickman%2C coach Cheri Stageberg%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4200 = ""; var BylineEmail_4200 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4200 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4200 = "400"; var Filename_4201 = "761%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4201 = "Sperber scores vs Byron"; var Caption_4201 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger Shawna Sperber collects the hoop and the harm for a three%2Dpoint play the old way%2C during Stewie%92s loss to Byron last week%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4201 = ""; var BylineEmail_4201 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4201 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4201 = "400"; var Filename_4202 = "760%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4202 = "Twohey rebounds vs Byron"; var Caption_4202 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger Theresa Twohey battles for a loose ball rebound against Byron%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4202 = ""; var BylineEmail_4202 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4202 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4202 = "400"; var Filename_4203 = "757%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4203 = "Kukuzke eyes vs Byron"; var Caption_4203 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger Danielle Kukuzke beats Byron%92s Jill Storlie%2C driving hard inside to the basket%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4203 = ""; var BylineEmail_4203 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4203 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4203 = "400"; var Filename_4204 = "756%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4204 = "Haack jumper vs Byron"; var Caption_4204 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger Rio Haack is mobbed by Byron defenders in the land of the hands%2C attempting a short jumper during Stewie%92s loss%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4204 = ""; var BylineEmail_4204 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4204 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4204 = "400"; var Filename_4205 = "752%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4205 = "7th grade boys bball"; var Caption_4205 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville seventh grade boys basketball team captured the Stewartville Invite Championship on Feb%2E 8%2C defeating Kingsland 42%2D33%2C Cannon Falls 43%2D37 and Winona Cotter 42%2D29%2E Team members are%2C kneeling%2C from left%2C Jon Pyan%2C Luke Wilde%2C Reese Rinken%2C Sawyer Weiss%2C Ryan Larson%2E Middle row%2C from left%2C Nate Muller%2C Jacob Narveson%2C Zach Schwalbach%2C Matt Terhaar%2C Isaac Kidd%2E Back row%2C from left%2C coach Dan Simmons%2C Aaron Simmons%2C Will Gisler%2C Jack Howell%2C Erik Nosbisch%2C Jordan Lipkie%2C Matt Aldrich%2E Unavailable for photo%2C Justin Thompson and Dustin McHenry%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4205 = ""; var BylineEmail_4205 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4205 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4205 = "400"; var Filename_4206 = "751%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4206 = "5th grade vball"; var Caption_4206 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville 12%2D2 volleyball team claimed third place at the National Volleyball Center%2C Rochester tournament on Feb%2E 3%2E Team members include%2C seated%2C from left%2C Lauren Mikel%2C Taylor DeGeus%2C Kaylee Muller%2C Brianna Henderson%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Olivia Oelke%2C Jackie Bleifus%2C Marissa Behrens%2C Caitlyn Hughes%2C Meghan Schmitz%2E Not available for photo%2C Jena O%27Byrne%2E The%0D%0Ateam is coached by Mike DeGeus%2C Christine Hughes and Matt Behrens%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4206 = ""; var BylineEmail_4206 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4206 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4206 = "400"; var Filename_4207 = "750%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4207 = "5th grade girls bball"; var Caption_4207 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville fifth grade girls traveling basketball team captured second place by virtue of the tiebreaker at the Albert Lea Tournament on Feb 2%2E The Tigers posted victories over Northfield%2C Glenville and Albert Lea%2E Team members include%2C Kelsey Henderson %28front%29%2E Kneeling%2C from left%2C Matt Muller%2C Carly Wilde%2C Kaylee Muller%2C Gabrielle Dale%2C Jackie Bleifus%2C Abby Sistad%2C Cayden Hughes%2E Standing%2C from left%2C coach Lisa Muller%2C coach Matt Behrens%2C Marissa Behrens%2C Caitlyn Hughes%2C Meghan Schmitz%2C Katie Preszler%2C Megan Howell%2C Jena O%27Byrne%2C coach Curt Hughes%2C coach Kathy Henderson%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4207 = ""; var BylineEmail_4207 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4207 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4207 = "400"; var Filename_4208 = "749%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4208 = "4th grade boys bball"; var Caption_4208 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville fourth grade boys traveling basketball team captured second place at the Kingsland%27s tournament on Jan%2E 26%2E Team members are%2C kneeling%2C from left%2C Sam Woods%2C Justin Kime%2C Luke Schmidt%2C Max Runkle%2C Cody Bakken%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Garret Nosbisch%2C Lucas Ellerbusch%2C Daniel Hardin%2C Jordan Johnson%2C Chye Stecher%2E Coaches are Todd Ellerbusch %28left%29 and Kent Johnson%2E Unavailable for photo was Moses Hettinger%2C Lucas Scruggs and Dylan Stofferahn%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4208 = ""; var BylineEmail_4208 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4208 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4208 = "400"; var Filename_4209 = "741%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4209 = "Sheely on vault vs PI"; var Caption_4209 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EMarie Sheely finishes a full off during her vault routine%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4209 = ""; var BylineEmail_4209 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4209 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4209 = "400"; var Filename_4210 = "740%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4210 = "Sheely on beam vs PI"; var Caption_4210 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EMarie Sheely executes a back walkover on the beam against PI%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4210 = ""; var BylineEmail_4210 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4210 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4210 = "400"; var Filename_4211 = "738%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4211 = "Prochaska on bars vs PI"; var Caption_4211 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EAlly Prochaska executes an uprise on the bars against Pine Island%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4211 = ""; var BylineEmail_4211 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4211 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4211 = "400"; var Filename_4212 = "736%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4212 = "Lecy turns vs Goodhue"; var Caption_4212 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ENate Lecy turns the shoulders of his Goodhue opponent to the mat prior to recording a fall at 5%3A56 of his 112%2Dpound match%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4212 = ""; var BylineEmail_4212 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4212 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4212 = "400"; var Filename_4213 = "735%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4213 = "Kuisle reverse vs Goodhue"; var Caption_4213 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EJerrod Kuisle powers for a reversal in the waning seconds of his 275%2Dpound bout for a 5%2D4 decision%2C lifting the Tigers to a 36%2D33 upset over Goodhue%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4213 = ""; var BylineEmail_4213 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4213 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4213 = "400"; var Filename_4214 = "733%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4214 = "Hermans pins vs Goodhue"; var Caption_4214 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EConnor Hermans pins this 140%2Dpound Wildcat during Stewie%92s 36%2D33 upset win over Goodhue%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4214 = ""; var BylineEmail_4214 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4214 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4214 = "400"; var Filename_4215 = "732%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4215 = "DeGeus on vault vs PI"; var Caption_4215 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EJackie DeGeus executes a Yamashita on the vault against PI%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4215 = ""; var BylineEmail_4215 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4215 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4215 = "400"; var Filename_4216 = "731%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4216 = "Christian on vault vs PI"; var Caption_4216 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EKaryn Christian executes a half%2Don%2C half%2Doff on the vault against Pine Island%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4216 = ""; var BylineEmail_4216 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4216 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4216 = "400"; var Filename_4217 = "730%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4217 = "Christian on bars vs PI"; var Caption_4217 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EKaryn Christian executes a kip on the top bar during her routine on the uneven bars%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4217 = ""; var BylineEmail_4217 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4217 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4217 = "400"; var Filename_4218 = "724%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4218 = "9th grade JO volleyball"; var Caption_4218 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville ninth grade JO volleyball team captured second place in the Division 2 Pool at the Frostbite Tournament held in Rochester on Jan%2E 19%2D20%2E Team members are%2C kneeling%2C from left%2C Kayla Lutteke%2C Katie Tweite%2C Jessica Zent%2C Kristina Stanger%2C Kaylie Anderson%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Sammie Ristow%2C Coach Pat Sobotta%2C Allie Udenberg%2C Rachel Beaver%2C Sam Jezeski%2C Ashley Vance%2C asst%2E coach Meagan Beaver%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4218 = ""; var BylineEmail_4218 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4218 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4218 = "400"; var Filename_4219 = "723%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4219 = "8th grade girls bball"; var Caption_4219 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville eighth grade girls basketball team captured championship honors at the Stewartville tournament on Jan%2E 19%2E The Tigers beat Hayfield 34%2D14%2C Lanesboro 37%2D14%2C Winona Cotter 33%2D26 and beat Goodhue 25%2D21 in the championship game%2E Tiger team members are%2C kneeling%2C from left%2C Jackie Betcher%2C Katie Bauman%2C Sarah Schrandt%2C Steph Jorde%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Nicole Amos%2C Katelyn Hanf%2C Shannon Curtis%2C Amy Reinhardt%2C Roz Steinkamp%2C Bri Behrens%2C Coach Tara Gerads%2E Unavailable for photo was Katelyn Askelson%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4219 = ""; var BylineEmail_4219 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4219 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4219 = "400"; var Filename_4220 = "722%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4220 = "7th grade boys bball"; var Caption_4220 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville seventh grade boys traveling basketball team captured third place at the Owatonna tournament on Jan%2E 26%2D27%2E The Tigers defeated Owatonna 45%2D36 in the first round%2C lost to PEM 53%2D52 in the semifinals and topped Rochester Lourdes 49%2D47%2E Tiger team member are%2C kneeling%2C from left%2C Ryan Larson%2C Jon Pyan%2C Zach Schwalbach%2C Justin Thompson%2C Reese Rinken%2E Standing%2C from left%2C coach Dan Pyan%2C Nate Muller%2C Will Gisler%2C Jack Howell%2C Matt Aldrich%2C Aaron Simmons%2C coach Jeff Schwalbach%2E Unavailable for photo%2C Jacob Narveson and Luke Wilde%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4220 = ""; var BylineEmail_4220 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4220 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4220 = "400"; var Filename_4221 = "720%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4221 = "Sperber layin against Lourdes"; var Caption_4221 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger Shawna Sperber eyes it%2C drives it and buys it on this layin%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4221 = ""; var BylineEmail_4221 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4221 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4221 = "400"; var Filename_4222 = "718%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4222 = "Kukuzke shoots vs Lourdes"; var Caption_4222 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger Danielle Kukuzke adjusts her jumper away from the defender%92s block attempt%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4222 = ""; var BylineEmail_4222 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4222 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4222 = "400"; var Filename_4223 = "717%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4223 = "Hogan rebounds vs Lourdes"; var Caption_4223 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger Andrea Hogan hauls in a rebound%2C battling under the boards against Lourdes%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4223 = ""; var BylineEmail_4223 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4223 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4223 = "400"; var Filename_4224 = "715%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4224 = "Christian on beam vs WK"; var Caption_4224 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger Karyn Christian performs on the beam against Wabasha%2DKellogg%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4224 = ""; var BylineEmail_4224 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4224 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4224 = "400"; var Filename_4225 = "712%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4225 = "8th grade bball champs"; var Caption_4225 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville eighth grade girls basketball team captured championship honors at the Stewartville tournment on Jan%2E 19%2E The Tigers beat Hayfield 34%2D14%2C Lanesboro 37%2D14%2C Winona Cotter 33%2D26 and beat Goodhue 25%2D21 in the championship game%2E Tiger team members are%2C kneeling%2C from left%2C Jackie Betcher%2C Katie Bauman%2C Sarah Schrandt%2C Steph Jorde%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Nicole Amos%2C Katelyn Hanf%2C Shannon Curtis%2C Amy Reinhardt%2C Roz Steinkamp%2C Bri Behrens%2C Coach Tara Gerads%2E Unavailable for photo was Katelyn Askelson%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4225 = ""; var BylineEmail_4225 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4225 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4225 = "400"; var Filename_4226 = "699%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4226 = "B Stolarzyk vs KM"; var Caption_4226 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger 103%2Dpounder Brett Stolarzyk rocks back and lifts the head of his KoMet foe%2C collecting back points%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4226 = ""; var BylineEmail_4226 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4226 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4226 = "400"; var Filename_4227 = "698%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4227 = "D Stolarzyk vs KM"; var Caption_4227 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger Danny Stolarzyk squeezes for a pin at 1%3A06 of his 215%2Dpound bout%2E Stewie lost to Kasson 34%2D24 in HVL action on Jan%2E 17%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4227 = ""; var BylineEmail_4227 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4227 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4227 = "400"; var Filename_4228 = "697%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4228 = "Hermans vs KM"; var Caption_4228 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger Connor Hermans sits and scoots to score a reversal against his 140%2Dpound KoMet%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4228 = ""; var BylineEmail_4228 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4228 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4228 = "400"; var Filename_4229 = "696%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4229 = "Nosbisch vs Byron"; var Caption_4229 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger center Steve Nosbisch skies high in the land of the hands on a putback bucket against Byron%2E Nosbisch led Stewie scorers with 14 points%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4229 = ""; var BylineEmail_4229 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4229 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4229 = "400"; var Filename_4230 = "695%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4230 = "Robey vs Byron"; var Caption_4230 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger Derek Robey gets hammered on both forearms rebounding against Byron%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4230 = ""; var BylineEmail_4230 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4230 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4230 = "400"; var Filename_4231 = "694%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4231 = "Struckmann vs KM"; var Caption_4231 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger 135%2Dpounder Bryce Struckmann explodes from the bottom%2C scoring a reversal on his KoMet foe%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4231 = ""; var BylineEmail_4231 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4231 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4231 = "400"; var Filename_4232 = "688%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4232 = "Stolarzyk turns%2FStewie Invite"; var Caption_4232 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger 215%2Dpounder Danny Stolarzyk turns his ZM opponent before pinning him at the Stewie Invite%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4232 = ""; var BylineEmail_4232 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4232 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4232 = "400"; var Filename_4233 = "687%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4233 = "Stolarzyk pins%2FStewie Invite"; var Caption_4233 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger 215%2Dpounder Danny Stolarzyk turns the shoulders of his ZM opponent for a pin%2E Stolarzyk went on to win the 215%2Dpound weight class title at the Stewartville Invite%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4233 = ""; var BylineEmail_4233 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4233 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4233 = "400"; var Filename_4234 = "685%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4234 = "Simmons hoop shoot"; var Caption_4234 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EAaron Simmons%2C a seventh grader at Stewartville Middle School%2C claimed third place in the 12%2D13 age group at the 2008 Rochester Elks Hoop Shoot Contest%2E Simmons tied for second place%2C making 15 of 25 free throws%2C but was outshot by Luke Rogers of Lanesboro in the tiebreaker round%2EWinners included%2C from left%3A Luke Rogers%2C Lanesboro%2C second place%3B Cole Ruud%2C Lanesboro%2C first place%3B Aaron Simmons%2C Stewartville%2C third place%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4234 = ""; var BylineEmail_4234 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4234 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4234 = "400"; var Filename_4235 = "684%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4235 = "Rainey vs Hayfield2"; var Caption_4235 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger forward Julie Rainey fights through the Hayfield foul%2C breaking through the lane from the wing%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4235 = ""; var BylineEmail_4235 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4235 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4235 = "400"; var Filename_4236 = "683%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4236 = "Rainey vs Hayfield"; var Caption_4236 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger forward Julie Rainey shakes and bakes driving the lane against Hayfield%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4236 = ""; var BylineEmail_4236 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4236 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4236 = "400"; var Filename_4237 = "680%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4237 = "Oftedahl vs Hayfield"; var Caption_4237 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger forward Jill Oftedahl beats a Hayfield defender on a drive from the wing%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4237 = ""; var BylineEmail_4237 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4237 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4237 = "400"; var Filename_4238 = "679%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4238 = "Nosbisch vs Larks"; var Caption_4238 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger center Steve Nosbisch makes a quick