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var PhotoWidth_3870 = "400"; var Filename_3871 = "3169%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3871 = "ten%2Dlawrence return"; var Caption_3871 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EWarren Lawrenz returns a high baseline volley on the number two singles court%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3871 = ""; var BylineEmail_3871 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3871 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3871 = "400"; var Filename_3872 = "3168%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3872 = "ten%2Dhogan charges"; var Caption_3872 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3Een Hogan charges for a volley on the number one doubles court%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3872 = ""; var BylineEmail_3872 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3872 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3872 = "400"; var Filename_3873 = "3167%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3873 = "ten%2Dsaller forehand"; var Caption_3873 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EAndriy Saller charges the net and lunges for a volley%2C scoring on this forehand return on the number four singles court%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3873 = ""; var BylineEmail_3873 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3873 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3873 = "400"; var Filename_3874 = "3166%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3874 = "ten%2Dabbott serves"; var Caption_3874 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ENeal Abbott cranks a wicked serve on the number one singles court%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3874 = ""; var BylineEmail_3874 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3874 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3874 = "400"; var Filename_3875 = "3163%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3875 = "pitch hit run winners"; var Caption_3875 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville Diamond Club sponsored the Aquafina Pitch%2C Hit and Run competition on May 15 at the SHS baseball%2Fsoftball complex%2E This national initiative gives boys and girls ages 7%2D14 the chance to showcase their pitching%2C hitting and running abilities%2E Age group winners qualify for the sectional competition on May 22 in Webster%2C Minnesota%2E Local winners included%2C in front%2C Bennett Gross %28left%29%2C Aiyana Herman %28on rock%29%2C Taylor Smith%2E Back row%2C from left%2C Andrew Simmons%2C Bailey Herman%2C Josh Buri %28on rock%29%2C Cait Hughes%2C Brody Herman%2C Caleb Jones%2E Local champs included%2C Josh Buri %28age 7%2D8%29%2C Ariaya Herman %289%2D10%29%2C Andrew Simmons %2811%2D12%29%2C Taylor Smith %2811%2D12%29%2C Brody Herman %2813%2D14%29%2C Bailey Herman %2813%2D14%29%2C Cait Hughes %2813%2D14%29%2E Skills champs was Bennett Gross %287%2D8%29%2E Pitch champ was Caleb Jones %287%2D8%29%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3875 = ""; var BylineEmail_3875 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3875 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3875 = "400"; var Filename_3876 = "3158%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3876 = "bb%2DDCC champs"; var Caption_3876 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville baseball team won the Diamond Club Classic tournament in Stewartville on May 14%2E Tiger team members include%2C kneeling%2C from left%2C Josh Elliott%2C Shane Mlenar%2C Travis Pries%2C Sam Quackenbush%2C Tyler Schmitz%2C Robby Campbell%2C Sean Hohmeister%2C Cody Digre%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Coach Dan Simmons%2C Justin Lonien%2C Brady Gross%2C Steve Jezeski%2C Kyle Augustin%2C Alex Hain%2C Aaron Simmons%2C Jake Schwalbach%2C Coach Mark Schmitz%2C Zach Hatcher%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3876 = ""; var BylineEmail_3876 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3876 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3876 = "400"; var Filename_3877 = "3145%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3877 = "gg%2Dsteinman out of sand"; var Caption_3877 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EAudrey Steinman blasts out of the sand trap%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3877 = ""; var BylineEmail_3877 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3877 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3877 = "400"; var Filename_3878 = "3144%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3878 = "gg%2Dolsen putts"; var Caption_3878 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EMackenzie Olsen drains this 30%2Dfoot putt for par%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3878 = ""; var BylineEmail_3878 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3878 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3878 = "400"; var Filename_3879 = "3143%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3879 = "gg%2Dhonsey chips over water"; var Caption_3879 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EBlair Honsey chips over a water hazard%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3879 = ""; var BylineEmail_3879 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3879 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3879 = "400"; var Filename_3880 = "3142%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3880 = "gg%2Dbestor putt"; var Caption_3880 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETaylor Bestor watches her 25%2Dfoot putt drop into the cup%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3880 = ""; var BylineEmail_3880 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3880 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3880 = "400"; var Filename_3881 = "3136%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3881 = "bg%2Dwellik chips in"; var Caption_3881 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETravis Wellik chipped in from 25 yards out with this wedge shot%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3881 = ""; var BylineEmail_3881 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3881 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3881 = "400"; var Filename_3882 = "3135%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3882 = "bg%2Drosenblad drives"; var Caption_3882 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EAustin Rosenblad eyes his long drive%2C executing textbook follow%2Dthrough form%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3882 = ""; var BylineEmail_3882 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3882 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3882 = "400"; var Filename_3883 = "3134%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3883 = "bg%2Dgrimm chips on green"; var Caption_3883 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EBrady Grimm pops a chip shot on the green%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3883 = ""; var BylineEmail_3883 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3883 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3883 = "400"; var Filename_3884 = "3131%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3884 = "ironwood turkey hunt"; var Caption_3884 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EJoe Peplinski of Pine Island displays the turkey he shot at the annual turkey hunt for the disabled near Ironwood Springs Christian Ranch on Saturday%2C April 24%2E Peplinski%92s bird weighed 25 pounds%2C had a 10 3%2F4%94 beard and 1 1%2F4%94 spikes%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3884 = ""; var BylineEmail_3884 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3884 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3884 = "400"; var Filename_3885 = "3125%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3885 = "jr high track"; var Caption_3885 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville Junior High track team competed in the DESC Invite meet on April 22%2E Here%2C Josh Rupprecht hands off to Zac Drees in the 4x200m%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3885 = ""; var BylineEmail_3885 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3885 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3885 = "400"; var Filename_3886 = "3122%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3886 = "gt%2Dscruggs pv vs Tiger Relays"; var Caption_3886 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EKatie Scruggs clears the pole vault bar set at 7%2D0 during the Tiger relays last week%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3886 = ""; var BylineEmail_3886 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3886 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3886 = "400"; var Filename_3887 = "3121%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3887 = "gt%2D4x100m vs Tiger Relays"; var Caption_3887 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EBrianna Buford hands off to Emily Tompkins in the 4x100m%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3887 = ""; var BylineEmail_3887 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3887 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3887 = "400"; var Filename_3888 = "3120%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3888 = "bt%2D4x100m vs Tiger Relays"; var Caption_3888 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ERodney Smith hands off to Braden Bentley in the 4x100m%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3888 = ""; var BylineEmail_3888 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3888 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3888 = "400"; var Filename_3889 = "3118%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3889 = "bb%2Dhohmeister get back vs HV"; var Caption_3889 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger base runner Sean Hohmeister dives safely back to first base on this Hayfield pickoff attempt%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3889 = ""; var BylineEmail_3889 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3889 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3889 = "400"; var Filename_3890 = "3117%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3890 = "bb%2Ddigre pickoff vs HV"; var Caption_3890 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger pitcher Cody Digre %28background%29 throws to first baseman Justin Lonien %28number 8%29 on this pickoff attempt of a Hayfield base runner during Stewie%92s 10%2D0 win%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3890 = ""; var BylineEmail_3890 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3890 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3890 = "400"; var Filename_3891 = "3110%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3891 = "vb%2D17 JO MSF champs"; var Caption_3891 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville JO 17 volleyball team captured the MSF State Championship on April 11 in Rochester%2E Team members include%2C kneeling%2C from left Brianna%0D%0ABehrens%2C Danielle DeGeus%2C Katie Tweite%2C Lisa Flynn%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Coach Mike Lester%2C Katie Bauman%2C Lindsay Blahnik%2C Lindsay Block%2C Sarah Schrandt%2C Kayla Lutteke%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3891 = ""; var BylineEmail_3891 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3891 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3891 = "400"; var Filename_3892 = "3109%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3892 = "vb%2D14blue JO champs"; var Caption_3892 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville 14 Blues JO volleyball team captured first place in the Minnesota State University Mankato JO Tournament April 17%2D18%2E Team members are%2C kneeling%2C from left%2C Jennifer Zabinski%2C Ally Dale%2C Stephanie Schmidt%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Coach Scott Willenborg%2C Maddie Hettinger%2C Ashley Eberle%2C Jessica Larson%2C Adriana Nelson%2DGross%2C Aiyana Leftbear%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3892 = ""; var BylineEmail_3892 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3892 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3892 = "400"; var Filename_3893 = "3108%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3893 = "vb%2D12 JO champs"; var Caption_3893 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville 12%2D1 JO Volleyball team captured first place at the National Volleyball Center ournament on April 17%2E Team members are%2C first row%2C from left%2C Mackayla Olsen%2C Megan Amos%2C Emily Branstad%2C Allison Schmitz%2C Karissa Kime%2E Second row%2C from left%2C Amanda O%27Connell%2C Erin Fischer%2C Callie Fischer%2C Tristan Altobelli%2C Tara Rogers%2E Missing coach Pat Sobotta%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3893 = ""; var BylineEmail_3893 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3893 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3893 = "400"; var Filename_3894 = "3100%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3894 = "gt%2DH Tapp%2DLJ"; var Caption_3894 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EHannah Tapp glides through the air%2C competing in the long jump at the Glenn Amundsen Invite%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3894 = ""; var BylineEmail_3894 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3894 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3894 = "400"; var Filename_3895 = "3099%2Eeps"; var PhotoTitle_3895 = "gt%2Dflynn discus"; var Caption_3895 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ELisa Flynn unleashes her discus throw%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3895 = ""; var BylineEmail_3895 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3895 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3895 = "400"; var Filename_3896 = "3097%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3896 = "bt%2Dschmidt shot"; var Caption_3896 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ECaleb Schmidt heaves the shot put during action at the Glenn Amundsen Invite in Stewie last week%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3896 = ""; var BylineEmail_3896 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3896 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3896 = "400"; var Filename_3897 = "3096%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3897 = "bt%2Djohnson high hurdles"; var Caption_3897 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EJesse Johnson competes in the 110m high hurdles%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3897 = ""; var BylineEmail_3897 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3897 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3897 = "400"; var Filename_3898 = "3095%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3898 = "bg%2Dterhaar chip shot"; var Caption_3898 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EMichael Terhaar pops his chip shot on the green during the Stewartville Invite%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3898 = ""; var BylineEmail_3898 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3898 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3898 = "400"; var Filename_3899 = "3094%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3899 = "bg%2Dgisler fairway iron"; var Caption_3899 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EJohn Gisler eyes his fairway iron shot%2C executing perfect follow%2Dthrough form%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3899 = ""; var BylineEmail_3899 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3899 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3899 = "400"; var Filename_3900 = "3092%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3900 = "vb%2D14 blue 2nd at MSF"; var Caption_3900 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville 14 Blues JO volleyball team captured second place in the MSF State Volleyball tournament on April 11%2E Team members are%2C kneeling%2C from left%2C Adriana Nelson%2DGross%2C Ally Dale%2C Jennifer Zabinski%2C Stephanie Schmidt%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Coach Scott Willenborg%2C Jessica Larson%2C Maddie Hettinger%2C Ashley Eberle%2C Aiyana Leftbear%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3900 = ""; var BylineEmail_3900 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3900 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3900 = "400"; var Filename_3901 = "3091%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3901 = "vb%2D13 green 2nd at MSF"; var Caption_3901 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville 13 Green volleyball team captured%0D%0Asecond place at the 2010 Minnesota Sports Federation State Championship tournament on April 10%2E Team members are%2C in front%2C Amanda Jaeger%2C Carly Wilde%2C Brianna Henderson%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Madie Hart%2C Abby Sistad%2C Coach Sarah Rome%2C Lily Schimke%2C Brittni Baugh%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3901 = ""; var BylineEmail_3901 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3901 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3901 = "400"; var Filename_3902 = "3087%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3902 = "gt%2Dtompkins 100m"; var Caption_3902 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EEmily Tompkins %28far right%29 bolts from the blocks at the start of the 100m dash during the Al Heitman Invite%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3902 = ""; var BylineEmail_3902 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3902 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3902 = "400"; var Filename_3903 = "3080%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3903 = "bt%2Ddale to vaness 4x8"; var Caption_3903 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETrevor Dale hands off to Ben VanEss %28above photo%29 at an exchange of the winning 