aggressive move down the lane and beats a Grand Meadow defender for a bucket%2E Stewie beat the Larks 92%2D46 in nonconference action on Jan%2E 7%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4238 = ""; var BylineEmail_4238 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4238 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4238 = "400"; var Filename_4239 = "678%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4239 = "Gisler vs Larks"; var Caption_4239 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger forward Tom Gisler floats through the lane for a layin against Grand Meadow%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4239 = ""; var BylineEmail_4239 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4239 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4239 = "400"; var Filename_4240 = "677%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4240 = "Fritsch vs Larks"; var Caption_4240 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger guard David Fritsch drives baseline against Grand Meadow%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4240 = ""; var BylineEmail_4240 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4240 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4240 = "400"; var Filename_4241 = "676%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4241 = "English vs Larks"; var Caption_4241 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger point guard Craig English finishes a fastbreak with the hoop and the harm%2C being fouled by a Grand Meadow defender on the way to the hole%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4241 = ""; var BylineEmail_4241 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4241 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4241 = "400"; var Filename_4242 = "674%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4242 = "Carter controls%2FStewie Invite"; var Caption_4242 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger 189%2Dpounder Shane Carter controls from the top during action at the Stewie Invite%2E Carter captured first place in his weight class%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4242 = ""; var BylineEmail_4242 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4242 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4242 = "400"; var Filename_4243 = "673%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4243 = "Betcher hoops shoot"; var Caption_4243 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EPaul Betcher%2C 9%2C captured second place at the Rochester Elks Hoop Shoot contest on January 6%2E Winners included%2C from left%2C Paul Betcher%2C Stewartville%2C second place%3B Cole Schwichtenberg%2C Lanesboro%2C first place%3B Collin Scott%2C Lanesboro%2C third place%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4243 = ""; var BylineEmail_4243 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4243 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4243 = "400"; var Filename_4244 = "672%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4244 = "Babcock chin pin%2FStewie Invite"; var Caption_4244 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger 171%2Dpounder Bruce Babcock drives the shoulders of his Triton opponent to the mat%2C using his chin%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4244 = ""; var BylineEmail_4244 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4244 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4244 = "400"; var Filename_4245 = "671%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4245 = "Babcock pin%2FStewie Invite"; var Caption_4245 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger 171%2Dpounder Bruce Babcock collects back points on his Triton opponent at the Stewie Invite%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4245 = ""; var BylineEmail_4245 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4245 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4245 = "400"; var Filename_4246 = "670%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4246 = "8th grade ghoops champs"; var Caption_4246 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville eighth grade girls traveling basketball team captured the team championship at the MYAS Basketball tournament held January 5 at North St%2E Paul High School%2E Team members include%2C kneeling%2C from left%2C Sarah Schrandt%2C Steph Jorde%2C Liz Waugh%2C Jackie Betcher%2C Nicole Amos%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Coach Cheri Stageberg%2C Katie Bauman%2C Shannon Curtis%2C Amy Reinhardt%2C Katelyn Hanf%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4246 = ""; var BylineEmail_4246 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4246 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4246 = "400"; var Filename_4247 = "668%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4247 = "Orte vs LaCrescent"; var Caption_4247 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger guard Mike Orte keeps the ball away from a charging Lancer defender as he goes up to score on this breakaway bucket%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4247 = ""; var BylineEmail_4247 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4247 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4247 = "400"; var Filename_4248 = "667%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4248 = "Nosbisch vs LaCrescent2"; var Caption_4248 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger center Steve Nosbisch fakes down low and spins for a turn%2Daround jumper%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4248 = ""; var BylineEmail_4248 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4248 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4248 = "400"; var Filename_4249 = "666%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4249 = "Nosbisch vs LaCrescent1"; var Caption_4249 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger center Steve Nosbisch squeezes between two LaCrescent defenders for a bucket during Stewie%92s 66%2D61 triumph over the 10th%2Dranked Lancers%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4249 = ""; var BylineEmail_4249 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4249 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4249 = "400"; var Filename_4250 = "660%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4250 = "King vs LaCrescent"; var Caption_4250 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger forward Brandon King eyes the hoop as he drives from the wing for a bucket%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4250 = ""; var BylineEmail_4250 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4250 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4250 = "400"; var Filename_4251 = "658%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4251 = "Gisler vs LaCrescent"; var Caption_4251 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger power forward Tom Gisler %28above%29 rips down a rebound with authority and hips his way underneath for a bucket%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4251 = ""; var BylineEmail_4251 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4251 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4251 = "400"; var Filename_4252 = "657%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4252 = "Sperber vs Cotter"; var Caption_4252 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger point guard Shawna Sperber splits a pair of Cotter defenders%2C driving the lane%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4252 = ""; var BylineEmail_4252 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4252 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4252 = "400"; var Filename_4253 = "655%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4253 = "Oftedahl vs Cotter"; var Caption_4253 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger forward Jill Oftedahl beats the Cotter defense%2C dashing from the wing%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4253 = ""; var BylineEmail_4253 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4253 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4253 = "400"; var Filename_4254 = "654%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4254 = "Norman vs Cotter3"; var Caption_4254 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger guard Kelly Norman eyes the hoop as she cuts through the lane%2C splitting three Cotter defenders for a bucket during Stewie%92s 75%2D38 HVL loss%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4254 = ""; var BylineEmail_4254 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4254 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4254 = "400"; var Filename_4255 = "653%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4255 = "Norman vs Cotter2"; var Caption_4255 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger Kelly Norman gets under a Cotter block attempt for a layin%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4255 = ""; var BylineEmail_4255 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4255 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4255 = "400"; var Filename_4256 = "652%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4256 = "Norman vs Cotter1"; var Caption_4256 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EKelly Norman pops a quick jumper against Cotter%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4256 = ""; var BylineEmail_4256 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4256 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4256 = "400"; var Filename_4257 = "651%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4257 = "Kenzie vs Cotter"; var Caption_4257 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger forward Kenzie Petersen leans in the lane for a layin against Cotter%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4257 = ""; var BylineEmail_4257 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4257 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4257 = "400"; var Filename_4258 = "648%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4258 = "Bonner hoop shoot winners"; var Caption_4258 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EGOOD SHOOTERS %2D%2D Winners of the annual Elks Club Hoop Shoot at Bonner Elementary School include%2C front row%2C from left%2C Laura Eberle%2C who made seven baskets and won first place in the girls division in a tiebreaker%2C and Charlie Bleifus%2C who also made seven baskets and placed second%2E Back row%2C from left%2C Jordan Peter%2C who placed second in the boys division with 17 baskets%2C and Paul Betcher%2C who placed first with 18 baskets%2E All the students are 9%2Dyear%2Dold third%2Dgraders%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4258 = ""; var BylineEmail_4258 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4258 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4258 = "400"; var Filename_4259 = "647%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4259 = "SMS hoop shoot winners"; var Caption_4259 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ENOTHING BUT NET %2D%2D Winners of the annual Elks Club Hoop Shoot at Stewartville Middle include%2C front row%2C from left%2C Alex Sperber%2C first place%2C 12 %2D and 13%2Dyear%2Dold boys%2C 16 of 25 free throws%3B MacKenzie Olsen%2C second place%2C 10%2D11 girls%2C 8 of 25%3B and Ashley Eberle%2C first place%2C 12%2D13 girls%2C 12 of 25%2E Back row%2C from left%2C Michael Stageberg%2C first place%2C 10%2D11 boys%2C 13 of 25%3B Jesselyn Speer%2C first place%2C 10 %2D11 girls%2C 13 of 25%3B Emma Hale%2C second place%2C 12 %2D13 girls%2C 8 of 25%3B and Tyler Hickman%2C second place%2C 10%2D11 boys%2C 12 of 25%2E Aaron Simmons%2C who placed second in the boys 12 %2D13 division with 15 of 25 free throws%2C was unavailable when the photo was taken%2E In all%2C 127 middle school students participated in the event%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4259 = ""; var BylineEmail_4259 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4259 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4259 = "400"; var Filename_4260 = "628%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4260 = "Babcock vs Bombers"; var Caption_4260 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger 171%2Dpounder Bruce Babcock reaches for wrist control%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4260 = ""; var BylineEmail_4260 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4260 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4260 = "400"; var Filename_4261 = "627%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4261 = "Carter vs Bombers"; var Caption_4261 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger Shane Carter works his 189%2Dpound foe for an arm bar%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4261 = ""; var BylineEmail_4261 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4261 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4261 = "400"; var Filename_4262 = "623%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4262 = "Nosbisch vs%2E L%2DO"; var Caption_4262 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger center Steve Nosbisch works the lane with a turnaround jumper during Stewie%92s 61%2D34 thumping of LeRoy%2DOstrander%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4262 = ""; var BylineEmail_4262 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4262 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4262 = "400"; var Filename_4263 = "622%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4263 = "Smith vs L%2DO"; var Caption_4263 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger Matt Smith skies above the outstretched arms of the Cardinal defender%2C driving the baseline for a layup%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4263 = ""; var BylineEmail_4263 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4263 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4263 = "400"; var Filename_4264 = "621%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4264 = "Fritsch vs%2E L%2DO"; var Caption_4264 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger guard David Fritsch drives the lane with authority%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4264 = ""; var BylineEmail_4264 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4264 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4264 = "400"; var Filename_4265 = "603%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4265 = "Fritsch vs Goodhue"; var Caption_4265 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger guard David Fritsch drives baseline%2C beating a Goodhue defender for two of his game%2Dhigh 19 points in Stewie%92s 49%2D46 HVL home triumph on Dec%2E 11%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4265 = ""; var BylineEmail_4265 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4265 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4265 = "400"; var Filename_4266 = "604%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4266 = "Gisler vs Goodhue"; var Caption_4266 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger forward Tom Gisler goes up and over Goodhue defenders%2C floating through the lane for two of his 12 points%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4266 = ""; var BylineEmail_4266 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4266 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4266 = "400"; var Filename_4267 = "610%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4267 = "Kuisle vs PI"; var Caption_4267 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger heavyweight Jerrod Kuisle works an ankle pick during his 10%2D5 win over his PI opponent%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4267 = ""; var BylineEmail_4267 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4267 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4267 = "400"; var Filename_4268 = "619%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4268 = "Sperber vs LC2"; var Caption_4268 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger point guard Shawna Sperber slices through the lane for a layup against Lake City%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4268 = ""; var BylineEmail_4268 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4268 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4268 = "400"; var Filename_4269 = "618%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4269 = "Sperber vs LC1"; var Caption_4269 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger point guard Shawna Sperber drives for two of her 17 points in a loss to Lake City%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4269 = ""; var BylineEmail_4269 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4269 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4269 = "400"; var Filename_4270 = "617%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4270 = "Robey vs Goodhue"; var Caption_4270 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger guard Derek Robey goes up and over a Goodhue defender for a 12%2Dfoot jumper%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4270 = ""; var BylineEmail_4270 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4270 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4270 = "400"; var Filename_4271 = "616%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4271 = "Rainey vs LC"; var Caption_4271 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger forward Julie Rainey breaks baseline for a bucket against Lake City%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4271 = ""; var BylineEmail_4271 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4271 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4271 = "400"; var Filename_4272 = "615%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4272 = "Orte vs Goodhue"; var Caption_4272 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger guard Mike Orte fights for a rebound against Goodhue%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4272 = ""; var BylineEmail_4272 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4272 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4272 = "400"; var Filename_4273 = "614%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4273 = "O%27Sullivan vs LC"; var Caption_4273 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger center Tori O%27Sullivan gives a head fake before her shot in the paint against Lake City%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4273 = ""; var BylineEmail_4273 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4273 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4273 = "400"; var Filename_4274 = "613%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4274 = "Nosbisch vs Goodhue"; var Caption_4274 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger center Steve Nosbisch goes up for a 15%2Dfoot jumper against Goodhue%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4274 = ""; var BylineEmail_4274 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4274 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4274 = "400"; var Filename_4275 = "612%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4275 = "Norman vs LC"; var Caption_4275 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger guard Kelly Norman makes a bounce pass outside against Lake City%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4275 = ""; var BylineEmail_4275 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4275 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4275 = "400"; var Filename_4276 = "611%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4276 = "Kukuzke vs LC"; var Caption_4276 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger center Danielle Kukuzke fights for a rebound against Lake City%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4276 = ""; var BylineEmail_4276 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4276 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4276 = "400"; var Filename_4277 = "609%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4277 = "Hoops Shoot2"; var Caption_4277 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETHEY LOVE HOOPS %2D%2D A total of 162 Central Intermediate School students took part in the 8 %2D and 9%2Dyear%2Dold division of this year%92s Elks Hoop Shoot contest%2E Winners were%2C front row%2C from left%2C Brandon Hoth%2C first place in the boys division with eight baskets%3B and Dylan Stofferahn%2C second place with six baskets%2E Back row%2C from left%2C Hunter Miller%2C second place in the girls division with eight baskets %28lost the tiebreaker%29%2C and Mackayla Olsen%2C first place with eight baskets %28won the tiebreaker%2E%29%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4277 = ""; var BylineEmail_4277 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4277 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4277 = "400"; var Filename_4278 = "608%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4278 = "Hoops Shoot1"; var Caption_4278 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EHOOP DREAMS %2D%2D A total of 145 Central Intermediate School students participated in the 10 %2D and 11%2Dyear%2Dold division of this year%92s Elks Hoop Shoot contest%2E Winners were%2C front row%2C from left%2C Meghan Schmitz%2C second place in the girls division with 10 baskets%2C and Katie Preszler%2C first place with 11 baskets%2E Back row%2C from left%2C Lucas Ellerbusch%2C second place in the boys division with 16 baskets%2C and Moses Hettinger%2C first place with 17 baskets%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4278 = ""; var BylineEmail_4278 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4278 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4278 = "400"; var Filename_4279 = "605%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4279 = "Goeldi pin vs PI"; var Caption_4279 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger 145%2Dpounder Nate Goeldi lifts the head and drives the shoulders of his Panther opponent to the mat seconds before recording a pin%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4279 = ""; var BylineEmail_4279 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4279 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4279 = "400"; var Filename_4280 = "599%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4280 = "SHS Tiger bowling team"; var Caption_4280 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville varsity bowling team%2C made up of boys and girls in grade 7%2D12%2C compete using the baker%2Dsystem%2E Five team members bowl two frames each to complete a single game%2E Each match consists of five games%2E The Tiger bowlers finished second with a 9%2D7 record in the South East %28West%29 Conference this season%2E Other schools in the conference include Austin%2FSouthland%2C Pine Island%2FZumbrota%2DMazeppa%2C Hayfield%2FTriton%2C and Byron%2FKasson%2DMantorville%2E Stewartville bowlers Jared Groski%2C Zack Diekmann%2C Justin Lonien and Brandon Westphal ranked among the conference%92s top 15 bowlers Groski earned All%2DConference honors and participated in the 2007 All%2DConference State Tournament%2E Diekmann%2C Lonien and Westphal were named All%2DConference honorable mention%2E The 2007 SHS bowling team members are%2C front row%2C from left%2C Kara Roeder%2C Justin Lonien%2C Luke Lonien%2C Hayley Mace%2E Back row%2C from left%2C Brandon Westphal%2C Shawn Hansen%2C Coach Roger Roeder%2C Zack Diekmann%2C Jared Groski%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4280 = ""; var BylineEmail_4280 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4280 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4280 = "400"; var Filename_4281 = "598%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4281 = "9th grade girls bball"; var Caption_4281 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville ninth grade girls basketball team captured second place at the Stewie Invite on Dec%2E 8%2E Team members include%2C front row%2C from left%2C Rachel Holst%2C Lindsay Blahnik%2C Beth Koster%2C Christina Stanger%2C Kim Meyerhofer%2C Kaylie Anderson%2E Middle row%2C from left are%2C Coach Tordsen%2C Ally Udenberg%2C Lisa%0D%0AFlynn%2C Delaney Haggerty%2E Back row%2C from left are%2C Kayla Lutteke%2C Polly Kidwell%2C Maria Gehling%2C Kahla Aldrich%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4281 = ""; var BylineEmail_4281 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4281 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4281 = "400"; var Filename_4282 = "597%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4282 = "Rio Haack vs LC3"; var Caption_4282 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger Rio Haack gets fouled by a Lake City defende trying to drive for a layup%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4282 = ""; var BylineEmail_4282 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4282 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4282 = "400"; var Filename_4283 = "596%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4283 = "Rio Haack vs LC2"; var Caption_4283 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ERio Haack squares for the open three%2Dpointer against Lake City%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4283 = ""; var BylineEmail_4283 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4283 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4283 = "400"; var Filename_4284 = "595%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4284 = "Rio Haack vs LC1"; var Caption_4284 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger guard Rio Haack slices through the lane for a layup against Lake City%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4284 = ""; var BylineEmail_4284 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4284 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4284 = "400"; var Filename_4285 = "588%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4285 = "Sheely vs Byron"; var Caption_4285 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger gymnast Marie Sheely executes a backward hand spring during her beam routine%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4285 = ""; var BylineEmail_4285 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4285 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4285 = "400"; var Filename_4286 = "587%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4286 = "Prochaska vs Byron"; var Caption_4286 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger gymnast Ally Prochaska executes a half twist on the vault against Byron%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4286 = ""; var BylineEmail_4286 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4286 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4286 = "400"; var Filename_4287 = "585%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4287 = "Hutchins vs Byron"; var Caption_4287 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger gymnast Taylor Hutchins executes a half twist on the vault against Byron%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4287 = ""; var BylineEmail_4287 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4287 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4287 = "400"; var Filename_4288 = "584%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4288 = "Hermans vs Cannon Falls"; var Caption_4288 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger 140%2Dpounder Connor Hermans drives the shoulders of his Cannon Falls opponent to the mat%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4288 = ""; var BylineEmail_4288 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4288 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4288 = "400"; var Filename_4289 = "583%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4289 = "DeGeus vs Byron"; var Caption_4289 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger gymnast Jackie DeGeus executes a half twist on the vault against Byron%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4289 = ""; var BylineEmail_4289 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4289 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4289 = "400"; var Filename_4290 = "579%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4290 = "Carter vs Cannon Falls"; var Caption_4290 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger 189%2Dpounder Shane Carter cranks on the arm of his Cannon Falls opponent in an attempt to turn him %2E Carter pinned at 2%3A48 and Stewie beat the Bombers 35%2D33%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4290 = ""; var BylineEmail_4290 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4290 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4290 = "400"; var Filename_4291 = "578%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4291 = "B Stolarzyk vs Byron"; var Caption_4291 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger 103%2Dpounder Brett Stolarzyk drives and circles to turn his Cannon Falls opponent to his back%2E Stolarzyk pinned the Bear at 2%3A19%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4291 = ""; var BylineEmail_4291 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4291 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4291 = "400"; var Filename_4292 = "568%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4292 = "Volleyball awards"; var Caption_4292 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger volleyball players selected to the HVL All%2DConference team included%2C from left%2C Erin Ness%2C Andrea Venzke%2C Julie Rainey%2C Kayla Uptagrafft %28honorable mention%29%2C Vanessa Lawrenz %28honorable mention%29 and Emily Rainey%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4292 = ""; var BylineEmail_4292 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4292 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4292 = "400"; var Filename_4293 = "567%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4293 = "Sam Beck%2DAll Conference"; var Caption_4293 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger number one doubles player and senior co%2Dcaptain Sam Beck was named a 2007 HVL All%2DConference selection%2E In addition to the HVL honor%2C Beck was honored with the %93Will to Win%94 award displayed in her efforts as an outstanding varsity doubles player for several years%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4293 = ""; var BylineEmail_4293 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4293 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4293 = "400"; var Filename_4294 = "564%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4294 = "Sperber drives vs Kingsland"; var Caption_4294 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger point guard Shawna Sperber uses her speed and breaks baseline to beat two Kingsland defenders%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4294 = ""; var BylineEmail_4294 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4294 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4294 = "400"; var Filename_4295 = "563%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4295 = "Rainey drives vs Kingsland"; var Caption_4295 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger forward Julie Rainey eyes the hoop as she drives the lane for a bucket during Stewie%92s 71%2D37 loss hosting Kingsland in non%2Dconference action on Nov%2E 30%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4295 = ""; var BylineEmail_4295 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4295 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4295 = "400"; var Filename_4296 = "562%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4296 = "o%27sullivan shoots vs kingsland"; var Caption_4296 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger sophomore forward Tori O%27Sullivan drives baseline for a bucket against Kingsland%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4296 = ""; var BylineEmail_4296 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4296 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4296 = "400"; var Filename_4297 = "560%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4297 = "hogan shoots vs Kingsland"; var Caption_4297 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger senior forward Andrea Hogan pops a 10%2Dfoot jumper against Kingsland%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4297 = ""; var BylineEmail_4297 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4297 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4297 = "400"; var Filename_4298 = "561%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4298 = "norman shoots vs kingsland"; var Caption_4298 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger guard Kelly Norman drives from the wing%2C stops and pops this quick jumper%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4298 = ""; var BylineEmail_4298 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4298 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4298 = "400"; var Filename_4299 = "557%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4299 = "Boys%27 returning letterwiners"; var Caption_4299 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EFour returning letterwinners will lead the Stewartville boys basketball team in the 2007%2D08 season%2E Kneeling is Tom Gisler %28left%29 and Steve Nosbisch%2E Standing is Will Fredricksen %28left%29 and Craig English%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4299 = ""; var BylineEmail_4299 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4299 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4299 = "400"; var Filename_4300 = "540%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4300 = "Matmen letterwinners"; var Caption_4300 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe 2007%2D08 Stewartville wrestling team%2C that graduated two%2Dtime state champ Mike Schmitz%2C looks to reload with the return of 13 letterwinners%2C including state qualifier Bruce Babcock%2E Returning letterwinners guiding the Tigers this season include%2C kneeling%2C from left%2C Mike Goeldi%2C Jerrod Kuisle%2C Bruce Babcock%2C Danny Stolarzyk%2C Luke Jensen%2C Shane Carter%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Bryce Struckmann%2C Connor Hermans%2C Colten Stier%2C Eric Nelson%2C Eric Twohey%2C Nate Goeldi%2C Nate Lecy%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4300 = ""; var BylineEmail_4300 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4300 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4300 = "400"; var Filename_4301 = "539%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4301 = "Gymnastics letterwinners"; var Caption_4301 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe 2007%2D08 Stewartville gymnastics varsity seven candidates include%2C from left%2C Nikki Vrieze%2C Amanda Hamre%2C Jennifer Maxwell%2C Karyn Christian%2C Ally Prochaska%2C Jackie DeGeus and Marie Sheely%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4301 = ""; var BylineEmail_4301 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4301 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4301 = "400"; var Filename_4302 = "538%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4302 = "Girls bball letterwinners"; var Caption_4302 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe 2007%2D08 Stewartville girls basketball team will rebuild after graduating eight talented players from last year%92s team%2E Letterwinners returning to lead the Tigers are sophomore Julie Rainey %28kneeling%29 and senior Andrea Hogan%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4302 = ""; var BylineEmail_4302 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4302 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4302 = "400"; var Filename_4303 = "534%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4303 = "College tackler"; var Caption_4303 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EFormer Tiger football star Eric Schroeder %28%2397%29%2C a 2004 SHS grad and starting defensive tackle for South Dakota State University%2C helped the Jackrabbits upset the number one ranked NCAA Division 1AA NDSU Bison%2E%0D%0Aphoto courtesy of goJacks%2Ecom%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4303 = ""; var BylineEmail_4303 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4303 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4303 = "400"; var Filename_4304 = "527%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4304 = "girls soccer awards"; var Caption_4304 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville girls soccer team honored top individuals at its annual awards banquet recently%2E Receiving honors included%2C seated%2C from left%2C Maria Gehling%2C Miss Hustle%3B Brianna Probach %2D Honorable Mention All Conference%2C Most Improved%3B Shawnna Sperber%2D MVP%2C All Conference Selection%2C Offensive Player of the Year%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Melisa Fischer %2D Defensive Player of the Year and Honorable Mention All Conference%3B and Taylor Hutchins %2D Most Improved Player%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4304 = ""; var BylineEmail_4304 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4304 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4304 = "400"; var Filename_4305 = "525%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4305 = "Boys soccer awards"; var Caption_4305 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville boys soccer team honored top individuals at its annual awards banquet recently%2E Receiving honors included%2C from left%2C Travis Jorde %2D Most Improved%3B Mike Terhaar %2DMr%2E Hustle%3B David Fritsch %2D Most Valuable Player%2E Unavailable for photo was Ben Boyum %2D HVL All Conference goalie%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4305 = ""; var BylineEmail_4305 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4305 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4305 = "400"; var Filename_4306 = "526%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4306 = "Football awards"; var Caption_4306 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville Football Booster Club held its annual awards ceremony on Nov%2E 18%2C highlighting team and individual honors%2E Top Tiger award winners included%2C seated%2C from left%2C Shane Carter%2C Defensive Player of the Year and HVL All%2DConference running back%3B Bryan Schroeder%2C Special Teams Player of the Year%3B and Craig English%2C Most Improved Player%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Donnie Beddow%2C Offensive Player of the Year and HVL All%2DConference quarterback%3B Bryant Maschoff%2C Scout Team Player of the Year%3B Matt Nielsen%2C Most Valuable Player and HVL All Conference tight end%2Fdefensive end%3B Paul Gehling%2C Offensive Lineman of the Year%3B and Jerrod Kuisle%2C Defensive Lineman of the Year and HVL All%2DConference defensive lineman%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4306 = ""; var BylineEmail_4306 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4306 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4306 = "400"; var Filename_4307 = "520%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4307 = "Tiger capture 4th at state"; var Caption_4307 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville volleyball team poses with its 2007 MSHSL Class AA fourth place trophy%2E The Tigers are%2C kneeling%2C from left%2C Julie Rainey%2C Andrea Venzke%2C Vanessa Lawrenz%2C Emily Rainey%2E Middle row%2C from left%2C Alyssa Hoth%2C Kayla Uptagrafft%2C Erica Nelson%2C Rachel Waugh%2C Jackie DeGeus%2E Back row%2C from left%2C Andrea Hogan%2C Erin Ness%2C Rachel Langseth%2C Lisa Flynn%2C Stephanie York%2E Coaches%2C from left%2C Laura Hoover%2C John Dzubay%2C Pat Sobotta%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4307 = ""; var BylineEmail_4307 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4307 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4307 = "400"; var Filename_4308 = "519%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4308 = "DeGeus bump vs Delano"; var Caption_4308 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger Jackie DeGeus hustles to the back corner to dig this Delano hit during action at the state tourney%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4308 = ""; var BylineEmail_4308 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4308 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4308 = "400"; var Filename_4309 = "518%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4309 = "DeGeus dig vs Delano"; var Caption_4309 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger Jackie DeGeus hustles and lunges to dig an outside hit against Delano during Stewie%92s 3%2D2 victory in the quarterfinals at state%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4309 = ""; var BylineEmail_4309 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4309 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4309 = "400"; var Filename_4310 = "517%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4310 = "E%2E Rainey sets vs DGF"; var Caption_4310 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger Emily Rainey pops up a set to her sister Julie during the third place match in the state finals%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4310 = ""; var BylineEmail_4310 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4310 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4310 = "400"; var Filename_4311 = "516%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4311 = "Hogan block vs Delano"; var Caption_4311 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger Andrea Hogan rejects this Delano tip attempt during Stewie%27s quarterfinal win at the state tourney%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4311 = ""; var BylineEmail_4311 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4311 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4311 = "400"; var Filename_4312 = "515%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4312 = "Hogan block vs DGF"; var Caption_4312 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger Andrea Hogan blocks a Rebel hitter during the third place match at state%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4312 = ""; var BylineEmail_4312 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4312 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4312 = "400"; var Filename_4313 = "514%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4313 = "J%2E Rainey block vs Delano"; var Caption_4313 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger Julie Rainey blocks a Delano hitter during Stewie%27s quarterfinal win at state%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4313 = ""; var BylineEmail_4313 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4313 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4313 = "400"; var Filename_4314 = "513%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4314 = "J%2E Rainey kill vs Delano"; var Caption_4314 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger Julie Rainey blasts a kill through the block of a pair of Delano players during Stewie%92s quarterfinal win at state%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4314 = ""; var BylineEmail_4314 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4314 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4314 = "400"; var Filename_4315 = "512%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4315 = "J%2E Rainey spike vs DGF"; var Caption_4315 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger Julie Rainey drives the ball past DGF blockers for a kill during the state tourney third place match%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4315 = ""; var BylineEmail_4315 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4315 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4315 = "400"; var Filename_4316 = "511%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4316 = "Lawrenz bump vs Delano"; var Caption_4316 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EVanessa Lawrenz makes a pass against D%2DG%2DF at state%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4316 = ""; var BylineEmail_4316 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4316 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4316 = "400"; var Filename_4317 = "510%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4317 = "Ness block vs Delano"; var