4x800m relay during the Al Heitman Invite in Stewartville on April 13%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3903 = ""; var BylineEmail_3903 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3903 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3903 = "400"; var Filename_3904 = "3079%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3904 = "bb%2Dhain tag vs CF"; var Caption_3904 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EAlex Hain awaits the throw to make the tag on a Bomber base runner%2C scoring Cannon Falls%92 only run in Stewie%92s 2%2D1 win%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3904 = ""; var BylineEmail_3904 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3904 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3904 = "400"; var Filename_3905 = "3078%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3905 = "bb%2Dhain dive back vs CF"; var Caption_3905 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EAlex Hain dives back to first base safely on a pick%2Doff attempt by the Bomber pitcher%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3905 = ""; var BylineEmail_3905 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3905 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3905 = "400"; var Filename_3906 = "3077%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3906 = "bb%2Ddigre pitch vs CF"; var Caption_3906 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ECody Digre picked up a 2%2D1 win over Cannon Falls%2C going the distance and recording nine strikeouts%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3906 = ""; var BylineEmail_3906 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3906 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3906 = "400"; var Filename_3907 = "3073%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3907 = "sb%2Dwalker slide vs LaC"; var Caption_3907 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EBrittany Walker eludes the tag of the reaching Lancer catcher to score one of Stewie%92s 10 runs%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3907 = ""; var BylineEmail_3907 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3907 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3907 = "400"; var Filename_3908 = "3072%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3908 = "sb%2Dsperber hit vs LaC"; var Caption_3908 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EShawnna Sperber connects for a two%2Drun home run against La Crescent%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3908 = ""; var BylineEmail_3908 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3908 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3908 = "400"; var Filename_3909 = "3071%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3909 = "sb%2Dschunke pitch vs LaC"; var Caption_3909 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger pitcher Lexie Schunke winds up and delivers a wicked fastball%2E Schunke went the seven%2Dinning distance%2C recording a 10%2D1 win over La Crescent%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3909 = ""; var BylineEmail_3909 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3909 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3909 = "400"; var Filename_3910 = "3070%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3910 = "sb%2Dmeyerhofer tags vs LaC"; var Caption_3910 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe throw is just a bit too late%2C as Kim Meyerhofer makes the snag and tag at third on a double steal by La Crescent%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3910 = ""; var BylineEmail_3910 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3910 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3910 = "400"; var Filename_3911 = "3064%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3911 = "bb%2Dletterwinners"; var Caption_3911 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger baseball letterwinners returning to lead Stewie this season include%2C sitting from left%2C Tyler Schmitz%2C Sean Hohmeister%2C Travis Pries%2E Kneeling%2C from left%2C Alex Hain%2C Steve Jezeski%2C Mike Nelson%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Justin Lonien%2C Cody Digre%2C Jake Schwalbach%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3911 = ""; var BylineEmail_3911 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3911 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3911 = "400"; var Filename_3912 = "1187%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3912 = "baseball all section"; var Caption_3912 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EStewartville baseball players selected to the 2008 All West 1AA Subsection team included%2C from left%2C Donnie Beddow%2C Mikko Norman%2C Craig English%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3912 = ""; var BylineEmail_3912 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3912 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3912 = "400"; var Filename_3913 = "3061%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3913 = "sb%2Dnorman tag"; var Caption_3913 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ECatcher Shawnna Sperber kept shortstop Kelly Norman busy picking off Lake City base runners during an April game last season%2E Both Sperber and Norman are back to lead the Tiger defense%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3913 = ""; var BylineEmail_3913 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3913 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3913 = "400"; var Filename_3914 = "3052%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3914 = "bt%2Dtapp HJ"; var Caption_3914 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EState high jump participant Isaac Tapp is back to lead Tiger jumpers this season%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3914 = ""; var BylineEmail_3914 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3914 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3914 = "400"; var Filename_3915 = "3051%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3915 = "bt%2Dchristian 4x8"; var Caption_3915 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EDavid Christian runs his leg of the 4x800m relay%2C helping the Tigers win the state championship in a downpour%2E Christian is back to lead Stewie%92s distance crew%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3915 = ""; var BylineEmail_3915 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3915 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3915 = "400"; var Filename_3916 = "3050%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3916 = "bt%2Dbentley%2Ddrees"; var Caption_3916 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EWinning this 100m race%2C Braden Bentley %28far right%29 and Kory Drees %28second from left%29 return as two of the top sprinters in the section%2E Both Tiger sprinters were on the 4x100m relay that placed third in the state in %9109%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3916 = ""; var BylineEmail_3916 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3916 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3916 = "400"; var Filename_3917 = "3049%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3917 = "bt%2Dbentley%2Ddrees"; var Caption_3917 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EWinning this 100m race%2C Braden Bentley %28far right%29 and Kory Drees %28second from left%29 return as two of the top sprinters in the section%2E Both Tiger sprinters were on the 4x100m relay that placed third in the state in %9109%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3917 = ""; var BylineEmail_3917 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3917 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3917 = "400"; var Filename_3918 = "3031%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3918 = "mat%2DChad Curtis"; var Caption_3918 = ""; var Byline_3918 = ""; var BylineEmail_3918 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3918 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3918 = "400"; var Filename_3919 = "3030%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3919 = "mat%2Dschmitz2 NCAA champ"; var Caption_3919 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EMike Schmitz%2C a 2007 SHS grad%2C won the NCAA D3 174%2Dpound championship%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3919 = ""; var BylineEmail_3919 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3919 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3919 = "400"; var Filename_3920 = "3029%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3920 = "mat%2Dschmitz1 NCAA champ"; var Caption_3920 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EMike Schmitz%2C a 2007 SHS grad%2C won the NCAA D3 174%2Dpound championship%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3920 = ""; var BylineEmail_3920 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3920 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3920 = "400"; var Filename_3921 = "3028%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3921 = "mat%2DRyan Clark"; var Caption_3921 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ERyan Clark executes an ankle pick at the NYWA Regional qualifier%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3921 = ""; var BylineEmail_3921 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3921 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3921 = "400"; var Filename_3922 = "3027%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3922 = "mat%2DErik Sistad"; var Caption_3922 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EErik Sistad circles behind%2C scoring a takedown at the NYWA Regional qualifier%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3922 = ""; var BylineEmail_3922 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3922 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3922 = "400"; var Filename_3923 = "3026%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3923 = "mat%2DBlake Carr"; var Caption_3923 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EBlake Carr drives the shoulders of his opponent to the mat%2C recording a pin at the NYWA Regional qualifier%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3923 = ""; var BylineEmail_3923 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3923 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3923 = "400"; var Filename_3924 = "3020%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3924 = "gbb%2D7th state champs"; var Caption_3924 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville seventh grade girls traveling basketball team captured the MYAS Class B Grade State Championship on March 6 in Bloomington%2E Stewartville defeated Buffalo 38%2D31%2C Orono 36%2D20%2C Winona YMCA Pacers 40%2D34 and Rochester Mayo Spartans 29%2D21%2E Team members include%2C kneeling%2C from left%2C Carly Wilde%2C Marissa Behrens%2C Meghan Schmitz%2C Jena O%27Byrne%2C Kaylee Muller%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Coach Lisa Muller%2C Emily Scruggs%2C Caitlyn Hughes%2C Megan Howell%2C Jackie Bleifus%2C Abby Sistad%2C Coach Curt Hughes%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3924 = ""; var BylineEmail_3924 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3924 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3924 = "400"; var Filename_3925 = "3019%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3925 = "bbb%2D3rd team pix"; var Caption_3925 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville third grade traveling basketball team members are%2C seated%2C from left%2C Nathan Vetsch%2C Conner Miller%2C Nathan Johnson%2C Adam Beagle%2C Dillon Elliot%2C Trent Lloyd%2E Kneeling%2C from left%2C Kaleb Jones%2C Evan Buri%2C Zach Trenary%2C Shane Byrne%2C Caleb Milburn%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Coach Mike Buri%2C Parker Grotjohn%2C Zach Hickman%2C Jacob Twohey%2C Andrew Simmions%2C Coach Jeff Byrne%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3925 = ""; var BylineEmail_3925 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3925 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3925 = "400"; var Filename_3926 = "3015%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3926 = "mat%2Dlecy2 vs state"; var Caption_3926 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ENate Lecy uses leverage to break down his 119%2Dpound opponent at the state tournament%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3926 = ""; var BylineEmail_3926 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3926 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3926 = "400"; var Filename_3927 = "3014%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3927 = "mat%2Dlecy1 vs state"; var Caption_3927 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ENate Lecy gains wrist control of his 119%2Dpound opponent at state%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3927 = ""; var BylineEmail_3927 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3927 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3927 = "400"; var Filename_3928 = "3012%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3928 = "gbb%2Drainey vs sections"; var Caption_3928 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EJulie Rainey eyes the hoop%2C driving for two of her 12 points in a 56%2D47 loss to Kingsland in the subsection semifinal game%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3928 = ""; var BylineEmail_3928 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3928 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3928 = "400"; var Filename_3929 = "3009%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3929 = "bbb%2Dlarsen vs PI"; var Caption_3929 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EBrandon Larsen pops a quick jumper in the lane%2C drawing a foul%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3929 = ""; var BylineEmail_3929 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3929 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3929 = "400"; var Filename_3930 = "3007%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3930 = "bb%2Djgisler vs PI"; var Caption_3930 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EJohn Gisler attacks the rim for the hoop and the harm%2C putting him on the line for a three%2Dpoint play%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3930 = ""; var BylineEmail_3930 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3930 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3930 = "400"; var Filename_3931 = "3006%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3931 = "bbb%2D6th albert lea champs"; var Caption_3931 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville sixth grade boys traveling basketball team captured first place at the Albert Lea tournament on Feb%2E 21%2E The Tigers defeated Austin%2C Kasson%2DMantorville and Albert Lea%2DBlue before winning the championship game against Albert Lea%2DBlack%2E Team members are kneeling%2C from left%2C Conner Stenberg%2C Jordan Johnson%2C Logan Heintz%2C Luke Schmidt%2C Justin Kime%2C Colton Miller%2C Nick Stahnke%2E Standing%2C from left%2C coach Brandon King%2C Garret Nosbisch%2C Jon Beach%2C Kyle Bartelt%2C Dylan Stofferahn%2C Sam Woods%2C Moses Hettinger%2C Chye Stecher%2C coach Nate Meyer%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3931 = ""; var BylineEmail_3931 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3931 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3931 = "400"; var Filename_3932 = "3004%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3932 = "vb%2D14blue Red Wing champs"; var Caption_3932 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewie 14 Blue JO volleyball team captured first place at the Red Wing tournament on Feb%2E 20%2E Team members are%2C kneeling%2C from left%2C Stephanie Schmidt%2C Adriana Nelsen%2DGross%2C Ally Dale%2C Jennifer Zabinski%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Maddie Hettinger%2C Jessica larson%2C Ashley Eberle%2C Aiyanna LeftBear%2C Coach Scott Willenborg%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3932 = ""; var BylineEmail_3932 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3932 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3932 = "400"; var Filename_3933 = "3001%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3933 = "mat%2Dstolarzyk vs sections"; var Caption_3933 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EBrett Stolarzyk turns his 103%2Dpound WEM foe to his back%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3933 = ""; var BylineEmail_3933 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3933 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3933 = "400"; var Filename_3934 = "3000%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3934 = "mat%2Dlecy vs sections"; var Caption_3934 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ENate Lecy cranks on a cradle of his 119%2Dpound La Crescent opponent seconds before pinning him in the first round of sections%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3934 = ""; var BylineEmail_3934 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3934 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3934 = "400"; var Filename_3935 = "2999%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3935 = "mat%2Djohnson vs sections"; var Caption_3935 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETanner Johnson scores a reversal and back points%2C posting a 9%2D8 upset win over his 112%2Dpound Byron opponent at sections%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3935 = ""; var BylineEmail_3935 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3935 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3935 = "400"; var Filename_3936 = "2998%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3936 = "mat%2Dgoeldi vs sections"; var Caption_3936 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ENate Goeldi controls the left arm and grabs the right arm before executing a double arm bar on his 171%2Dpound GMLOK foe at