Caption_4317 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger Erin Ness blocks this Delano hitter during Stewie%27s quarterfinal win over Delano%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4317 = ""; var BylineEmail_4317 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4317 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4317 = "400"; var Filename_4318 = "509%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4318 = "Ness spike vs DGF"; var Caption_4318 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger Erin Ness drives the ball inside the single block attempt of a Dilworth%2DGlyndon%2DFelton player during Stewie%92s third place match at state%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4318 = ""; var BylineEmail_4318 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4318 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4318 = "400"; var Filename_4319 = "508%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4319 = "Upty dig vs DGF"; var Caption_4319 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger Kayla Uptagrafft keeps her shoulders square as she makes a pass to the setter during state tourney action against D%2DG%2DF%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4319 = ""; var BylineEmail_4319 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4319 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4319 = "400"; var Filename_4320 = "507%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4320 = "Upty pass vs Delano"; var Caption_4320 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger Kayla Uptagrafft makes a pass off a high serve against Delano at the state tourney%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4320 = ""; var BylineEmail_4320 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4320 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4320 = "400"; var Filename_4321 = "506%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4321 = "Venzke bump vs Delano"; var Caption_4321 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger Andrea Venzke makes a bump pass to the front row during state tourney action against Delano%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4321 = ""; var BylineEmail_4321 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4321 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4321 = "400"; var Filename_4322 = "505%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4322 = "Venzke extra effort"; var Caption_4322 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger Andrea Venzke digs a deep%2Dcourt Rebel hit during the third place match at state%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4322 = ""; var BylineEmail_4322 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4322 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4322 = "400"; var Filename_4323 = "504%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4323 = "Venzke slide dig"; var Caption_4323 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger Andrea Venzke slides across the court to dig this Rebel hit during state tourney action%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4323 = ""; var BylineEmail_4323 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4323 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4323 = "400"; var Filename_4324 = "503%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4324 = "Venzke kill vs Delano"; var Caption_4324 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger Andrea Venzke drives a cross%2Dcourt kill off an outside set against Delano at the state tourney%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4324 = ""; var BylineEmail_4324 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4324 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4324 = "400"; var Filename_4325 = "497%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4325 = "Venzke%2FRainey block vs DGF"; var Caption_4325 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETigers Andrea Venzke %28left%29 and Julie Rainey go up to block a Rebel kill during the third place match at state%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4325 = ""; var BylineEmail_4325 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4325 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4325 = "400"; var Filename_4326 = "455%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4326 = "section title bench jump"; var Caption_4326 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Tiger bench and fans in the background erupt with excitement as the final point hits the floor and Stewartville wins the Section 1AA championship and berth to the state tournament with a 3%2D0 sweep of Caledonia%2E Tigers from left are%2C Alyssa Hoth%2C Erica Nelson%2C Lisa Flynn%2C Rachel Waugh%2C Stephanie York%2C Jackie DeGeus%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4326 = ""; var BylineEmail_4326 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4326 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4326 = "400"; var Filename_4327 = "454%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4327 = "captains hoist section trophy"; var Caption_4327 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger captains Erin Ness %28left%29%2C Vanessa Lawrenz %28%2314%29 and Julie Rainey hoist the section championship trophy after sweeping Caledonia 3%2Dzip%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4327 = ""; var BylineEmail_4327 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4327 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4327 = "400"; var Filename_4328 = "453%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4328 = "Rainey spike vs Caledonia"; var Caption_4328 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger Julie Rainey blasts a cross%2Dcourt kill outside the block of a Caledonia player during Stewie%92s 3%2D0 sweep in the 1AA Section championship match%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4328 = ""; var BylineEmail_4328 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4328 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4328 = "400"; var Filename_4329 = "452%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4329 = "Hogan spike vs Caledonia"; var Caption_4329 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger Andrea Hogan tips past a Caledonia single blocker for a point%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4329 = ""; var BylineEmail_4329 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4329 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4329 = "400"; var Filename_4330 = "451%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4330 = "flynn spike vs CF"; var Caption_4330 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger Lisa Flynn beats a Bomber blocker with this cross%2Dcourt kill during Stewie%92s subsection sweep of Cannon Falls%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4330 = ""; var BylineEmail_4330 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4330 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4330 = "400"; var Filename_4331 = "450%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4331 = "venzke spike vs Caledonia"; var Caption_4331 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger hitter Andrea Venzke scores with this kill during Stewie%27s 3%2D0 victory over Caledonia in the section championship game%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4331 = ""; var BylineEmail_4331 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4331 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4331 = "400"; var Filename_4332 = "449%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4332 = "ness spike vs caledonia"; var Caption_4332 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger hitter Erin Ness drives a cross%2Dcourt kill%2Cscoring in the section championship game against Caledonia%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4332 = ""; var BylineEmail_4332 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4332 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4332 = "400"; var Filename_4333 = "447%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4333 = "Upty spike vs CF"; var Caption_4333 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3E%0D%0ATiger Kayla Uptagrafft blasts this kill off the arm of a Bomber blocker%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4333 = ""; var BylineEmail_4333 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4333 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4333 = "400"; var Filename_4334 = "445%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4334 = "vball section champs"; var Caption_4334 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ESHS VOLLEYBALL TEAM MEMBERS pose with their 2007 1AA Section Championship trophy%2E The Tigers are%2C front row from left%2C Alyssa Hoth%2C Vanessa Lawrenz%2C Jackie DeGeus%2C Emily Rainey%2C Rachel Waugh%2E Back row%2C from left%2C Andrea Hogan%2C Lisa Flynn%2C Erin Ness%2C Julie Rainey%2C Andrea Venzke%2C Stephanie York%2C Kayla Uptagrafft%2C Erica Nelson%2E Unavailable for photo%2C Rachel Langseth and Sam Blahnik%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4334 = ""; var BylineEmail_4334 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4334 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4334 = "400"; var Filename_4335 = "444%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4335 = "vball subsection champs"; var Caption_4335 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville volleyball team captured the 1AA West Subsection championship with a 3%2D0 victory over Cannon Falls at the Mayo Civic Arena on Halloween eve%2E Team members are%2C front row%2C from left%2C Andrea Hogan%2C Alyssa Hoth%2C Erica Nelson%2C Jackie DeGeus%2C Emily Rainey%2E Back row%2C from left%2C Erin Ness%2C Vanessa Lawrenz%2C Julie Rainey%2C Lisa Flynn%2C Rachel Langseth%2C Sam Blahnik%2C Andrea Venzke%2C Rachel Waugh%2C Stephanie York%2C Kayla Uptagrafft%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4335 = ""; var BylineEmail_4335 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4335 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4335 = "400"; var Filename_4336 = "426%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4336 = "Brandon Cole at sections"; var Caption_4336 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger Brandon Cole %28%23450%29 leads one of the fast packs around a corner and up the steep hill in the boys 5K race at the Section 1A championships on Oct%2E 25%2E Cole finished second for Stewie%2C 19th overall as the Tiger boys placed fifth in the 20%2Dteam field%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4336 = ""; var BylineEmail_4336 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4336 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4336 = "400"; var Filename_4337 = "424%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4337 = "Irlbeck runs at sections"; var Caption_4337 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger Wendi Irlbeck %28%23254%29 passes a Chatfield and NRHEG runner on a tight corner of the girls 4K race at sections%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4337 = ""; var BylineEmail_4337 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4337 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4337 = "400"; var Filename_4338 = "423%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4338 = "Distad runs at sections"; var Caption_4338 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger Corinna Distad %28%23251%29 leads one of the front packs of the girls 4K race at sections%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4338 = ""; var BylineEmail_4338 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4338 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4338 = "400"; var Filename_4339 = "422%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4339 = "Schimmel%2FOrte corner"; var Caption_4339 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger runners Billy Schimmel %28front%29 and Michael Orte hit a corner hard during the boys 5K race at sections on Oct%2E 25%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4339 = ""; var BylineEmail_4339 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4339 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4339 = "400"; var Filename_4340 = "421%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4340 = "Venzke%2FNess block vs KM"; var Caption_4340 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETigers Andrea Venzke %28left%29 and Erin Ness block a KoMet hit during Stewie%92s 3%2D1 subsection victory%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4340 = ""; var BylineEmail_4340 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4340 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4340 = "400"; var Filename_4341 = "420%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4341 = "Shane stiff arm"; var Caption_4341 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger halfback Shane Carter splits two Byron defenders and eludes a third tackler with a stiff%2Darm%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4341 = ""; var BylineEmail_4341 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4341 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4341 = "400"; var Filename_4342 = "419%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4342 = "Schroeder sack vs Byron"; var Caption_4342 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger linebacker Bryan Schroeder drills the Byron quarterback on his release during Stewie%92s 22%2D13 loss in the state playoffs%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4342 = ""; var BylineEmail_4342 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4342 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4342 = "400"; var Filename_4343 = "418%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4343 = "Tuffly follows block"; var Caption_4343 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger halfback Zac Tuffly follows the lead block of fullback Bryan Schroeder for a big ground%2Dgainer against Byron%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4343 = ""; var BylineEmail_4343 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4343 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4343 = "400"; var Filename_4344 = "417%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4344 = "Shane slips thru Byron tackle"; var Caption_4344 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger halfback Shane Carter slips through the tackle of a Byron defender during state playoff action on Oct%2E 24%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4344 = ""; var BylineEmail_4344 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4344 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4344 = "400"; var Filename_4345 = "416%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4345 = "Schroeder sheds tacklers"; var Caption_4345 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger fullback Bryan Schroeder sheds a diving Byron tackler during playoffs action on Oct%2E 24%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4345 = ""; var BylineEmail_4345 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4345 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4345 = "400"; var Filename_4346 = "415%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4346 = "Return specialist"; var Caption_4346 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger return specialist Jake Olson follows a wall of blockers on a kick return in the state playoff game against Byron on Oct%2E 24%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4346 = ""; var BylineEmail_4346 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4346 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4346 = "400"; var Filename_4347 = "414%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4347 = "Somber sidelines"; var Caption_4347 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger defensive ends Matt Nielsen and Ben Harris watch in disbelief as their playoff game against Byron and the %2707 season come to an end on Oct%2E 24%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4347 = ""; var BylineEmail_4347 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4347 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4347 = "400"; var Filename_4348 = "413%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4348 = "Beddow rollout vs Byron"; var Caption_4348 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger quarterback Donnie Beddow rolls out%2C away from Byron pressure to complete a pass against the Bears during state playoff action%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4348 = ""; var BylineEmail_4348 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4348 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4348 = "400"; var Filename_4349 = "412%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4349 = "Beddow passes vs Byron"; var Caption_4349 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger quarterback Donnie Beddow makes a pass over halfback Shane Carter that helps out with pass protection against Byron in the state playoffs%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4349 = ""; var BylineEmail_4349 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4349 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4349 = "400"; var Filename_4350 = "411%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4350 = "Beddow handoff vs Byron"; var Caption_4350 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ESenior quarterback Donnie Beddow makes a handoff to senior halfback Shane Carter in the state playoff against Byron on Oct%2E 23%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4350 = ""; var BylineEmail_4350 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4350 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4350 = "400"; var Filename_4351 = "409%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4351 = "1%2C000%2Ddig milestone"; var Caption_4351 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger Julie Rainey was honored by coach John Dzubay for eclipsing the 1%2C000%2Ddig milestone during the Eastview Tournament on Saturday%2C Oct%2E 13%2E Rainey%2C just a sophomore%2C has been a varsity starter for the Tigers since seventh grade%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4351 = ""; var BylineEmail_4351 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4351 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4351 = "400"; var Filename_4352 = "406%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4352 = "Iverson TD snag"; var Caption_4352 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EHouse Chevrolet receiver Jeremiah Iverson makes an acrobatic fourth quarter catch in the end zone during sixth grade RYFA action on Oct%2E 20%2E The Stewartville team beat Rochester Hiller Carpet 30%2D28%2C advancing to House Chevrolet to the RYFA sixth grade championship game on Oct%2E 27%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4352 = ""; var BylineEmail_4352 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4352 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4352 = "400"; var Filename_4353 = "398%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4353 = "Youth vball camp"; var Caption_4353 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe SYAA volleyball camp for grades 1%2D3 completed their camp by attending a recent varsity volleyball match%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4353 = ""; var BylineEmail_4353 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4353 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4353 = "400"; var Filename_4354 = "394%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4354 = "Orte leads thru water"; var Caption_4354 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EMike Orte %28front%29 leads Seth Huiras and Nate Cole as the Tigers splash through a flooded portion at the HVL meet on Oct%2E 17 at Bear Cave Park in Stewartville%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4354 = ""; var BylineEmail_4354 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4354 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4354 = "400"; var Filename_4355 = "392%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4355 = "Irlbeck leads at HVL"; var Caption_4355 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EWendi Irlbeck leads a pack into the wooded portion of the girls 4K race at the HVL championship meet on Oct%2E 17 at Bear Cave Park in Stewartville%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4355 = ""; var BylineEmail_4355 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4355 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4355 = "400"; var Filename_4356 = "391%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4356 = "Hanson thru river"; var Caption_4356 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger Cole Hanson leads a pack of runners through a flooded portion of the boys 5K HVL championship course at Bear Cave Park in Stewartvile on Oct%2E 17%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4356 = ""; var BylineEmail_4356 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4356 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4356 = "400"; var Filename_4357 = "388%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4357 = "Defense stops LAC %2312"; var Caption_4357 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Tiger defense led by Zac Tuffly %28%2322%29%2C Chris Richardson %28%233%2C at right%29 and Shane Carter %28%235%29 shut down La Crescent%92s marquee halfback Derek Kubicek %28%2312%29%2C holding the Lancer to just 47 yards rushing %28about 150 yards below his game average%2E%29 Stewie lost 13%2D10 to the Lancers in the regular season finale%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4357 = ""; var BylineEmail_4357 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4357 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4357 = "400"; var Filename_4358 = "387%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4358 = "Schroeder sheds LAC tackler"; var Caption_4358 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger fullback Bryan Schroeder eyes a seam and cuts back%2C shedding a Lancer tackler during Stewie%27s 13%2D10 loss to La Crescent on Oct%2E 17%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4358 = ""; var BylineEmail_4358 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4358 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4358 = "400"; var Filename_4359 = "386%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4359 = "Bisbee at HVL meet"; var Caption_4359 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EMolly Bisbee picks up the pace to pass a Hayfield runner while exiting the woods at the HVL meet on Oct%2E 17%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4359 = ""; var BylineEmail_4359 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4359 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4359 = "400"; var Filename_4360 = "385%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4360 = "Bisbee at HVL meet"; var Caption_4360 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EMolly Bisbee picks up the pace to pass a Hayfield runner while exiting the woods at the HVL meet on Oct%2E 17%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4360 = ""; var BylineEmail_4360 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4360 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4360 = "400"; var Filename_4361 = "382%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4361 = "QB hand off"; var Caption_4361 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger QB Donnie Beddow turns and hands off to fullback Bryan Schroeder during action against La Crescent%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4361 = ""; var BylineEmail_4361 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4361 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4361 = "400"; var Filename_4362 = "381%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4362 = "Jake jukes"; var Caption_4362 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger kick return specialist Jake Olson jukes and stiff arms a La Crescent tackler%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4362 = ""; var BylineEmail_4362 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4362 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4362 = "400"; var Filename_4363 = "380%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4363 = "Shane sheds LAC tacklers"; var Caption_4363 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger halfback Shane Carter busts through the line%2C shedding Lancer tacklers for a big ground gainer%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4363 = ""; var BylineEmail_4363 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4363 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4363 = "400"; var Filename_4364 = "379%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4364 = "B%2Dsquad vball champs"; var Caption_4364 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe B%2Dsquad volleyball team finished their season 25%2D0%2C including team championships at tournaments in Hayfield%2C Rochester Century and Red Wing%2E Team members are%2C kneeling%2C from left%2C Krista Uptagrafft%2C Kelly Norman%2C Ellie Bergeson%2C Jill%0D%0AOftedahl%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Coach Laura Hoover%2C Kelsey Volkart%2C Caity Case%2C Lindsay Blahnik%2C Kaitlin Terleski%2C Brenda Dahl%2C Lindsay Block%2E Not pictured%3A Lisa Flynn%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4364 = ""; var BylineEmail_4364 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4364 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4364 = "400"; var Filename_4365 = "378%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4365 = "8th grade vball champs"; var Caption_4365 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville eighth grade volleyball team one captured the championship title at the Stewartville Volleyball Tournament held on September 22%2E The team members are%2C in front%2C Brianna Behrens %28left%29%2C Danielle DeGeus%2E Kneeling%2C from left%2C Sarah Schrandt%2C Katie Giese%2C Lexie Schunke%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Coach Abby Schrandt%2C Morgan Howard%2C Katie Bauman%2C Shawna Groski%2C Katelyn Hanf%2C Coach Kristen Hale%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4365 = ""; var BylineEmail_4365 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4365 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4365 = "400"; var Filename_4366 = "366%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4366 = "Upty blasts Triton"; var Caption_4366 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger right hitter Kayla Uptagrafft drives a cross%2Dcourt kill during Stewie%27s sweep of Triton on Oct%2E 11%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4366 = ""; var BylineEmail_4366 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4366 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4366 = "400"; var Filename_4367 = "365%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4367 = "Double bump pass"; var Caption_4367 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETigers Julie rainey %28left%29 and Andrea Venzke team to make sure this bump pass makes it to the setter%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4367 = ""; var BylineEmail_4367 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4367 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4367 = "400"; var Filename_4368 = "364%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4368 = "Rainey kill vs%2E Triton"; var Caption_4368 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger outside hitter Julie Rainey splits two Cobra blockers with this blistering kill%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4368 = ""; var BylineEmail_4368 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4368 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4368 = "400"; var Filename_4369 = "363%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4369 = "Rainey block vs%2E Triton"; var Caption_4369 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger Julie Rainey goes up for a block during Stewie%27s three%2Dgame sweep of Tritonon Oct%2E 11%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4369 = ""; var BylineEmail_4369 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4369 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4369 = "400"; var Filename_4370 = "362%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4370 = "We%27re number ONE%21"; var Caption_4370 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETigers Paul Gehling and Danny Stolarzyk celebrate after Stewie%27s 33%2D26 win at Kasson on Oct%2E 12%2C which vaulted the Tigers into first place in the HVL%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4370 = ""; var BylineEmail_4370 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4370 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4370 = "400"; var Filename_4371 = "361%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4371 = "Flynn%27s cross%2Dcourt kill"; var Caption_4371 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger outside hitter Lisa Flynn drives a cross%2Dcourt kill against Triton%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4371 = ""; var BylineEmail_4371 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4371 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4371 = "400"; var Filename_4372 = "360%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4372 = "7th grade vball champs"; var Caption_4372 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville 7th grade volleyball team captured championship honors at the Austin Invitational on Oct%2E 6%2E In front are Blair Honsey %28left%29 and Paige Tapp%2E Kneeling%2C from left%2C Monika Anderson%2C Tiana Pike%2C Ashlyn Elliot%2E Standing%2C from left%2C coach Henderson%2C Jaidyn Boyton%2C Elizabeth Waugh%2E In back row%2C from left%2C Hannah Tapp%2C Liz Norman%2C Josie Hale%2C Whitney Lloyd%2C Shana Engebretson%2C Katelyn Bently%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4372 = ""; var BylineEmail_4372 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4372 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4372 = "400"; var Filename_4373 = "359%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4373 = "Tuffly cuts outside"; var Caption_4373 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger halfback Zac Tuffly cuts outside%2C following blocks by his offensive line during Stewie%27s win over Kasson on Oct%2E 12%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4373 = ""; var BylineEmail_4373 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4373 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4373 = "400"; var Filename_4374 = "358%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4374 = "Schroeder tackle"; var Caption_4374 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger linebacker Bryan Schroeder puts a stick on this KoMet ball carrier during Stewie%27s 33%2D26 win at Kasson%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4374 = ""; var BylineEmail_4374 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4374 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4374 = "400"; var Filename_4375 = "357%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4375 = "Another Nielsen sack"; var Caption_4375 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger defensive end Matt Nielsen causes a fumble as he sacks the KoMet quarterback during Stewie%92s 33%2D26 win at Kasson on Oct%2E 12%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4375 = ""; var BylineEmail_4375 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4375 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4375 = "400"; var Filename_4376 = "356%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4376 = "Harris tackle at the line"; var Caption_4376 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger defensive lineman Ben Harris makes a text book tackle wrapping up this KoMet ball carrier%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4376 = ""; var BylineEmail_4376 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4376 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4376 = "400"; var Filename_4377 = "355%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4377 = "English catch %26 TD run"; var Caption_4377 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger receiver Craig English sheds a Komet tackler and turns up field after a catch%2C galloping 90 yards for a TD during Stewie%27s 33%2D26 at Kasson%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4377 = ""; var BylineEmail_4377 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4377 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4377 = "400"; var Filename_4378 = "354%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4378 = "Big hole for Carter"; var Caption_4378 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger halfback Shane Carter darts through a huge hole that his line created during Stewie%27s 33%2D26 win at Kasson on Oct%2E 12%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4378 = ""; var BylineEmail_4378 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4378 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4378 = "400"; var Filename_4379 = "353%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4379 = "Babcock kick return"; var Caption_4379 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger return man Bruce Babcock follows a wall of blockers on a kick return during Stewie%27s 33%2D26 win at Kasson%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4379 = ""; var BylineEmail_4379 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4379 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4379 = "400"; var Filename_4380 = "343%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4380 = "Bsquad vball champs"; var Caption_4380 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville B%2DSquad volleyball team captured championship honors at the Hayfield Invitational on Sept%2E 15%2E Team members include%2C front row%2C from left%2C Kelly Norman%2C Ellie Bergeson%2C Jill Oftadahl%2E Middle row%2C from left%2C Lindsey Blahnik%2C Lisa Flynn%2C Brenda Dahl%2C Kaitlyn Terleski%2E Back row%2C from left%2C Coach Laura Hoover%2C Lindsey Block%2C Kelsey Volkart%2C Caity Case%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4380 = ""; var BylineEmail_4380 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4380 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4380 = "400"; var Filename_4381 = "342%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4381 = "Hogan spike vs KW"; var Caption_4381 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger Andrea Hogan blasts a kill off the right hand of a Kenyon blocker%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4381 = ""; var BylineEmail_4381 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4381 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4381 = "400"; var Filename_4382 = "341%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4382 = "Rainey blast vs KW"; var Caption_4382 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger outside hitter Julie Rainey blasts a cross%2Dcourt kill against KW%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4382 = ""; var BylineEmail_4382 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4382 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4382 = "400"; var Filename_4383 = "340%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4383 = "Upty spike vs KW"; var Caption_4383 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger right hitter Kayla Uptagrafft drives a cross%2Dcourt kill against Kenyon%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4383 = ""; var BylineEmail_4383 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4383 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4383 = "400"; var Filename_4384 = "339%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4384 = "Big block2 vs KW"; var Caption_4384 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EKayla Uptagrafft %28left%29 and Andrea Venzke block a Kenyon hittter during Stewie%27s 3%2D0 sweep on Oct%2E 4%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4384 = ""; var BylineEmail_4384 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4384 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4384 = "400"; var Filename_4385 = "338%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4385 = "Venzke bump pass vs KW"; var Caption_4385 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger Andrea Venzke concentrates%2C squares her shoulders and delivers a perfect bump pass%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4385 = ""; var BylineEmail_4385 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4385 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4385 = "400"; var Filename_4386 = "337%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4386 = "Venzke spike vs KW"; var Caption_4386 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger Andrea Venzke drives an outside set cross%2Dcourt%2C collecting a Stewie point against KW%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4386 = ""; var BylineEmail_4386 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4386 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4386 = "400"; var Filename_4387 = "336%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4387 = "Venzke spike2 vs KW"; var Caption_4387 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger Andrea Venzke tips a middle set over and to the side of two KW blockers%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4387 = ""; var BylineEmail_4387 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4387 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4387 = "400"; var Filename_4388 = "335%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4388 = "Big block1 vs KW"; var Caption_4388 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETigers Andrea Venzke %28left%29 and Rachel Langseth make a block on a Kenyon hitter%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4388 = ""; var BylineEmail_4388 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4388 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4388 = "400"; var Filename_4389 = "334%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4389 = "4 straight wins"; var Caption_4389 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe sixth grade House Chevrolet football team has won four consecutive games to boast a division%2Dleading 4%2D1 record%2E Here%2C quarterback Alex Sperber %28%234%29 hands off to running back Zac Drees %28%2350%29%2C as Connor Paulson %28%2315%29 leads the way%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4389 = ""; var BylineEmail_4389 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4389 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4389 = "400"; var Filename_4390 = "333%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4390 = "Sick move score"; var Caption_4390 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger wide out Jake Olson outruns the Bomber d%2Dback for a 92%2Dyard TD catch and run%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4390 = ""; var BylineEmail_4390 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4390 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4390 = "400"; var Filename_4391 = "332%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4391 = "Tuffly fumble return"; var Caption_4391 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger d%2Dback Zac Tuffly scampers down the sideline a fumble return inside the Bomber 10%2Dyard line%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4391 = ""; var BylineEmail_4391 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4391 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4391 = "400"; var Filename_4392 = "331%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4392 = "Nielsen sacks Bomber QB"; var Caption_4392 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger defensive end Matt Nielsen tears down the Cannon Falls QB%2C recording one of his for sacks%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4392 = ""; var BylineEmail_4392 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4392 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4392 = "400"; var Filename_4393 = "330%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4393 = "Hermans sacks QB"; var Caption_4393 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger d%2Dback Connor Hermans %28%2323%29 drags down the Cannon Falls quarterback %28%233%29 during Stewie%92s 38%2D6 win on Oct%2E 5%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4393 = ""; var BylineEmail_4393 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4393 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4393 = "400"; var Filename_4394 = "329%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4394 = "English goes up %26 over"; var Caption_4394 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger receiver Craig English %28%237%29 goes up and over a Bomber d%2Dback for a catch in the shadows of the goal posts%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4394 = ""; var BylineEmail_4394 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4394 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4394 = "400"; var Filename_4395 = "328%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4395 = "Schroeder sheds tacklers"; var Caption_4395 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger fullback Bryan Schroeder sheds Bomber tacklers as he breaks into the secondary following a Matt Nielsen %28%2384%29 block%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4395 = ""; var BylineEmail_4395 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4395 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4395 = "400"; var Filename_4396 = "327%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4396 = "Beddow pass"; var Caption_4396 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger QB Donnie Beddow delivers another pass during Stewie%27s 38%2D6 win over Cannon Falls%2E Beddow completed 10 of 13 passes for 255 yards%2C a TD and no int%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4396 = ""; var BylineEmail_4396 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4396 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4396 = "400"; var Filename_4397 = "326%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4397 = "Beddow hands off"; var Caption_4397 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger QB Donnie Beddow hands the ball off to fullback Bryan Schroeder on a scoring drive in the red zone against Cannon Falls%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4397 = ""; var BylineEmail_4397 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4397 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4397 = "400"; var Filename_4398 = "324%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4398 = "7th grade vball champs"; var Caption_4398 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville seventh grade volleyball team captured championship honors at the Stewartville tournament on Sept%2E 22%2E In front are Paige %28left%29 and Hannah Tapp%2E Kneeling%2C from left%2C Liz Waugh%2C Tiana Pike%2C Ashlyn Elliot%2C Katelyn Bently%2C Jaidyn%0D%0ABoyton%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Whitney Lloyd%2C Shana Engebretson%2C Liz Norman%2C Josie Hale%2C Monika Anderson%2E In back is coach John Dzubay%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4398 = ""; var BylineEmail_4398 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4398 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4398 = "400"; var Filename_4399 = "322%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4399 = "Tuffly pops outside"; var Caption_4399 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger halfback Zac Tuffly gets some great inside blocking and bounces outside for a big ground gainer in Stewie%92s 17%2D14 homecoming win on Sept%2E 28%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4399 = ""; var BylineEmail_4399 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4399 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4399 = "400"; var Filename_4400 = "320%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4400 = "Schroeder cuts"; var Caption_4400 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger fullback Bryan Schroeder bolts past a Lake City defender and cuts to a hole created by Cody Brown %28%2352%29 and the rest of the Stewartville line%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4400 = ""; var BylineEmail_4400 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4400 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4400 = "400"; var Filename_4401 = "319%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4401 = "Venzke%2FYork block"; var Caption_4401 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETigers Andrea Venzke %28left%29 and Stephanie York make a wall as the ball is blocked by York and drops on the Lake City court%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4401 = ""; var BylineEmail_4401 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4401 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4401 = "400"; var Filename_4402 = "318%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4402 = "Venzke pass"; var Caption_4402 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger Andrea Venzke makes a perfect pass to the setter at the net%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4402 = ""; var BylineEmail_4402 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4402 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4402 = "400"; var Filename_4403 = "317%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4403 = "Sperber jukes"; var Caption_4403 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger Shawna Sperber catches this Cotter defender flat%2Dfooted on a good juke to the goal%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4403 = ""; var BylineEmail_4403 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4403 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4403 = "400"; var Filename_4404 = "304%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4404 = "Busting thru the line"; var Caption_4404 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger fullback Bryan Schroeder busts through the line during Stewie%92s 42%2D41 win over Cotter%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4404 = ""; var BylineEmail_4404 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4404 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4404 = "400"; var Filename_4405 = "303%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4405 = "Breaking free"; var Caption_4405 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger halfback Zac Tuffly breaks into open field for a big ground gainer%2E Tuffly led Tiger rushers with 135 yards on 18 carries%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4405 = ""; var BylineEmail_4405 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4405 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4405 = "400"; var Filename_4406 = "302%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4406 = "Diving tackle"; var Caption_4406 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger linebacker Bryan Schroeder makes a diving tackle of the speedy Rambler ball carrier%2C Mike Sullivan%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4406 = ""; var BylineEmail_4406 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4406 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4406 = "400"; var Filename_4407 = "301%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4407 = "Sick spin move"; var Caption_4407 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger kick return specialist Jake Olson %28%231%29 comes out of a spin move that sheds Cotter tackler %28%239%29 and extends his run return during Stewie%92s 42%2D41 win over the Ramblers%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4407 = ""; var BylineEmail_4407 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4407 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4407 = "400"; var Filename_4408 = "298%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4408 = "9th grade volleyball champs"; var Caption_4408 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville ninth grade volleyball team captured the championship team title at the Stewie tourney on Sept%2E 15%2E Tiger team members are%2C seated%2C Katie Tweite %28left%29 and Beth Koster%2E Kneeling%2C from left%2C Kaylie Anderson%2C Christina Stanger%2C Danielle Degeus%2C Sammie Ristow%2C Kayla Thompson%2DWooner%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Kayla Lutteke%2C Rachel Beaver%2C Ashley Vance%2C Sam Jezeski%2C Allie Udenberg%2C Jessica Zent and Coach Pat Sobotta%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4408 = ""; var BylineEmail_4408 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4408 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4408 = "400"; var Filename_4409 = "297%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4409 = "Shot on goal"; var Caption_4409 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger forward Joel Venzke uses his speed and dribbling skills to ellude a Caledonia defender and clip off a quick shot%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4409 = ""; var BylineEmail_4409 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4409 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4409 = "400"; var Filename_4410 = "296%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4410 = "Back at ya%21"; var Caption_4410 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger blockers Andrea Venzke %28left%29 and Julie Rainey reject a Lancer kill attempt for an ace block%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4410 = ""; var BylineEmail_4410 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4410 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4410 = "400"; var Filename_4411 = "292%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4411 = "Its %22Rainey%22 Tiger points"; var Caption_4411 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger outside hitter Julie Rainey blisters a kill between two La Crescent blockers during Stewie%27s 3%2D0 sweep of the Lancers%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4411 = ""; var BylineEmail_4411 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4411 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4411 = "400"; var Filename_4412 = "289%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4412 = "Ostergard defends"; var Caption_4412 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger stopper Sam Ostergard intercepts a bouncing Caledonia send pass before clearing the ball%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4412 = ""; var BylineEmail_4412 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4412 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4412 = "400"; var Filename_4413 = "287%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4413 = "Hogan block"; var Caption_4413 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger middle hitter Andrea Hogan records one of her team%2Dhigh four ace blocks against La Crescent during Stewie%27s 3%2D0 sweep on Sept%2E 18%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4413 = ""; var BylineEmail_4413 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4413 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4413 = "400"; var Filename_4414 = "286%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4414 = "Cool control"; var Caption_4414 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger forward David Fritsch absorbs a bouncing pass and dribbles toward the Caledonia goal%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4414 = ""; var BylineEmail_4414 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4414 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4414 = "400"; var Filename_4415 = "278%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4415 = "Rejection"; var Caption_4415 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETigers Andrea Venzke %28left%29 and Erin Ness reject this Pine Island kill attempt at the net%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4415 = ""; var BylineEmail_4415 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4415 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4415 = "400"; var Filename_4416 = "277%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4416 = "Big block"; var Caption_4416 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETigers Kayla Uptagrafft %28left%29 and Andrea Hogan block a Pine Island hitter%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4416 = ""; var BylineEmail_4416 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4416 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4416 = "400"; var Filename_4417 = "276%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4417 = "Speed demon"; var Caption_4417 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger halfback Zac Tuffly is a blur as he blows by the Eagle end for big yardage%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4417 = ""; var BylineEmail_4417 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4417 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4417 = "400"; var Filename_4418 = "275%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4418 = "Crosscourt kill"; var Caption_4418 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger outside hitter Julie Rainey beats a single Panther blocker with a kill to the middle%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4418 = ""; var BylineEmail_4418 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4418 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4418 = "400"; var Filename_4419 = "274%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4419 = "Carter carry"; var Caption_4419 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger halfback Shane Carter fines a seam for a big run against Lourdes%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4419 = ""; var BylineEmail_4419 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4419 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4419 = "400"; var Filename_4420 = "273%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4420 = "Big hole"; var Caption_4420 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger halfback Shane Carter bolts through a huge hole created by the Stewie line%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4420 = ""; var BylineEmail_4420 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4420 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4420 = "400"; var Filename_4421 = "272%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4421 = "Linebacker tackle"; var Caption_4421 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger linebackers Bryan Schroeder %28%239%29 and Donnie Beddow %28%2315%29 tackle a Lourdes ball carrier%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4421 = ""; var BylineEmail_4421 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4421 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4421 = "400"; var Filename_4422 = "271%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4422 = "Schroeder lunge"; var Caption_4422 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger fullback Bryan Schroeder lunges for extra yardage against Lourdes%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4422 = ""; var BylineEmail_4422 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4422 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4422 = "400"; var Filename_4423 = "270%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4423 = "Schroeder lunge"; var Caption_4423 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger fullback Bryan Schroeder lunges for extra yardage against Lourdes%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4423 = ""; var BylineEmail_4423 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4423 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4423 = "400"; var Filename_4424 = "236%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4424 = "Forehand or forehead%3F"; var Caption_4424 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger number number two doubles player Sierra Haack drives an aggressive forehand smash at the net%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4424 = ""; var BylineEmail_4424 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4424 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4424 = "400"; var Filename_4425 = "232%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4425 = "Net aggression"; var Caption_4425 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger number number two doubles player Haley Pearson drives an aggressive forehand smash at the net%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4425 = ""; var BylineEmail_4425 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4425 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4425 = "400"; var Filename_4426 = "254%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4426 = "TD plunge"; var Caption_4426 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger halfback Shane Carter extends the ball over the goal line and gets a boost from tight end Matt Nielsen on this touchdown plunge%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4426 = ""; var BylineEmail_4426 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4426 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4426 = "400"; var Filename_4427 = "253%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4427 = "Maschoff mash"; var Caption_4427 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger linebacker Bryant Maschoff stuffs this Byron ball carrier for a loss%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4427 = ""; var BylineEmail_4427 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4427 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4427 = "400"; var Filename_4428 = "252%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4428 = "Ground gainer"; var Caption_4428 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger halfback Shane Carter gets outside behind a wall of blockers for a big ground gainer against Byron%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4428 = ""; var BylineEmail_4428 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4428 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4428 = "400"; var Filename_4429 = "251%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4429 = "Gang tackle"; var Caption_4429 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger d%2Dbacks Chris Richardson %28%233%29%2C Craig English %28%237%29 along with linebacker Shane Carter converge on a Byron ball carrier for a tackle%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4429 = ""; var BylineEmail_4429 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4429 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4429 = "400"; var Filename_4430 = "250%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4430 = "Nielsen reception"; var Caption_4430 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger tight end Matt Nielsen runs for several yards after one of his eight receptions that gained 161 yards against Byron%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4430 = ""; var BylineEmail_4430 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4430 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4430 = "400"; var Filename_4431 = "247%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4431 = "Fanton fake"; var Caption_4431 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger forward Shelby Fanton pulls the ball backward during her dribble to fake out a St%2E Charles defender%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4431 = ""; var BylineEmail_4431 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4431 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4431 = "400"; var Filename_4432 = "246%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4432 = "Boot the bouncer"; var Caption_4432 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger defender Teala Heddlesten beats a St%2E Charles midfielder by booting a bouncing pass downfield%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4432 = ""; var BylineEmail_4432 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4432 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4432 = "400"; var Filename_4433 = "245%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4433 = "Berg%27s hat trick"; var Caption_4433 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger forward Mal Berg beats a charging Saints goalkeeper with a shot to the far corner of the net for a Stewie goal%2E It was Berg%27s third goal of the game%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4433 = ""; var BylineEmail_4433 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4433 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4433 = "400"; var Filename_4434 = "244%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4434 = "Hustle pays"; var Caption_4434 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger midfielder Maria Gehling hustles and beats a St%2E Charles defender to the ball during Stewie%27s 5%2D1 win%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4434 = ""; var BylineEmail_4434 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4434 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4434 = "400"; var Filename_4435 = "237%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4435 = "Bear blockade"; var Caption_4435 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger blockers Kayla Uptagrafft %28left%29 and Andrea Venzke snuff a Byron kill attempt during Stewie%27s 3%2D1 win on Sep%2E 4%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4435 = ""; var BylineEmail_4435 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4435 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4435 = "400"; var Filename_4436 = "243%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4436 = "Powerball"; var Caption_4436 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger outside hitter Andrea Venzke blasts a power drive through two Byron blockers for a point in Stewie%27s 3%2D1 win over the Bears%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4436 = ""; var BylineEmail_4436 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4436 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4436 = "400"; var Filename_4437 = "241%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4437 = "Pounding out points"; var Caption_4437 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger outside hitter Erin Ness splits two Byron blockers for a point in Stewie%27s 3%2D1 over Byron%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4437 = ""; var BylineEmail_4437 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4437 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4437 = "400"; var Filename_4438 = "240%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4438 = "Kayla%27s kill"; var Caption_4438 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger outside hitter Kayla Uptagrafft skies up and over the net to get top spin on the kill against Byron%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4438 = ""; var BylineEmail_4438 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4438 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4438 = "400"; var Filename_4439 = "239%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4439 = "Driving tip"; var Caption_4439 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger outside hitter Julie Rainey drives this tip to the back corner for a point in Stewie%27s 3%2D1 win over Byron%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4439 = ""; var BylineEmail_4439 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4439 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4439 = "400"; var Filename_4440 = "238%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4440 = "Driving lane"; var Caption_4440 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger outside hitter Erin Ness drives the ball outside a Byron blocker for a kill in an undefended lane%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4440 = ""; var BylineEmail_4440 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4440 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4440 = "400"; var Filename_4441 = "233%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4441 = "Poised for a point"; var Caption_4441 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger number two doubles player Sam Beck lifts a low volley while playing aggressively at the net%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4441 = ""; var BylineEmail_4441 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4441 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4441 = "400"; var Filename_4442 = "234%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4442 = "Rio rocket"; var Caption_4442 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger number one doubles player Rio Haack%2C playing at the net%2C pops a quick overhand volley back at her Le Center opponent for a Tiger point%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4442 = ""; var BylineEmail_4442 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4442 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4442 = "400"; var Filename_4443 = "231%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4443 = "Lunging forehand"; var Caption_4443 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3E%0D%0ATiger number two singles player Hannah Bardwell returns this aggressive volley at the net with a lunging reach%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4443 = ""; var BylineEmail_4443 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4443 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4443 = "400"; var Filename_4444 = "227%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4444 = "Sperber charges net"; var Caption_4444 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger midfielder Shawna Sperber races to beat a DE defender for a rush on goal%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4444 = ""; var BylineEmail_4444 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4444 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4444 = "400"; var Filename_4445 = "226%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4445 = "Fanton