sections%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3936 = ""; var BylineEmail_3936 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3936 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3936 = "400"; var Filename_3937 = "2994%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3937 = "gbb%2D7th WEM champs"; var Caption_3937 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville seventh grade girls traveling basketball team captured first place at the recent Waterville Elysian Morristown tournament%2E The Tigers defeated United South Central%2C Waterville Elysian Morristown and NRHEG%2E Team members include in front%2C Emily Scruggs %28left%29%2C Marissa Behrens%2E Kneeling%2C from left%2C Abby Sistad%2C Kaylee Muller%2C Carly Wilde%2C Jena O%27Byrne%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Coach Lisa Muller%2C Meghan Schmitz%2C Jackie Bleifus%2C Megan Howell%2C Caitlyn Hughes%2C Coach Curt Hughes%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3937 = ""; var BylineEmail_3937 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3937 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3937 = "400"; var Filename_3938 = "2990%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3938 = "bowling banquet"; var Caption_3938 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville High School varsity and junior varsity bowling teams held their banquet at Striker%27s Corner on Feb%2E 21%2E Seniors Kara Roeder and Justin Lonien were recognized%2E Letterwinners included%2C Kara Roeder%2C Justin Lonien and Luke Lonien%2E All Conference Honorable Mention included Kara Roeder%2C Justin Lonien%2C Luke Lonien and Shane Uptagrafft%2E All Honors Team were Shane%0D%0AUptagrafft and Luke Lonien%2E Tiger team members include%2C front row%2C seated and kneeling with ball%2C from left%2C Amy Hintz%2C Joe Hintz%2C Katie Finley%2E Kneeling%2C from left%2C Kara Roeder%2C Luke Lonien%2C Shane Uptagrafft%2C Caleb Schowalter%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Austin Rosenblad%2C Shawn Hansen%2C Coach Roger Roeder%2C Justin Lonien%2C Noah Johnson%2E Unavailable for photo%2C Coach Brad Kime%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3938 = ""; var BylineEmail_3938 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3938 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3938 = "400"; var Filename_3939 = "2989%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3939 = "bbb%2Dhohmeister vs PI"; var Caption_3939 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ESean Hohmeister takes it to the hole %0D%0Afor this breakaway bucket against PI%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3939 = ""; var BylineEmail_3939 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3939 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3939 = "400"; var Filename_3940 = "2988%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3940 = "bbb%2Dglahn vs PI"; var Caption_3940 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EAdam Glahn posts up and connects on a textbook turnaround jumper in Stewie%92s 53%2D44 win over Pine Island%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3940 = ""; var BylineEmail_3940 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3940 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3940 = "400"; var Filename_3941 = "2982%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3941 = "gym%2Dchristie on beam"; var Caption_3941 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EHannah Christie executes a back walkover on the beam%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3941 = ""; var BylineEmail_3941 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3941 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3941 = "400"; var Filename_3942 = "2981%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3942 = "gym%2Dbray on beam"; var Caption_3942 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EMikaela Bray executes a back handspring on the beam%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3942 = ""; var BylineEmail_3942 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3942 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3942 = "400"; var Filename_3943 = "2980%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3943 = "gym%2Dbardwell on bars"; var Caption_3943 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EAbby Bardwell swings into a kip on the bars%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3943 = ""; var BylineEmail_3943 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3943 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3943 = "400"; var Filename_3944 = "2979%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3944 = "gbb%2D6th GM champs"; var Caption_3944 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville sixth grade girls traveling basket%2D ball team captured first place at the Grand Meadow tournament on Feb%2E 20%2E Tiger team members are%2C kneeling%2C from left%2C Callie Fischer%2C Marrissa Reinartz%2C Megan Amos%2E Middle row%2C from left%2C Chrissy Lofgren%2C Mikya Amos%2C Abby Lee%2C Hayley Murray%2E Back row%2C from left%2C coach Tara Pike%2C Emma Pike%2C Hunter Miller%2C Mackayla Olsen%2C Marie Larson%2C coach Dawn Miller%2E Not pictured%3A Allie Schmitz and Tara Rogers%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3944 = ""; var BylineEmail_3944 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3944 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3944 = "400"; var Filename_3945 = "2978%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3945 = "bbb%2Dwgisler vs Byron"; var Caption_3945 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EWill Gisler is fouled on the turnaround jumper%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3945 = ""; var BylineEmail_3945 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3945 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3945 = "400"; var Filename_3946 = "2977%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3946 = "bbb%2Dtapp vs Byron"; var Caption_3946 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EIsaac Tapp drives the lane for two%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3946 = ""; var BylineEmail_3946 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3946 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3946 = "400"; var Filename_3947 = "2976%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3947 = "bbb%2Dlarsen vs Byron"; var Caption_3947 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EBrandon Larsen breaks baseline%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3947 = ""; var BylineEmail_3947 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3947 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3947 = "400"; var Filename_3948 = "2975%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3948 = "bbb%2Djgisler vs Byron"; var Caption_3948 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EJohn Gisler eyes the three from the corner%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3948 = ""; var BylineEmail_3948 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3948 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3948 = "400"; var Filename_3949 = "2964%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3949 = "mat%2Dstolarzyk vs KW"; var Caption_3949 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EBrett Stolarzyk lifts the head and drives the shoulders of his opponent to the mat for a pin%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3949 = ""; var BylineEmail_3949 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3949 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3949 = "400"; var Filename_3950 = "2962%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3950 = "gbb%2Dsperber vs Hayfield"; var Caption_3950 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EShawnna Sperber slashes through the lane for two of her 10 points against Hayfield%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3950 = ""; var BylineEmail_3950 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3950 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3950 = "400"; var Filename_3951 = "2961%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3951 = "gbb%2Dsperber 1000th pt"; var Caption_3951 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EJunior point guard Shawnna Sperber reached her Tiger girls basketball career 1%2C000th point milestone during Stewartville%92s 63%2D48 victory at Kasson on Feb%2E 1%2E Sperber was presented with a ball and plaque commemorating the achievement by Tiger head coach Hannah Calhoun %28right%29 and Tiger assistant coach Bill Glomski%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3951 = ""; var BylineEmail_3951 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3951 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3951 = "400"; var Filename_3952 = "2960%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3952 = "gbb%2Dhaack vs Hayfield"; var Caption_3952 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ERio Haack is mauled breaking from the wing for a layup%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3952 = ""; var BylineEmail_3952 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3952 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3952 = "400"; var Filename_3953 = "2959%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3953 = "gbb%2Dcurtis vs Hayfield"; var Caption_3953 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EShannon Curtis rips the rebound from the hands of this Hayfield player during Stewie%92s 46%2D36 HVL win last week%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3953 = ""; var BylineEmail_3953 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3953 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3953 = "400"; var Filename_3954 = "2958%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3954 = "gbb%2D6th southland cons champs"; var Caption_3954 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville sixth grade girls traveling basketball team captured the consolation championship at the Southland tournament on Jan%2E 31%2E Tiger team members are seated%2C from left%2C Hayley Murray%2C Abby Lee%2C Marissa Reinartz%2C Allie Schmitz%2E Kneeling%2C from left%2C Mikya Amos%2C Tara Rogers%2C Callie Fischer%2C Chrissy Lofgren%2E Standing%2C from left%2C coach Tara Pike%2C Marie Larson%2C Megan Amos%2C coach Mark Schmitz%2C Hunter Miller%2C Emma Pike%2C Mackayla Olsen%2C coach Dawn Miller%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3954 = ""; var BylineEmail_3954 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3954 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3954 = "400"; var Filename_3955 = "2957%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3955 = "fb%2Dbentley signs with WSU"; var Caption_3955 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EStewartville High School senior Braden Bentley %28seated%2C center%29 signed a National Letter of Intent to play NCAA D2 football with Winona State University on national signing day%2C Feb%2E 3%2E Bentley is joined at the signing by Tiger football coach Aaron Meyer %28standing%2C center%29 and his family members%2C Melissa and Rory Hamlin %28seated%29%2C brother Kaleb Hamlin and sister Kaitlyn Bentley %28standing%29%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3955 = ""; var BylineEmail_3955 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3955 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3955 = "400"; var Filename_3956 = "2955%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3956 = "bbb%2Dtapp vs Kingsland"; var Caption_3956 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EIsaac Tapp slashes through the lane for two of his 23 points against Kingsland%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3956 = ""; var BylineEmail_3956 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3956 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3956 = "400"; var Filename_3957 = "2954%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3957 = "bbb%2D6th kasson champs"; var Caption_3957 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville sixth grade boys traveling basketball team captured first place at the Kasson tournament on Feb%2E 6%2E The Tigers defeated Faribault Bethlehem Academy and Kasson before claiming the championship against Cannon Falls%2E Team members are kneeling%2C from left%2C Logan Heintz%2C Colton Miller%2C Luke Schmidt%2C Justin Kime%2C Sam Woods%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Coach Nate Meyer%2C Nick Stahnke%2C Garret Nosbisch%2C Dylan Stofferahn%2C Kyle Bartelt%2C Jon Beach%2C Jordan Johnson%2C Moses Hettinger%2C Chye Stecher%2E Team members not pictured%2C Conner Stenberg and Coach Brandon King%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3957 = ""; var BylineEmail_3957 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3957 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3957 = "400"; var Filename_3958 = "2947%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3958 = "mat%2Dyouth 2nd at Winona"; var Caption_3958 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville youth wrestling B%2Dteam captured second place while the C%2Dteam captured fourth place at the Winona tournament on Jan%2E 30%2E The Tiger B%2Dteam defeated Byron 52%2D21%2C GMLOK 37%2D34%2C Rochester Century 41%2D23 and Wabasha%2DKellogg 62%2D25 before losing the championship match 34%2D33 to host Winona%2E B%2Dteam members include%2C Colton Trogstad%2C Andrew Steiger%2C Brody Olson%2C Carter Stenberg%2C Hunter VanDyke%2C Joey Thompson%2C Caleb Miller%2C Tanner Prochaska%2C Ryan Clark%2C Brody Herman%2C Eric Sistad%2C David Capelle%2C Shawn Curtis%2C Shad Curtis%2C Travis Capelle%2C Adam Gehling%2E C%2Dteam members include%2C Blake Carr%2C Caleb Trogstad%2C Riley Klema%2C Tyler Nagel%2C Mitch Osterhus%2C Gavin Curley%2C Ethan Vanmoer%2C Ethan Carolan%2C Levi Patterson%2C Josiah Patterson%2C Josiah Vanmoer%2C Devon Vanmoer%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3958 = ""; var BylineEmail_3958 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3958 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3958 = "400"; var Filename_3959 = "2946%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3959 = "mat%2Dttwohey vs KW"; var Caption_3959 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETim Twohey turns his Kenyon opponent with a power half%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3959 = ""; var BylineEmail_3959 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3959 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3959 = "400"; var Filename_3960 = "2945%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3960 = "mat%2Dmike schmitz"; var Caption_3960 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EUniversity of Wisconsin%2DLa Crosse sophomore Mike Schmitz%2C a 2007 grad of Stewartville High School was named the Wisconsin Intercollegiate Athletic Conference %28WIAC%29 Wrestler of the Week for Feb%2E 1%2E Schmitz captured the 174%2Dpound title at the Pete Willson Wheaton %28Ill%2E%29 Invitational Jan%2E 29%2D30 with a 5%2D0 record%2E %0D%0ASeeded second in the tournament%2C Schmitz opened with a 12%2D0 major decision over David Kneisel of the University of Chicago %28Ill%2E%29 before pinning %282%3A34%29 Corey Zuberbier of UW%2DPlatteville to reach the quarterfinals%2E %0D%0AHe defeated seventh%2Dseed Danial Johnhenry of Heidelberg University %28Ohio%29 by a 6%2D1 decision in the quarterfinals and third%2Dseeded Kyle Kwait of Ohio Northern University by a 12%2D7 decision in the semifinals%2E Kwait is ranked second in NCAA Division III%2E %0D%0ASchmitz then defeated top%2Dseed Luke Rynish of UW%2DParkside by a 4%2D3 decision in the title match%2E Rynish is currently ranked seventh in NCAA Division II%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3960 = ""; var BylineEmail_3960 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3960 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3960 = "400"; var Filename_3961 = "2944%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3961 = "mat%2Dkuisle vs KW"; var Caption_3961 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EJake Kuisle bars up an arm before turning his Kenyon opponent%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3961 = ""; var BylineEmail_3961 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3961 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3961 = "400"; var Filename_3962 = "2943%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3962 = "mat%2Dcurtis vs KW"; var Caption_3962 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EShane Curtis bars up an arm to turn his Kenyon opponent%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3962 = ""; var BylineEmail_3962 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3962 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3962 = "400"; var Filename_3963 = "2941%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3963 = "gbb%2Doftedahl vs Byron"; var Caption_3963 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EJill Oftedahl scores underneath on an easy five%2Dfoot jumper%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3963 = ""; var BylineEmail_3963 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3963 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3963 = "400"; var Filename_3964 = "2940%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3964 = "gbb%2D8th southland champs"; var Caption_3964 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville eighth grade girls traveling basketball team captured first place at the Southland tournament on January 31%2E The Tigers defeated Southland and Austin before winning the championship game against Rochester John Marshall%2E Team members are%2C seated%2C from left%2C Jessica Twohey%2C Kyleigh Reinartz%2C Emma Hale%2C Maddie Hettinger%2E Kneeling%2C from left%2C Jessica Rosenblad%2C Jesselynn Speer%2C Lindsay Bergeson%2C Jacqui Dodd%2E Standing%2C from left%2C coach Julie Rainey%2C Beth Westfall%2C Breanna Smith%2C Ashley Eberle%2C Libby Lee%2C Mackenzie