cross pass"; var Caption_4445 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger forward Shelby Fanton hustles to cross pass the ball to the center of the field before it goes out of bounds%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4445 = ""; var BylineEmail_4445 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4445 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4445 = "400"; var Filename_4446 = "225%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4446 = "Twohey leads the pack"; var Caption_4446 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EEric Twohey leads a pack out of the woods during the boys varsity 5K race at the Stewie Invite on Aug%2E 30%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4446 = ""; var BylineEmail_4446 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4446 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4446 = "400"; var Filename_4447 = "224%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4447 = "Orte corners"; var Caption_4447 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EMichael Orte passes and corners on the 5K course of the boys varsity race at the Stewie Invite%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4447 = ""; var BylineEmail_4447 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4447 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4447 = "400"; var Filename_4448 = "223%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4448 = "Irlbeck leads Tiger girls"; var Caption_4448 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EWendi Irlbeck passes a Blooming Prairie runner on the inside with 800m remaining in the girls varsity 4K race at the Stewie Invite on Aug%2E 30%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4448 = ""; var BylineEmail_4448 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4448 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4448 = "400"; var Filename_4449 = "222%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4449 = "Hanson leads Tiger boys"; var Caption_4449 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ENumber one Tiger runner Cole Hanson leads a pack out of the wooded portion of the varsity boys 5K race at the Stewartville Invite%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4449 = ""; var BylineEmail_4449 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4449 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4449 = "400"; var Filename_4450 = "221%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4450 = "Geerdes runs at Stewie Invite"; var Caption_4450 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EBrittany Geerdes pulls away from a pack of runners at the Stewie Invite on Aug%2E 30%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4450 = ""; var BylineEmail_4450 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4450 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4450 = "400"; var Filename_4451 = "220%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4451 = "Bisbee strong stride"; var Caption_4451 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EMolly Bisbee %28top right%29 displays a strong stride with 800 meters remaining the girls varsity 4K race at the Stewie Invite%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4451 = ""; var BylineEmail_4451 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4451 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4451 = "400"; var Filename_4452 = "212%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4452 = "National wrestling tourney"; var Caption_4452 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EStewartville wrestlers%2C from left%2C Nate Goeldi%2C Eric Nelson and Brett Stolarzyk participated in the USA Wrestling Kids Greco and Freestyle National Championships in Green Bay%2C Wisconsin on July 5%2D8%2E Goeldi claimed sixth in both freestyle and Greco styles%2C while Stolarzyk captured third in Greco and fourth in Freestyle%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4452 = ""; var BylineEmail_4452 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4452 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4452 = "400"; var Filename_4453 = "211%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4453 = "Summer wrestling"; var Caption_4453 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3Eerrod Kuisle%2C right%2C participated in USA Wrestling Junior%2F Cadet Freestyle Nationals in Fargo%2C ND on July 23%2D27%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4453 = ""; var BylineEmail_4453 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4453 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4453 = "400"; var Filename_4454 = "210%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4454 = "Fritsch is fast%21%21"; var Caption_4454 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger midfielder David Fritsch beats a defender with his long stride before breaking free for a first%2Dhalf goal in Stewie%92s 2%2D1 win over Red Wing%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4454 = ""; var BylineEmail_4454 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4454 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4454 = "400"; var Filename_4455 = "209%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4455 = "Sky King"; var Caption_4455 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger stopper Brandon King jumps high in the sky on this header against Red Wing in Stewie%27s 2%2D1 win%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4455 = ""; var BylineEmail_4455 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4455 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4455 = "400"; var Filename_4456 = "208%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4456 = "Carter sticks"; var Caption_4456 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger linebacker Shane Carter steps up%2C filling the gap and stuffs this Winhawk ball caarrier at the line of scrimmage%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4456 = ""; var BylineEmail_4456 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4456 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4456 = "400"; var Filename_4457 = "207%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4457 = "Craven%2C %22Never more%22"; var Caption_4457 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger conerback Collin Craven squares and stays low for a textbook open field tackle against the Winona Winhawks%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4457 = ""; var BylineEmail_4457 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4457 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4457 = "400"; var Filename_4458 = "206%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4458 = "Circus catch"; var Caption_4458 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger receiver Craig English makes a fingertip snag near the endzone%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4458 = ""; var BylineEmail_4458 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4458 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4458 = "400"; var Filename_4459 = "205%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4459 = "Tuff tackle"; var Caption_4459 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger d%2Dbacks Zac Tuffly%2C tackling low and Craig English%2C tackling high%2C crush this Red Wing ball carrier%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4459 = ""; var BylineEmail_4459 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4459 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4459 = "400"; var Filename_4460 = "204%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4460 = "Tiger gang tackle"; var Caption_4460 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ESeveral members of the Stewartville defense smother this Winona Winhawk ball carrier%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4460 = ""; var BylineEmail_4460 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4460 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4460 = "400"; var Filename_4461 = "203%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4461 = "Gisler YAC"; var Caption_4461 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger receiver Tom Gisler fights for Yards After Catch %28YAC%29 after a 20%2Dyard connection from quarterback Donnie Beddow%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4461 = ""; var BylineEmail_4461 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4461 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4461 = "400"; var Filename_4462 = "202%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4462 = "Stolarzyk breaks free"; var Caption_4462 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger fullback Danny Stolarzyk breaks free through the Winona defensive line for a big ground gainer%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4462 = ""; var BylineEmail_4462 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4462 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4462 = "400"; var Filename_4463 = "201%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4463 = "Tuffly carries"; var Caption_4463 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger halfback Zac Tuffly gets a block from fullback Bryan Schroeder and turns it up field for a big ground gainer%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4463 = ""; var BylineEmail_4463 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4463 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4463 = "400"; var Filename_4464 = "191%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4464 = "Lehman leads fishing contest"; var Caption_4464 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe 44th Annual Vilas County Muskie Marathon continues through Nov%2E 30 in Eagle River%2C Wis%2E Pictured above is Tristan Lehman of Stewartville holding his 36 inch muskie caught in late May%2E The catch puts Tristan in second place in the Junior Released Division%2C open to ages 15 and under%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4464 = ""; var BylineEmail_4464 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4464 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4464 = "400"; var Filename_4465 = "190%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4465 = "Salmon fisherman"; var Caption_4465 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EA trip to Two Rivers%2C Wis%2E on Aug%2E 11%2D12 proved bountiful for two local men and their friends%2E Pictured left to right with their catches are Greg Thompson of Rochester%2C Warren Clark and Rich Rowley%2C both of Stewartville%2C and Carl Thompson of Wazeca%2C Wis%2E They caught 29 salmon and one brown trout while fishing on Lake Michigan%2E All but three salmon weighed from 14%2D18 lbs%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4465 = ""; var BylineEmail_4465 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4465 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4465 = "400"; var Filename_4466 = "189%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4466 = "10u baseball is 3rd place"; var Caption_4466 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EStewartville%92s 10U baseball team captured third place in the eight%2Dteam Lake City tournament on July 28%2E Team members include%2C kneeling from left%2C Max Runkle%2C Brody Herman%2C Logan Heintz and Sam Woods%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Nathan Johnson %28batboy%29%2C Kailen McGuire%2C Kyle Bartelt%2C Dalton Heintz%2C Garret Nosbisch%2C Nathan Abbott%2C Lucas Ellerbusch%2C Jordan Johnson and Blake Ellerbusch %28bat boy%29%2E In the back%2C from left%2C are coaches Bryan Runkle%2C Todd Ellerbusch and Kent Johnson%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4466 = ""; var BylineEmail_4466 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4466 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4466 = "400"; var Filename_4467 = "188%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4467 = "10u hot dog champs"; var Caption_4467 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville 10U baseball team captured the hot dog eating contest trophy at the Rolling Stone tournament on July 15%2E With help from two Stewartville 12U baseball teams%2C the players and their fans ate over 150 hot dogs%2E The Stewartville 10U team members include%2C kneeling%2C from left%2C Brandon Hoff%2C Dalton Heintz%2C Cody Bakken%2C Tanner Prochaska%2C Sam Woods%2C Max Runkle and Blake Ellerbusch %28batboy%29%3B back from left%3A Brody Herman%2C Lucas Ellerbusch%2C Jordan Johnson%2C Nathan Abbott%2C Garret Nosbisch%2C Logan Heintz and Kyle Bartelt%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4467 = ""; var BylineEmail_4467 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4467 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4467 = "400"; var Filename_4468 = "169%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4468 = "Koster tags at plate"; var Caption_4468 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EStrikers Corner catcher Ben Koster snares the relay home%2C blocks the plate with his leg and and whirls around for the tag on this Farmington%2C Wis%2E base runner for an out during the second round of the ASA 23U National Championships in Mankato on Aug%2E 4%2D5%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4468 = "photo by Sport PiX photographer Evan Meyer"; var BylineEmail_4468 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4468 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4468 = "400"; var Filename_4469 = "168%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4469 = "Strikers runner%2Dup in nation"; var Caption_4469 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Striker%92s Corner 23U fast pitch softball team captured the runner%2Dup title at the American Softball Association National Championships in Mankato on Aug%2E 4%2D5%2E Team members include%2C kneeling%2C from left%2C Trevor Helder%2C John Kelly%2C Ben Koster%2C Nate Chihak%2C Trevor Wiles%2C Mike Higgins%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Ben Ouhlman%2C Tyler Linbo%2C Jamie Maxwell%2C Lance Kafka%2C Jared Bushman%2C Pat Hovda%2C Ryan Scheevel%2C Richard Eickhoff%2C Andy Larson%2C Coach Ron Koster%2E%0D%0A%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4469 = "photo courtesy of Sports Pix"; var BylineEmail_4469 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4469 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4469 = "400"; var Filename_4470 = "167%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4470 = "Mike Higgins relay from third"; var Caption_4470 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EStrikers Corner third baseman Mike Higgins charges%2C fields and relays to first over ducking pitcher John Kelly for an out in second round action at the national championship tourney%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4470 = "photo by Sport PiX photographer Evan Meyer"; var BylineEmail_4470 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4470 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4470 = "400"; var Filename_4471 = "165%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4471 = "Tyler Linbo bunts"; var Caption_4471 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETyler Linbo keeps the bat perfectly parallel as he squares to lay down a bunt during first round national tournament action against Young Guns of Missouri%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4471 = "photo by Sport PiX photographer Evan Meyer"; var BylineEmail_4471 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4471 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4471 = "400"; var Filename_4472 = "164%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4472 = "Strikers%27 pitcher John Kelly"; var Caption_4472 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EStrikers Corner pitcher John Kelly %28above photo%29 winds up before cranking off a high heater during the title game against Weggy%92s at the ASA 23U National Championships on Aug%2E 4%2D5%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4472 = "photo by Sport PiX photographer Bridget Fowler"; var BylineEmail_4472 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4472 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4472 = "400"; var Filename_4473 = "163%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4473 = "Runner%2Dup trophy"; var Caption_4473 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ECoach Ron %93PeeWee%94 Koster %28above%2C middle%29 proudly displays Stewartville%92s Strikers Corner%92s team trophy and individual medals won for their runner%2Dup finish at the ASA 23U National Championships%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4473 = ""; var BylineEmail_4473 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4473 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4473 = "400"; var Filename_4474 = "154%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4474 = "Stacy Dahl backstroke"; var Caption_4474 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EStacy Dahl cuts through the water doing the backstroke%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4474 = ""; var BylineEmail_4474 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4474 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4474 = "400"; var Filename_4475 = "153%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4475 = "Sierra Flottum inward"; var Caption_4475 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ESierra Flottum comes out of her tuck on an inward dive%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4475 = ""; var BylineEmail_4475 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4475 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4475 = "400"; var Filename_4476 = "151%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4476 = "Mariah Terhaar freestyle"; var Caption_4476 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EMariah Terhaar breathes and reaches doing the freestyle%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4476 = ""; var BylineEmail_4476 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4476 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4476 = "400"; var Filename_4477 = "150%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4477 = "Jessica Zent butterfly"; var Caption_4477 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EJessica Zent explodes from the water%27s surface in the fly%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4477 = ""; var BylineEmail_4477 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4477 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4477 = "400"; var Filename_4478 = "149%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4478 = "Dahl%27s back flip"; var Caption_4478 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EJesse Dahl got an extra revolution on this back flip attempt making a big splash%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4478 = ""; var BylineEmail_4478 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4478 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4478 = "400"; var Filename_4479 = "144%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4479 = "Olson straight bar curls"; var Caption_4479 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EJake Olson builds his biceps working his arms with straight bar curls%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4479 = ""; var BylineEmail_4479 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4479 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4479 = "400"; var Filename_4480 = "145%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4480 = "Schroeder back extensions"; var Caption_4480 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EBryan Schroeder builds power and speed doing back extensions with a 50%2Dpound plate%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4480 = ""; var BylineEmail_4480 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4480 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4480 = "400"; var Filename_4481 = "143%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4481 = "Nielsen power cleans"; var Caption_4481 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EMatt Nielsen works out doing power cleans%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4481 = ""; var BylineEmail_4481 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4481 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4481 = "400"; var Filename_4482 = "141%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4482 = "Gehling bench press"; var Caption_4482 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EPaul Gehling works out doing the bench press with about 250%2Dplus pounds on the bar%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4482 = ""; var BylineEmail_4482 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4482 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4482 = "400"; var Filename_4483 = "140%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4483 = "Carter dumb bell curls"; var Caption_4483 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EShane Carter builds his biceps with dumb bell curls%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4483 = ""; var BylineEmail_4483 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4483 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4483 = "400"; var Filename_4484 = "139%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4484 = "Brown straight bar curl"; var Caption_4484 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ECody Brown executes straight bar curls%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4484 = ""; var BylineEmail_4484 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4484 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4484 = "400"; var Filename_4485 = "137%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4485 = "Fishing frenzy%21%21"; var Caption_4485 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ESix Stewartville fishermen voyaged to Sheboygan%2C Wis%2E to fish Lake Michigan on July 12%2D13%2E The local anglers returned to Stewie with quite a haul%2C catching 65 fish in two days%2E Pictured from left are Darryl Irlbeck%2C Sam Johnson%2C Steve