Olsen%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3964 = ""; var BylineEmail_3964 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3964 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3964 = "400"; var Filename_3965 = "2939%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3965 = "gbb%2D5th southland champs"; var Caption_3965 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville fifth grade girls traveling basketball team captured first place at the Southland tournament on January 30%2E The Tigers defeated Southland and Waseca before beating Northfield 33%2D26 in the championship game%2E Team members are%2C kneeling%2C from left%2C Angela Patterson%2C Charlie Bleifus%2C Jordyn Danielson%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Libby Christenson%2C Laura Eberle%2C coach Jon Eberle%2C Kara O%92Byrne%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3965 = ""; var BylineEmail_3965 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3965 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3965 = "400"; var Filename_3966 = "2938%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3966 = "bbb%2Dlarsen vs KM"; var Caption_3966 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EBrandon Larsen pops an eight%2Dfooter for two points against Kasson%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3966 = ""; var BylineEmail_3966 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3966 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3966 = "400"; var Filename_3967 = "2937%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3967 = "bbb%2Djgisler vs KM"; var Caption_3967 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EJohn Gisler slashes through the lane for the scoop and the hoop%2C collecting two of his 15 points in a 63%2D58 Tiger win over Kasson%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3967 = ""; var BylineEmail_3967 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3967 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3967 = "400"; var Filename_3968 = "2931%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3968 = "matJV%2Dbrandon sweet"; var Caption_3968 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EStewartville JV wrestler Brandon Sweet shoots for a double%2Dleg takedown during action at the Chatfield JV Invite on Jan%2E 23%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3968 = ""; var BylineEmail_3968 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3968 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3968 = "400"; var Filename_3969 = "2930%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3969 = "matJV%2Dalex higgins"; var Caption_3969 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EStewartville JV wrestler Alex Higgins bars up an arm and circles%2C turning his opponent to his back%2C during action at the Chatfield JV Invite on Jan%2E 23%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3969 = ""; var BylineEmail_3969 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3969 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3969 = "400"; var Filename_3970 = "2929%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3970 = "mat%2DZach Jaeger vs LaC"; var Caption_3970 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EZach Jaeger cradles%2C collecting three back points from the ref before pinning his La Crescent opponent%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3970 = ""; var BylineEmail_3970 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3970 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3970 = "400"; var Filename_3971 = "2928%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3971 = "mat%2Dyouth team at Chatfield"; var Caption_3971 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville youth wrestling team captured first place at the Chatfield Invite on Jan%2E 24%2C defeating Rochester Century 54%2D23%2C U%2ES%2EC%2E %28Wells%29 42%2D32 and Chatfield 54%2D21%2E Tiger team members include%2C kneeling%2C from left%2C Colton Trogstad%2C Caleb Trogstad%2C Andrew Steiger%2C Hunter VanDyke%2C Riley Klema%2E Row two%2C from left%2C Carter Stenberg%2C Brody Olson%2C Josh Buri%2C Caleb Miller%2C Joey Thompson%2C Mitch Osterhus%2E Row three%2C from left%2C Tanner Prochaska%2C Brody Herman%2C Eric Sistad%2C David Capelle%2C Shad Curtis%2C Shawn Curtis%2C Travis Capelle%2C Adam Gehling%2E Back row%2C from left are coaches%2C Mark Herman%2C Kory Miller%2C Aaron Olson%2C Jake Weaver%2C Sean Stenberg%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3971 = ""; var BylineEmail_3971 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3971 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3971 = "400"; var Filename_3972 = "2927%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3972 = "mat%2DTanner Johnson vs LaC"; var Caption_3972 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETanner Johnson squeezes and drives his opponent%92s shoulder to the mat%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3972 = ""; var BylineEmail_3972 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3972 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3972 = "400"; var Filename_3973 = "2926%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3973 = "mat%2DEric Nelson vs LaC"; var Caption_3973 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EEric Nelson sits%2C flips and switches in a 6%2D4 win%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3973 = ""; var BylineEmail_3973 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3973 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3973 = "400"; var Filename_3974 = "2925%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3974 = "mat%2DCody Buchanan vs LaC"; var Caption_3974 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ECody Buchanan dumps his Lancer opponent on his back%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3974 = ""; var BylineEmail_3974 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3974 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3974 = "400"; var Filename_3975 = "2924%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3975 = "mat%2DBailey Herman vs LaC"; var Caption_3975 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EBailey Herman tips his Lancer%92s shoulder to the mat%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3975 = ""; var BylineEmail_3975 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3975 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3975 = "400"; var Filename_3976 = "2921%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3976 = "gbb%2Dnorman vs LaC"; var Caption_3976 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EKelly Norman beats a Lancer defender%2C squares and shoots the open jumper%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3976 = ""; var BylineEmail_3976 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3976 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3976 = "400"; var Filename_3977 = "2920%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3977 = "gbb%2Dflynn vs LaC"; var Caption_3977 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ELisa Flynn battles on the boards against La Crescent%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3977 = ""; var BylineEmail_3977 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3977 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3977 = "400"; var Filename_3978 = "2919%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3978 = "gbb%2D5th CF champs"; var Caption_3978 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville fifth grade girls traveling basketball team captured first place at the Cannon Falls tournament on Jan%2E 23 and third place at the Austin tournament on Jan%2E 3%2E Team members are%2C front row%2C from left%2C Jordyn Danielson%2C Charlie Bleifus%2C Angela Patterson%2E Back row%2C from left%2C coach Jon Eberle%2C Kara O%92Byrne%2C Laura Eberle%2C Libby Christenson%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3978 = ""; var BylineEmail_3978 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3978 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3978 = "400"; var Filename_3979 = "2916%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3979 = "mat%2Dstolarzyk vs PI"; var Caption_3979 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EBrett Stolarzyk rolls his Panther opponent to his back in Stewie%92s 38%2D24 win over PI%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3979 = ""; var BylineEmail_3979 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3979 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3979 = "400"; var Filename_3980 = "2915%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3980 = "mat%2Djessel vs PI"; var Caption_3980 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EJohn Jessel works a reverse half%2Dnelson in an 8%2D4 win at 152%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3980 = ""; var BylineEmail_3980 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3980 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3980 = "400"; var Filename_3981 = "2914%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3981 = "mat%2Dkuisle vs PI"; var Caption_3981 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EJake Kuisle bars up an arm and circles%2C turning his PI foe%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3981 = ""; var BylineEmail_3981 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3981 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3981 = "400"; var Filename_3982 = "2913%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3982 = "mat%2Dkellner vs PI"; var Caption_3982 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EMike Kellner watches the ref slap the mat for a pin at 189%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3982 = ""; var BylineEmail_3982 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3982 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3982 = "400"; var Filename_3983 = "2912%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3983 = "mat%2DHerman vs PI"; var Caption_3983 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EBailey Herman dumps his 103%2Dpound Panther on his back%2C finishing a single%2Dleg takedown%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3983 = ""; var BylineEmail_3983 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3983 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3983 = "400"; var Filename_3984 = "2906%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3984 = "bbb%2Dlarsen vs Hayfield"; var Caption_3984 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EBrandon Larsen goes up strong for two of his 13 points against Hayfield%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3984 = ""; var BylineEmail_3984 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3984 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3984 = "400"; var Filename_3985 = "2905%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3985 = "bbb%2Dlangseth vs Hayfield"; var Caption_3985 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EGabe Langseth looks inside to dish from the wing against Hayfield%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3985 = ""; var BylineEmail_3985 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3985 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3985 = "400"; var Filename_3986 = "2904%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3986 = "bbb%2Dalumni tourney champs"; var Caption_3986 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EStewartville High School hosted the first annual Alumni Basketball Tournament on December 27%2E The combined class of 2002%2D2004 won the championship%2C beating the combined classes of 2000%2D2001%2E Approximately 70 players and eight teams participated in the successful event%2E Look for the addition of more teams in both men%92s and women%92s divisions%2E Alumni tourney team champions included%2C kneeling%2C from left%2C Jason Ferry%2C Andrew Langseth%2C Isaac Johnson%2C Brandon Ness%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Andy Dass%2C Eric Schroeder%2C Andy Bergrud%2C Brandon Howard%2C Mitch Hanson%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3986 = ""; var BylineEmail_3986 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3986 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3986 = "400"; var Filename_3987 = "2903%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3987 = "bbb%2D7th champs at Goodhue"; var Caption_3987 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville seventh grade boys basketball team captured first place at the Goodhue tournament on January%0D%0A9%2E Tiger team members are%2C front row%2C from left%2C Mason%0D%0ASchemmel%2C Daniel Richardson%2C Ben Grabau%2E Back row%2C from left%2C Coach Scott Rindahl%2C Brandon Groski%2C Dillon Holtan%2C Conner Hanf%2C and Aaron Quandt%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3987 = ""; var BylineEmail_3987 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3987 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3987 = "400"; var Filename_3988 = "2895%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3988 = "mat%2Dtwohey vs stewie invite"; var Caption_3988 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EEric Twohey drives the shoulders of his NR%2DH%2DE%2DG opponent to the mat%2C collecting a pin the opening round of the 130%2Dpound bracket of the Stewartville Invite%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3988 = ""; var BylineEmail_3988 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3988 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3988 = "400"; var Filename_3989 = "2894%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3989 = "mat%2Dlecy vs stewie invite"; var Caption_3989 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ENate Lecy tries turning his 119%2Dpound opponent at the Stewartville Invite%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3989 = ""; var BylineEmail_3989 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3989 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3989 = "400"; var Filename_3990 = "2893%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3990 = "mat%2Dgoeldi vs stewie invite"; var Caption_3990 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ENate Goeldi bars up an arm to turn his Rochester John Marshall opponent to his back during action at the Stewartville Invitational on Jan%2E 16%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3990 = ""; var BylineEmail_3990 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3990 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3990 = "400"; var Filename_3991 = "2892%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3991 = "mat%2Dgehling singlet retired"; var Caption_3991 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETony Gehling%2C a 2004 graduate of SHS and an outstanding Tiger wrestler%2C was honored by Morrie Schutz %28right%29%2C owner of Striker%92s Corner%2C retiring Gehling%92s Upper Iowa University singlet to the Wall of Fame at Phyllie%92s Sunset Bar on Jan%2E 16%2E During his 2008%2D09 senior season%2C Gehling earned NCAA All American honors%2C placing fourth in the 184%2Dpound weight class at the NCAA Regional championships%2E Gehling was also a four%2Dtime NCAA Scholar All American while wrestling at UIU%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3991 = ""; var BylineEmail_3991 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3991 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3991 = "400"; var Filename_3992 = "2888%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3992 = "gbb%2Dstanger vs KM"; var Caption_3992 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EChristina Stanger is fouled%2C scoring a bucket of a rebound against Kasson%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3992 = ""; var BylineEmail_3992 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3992 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3992 = "400"; var Filename_3993 = "2887%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3993 = "gbb%2Dsperber vs KM"; var Caption_3993 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EShawnna Sperber beats a Kasson defender attacking the rim from the wing%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3993 = ""; var BylineEmail_3993 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3993 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3993 = "400"; var Filename_3994 = "2886%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3994 = "gbb%2Drainey 1000th pt milestone"; var Caption_3994 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EJulie Rainey reached her Tiger girls basketball career 1%2C000th point milestone in the first half of Stewartville%92s 48%2D34 victory at Pine Island on Jan%2E 11%2E Rainey was presented with a ball and plaque commemorating the achievement by Tiger head coach Hannah Calhoun %28right%29 and Tiger assistant coach Bill Glomski%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3994 = ""; var BylineEmail_3994 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3994 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3994 = "400"; var Filename_3995 = "2885%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3995 = "gbb%2Dhaack vs KM"; var Caption_3995 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ERio Haack pops an open jumper%2C scoring two of her seven points against Kasson%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3995 = ""; var BylineEmail_3995 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3995 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3995 = "400"; var Filename_3996 = "2876%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3996 = "gbb%2Dsperber vs Cotter"; var Caption_3996 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3Ehawnna Sperber beats a Cotter defender%2C dashing from the wing for this layin bucket%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3996 = ""; var BylineEmail_3996 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3996 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3996 = "400"; var Filename_3997 = "2875%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3997 = "gbb%2Drainey vs Cotter"; var Caption_3997 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EJulie Rainey battles under the boards%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3997 = ""; var BylineEmail_3997 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3997 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3997 = "400"; var Filename_3998 = "2874%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3998 = "gbb%2Drainey vs Cotter"; var Caption_3998 = ""; var Byline_3998 = ""; var BylineEmail_3998 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3998 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3998 = "400"; var Filename_3999 = "2873%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_3999 = "gbb%2Dcurtis vs Cotter"; var Caption_3999 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EShannon Curtis attacks the rim after receiving an inside feed against Cotter for two of her 12 points%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_3999 = ""; var BylineEmail_3999 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_3999 = ""; var PhotoWidth_3999 = "400"; var Filename_4000 = "2872%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4000 = "gbb%2Dblahnik vs Cotter"; var Caption_4000 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ELindsay Blahnik is fouled by a Cotter defender going up strong on a rebound%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4000 = ""; var BylineEmail_4000 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4000 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4000 = "400"; var Filename_4001 = "2858%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4001 = "bbb%2Dwgisler vs burros"; var Caption_4001 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EWill Gisler pressures with defensive denial%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4001 = ""; var BylineEmail_4001 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4001 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4001 = "400"; var Filename_4002 = "2857%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4002 = "bbb%2Dtapp vs burros"; var Caption_4002 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EIsaac Tapp launches a shot from the perimeter for two of his team%2Dhigh 15 points against Lanesboro%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4002 = ""; var BylineEmail_4002 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4002 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4002 = "400"; var Filename_4003 = "2856%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4003 = "bbb%2Dschmitz vs burros"; var Caption_4003 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETyler Schmitz pops a quick jumper from the top of the key%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4003 = ""; var BylineEmail_4003 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4003 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4003 = "400"; var Filename_4004 = "2855%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4004 = "bbb%2Drogers vs burros"; var Caption_4004 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETyler Rogers takes the open jumper from top of the key%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4004 = ""; var BylineEmail_4004 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4004 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4004 = "400"; var Filename_4005 = "2854%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4005 = "bbb%2Dlangseth vs burros"; var Caption_4005 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EGabe Langseth drives from the wing looking to feed the ball inside%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4005 = ""; var BylineEmail_4005 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4005 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4005 = "400"; var Filename_4006 = "2853%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4006 = "bbb%2Dhohmeister vs burros"; var Caption_4006 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ESean Hohmeister runs the offense from the wing%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4006 = ""; var BylineEmail_4006 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4006 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4006 = "400"; var Filename_4007 = "2852%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4007 = "bbb%2Ddale vs burros"; var Caption_4007 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETrevor Dale is open for three from the wing%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4007 = ""; var BylineEmail_4007 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4007 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4007 = "400"; var Filename_4008 = "2843%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4008 = "gbb%2Dsperber vs ZM"; var Caption_4008 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EShawnna Sperber drives the lane for a layup%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4008 = ""; var BylineEmail_4008 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4008 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4008 = "400"; var Filename_4009 = "2842%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4009 = "gbb%2Drainey vs ZM"; var Caption_4009 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EJulie Rainey is fouled as she drives for a%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4009 = ""; var BylineEmail_4009 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4009 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4009 = "400"; var Filename_4010 = "2841%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4010 = "gbb%2Doftedahl vs ZM"; var Caption_4010 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EJill Oftedahl squares and shoots%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4010 = ""; var BylineEmail_4010 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4010 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4010 = "400"; var Filename_4011 = "2840%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4011 = "gbb%2D6th ZM champs"; var Caption_4011 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville sixth grade girls traveling basketball team captured first place at the Zumbrota%2DMazeppa tournament on Dec%2E 19%2E Tiger team members are%2C front row%2C from left%2C Marie Larson%2C Allison Schmitz%2C Callie Fischer%2C Mikya Amos%2C Abby Lee%2C Emma Pike%2E Middle row%2C from left%2C Hunter Miller%2C Marissa Reinartz%2C Hayley Badger%2C Chrissy Lofgren Back row%2C from left%2C coach Tara Pike%2C Tara Rogers%2C Megan Amos%2C Mackayla Olson%2C coach Dawn Miller%2C coach Mark Schmitz%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4011 = ""; var BylineEmail_4011 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4011 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4011 = "400"; var Filename_4012 = "2839%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4012 = "bonner hoop shoot winners"; var Caption_4012 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EHoop Shoot winners at Bonner Elementary School%2C all third%2Dgraders%2C include%2C front row%2C from left%2C Blake Ellerbusch and Andrew Simmons%2E Back row%2C from left%2C Maddie Ostby and Emily Schlechtinger%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4012 = ""; var BylineEmail_4012 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4012 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4012 = "400"; var Filename_4013 = "2837%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4013 = "bbb%2Drogers vs RL"; var Caption_4013 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETyler Rogers is fouled by a Lourdes defender%2C driving from the wing%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4013 = ""; var BylineEmail_4013 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4013 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4013 = "400"; var Filename_4014 = "2836%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4014 = "bbb%2Dlarsen vs RL"; var Caption_4014 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EBrandon Larsen connects on a running jumper%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4014 = ""; var BylineEmail_4014 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4014 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4014 = "400"; var Filename_4015 = "2835%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4015 = "bbb%2Dlangseth vs RL"; var Caption_4015 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EGabe Langseth skies high over Eagle defenders%2C scoring on this floating jumper in the lane%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4015 = ""; var BylineEmail_4015 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4015 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4015 = "400"; var Filename_4016 = "2834%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4016 = "bbb%2Dhohmeister vs RL"; var Caption_4016 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ESean Hohmeister drives from the wing looking to dish inside%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4016 = ""; var BylineEmail_4016 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4016 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4016 = "400"; var Filename_4017 = "2833%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4017 = "bonner hoop shoot winners"; var Caption_4017 = ""; var Byline_4017 = ""; var BylineEmail_4017 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4017 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4017 = "400"; var Filename_4018 = "2831%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4018 = "bbb%2Drogers vs RL"; var Caption_4018 = ""; var Byline_4018 = ""; var BylineEmail_4018 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4018 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4018 = "400"; var Filename_4019 = "2830%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4019 = "bbb%2Dlarsen vs RL"; var Caption_4019 = ""; var Byline_4019 = ""; var BylineEmail_4019 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4019 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4019 = "400"; var Filename_4020 = "2829%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4020 = "bbb%2Dlangseth vs RL"; var Caption_4020 = ""; var Byline_4020 = ""; var BylineEmail_4020 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4020 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4020 = "400"; var Filename_4021 = "2828%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4021 = "bbb%2Dhohmeister vs RL"; var Caption_4021 = ""; var Byline_4021 = ""; var BylineEmail_4021 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4021 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4021 = "400"; var Filename_4022 = "2817%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4022 = "gbb%2Dsperber vs ZM"; var Caption_4022 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EShawnna Sperber drives the lane for a layup%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4022 = ""; var BylineEmail_4022 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4022 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4022 = "400"; var Filename_4023 = "2816%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4023 = "gbb%2Drainey vs ZM"; var Caption_4023 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EJulie Rainey is fouled as she drives for a bucket%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4023 = ""; var BylineEmail_4023 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4023 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4023 = "400"; var Filename_4024 = "2815%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4024 = "gbb%2Doftedahl vs ZM"; var Caption_4024 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EJill Oftedahl squares and shoots%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4024 = ""; var BylineEmail_4024 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4024 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4024 = "400"; var Filename_4025 = "2814%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4025 = "gbb%2D6th ZM champs"; var Caption_4025 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville sixth grade girls traveling basketball team captured first place at the Zumbrota%2DMazeppa tournament on Dec%2E 19%2E Tiger team members are%2C front row%2C from left%2C Marie Larson%2C Allison Schmitz%2C Callie Fischer%2C Mikya Amos%2C Abby Lee%2C Emma Pike%2E Middle row%2C from left%2C Hunter Miller%2C Marissa Reinartz%2C Hayley Badger%2C Chrissy Lofgren Back row%2C from left%2C coach Tara Pike%2C Tara Rogers%2C Megan Amos%2C Mackayla Olson%2C coach Dawn Miller%2C coach Mark Schmitz%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4025 = ""; var BylineEmail_4025 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4025 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4025 = "400"; var Filename_4026 = "2813%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4026 = "bonner hoop shoot winners"; var Caption_4026 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EHoop Shoot winners at Bonner Elementary School%2C all third%2Dgraders%2C include%2C front row%2C from left%2C Blake Ellerbusch and Andrew Simmons%2E Back row%2C from left%2C Maddie Ostby and Emily Schlechtinger%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4026 = ""; var BylineEmail_4026 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4026 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4026 = "400"; var Filename_4027 = "2811%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4027 = "bbb%2Drogers vs RL"; var Caption_4027 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETyler Rogers is fouled by a Lourdes defender%2C driving from the wing%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4027 = ""; var BylineEmail_4027 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4027 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4027 = "400"; var Filename_4028 = "2810%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4028 = "bbb%2Dlarsen vs RL"; var Caption_4028 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EBrandon Larsen connects on a running jumper%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4028 = ""; var BylineEmail_4028 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4028 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4028 = "400"; var Filename_4029 = "2809%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4029 = "bbb%2Dlangseth vs RL"; var Caption_4029 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EGabe Langseth skies high over Eagle defenders%2C scoring on this floating jumper in the lane%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4029 = ""; var BylineEmail_4029 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4029 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4029 = "400"; var Filename_4030 = "2808%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4030 = "bbb%2Dhohmeister vs RL"; var Caption_4030 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ESean Hohmeister drives from the wing looking to dish inside%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4030 = ""; var BylineEmail_4030 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4030 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4030 = "400"; var Filename_4031 = "2807%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4031 = "hoop shoot winner at sms"; var Caption_4031 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EHoop Shoot winners at Stewartville Middle School include%2C front row%2C from left%2C Kari Johnson%2C Mackayla Olsen%2C Carly Wilde%2C Logan Heintz%2E Back row%2C from left%2C Moses Hettinger%2C Aaron Quandt%2C Abby Sistad%2C Adam Gehling%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4031 = ""; var BylineEmail_4031 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4031 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4031 = "400"; var Filename_4032 = "2806%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4032 = "gym%2Dgardner on bars"; var Caption_4032 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ENia Gardner swings from an uprise to a free hip during her bars routine%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4032 = ""; var BylineEmail_4032 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4032 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4032 = "400"; var Filename_4033 = "2805%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4033 = "gym%2Dchristie on beam"; var Caption_4033 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EHannah Christie executes a wolf jump during her beam routine%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4033 = ""; var BylineEmail_4033 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4033 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4033 = "400"; var Filename_4034 = "2804%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4034 = "gbb%2Dflynn vs ZM"; var Caption_4034 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ELisa Flynn drives down the line%2C looking inside for an open teammate%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4034 = ""; var BylineEmail_4034 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4034 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4034 = "400"; var Filename_4035 = "2803%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4035 = "gbb%2Dblahnik vs ZM"; var Caption_4035 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ELindsay Blahnik collects the bucket while being fouled on this leaning layin during Stewie%92s 44%2D40 win over Zumbrota%2DMazeppa%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4035 = ""; var BylineEmail_4035 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4035 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4035 = "400"; var Filename_4036 = "2797%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4036 = "bbb%2Dlarsen vs CF"; var Caption_4036 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EBrandon Larsen picks up a charging foul as he floors a Cannon Falls defender while driving baseline%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4036 = ""; var BylineEmail_4036 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4036 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4036 = "400"; var Filename_4037 = "2796%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4037 = "bbb%2Dlangseth vs CF"; var Caption_4037 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EGabe Langseth battles on the boards%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4037 = ""; var BylineEmail_4037 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4037 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4037 = "400"; var Filename_4038 = "2787%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4038 = "hoop shoot winners"; var Caption_4038 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EHoop Shoot winners at Central Intermediate School include%2C front row%2C from left%2C Kailee Brower%2C Amy Lofgren%2C Christopher Espinosa and Justin Bartelt%2E Back row%2C from left%2C Jacob Struif%2C Paul Betcher%2C Heather Koenigs and Laura Eberle%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4038 = ""; var BylineEmail_4038 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4038 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4038 = "400"; var Filename_4039 = "2786%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4039 = "gbb%2Dstanger vs wk"; var Caption_4039 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EChristina Stanger is money on this fastbreak bucket for two of her eight points against Wabasha%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4039 = ""; var BylineEmail_4039 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4039 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4039 = "400"; var Filename_4040 = "2785%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4040 = "gbb%2Drainey vs wk"; var Caption_4040 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EJulie Rainey scores two of her team%2Dhigh 17 points with this leaning layin against Wabasha%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4040 = ""; var BylineEmail_4040 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4040 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4040 = "400"; var Filename_4041 = "2784%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4041 = "gbb%2Dflynn vs wk"; var Caption_4041 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ELisa Flynn breaks baseline past a Falcon defender%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4041 = ""; var BylineEmail_4041 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4041 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4041 = "400"; var Filename_4042 = "2783%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4042 = "gbb%2Dblahnik vs wk"; var Caption_4042 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ELindsay Blahnik collects the hoop and the hack for two of her 13 points in Stewie%92s 81%2D48 non%2Dconference win over Wabasha%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4042 = ""; var BylineEmail_4042 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4042 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4042 = "400"; var Filename_4043 = "2775%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4043 = "mat%2Dstolarzyk"; var Caption_4043 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EBret Stolarzyk went 3%2D1 in the 112%2Dpound weight class at the Rochester Invite%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4043 = ""; var BylineEmail_4043 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4043 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4043 = "400"; var Filename_4044 = "2774%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4044 = "mat%2Dnelson"; var Caption_4044 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EEric Nelson went 2%2D2 at the Rochester Invite%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4044 = ""; var BylineEmail_4044 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4044 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4044 = "400"; var Filename_4045 = "2773%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4045 = "mat%2Dlecy"; var Caption_4045 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ENate Lecy went 4%2D0 in the 125%2Dpound weight class at the Rochester Invite this past weekend%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4045 = ""; var BylineEmail_4045 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4045 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4045 = "400"; var Filename_4046 = "2772%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4046 = "gym%2Dgardner"; var Caption_4046 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ENia Gardner helped the Tigers claim third place at the Austin Invite%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4046 = ""; var BylineEmail_4046 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4046 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4046 = "400"; var Filename_4047 = "2771%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4047 = "gbb%2Dsperber"; var Caption_4047 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EShawnna Sperber tallied 10 points in Stewie%92s 55%2Dpoint win at Grand Meadow%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4047 = ""; var BylineEmail_4047 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4047 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4047 = "400"; var Filename_4048 = "2767%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4048 = "bbb%2Dtapp"; var Caption_4048 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Tigers stepped it up%2C playing without floor leader Isaac Tapp %28shown here%29 in its title bid at the Lewiston Early Bird tourney%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4048 = ""; var BylineEmail_4048 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4048 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4048 = "400"; var Filename_4049 = "2766%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4049 = "bbb%2Dgisler"; var Caption_4049 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EJohn Gisler was the top tourney scorer%2C pouring in 37 points in two games%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4049 = ""; var BylineEmail_4049 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4049 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4049 = "400"; var Filename_4050 = "2761%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4050 = "mat%2Dletters"; var Caption_4050 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EReturning letterwinners for the %9109%2D%9210 Tiger wrestling team include%2C kneeling%2C from left%2C Eric Twohey%2C Jesse Johnson%2C Eric Nelson%2C Brett Stolarzyk%2C Nate Lecy%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Tim Twohey%2C Nate Goeldi%2C Mike Kellner%2C Jake Kuisle%2C Zach Jaeger%2C Cody Buchanan%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4050 = ""; var BylineEmail_4050 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4050 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4050 = "400"; var Filename_4051 = "2760%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4051 = "mat%2Dkuisle"; var Caption_4051 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EJake Kuisle %2814%2D20 at 215 pounds%2C fourth place at sections%29%2C is the only senior starter of 11 returning letterwinners on this year%92s Tiger matmen team%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4051 = ""; var BylineEmail_4051 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4051 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4051 = "400"; var Filename_4052 = "2755%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4052 = "gym%2Dvarsity"; var Caption_4052 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EStewartville varsity gymnasts for this season are%2C front row%2C from left%2C MaKaila Bray%2C Jennifer Hurley%2C Nia Gardner%2C Ashley Meitzner%2E Back row%2C from left%2C Amanda Hamre%2C Abigail Bardwell%2C Rebecca Morse%2C Hannah Christie%2C Taylor Hutchins%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4052 = ""; var BylineEmail_4052 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4052 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4052 = "400"; var Filename_4053 = "2754%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4053 = "gym%2Dmeitzner"; var Caption_4053 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EAshley Meitzner is one of four returning letterwinners on the 2009%2D10 Tiger gymnastics team%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4053 = ""; var BylineEmail_4053 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4053 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4053 = "400"; var Filename_4054 = "2753%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4054 = "gbb%2Dletters"; var Caption_4054 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EReturning letterwinners for the Stewartville girls basketball team include%2C kneeling%2C from left%2C Kelly Norman%2C Julie Rainey%2C Shawnna Sperber%2C Rio Haack%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Lisa Flynn%2C Lindsay Blahnik%2C Shannon Curtis%2C Jill Oftedahl%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4054 = ""; var BylineEmail_4054 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4054 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4054 = "400"; var Filename_4055 = "2752%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4055 = "bbb%2Dletters"; var Caption_4055 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EReturning letterwinners for the Tiger boys basketball team include%2C from left%2C Tyler Rogers%2C John Gisler and Isaac Tapp%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4055 = ""; var BylineEmail_4055 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4055 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4055 = "400"; var Filename_4056 = "2750%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4056 = "vb%2Dlangseth LCU"; var Caption_4056 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ERachel Langseth%2C a 2009 SHS graduate %28number nine in this team photo%29%2C recently participated in the National Christian College Athletic Association %28NCCAA%29 Division II volleyball championships in Kissimmee%2C FL%2E The Red Lions of Lincoln Christian University %28Lincoln%2C IL%29 came within two points of winning the national title%2C dropping the fifth and deciding set in the championship match by a score of 15%2D17 to Clearwater Christian College %28FL%29%2E LCU finished with a 29%2D7 record%2C playing larger NAIA and NCAA DIII schools%2E Rachel is a freshman student at LCU%2C pursuing a degree in psychology%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4056 = ""; var BylineEmail_4056 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4056 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4056 = "400"; var Filename_4057 = "2748%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4057 = "gbb%2Drainey scores"; var Caption_4057 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EJulie Rainey returns with her 12 points per game average to lead the Tigers this season%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4057 = ""; var BylineEmail_4057 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4057 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4057 = "400"; var Filename_4058 = "2747%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4058 = "gbb%2Doftedahl drives"; var Caption_4058 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EJill Oftedahl is one of four seniors back to lead the Tigers%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4058 = ""; var BylineEmail_4058 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4058 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4058 = "400"; var Filename_4059 = "2746%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4059 = "gbb%2Dnorman trey"; var Caption_4059 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EKelly Normanis one of four seniors back to lead the Tigers%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4059 = ""; var BylineEmail_4059 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4059 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4059 = "400"; var Filename_4060 = "2745%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4060 = "gbb%2Dhaack scores"; var Caption_4060 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ERio Haack is one of four seniors and eight letterwinners on a talented Tiger squad this season%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4060 = ""; var BylineEmail_4060 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4060 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4060 = "400"; var Filename_4061 = "2744%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4061 = "fb%2D09 fan of year"; var Caption_4061 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville Football booster Club honored Matt Flynn as the %9109 Tiger Football Fan of the Year at its annual Awards Night on Nov%2E 22%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4061 = ""; var BylineEmail_4061 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4061 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4061 = "400"; var Filename_4062 = "2743%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4062 = "fb%2D09 awards nite"; var Caption_4062 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EHonored at the 2009 Tiger football awards night were%2C seated%2C from left%2C Jake Kuisle%2C Defensive Lineman of the Year and HVL All%2DConference defensive lineman%3B Jake Schwalbach%2C Most Improved Player%3B Mike Richardson%2C Scout Team Player of the Year%3B Braden Bentley%2C Offensive Player of the Year and HVL All%2DConference wide receiver%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Peter Elton%2C Special Teams Player of the Year%3B Brandon Larsen%2C Defensive Player of the Year%3B Caleb Schmidt%2C Offensive Lineman of the Year%3B Alex Hain%2C Team MVP%3B and Rodney Smith%2C Tiger Award%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4062 = ""; var BylineEmail_4062 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4062 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4062 = "400"; var Filename_4063 = "2741%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4063 = "bbb%2Dtapp scores"; var Caption_4063 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EIsaac Tapp is one of three returning letterwinners who will be looked to as a team leader during the 2009%2D10 Tiger boys basketball season%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4063 = ""; var BylineEmail_4063 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4063 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4063 = "400"; var Filename_4064 = "2740%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4064 = "bbb%2Dgisler drives"; var Caption_4064 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EJohn Gisler returns as a team leader for the 2009%2D10 Tiger boys basketball team%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4064 = ""; var BylineEmail_4064 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4064 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4064 = "400"; var Filename_4065 = "2736%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4065 = "zabinski deer"; var Caption_4065 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EJustin Zabinski%2C 14%2C of Stewartville bagged his first deer%2C an eight%2Dpoint buck on Nov%2E 7 while hunting south of Chatfield with his father Pat%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4065 = ""; var BylineEmail_4065 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4065 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4065 = "400"; var Filename_4066 = "2734%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4066 = "vb%2Djulie signs with UMD"; var Caption_4066 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EJulie Rainey %28seated%2C far right%29 is joined by Tiger coach John Dzubay %28standing at right%29 and her parents Dan and Carol as she signs a National Letter of Intent to play volleyball for the University of Minnesota%2DDuluth%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4066 = ""; var BylineEmail_4066 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4066 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4066 = "400"; var Filename_4067 = "2733%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4067 = "vb%2Djulie block in 07"; var Caption_4067 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ERainey with a block in %9107%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4067 = ""; var BylineEmail_4067 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4067 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4067 = "400"; var Filename_4068 = "2732%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4068 = "vb%2Djulie spike in 06"; var Caption_4068 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ERainey with a kill in %9106%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4068 = ""; var BylineEmail_4068 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4068 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4068 = "400"; var Filename_4069 = "2731%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4069 = "vb%2Dall conference"; var Caption_4069 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EStewartville volleyball players from left%2C Lisa Flynn%2C Julie Rainey%2C Kelly Norman and Lindsay Blahnik earned HVL All%2DConference honors being voted on by league coaches for their achievements during the %9109 season%2E Flynn and Rainey were honored as the HVL%92s top outside hitters while Norman and Blahnik were named the HVL%92s top middle hitters%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4069 = ""; var BylineEmail_4069 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4069 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4069 = "400"; var Filename_4070 = "2727%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4070 = "gt%2Dall conference"; var Caption_4070 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EStewartville tennis players Caity Case %28left%29 and Hannah Bardwell earned HVL All%2DConference honors being voted on by league coaches for their achievements during the %9109 season%2E Case is the Tiger%92s number one doubles player and Bardwell is the Tiger%92s number one singles player%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4070 = ""; var BylineEmail_4070 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4070 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4070 = "400"; var Filename_4071 = "2725%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4071 = "fb%2Dall conference"; var Caption_4071 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EStewartville football players Braden Bentley %28left%29 and Jake Kuisle earned HVL All%2DConference honors being voted on by league coaches for their achievements during the %9109 season%2E Bentley was honored as the HVL%92s top wide receiver and Kuisle as the top defensive lineman%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4071 = ""; var BylineEmail_4071 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4071 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4071 = "400"; var Filename_4072 = "2724%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4072 = "fb%2D6th hsi team champs"; var Caption_4072 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville sixth grade RYFA football team%2C sponsored by Home System Installation%2C ended its season with a perfect 8%2D0 record%2E The team won the championship game%2C defeating Fraser Construction 12%2D0 on Oct%2E 31%2E Team members include%2C front row%2C from left%2C Cody Bakken%2C Alex Kimelman%2C Connor Stenberg%2C Caleb Miller%2C Nolan Schemmel%2C Logan Heintz%2C Ryan Clark%2E Row two%2C from left%2C Colton Miller%2C Adam Zieman%2C Jacob Hawkins%2C Lucas Scruggs%2C David Capelle%2C Max Runkle%2C Luke Schmidt%2C Joey Thompson%2E Row three%2C from left%2C Dillon Graves%2C Nick Stahnke%2C Coach Kent Johnson%2C Coach Bill Stahnke%2C Coach Mike Thompson%2C Coach Eric Milburn%2C Coach Rick Arneson%2C Dylan Stofferahn%2C Moses Hettinger%2E Row four%2C from left%2C Lucas Ellerbusch%2C Avery Voigt%2C Colton Schmidt%2C Troy Bailey%2C Jon Beach%2C Winston Gruenhagen%2C Jordan Johnson%2C Sam Woods%2E Back row%2C from left%2C Chance Jakobson%2C Adam Gehling%2C Garret Nosbisch%2C Chye Stecher%2C Pierce Haas%2C Cody Milburn%2C Brandon Hoth%2E Not pictured%3A Dylan Rios%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4072 = ""; var BylineEmail_4072 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4072 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4072 = "400"; var Filename_4073 = "2723%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4073 = "fb%2D6th coach congrats"; var Caption_4073 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EAfter beating Fraser Construction 12%2D0 in the championship game on Oct%2E 31%2C HSI team members congratulate head coach Mike Thompson with the traditional championship dousing%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4073 = ""; var BylineEmail_4073 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4073 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4073 = "400"; var Filename_4074 = "2718%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4074 = "vb%2Dsubs team trophy"; var Caption_4074 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger team members pose with their subsection trophy%2E Front row%2C from left%2C Jill Oftedahl%2C Julie Rainey%2C Kelly Norman%2C Katie Tweite%2E Middle row%2C from left%2C Christina Stanger%2C Danielle DeGeus%2C Lindsay Blahnik%2C Lindsay Block%2C Sam Blahnik%2C Liz Waugh%2C Kayla Lutteke%2C Katelyn Hanf%2C Sara Schrandt%2E In back%2C Kaitie Bauman%28left%29 and Lisa Flynn%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4074 = ""; var BylineEmail_4074 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4074 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4074 = "400"; var Filename_4075 = "2717%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4075 = "vb%2Dsblahnik%2Dnorman subs championship"; var Caption_4075 = ""; var Byline_4075 = ""; var BylineEmail_4075 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4075 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4075 = "400"; var Filename_4076 = "2716%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4076 = "vb%2Drainey subs championship"; var Caption_4076 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EJulie Rainey blasts a thunderous kill%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4076 = ""; var BylineEmail_4076 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4076 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4076 = "400"; var Filename_4077 = "2715%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4077 = "vb%2Dkelly norman subs championship"; var Caption_4077 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EKelly Norman redirects this attack%2C beating a Byron blocker%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4077 = ""; var BylineEmail_4077 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4077 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4077 = "400"; var Filename_4078 = "2714%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4078 = "vb%2Dlindsay block subs championship"; var Caption_4078 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ELindsay Block cranks a cross%2Dcourt attack against Byron%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4078 = ""; var BylineEmail_4078 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4078 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4078 = "400"; var Filename_4079 = "2713%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4079 = "vb%2Dlindsay blahnik subs championship"; var Caption_4079 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ELindsay Blahnik drives an attack%2C beating a Byron blocker%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4079 = ""; var BylineEmail_4079 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4079 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4079 = "400"; var Filename_4080 = "2712%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4080 = "vb%2Dflynn%2Dnorman subs championship"; var Caption_4080 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ELisa Flynn %28left%29 and Kelly Norman block a Byron attack%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4080 = ""; var BylineEmail_4080 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4080 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4080 = "400"; var Filename_4081 = "2708%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4081 = "gs%2Dawards"; var Caption_4081 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville varsity girls soccer team held its annual awards banquet on Oct%2E 29%2E Top Tiger award winners were honored at the event%2C including from left%2C Brianna Probach%2C Most Aggressive%3B Shawnna Sperber%2C Top Scorer%3B Stephanie Bussan%2C Most Improved%3B Tori O%92Sullivan%2C Most Valuable Player%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4081 = ""; var BylineEmail_4081 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4081 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4081 = "400"; var Filename_4082 = "2704%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4082 = "vb%2Dschrandt spike at subs"; var Caption_4082 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ESara Schrandt blasts a kill through the fingertips of a Pine Island block attempt during subsection action%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4082 = ""; var BylineEmail_4082 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4082 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4082 = "400"; var Filename_4083 = "2703%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4083 = "vb%2Dnorman%2Dflynn block at subs"; var Caption_4083 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ELisa Flynn %28%237%29 gets enough of this Panther spike%2C rejecting it for a block with support from Kelly Norman%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4083 = ""; var BylineEmail_4083 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4083 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4083 = "400"; var Filename_4084 = "2701%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4084 = "vb%2Dsblahnik%2Dnorman block%2Dsubs"; var Caption_4084 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ESam Blahnik %28left%29 and Kelly Norman block a PI attack%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4084 = ""; var BylineEmail_4084 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4084 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4084 = "400"; var Filename_4085 = "2700%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4085 = "vb%2Drainey 2000 digs"; var Caption_4085 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EStewartville volleyball player Julie Rainey reached another milestone in her decorated career%2C recording her 2%2C000th dig at the Chaska tournament on Oct%2E 24%2E Rainey tallies 2%2C008 digs to date%2C ranking her second on the all%2Dtime dig list in the state of Minnesota%2E The state record is 2%2C075%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4085 = ""; var BylineEmail_4085 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4085 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4085 = "400"; var Filename_4086 = "2699%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4086 = "vb%2Dbauman spike%2Dsubs"; var Caption_4086 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EKaitie Bauman records a kill against PI%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4086 = ""; var BylineEmail_4086 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4086 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4086 = "400"; var Filename_4087 = "2684%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4087 = "cc%2Drosie hermans%2Dsections"; var Caption_4087 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EHer legs splattered with mud%2C Rosie Hermans leads Stewartville at the Section 1A meet%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4087 = ""; var BylineEmail_4087 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4087 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4087 = "400"; var Filename_4088 = "2683%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4088 = "cc%2Dira raygor%2Dsections"; var Caption_4088 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EIra Raygor leads a pack of runners at 1%2C600 meters on the sloppy Section 1A course%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4088 = ""; var BylineEmail_4088 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4088 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4088 = "400"; var Filename_4089 = "2682%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4089 = "cc%2Deric twohey%2Dsections"; var Caption_4089 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EEric Twohey fights the elements passing runners at the Section 1A meet%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4089 = ""; var BylineEmail_4089 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4089 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4089 = "400"; var Filename_4090 = "2681%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4090 = "cc%2Dbrandon cole%2Dsections"; var Caption_4090 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EBrandon Cole churns through the muddy quagmire to lead Stewartville at the Section 1A meet%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4090 = ""; var BylineEmail_4090 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4090 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4090 = "400"; var Filename_4091 = "2680%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4091 = "cc%2Dben van ess%2Dsections"; var Caption_4091 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EBen Van Ess is a front runner of one of the lead packs during the boys 5K 1A Section meet on Oct%2E 29%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4091 = ""; var BylineEmail_4091 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4091 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4091 = "400"; var Filename_4092 = "2679%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4092 = "bs%2DU10 MN sportsmanship"; var Caption_4092 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville U10 spring%2Fsummer traveling soccer team has been named the 2009 Outstanding Ambassadors of Teams Honoring Sportsmanship award winner given by the Minnesota Youth Soccer Association%2E The award is given to teams whose players%2C coaches and spectators exhibit good sportsmanship throughout the season%2E Team members include%2C kneeling%2C from left%2C Paul Betcher%2C Duell Buck%2C James Beach%2C Alex VandeLoo%2C Colin Willenborg%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Coach Scott Willenborg%2C Taylor Hagstrom%2C Jacob Lovstuen%2C Ben Schimke%2C Matthew Pierick%2C Graham Mueller%2C Mason Stenzel%2C Coach Rick VandeLoo%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4092 = ""; var BylineEmail_4092 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4092 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4092 = "400"; var Filename_4093 = "2678%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4093 = "bs%2Dawards nite"; var Caption_4093 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville varsity boys soccer team%2C parents and coaches gathered for an end%2Dof%2Dthe%2Dseason team banquet and awards night on Oct%2E 26%2E Coaches Bob Mankaka and Rick Vande Loo highlighted the season and commended the players for their dedication and hard work%2E %22We had a really tough season especially with our injuries%2C%22 said Coach Vande Loo%2E %93The boys played hard and never gave up%2C no matter what the outcome of the game%2E%22 Coach Vande Loo went on to say that he looks forward to continued growth and improvement of the Stewartville soccer program%2E %22The boys learned a lot this year and continue to improve%2E We have a great foundation to build on next year%2C%22 he said%2E%0D%0ATop awards winners%2C from left%2C midfielder Matt Terharr for Most Improved Player%2C goalie Mack Christenson for Most Valuable Player%2C defender Ben Hogan for Team Leader Award%2C Coach Rick Vande Loo%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4093 = ""; var BylineEmail_4093 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4093 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4093 = "400"; var Filename_4094 = "2676%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4094 = "vb%2Dflynn kill vs byron"; var Caption_4094 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ELisa Flynn %28%237%29 attacks aggressively at the net%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4094 = ""; var BylineEmail_4094 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4094 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4094 = "400"; var Filename_4095 = "2675%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4095 = "vb%2Dblahnik%2Drainey block vs byron"; var Caption_4095 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EJulie Rainey %28%234%29 blocks a Byron attack as Lindsay Blahnik %28far left%29 eliminates an attack lane during Stewie%92s 3%2D1 over the Bears%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4095 = ""; var BylineEmail_4095 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4095 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4095 = "400"; var Filename_4096 = "2667fb%2Dsvoboda tackle vs triton"; var PhotoTitle_4096 = "fb%2Dsvoboda vs triton"; var Caption_4096 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EAlex Svoboda %28%237%29 makes the tackle at the line of scrimmage%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4096 = ""; var BylineEmail_4096 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4096 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4096 = "400"; var Filename_4097 = "2666%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4097 = "fb%2Drogers pick vs triton"; var Caption_4097 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETyler Rogers %28%233%29 breaks into open field on an interception against Triton%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4097 = ""; var BylineEmail_4097 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4097 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4097 = "400"; var Filename_4098 = "2664%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4098 = "fb%2Dhain vs triton"; var Caption_4098 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EAlex Hain %28%2324%29 churns his legs for extra yards against Triton%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4098 = ""; var BylineEmail_4098 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4098 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4098 = "400"; var Filename_4099 = "2661%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4099 = "cc%2Dchloe kidd"; var Caption_4099 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EChloe Kidd exits the woods during the girls 4K race%2E Kidd was one of six Tigers earning All%2DConference honors at last week%92s HVL meet%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4099 = ""; var BylineEmail_4099 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4099 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4099 = "400"; var Filename_4100 = "2660%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4100 = "cc%2Dall conference"; var Caption_4100 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger runners earning HVL All%2DConference honors included%2C front row%2C from left%2C Chloe Kidd%2C Rosie Hermans%2C Autumn Kruse%2E Back row%2C from left%2C Ben Van Ess%2C David Christian%2C Brandon Cole%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4100 = ""; var BylineEmail_4100 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4100 