Johnson %28kneeling%29%2C Steve Miranda %28kneeling%29 Marc Irlbeck%2C Jon Miranda%2C who pose with the some of the fish they caught%2C including coho and chinook salmon%2C lake and rainbow trout%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4485 = ""; var BylineEmail_4485 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4485 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4485 = "400"; var Filename_4486 = "135%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4486 = "Cadet wrestling national regional"; var Caption_4486 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThree Stewartville youth wrestlers recently qualified individually for the Northern Plains Regional Nationals Cadet Championships in Waterloo%2C Ia%2E Pictured%2C from left%2C Brett Stolarzyk%2C Eric Nelson%2C Nate Goeldi%2C each qualified by placing in the top six of their age%2Fweight class in Minnesota%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4486 = ""; var BylineEmail_4486 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4486 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4486 = "400"; var Filename_4487 = "134%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4487 = "5th grade girls hoops"; var Caption_4487 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville fifth grade girls traveling basketball team won the consolation champion at the Pacesetter State Tournament on July 15%2E Seated from left%2C Jessica Twohey %28left%29%2C Lindsay Bergeson%2E Kneeling from left%2C Breanna Smith%2C Jesselynn Speer%2C Jessica Rosenblad%2E Standing from left%2C coach Theresa Twohey%2C Ashley Eberle%2C Libby Lee%2C Jacqui Dodd%2C Mackenzie Olsen%2C coach Dawn Miller%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4487 = ""; var BylineEmail_4487 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4487 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4487 = "400"; var Filename_4488 = "133%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4488 = "12U baseball claims third"; var Caption_4488 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville 12U baseball team captured third place at the Shelby%2C Wis%2E tournament on July 21%2C winning their first three games before losing in the semi finals%2E Team members are front row%2C from left%2C Bailey Herman%2C Casey Swanton%2C Justin Zabinski%2C Conner Paulson%2C Jack Swanton%2C Zach Hickman %28bat boy%29%2E Second row%2C from left%2C Isaac Kruse%2C Noah Johnson%2C Cody Stanger%2C Tyler Hickman%2E Coaches from left are%2C Joey Johnson%2C John Hickman%2C Ian Swanton%2E Not pictured%3A Alex Sperber %26 Josh Nordine%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4488 = ""; var BylineEmail_4488 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4488 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4488 = "400"; var Filename_4489 = "123%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4489 = "Schaefer sweeps"; var Caption_4489 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ERunning back Ryan Schaefer%2C lower center photo%2C turns the corner%2C outrunning a Belle Plaine tackler on a sweep play%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4489 = ""; var BylineEmail_4489 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4489 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4489 = "400"; var Filename_4490 = "122%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4490 = "Richardson open field tackle"; var Caption_4490 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger corner back Chris Richardson%2C lower left photo%2C makes a great open field tackle on a Plainview receiver after a quick pass in the flat%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4490 = ""; var BylineEmail_4490 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4490 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4490 = "400"; var Filename_4491 = "121%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4491 = "Olson catch in open field"; var Caption_4491 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ESpeedy receiver Jake Olson makes the grab in the flat and bursts into the open field against Altoona%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4491 = ""; var BylineEmail_4491 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4491 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4491 = "400"; var Filename_4492 = "120%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4492 = "Nielsen TD catch"; var Caption_4492 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETight end Matt Nielsen is wide open for a touchdown pass against Plainview%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4492 = ""; var BylineEmail_4492 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4492 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4492 = "400"; var Filename_4493 = "119%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4493 = "English sticks running back"; var Caption_4493 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EA gang of Tiger tacklers are led by Craig English%2C who drives this Altoona%2C Wis%2E ball carrier backward%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4493 = ""; var BylineEmail_4493 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4493 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4493 = "400"; var Filename_4494 = "118%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4494 = "Carter stiff arm"; var Caption_4494 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger running back Shane Carter cuts outside following a lead block and eludes a Belle Plaine defender with a stiff arm%2C during scrimmage action at the Winona State Team Football camp last week%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4494 = ""; var BylineEmail_4494 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4494 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4494 = "400"; var Filename_4495 = "116%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4495 = "8th%2D9th indiv%2E"; var Caption_4495 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EEighth and ninth individual winners%2C from left%2C Jason Robey%2C free throw champ%3B Isaac Tapp%2C dribble champ%2C defensive champ%2C hotshot champ%2C three%2Dpoint champ%3B Jon Preszler%2C one%2Don%2Done champ%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4495 = ""; var BylineEmail_4495 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4495 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4495 = "400"; var Filename_4496 = "115%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4496 = "8th%2D9th%2C 3 on 3"; var Caption_4496 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EEighth and ninth three%2Don%2Dthree champs%2C from left%2C Warren Lawrenz%2C Jon Preszler%2C Trevor Dale%2C Ben Vaupel%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4496 = ""; var BylineEmail_4496 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4496 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4496 = "400"; var Filename_4497 = "114%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4497 = "6th%2D7th indiv%2E"; var Caption_4497 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ESixth and seventh individual winners%2C from left%2C Alex Sperber%2C hotshot champ%2C three%2Dpoint champ%3B Will Gisler%2C dribble champ%2C free throw champ%2C one%2Don%2Done champ%3B Matthew Terhaar%2C defensive champ%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4497 = ""; var BylineEmail_4497 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4497 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4497 = "400"; var Filename_4498 = "113%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4498 = "6th%2D7th indiv%2E"; var Caption_4498 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ESixth and seventh individual winners%2C from left%2C Alex Sperber%2C hotshot champ%2C three%2Dpoint champ%3B Will Gisler%2C dribble champ%2C free throw champ%2C one%2Don%2Done champ%3B Matthew Terhaar%2C defensive champ%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4498 = ""; var BylineEmail_4498 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4498 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4498 = "400"; var Filename_4499 = "112%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4499 = "6th%2D7th%2C 3 on 3"; var Caption_4499 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ESixth and seventh three%2Don%2Dthree champs%2C from left%2C Jason Danielson%2C Will Gisler%2C Justin Zabinski%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4499 = ""; var BylineEmail_4499 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4499 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4499 = "400"; var Filename_4500 = "111%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4500 = "4th%2D5th indiv%2E"; var Caption_4500 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EFourth and fifth individual winners%2C from left%2C Gunnar Faupel%2C defensive champ%3B Kailen McGuire%2C free throw%2C three%2Dpoint champ%3B Garret Nosbisch%2C dribble champ%3B Moses Hettinger%2C hotshot%2C one%2Don%2Done champ%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4500 = ""; var BylineEmail_4500 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4500 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4500 = "400"; var Filename_4501 = "110%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4501 = "4th%2D5th indiv%2E"; var Caption_4501 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EFourth and fifth individual winners%2C from left%2C Gunnar Faupel%2C defensive champ%3B Kailen McGuire%2C free throw%2C three%2Dpoint champ%3B Garret Nosbisch%2C dribble champ%3B Moses Hettinger%2C hotshot%2C one%2Don%2Done champ%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4501 = ""; var BylineEmail_4501 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4501 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4501 = "400"; var Filename_4502 = "109%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4502 = "4th%2D5th%2C 3 on 3"; var Caption_4502 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EFourth and fifth three%2Don%2Dthree champs%2C from left%2C Gunnar Faupel%2C Kailen McGuire%2C Garret Nosbisch%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4502 = ""; var BylineEmail_4502 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4502 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4502 = "400"; var Filename_4503 = "108%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4503 = "hoops camp5"; var Caption_4503 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EPaul Trisko heaves a quick chest pass during a passing drill at hoops camp%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4503 = ""; var BylineEmail_4503 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4503 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4503 = "400"; var Filename_4504 = "107%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4504 = "hoops camp4"; var Caption_4504 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EJordan Lemanski pops a wide ope three%2Dpoint shot during hoops camp%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4504 = ""; var BylineEmail_4504 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4504 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4504 = "400"; var Filename_4505 = "106%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4505 = "hoops camp3"; var Caption_4505 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EWill Gisler drives the lane for a bucket beating defender Aaron Simmons%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4505 = ""; var BylineEmail_4505 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4505 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4505 = "400"; var Filename_4506 = "105%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4506 = "hoops camp2"; var Caption_4506 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETyler Hickman eyes a teammate before making a pass in the lane%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4506 = ""; var BylineEmail_4506 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4506 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4506 = "400"; var Filename_4507 = "104%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4507 = "hoops camp1"; var Caption_4507 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EAlex Sperber and Justin Thompson battle for a rebound at hoops camp%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4507 = ""; var BylineEmail_4507 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4507 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4507 = "400"; var Filename_4508 = "95%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4508 = "Stewartville Fun Run"; var Caption_4508 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThere were 219 three%2Dmilers and 153 five%2Dmilers who raced in the Stewartville Fun Run on July 4th%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4508 = ""; var BylineEmail_4508 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4508 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4508 = "400"; var Filename_4509 = "67%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4509 = "SYAA softball4"; var Caption_4509 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EKrista Kenning gulps down liquids before batting%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4509 = ""; var BylineEmail_4509 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4509 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4509 = "400"; var Filename_4510 = "70%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4510 = "SYAA softball9"; var Caption_4510 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ELindsay Bergeson %28left%29%2C Claire Zimny %28center%29 and Courtney McGill made sure they got plenty of fluids playing SYAA softball on a sweltering hot day%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4510 = ""; var BylineEmail_4510 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4510 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4510 = "400"; var Filename_4511 = "73%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4511 = "SYAA softball11"; var Caption_4511 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ESidney Quackenbush reaches to snare a line drive at third base during SYAA softball action%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4511 = ""; var BylineEmail_4511 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4511 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4511 = "400"; var Filename_4512 = "72%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4512 = "SYAA softball10"; var Caption_4512 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ERichelle Bleifus belts a big hit for a single up the middle during SYAA softball action%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4512 = ""; var BylineEmail_4512 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4512 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4512 = "400"; var Filename_4513 = "71%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4513 = "SYAA softball1"; var Caption_4513 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EMariah Mrotek drives a high fastball over the infielders during SYAA action%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4513 = ""; var BylineEmail_4513 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4513 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4513 = "400"; var Filename_4514 = "69%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4514 = "SYAA softball8"; var Caption_4514 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ELindsay Bergeson drives the ball into the dirt and beats the throw to first for an infield single%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4514 = ""; var BylineEmail_4514 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4514 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4514 = "400"; var Filename_4515 = "68%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4515 = "SYAA softball7"; var Caption_4515 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ELibby Lee cranks the ball to the right%2Dcenter field gap during SYAA action%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4515 = ""; var BylineEmail_4515 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4515 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4515 = "400"; var Filename_4516 = "66%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4516 = "SYAA softball6"; var Caption_4516 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EJessica Twohey rifles the relay for the force out a first during SYAA action%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4516 = ""; var BylineEmail_4516 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4516 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4516 = "400"; var Filename_4517 = "64%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4517 = "SYAA softball3"; var Caption_4517 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EClaire Zimny makes contact and drives the ball during SYAA softball action%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4517 = ""; var BylineEmail_4517 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4517 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4517 = "400"; var Filename_4518 = "63%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4518 = "SYAA softball2"; var Caption_4518 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EBrittany Miller bare hands a slow roller while playing SYAA softball%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4518 = ""; var BylineEmail_4518 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4518 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4518 = "400"; var Filename_4519 = "44%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4519 = "Girls subsection golf"; var Caption_4519 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EGirls win subsection golf tournament%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4519 = ""; var BylineEmail_4519 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4519 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4519 = "400"; var Filename_4520 = "43%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4520 = "Boys subsection golf"; var Caption_4520 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EBoys win subsection golf tournament%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4520 = ""; var BylineEmail_4520 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4520 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4520 = "400"; var Filename_4521 = "41%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4521 = "basketball camp1"; var Caption_4521 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ENew Tiger head coach Hannah Calhoun positions the hand and elbow of shooter Marissa Reinartz at a skills station during girls youth basketball camp on June 14%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4521 = ""; var BylineEmail_4521 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4521 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4521 = "400"; var Filename_4522 = "40%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4522 = "basketball camp2"; var Caption_4522 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EMegan Amos executes the proper technique on a layup at a skills station during girls youth basketball camp%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4522 = ""; var BylineEmail_4522 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4522 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4522 = "400"; var Filename_4523 = "39%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4523 = "basketball camp3"; var Caption_4523 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger coach Hannah Calhoun watches Jordyn Danielson %28left%29 bounce pass and Rachel Schwalbach chest pass at a skills station during girls youth basketball camp for grades 2%2D4%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4523 = ""; var BylineEmail_4523 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4523 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4523 = "400"; var Filename_4524 = "38%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4524 = "basketball camp5"; var Caption_4524 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EKara O%27Byrne %28right%29 executes a bounce pass as Julianne Waugh delivers a chest pass at a skills station during girls basketball camp%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4524 = ""; var BylineEmail_4524 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4524 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4524 = "400"; var Filename_4525 = "36%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4525 = "basketball camp4"; var Caption_4525 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ENew SHS girls basketball coach Hannah Calhoun demonstrates the proper passing technique to Marissa Reinartz and Laura Eberle %28foreground%29 at summer youth girls basketball camp on June 14%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4525 = ""; var BylineEmail_4525 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4525 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4525 = "400"; var Filename_4526 = "33%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4526 = "Stewartville%27s 13U baseball team"; var Caption_4526 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EStewartville%27s 13U baseball team captured first place in the first annual%0D%0A13U Stewartville tournament on June 9th%2E In the round robin tournament%2C Stewartville defeated teams from Plainview%2C Chatfield%2C Spring Grove and%0D%0AStewartville%2E%0D%0A%0D%0AKneeling in photo%3A Ryne Prochaska%2C Josh Dodd%2C Warren Lawrenz%2C Tyler%0D%0ASchmitz%2C Ben Vaupel%2C Aaron Simmons%0D%0A%0D%0AStanding%3A Coach Mike Prochaska%2C Robbie Campbell%2C Peter Elton%2C Shane Mlenar%2C%0D%0ASam Quackenbush%2C Brady Gross%2C Coach Dan Mlenar%0D%0A%0D%0A%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4526 = "Teri Simmons"; var BylineEmail_4526 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4526 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4526 = "400";
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