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4100 = "400"; var Filename_4101 = "2656%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4101 = "vb%2Drainey kill vs PI"; var Caption_4101 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EJulie Rainey beats a block%2C driving the ball parallel with the net%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4101 = ""; var BylineEmail_4101 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4101 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4101 = "400"; var Filename_4102 = "2655%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4102 = "vb%2Dnorman%2Dflynn block triton"; var Caption_4102 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EKelly Norman %28left%29 and Lisa Flynn block an attack%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4102 = ""; var BylineEmail_4102 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4102 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4102 = "400"; var Filename_4103 = "2654%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4103 = "vb%2Dc squad champs"; var Caption_4103 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville C%2Dsquad volleyball team captured first place at the John Marshall C%2Dsquad Invitational on Oct%2E 10%2E Tiger team members are%2C seated%2C from left%2C Ashlyn Elliott%2C Stephanie Schmidt%2E Kneeling%2C from left%2C Brianna Buford%2C Tiana Pike%2C Morgan Hettinger%2C Whitney Lloyd%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Coach Pat Sobotta%2C Ashley Eberle%2C Natalie Howell%2C Katelyn Bentley%2C Alexis Leathes%2C Josie Hale%2E Not pictured%2C Liz Norman%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4103 = ""; var BylineEmail_4103 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4103 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4103 = "400"; var Filename_4104 = "2651%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4104 = "gt%2Dveronica lawrenz"; var Caption_4104 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EVeronica Lawrenz uses topspin on a baseline volley%2E Lawrenz ended her career in section play last week%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4104 = ""; var BylineEmail_4104 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4104 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4104 = "400"; var Filename_4105 = "2650%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4105 = "gs%2Dsperber vs byron"; var Caption_4105 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EShawnna Sperber controls the ball as she dribbles by a defender%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4105 = ""; var BylineEmail_4105 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4105 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4105 = "400"; var Filename_4106 = "2648%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4106 = "fb%2Dlarsen vs KM"; var Caption_4106 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EBrandon Larsen makes a great open%2Dfield tackle%2C dragging down a ball carrier%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4106 = ""; var BylineEmail_4106 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4106 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4106 = "400"; var Filename_4107 = "2647%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4107 = "fb%2Dschroeder o player of week"; var Caption_4107 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EBryan Schroeder%2C a 2009 SHS grad%2C was named MCAC Southern Division Player of the Week%2C rushing 21 times for 217 yards and three touchdowns in RCTC%92s 41%2D0 win over Minnesota State%2DFergus Falls on Oct%2E 10%2E Schroeder is the Yellowjackets leading rusher%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4107 = ""; var BylineEmail_4107 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4107 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4107 = "400"; var Filename_4108 = "2646%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4108 = "fb%2D6th garret nosbisch TD run"; var Caption_4108 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EStewartville running back Garret Nosbisch stiff arms his way to the end zone%2E The sixth grade football team sponsored by Home Systems Installation is currently in first place in its division with a 5%2D0 record in the Rochester Youth Football Association%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4108 = ""; var BylineEmail_4108 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4108 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4108 = "400"; var Filename_4109 = "2643%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4109 = "bs%2Djosh wilson vs Schaefer Academy"; var Caption_4109 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EJosh Wilson beats a defender%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4109 = ""; var BylineEmail_4109 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4109 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4109 = "400"; var Filename_4110 = "2638%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4110 = "vb%2Dschrandt vs PI"; var Caption_4110 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ESara Schrandt angles this attack away from a PI blocker%2C scoring a Tiger point%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4110 = ""; var BylineEmail_4110 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4110 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4110 = "400"; var Filename_4111 = "2637%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4111 = "vb%2Drainey1000kills"; var Caption_4111 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EMarquee Tiger outside hitter Julie Rainey reached another milestone in her decorated career%2C becoming the first Tiger hitter to collect 1%2C000 kills in a career%2E Rainey goes into the SHS record books%2C overtaking 2001 premiere player Kim Hebl %28936 career kills%29 as Stewartville all%2Dtime top hitter%2E Here%2C Tiger coach John Dzubay presents Rainey with a gold ball in recognition of the outstanding milestone%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4111 = ""; var BylineEmail_4111 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4111 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4111 = "400"; var Filename_4112 = "2636%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4112 = "vb%2Dnorman%2Dflynn vs PI"; var Caption_4112 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EKelly Norman %28left%29 blocks the ball%2C while Lisa Flynn eliminates an attack lane against a Panther hitter%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4112 = ""; var BylineEmail_4112 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4112 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4112 = "400"; var Filename_4113 = "2635%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4113 = "vb%2Djv champs"; var Caption_4113 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville JV volleyball team captured first place at the Century Invitational on Oct%2E 3%2E Team members include seated%2C from left%2C Hannah Tapp%2C Paige Tapp%2E Kneeling%2C from left%2C Blair Honsey%2C Liz Waugh%2C Katie Doty%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Coach Laura Wiles%2C Morgan Schiebsted%2C Shauna Groski%2C Shannon Curtis%2C Brianna Behrens%2C Katelyn Hanf%2E Team Members not pictured%3A Katie Bauman%2C Abby Buck%2C Morgan Howard%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4113 = ""; var BylineEmail_4113 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4113 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4113 = "400"; var Filename_4114 = "2634%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4114 = "vb%2D7th champs"; var Caption_4114 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville seventh grade maroon and gold volleyball%0D%0Ateams captured first and second place%2C respectively at the Stewartville Invite on Sept%2E 26%2E Team members include%2C seated%2C from left%2C Jessie Hale%2C Gabby Dale%2C Brianna Henderson%2C Carly Wilde%2C Maddie Hart%2E Kneeling%2C from left%2C Abby Sistad%2C Kaylee Muller%2C Taylor DeGeus%2C Amanda Jaeger%2C Meghan Schmitz%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Coach Scott Willenborg%2C Jackie Bleifus%2C Megan Howell%2C Marissa Behrens%2C Caitlyn Hughes%2C Jena O%27Byrne%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4114 = ""; var BylineEmail_4114 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4114 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4114 = "400"; var Filename_4115 = "2611%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4115 = "gt%2Drio haack backhand volley"; var Caption_4115 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ENumber two doubles player Rio Haack crushes a backhand volley%2E Haack and her teammate Kelsey Volkart beat their Bomber foes in section action%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4115 = ""; var BylineEmail_4115 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4115 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4115 = "400"; var Filename_4116 = "2610%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4116 = "fb%2Dnosbisch QB sack"; var Caption_4116 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ENick Nosbisch wraps up to record a QB sack against Byron%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4116 = ""; var BylineEmail_4116 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4116 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4116 = "400"; var Filename_4117 = "2609%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4117 = "fb%2Ddefense swarm"; var Caption_4117 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Tiger defense swarms to make the tackle%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4117 = ""; var BylineEmail_4117 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4117 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4117 = "400"; var Filename_4118 = "2608%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4118 = "fb%2Dbentley TD"; var Caption_4118 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EWideout Braden Bentley catches a perfectly thrown touchdown pass from quarterback Steve Jezeski%2C putting the Tigers up 14%2D0 in the first quarter%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4118 = ""; var BylineEmail_4118 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4118 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4118 = "400"; var Filename_4119 = "2603%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4119 = "vb%2Dsblahnik%2Dnorman vs LaC"; var Caption_4119 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ESam Blahnik %28left%29 and Kelly Norman reject a La Crescent hitter during Stewie%92s 3%2D0 win%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4119 = ""; var BylineEmail_4119 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4119 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4119 = "400"; var Filename_4120 = "2602%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4120 = "vb%2Dsblahnik vs LaC"; var Caption_4120 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ESam Blahnik drives a kill past a Lancer blocker during Stewie%92s 3%2D0 HVL win%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4120 = ""; var BylineEmail_4120 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4120 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4120 = "400"; var Filename_4121 = "2601%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4121 = "vb%2D8th champs"; var Caption_4121 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville eighth grade maroon volleyball team captured first place at the Stewartville tournament on Sept%2E 26%2E Tigers are%2C kneeling%2C from left%2C Aiyana Leftbear%2C Ally Dale%2C Jennifer%0D%0AZabinski%2C Stephanie Schmidt%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Maddie Hettinger%2C Jessica Larson%2C Breanna Smith%2C Ashley Eberle%2C Adrianna Nelson%2DGross%2C coach Kelly Williams%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4121 = ""; var BylineEmail_4121 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4121 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4121 = "400"; var Filename_4122 = "2595%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4122 = "punt%2Dpass%2Dkick contest"; var Caption_4122 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe NFL Punt%2C Pass and Kick saw 30 participants competing at Schaefer Field on September 19%2E Results are as follows%3A boys age 8%2D9%3A first place%2D Evan Buri%3B second place%2D Andrew Simmons%3B third place%2D Hunter Voigt%2E Age 10%2D11%3A first place%2D Jacob Struif%3B second place%2D Adam Gehling%3B third place%2D Ryan Clark%2E Age 12%2D13%3A first place%2D Chye Stecher%3B second place%2D Aaron Clark%3B third place%2D Dalton Heintz%2E Age 14%2D15%3A first place%2D Zach Struif%3B second place%2D Aaron Simmons%3B third place%2D Erik Nosbisch%2E Girls age 12%2D13%3A First place%2D Gabby Dale%2E The first place winners move on to a sectional competition on Oct%2E 9 in Austin%2E Place winners include%2C kneeling%2C from left%2C Andrew Simmons%2C Hunter Voigt%2C Jacob Struif%2C Evan Buri%2E Middle row%2C from left%2C Gabby Dale%2C Aaron Clark%2C Chye Stecher%2C Ryan Clark%2C Adam Gehling%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Cody Carpentier%2C Aaron Simmons%2C Erik Nosbisch%2C Zach Struif%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4122 = ""; var BylineEmail_4122 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4122 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4122 = "400"; var Filename_4123 = "2593%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4123 = "gt%2Delizabeth bardwell"; var Caption_4123 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ENumber two singles player Elizabeth Bardwell reaches for this backhand volley while playing aggressively at the net%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4123 = ""; var BylineEmail_4123 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4123 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4123 = "400"; var Filename_4124 = "2592%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4124 = "gs%2Dstephanie bussan vs Cal"; var Caption_4124 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger mid%2Dfielder Stephanie Bussan beats a Caledonia defender and launches a shot on goal just outside the keeper%92s box%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4124 = ""; var BylineEmail_4124 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4124 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4124 = "400"; var Filename_4125 = "2591%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4125 = "gs%2Dgabi hale vs Cal"; var Caption_4125 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger forward Gabi Hale jukes outside%2C controlling her dribble to beat a Caledonia defender%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4125 = ""; var BylineEmail_4125 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4125 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4125 = "400"; var Filename_4126 = "2590%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4126 = "fb%2D6th jordan johnson"; var Caption_4126 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville sixth grade football team sponsored by Home Systems Installation is off to a 3%2D0 start to its season%2E Here%2C HSI running back Jordan Johnson fights for tough yards against Brekke defenders enroute to a 21%2D13 win%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4126 = ""; var BylineEmail_4126 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4126 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4126 = "400"; var Filename_4127 = "2589%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4127 = "vet memorial fun walk%2Drun"; var Caption_4127 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EAbout 40 runners participated in a fun run and walk to raise funds for the Stewartville American Legion Post 164 veterans memorial on Saturday%2C Sept%2E 19%2E About 40 runners took part%2C raising about %24800 for the memorial%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4127 = ""; var BylineEmail_4127 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4127 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4127 = "400"; var Filename_4128 = "2588%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4128 = "vb%2Dschrandt passes"; var Caption_4128 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ESara Schrandt passes%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4128 = ""; var BylineEmail_4128 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4128 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4128 = "400"; var Filename_4129 = "2587%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4129 = "vb%2Dnorman blocks vs LC"; var Caption_4129 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EKelly Norman blocks%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4129 = ""; var BylineEmail_4129 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4129 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4129 = "400"; var Filename_4130 = "2586%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4130 = "vb%2Dblock kills vs LC"; var Caption_4130 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ELindsay Block drives a hit past a Lake City blocker during Stewie%92s 3%2D1 win%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4130 = ""; var BylineEmail_4130 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4130 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4130 = "400"; var Filename_4131 = "2585%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4131 = "vb%2D9th champs"; var Caption_4131 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville ninth%2Dgrade gold volleyball team took first place at the 19th annual ninth grade volleyball tournament at Stewartville High School on Sept%2E 19%2E Tigers are%2C kneeling%2C from left%2C Ashlyn Elliot%2C Josie Hale%2C Stephanie Schmidt%2C Whitney Lloyd%2E Standing%2C from left%2C coach Kelly Norman%2C Ashley Eberle%2C Liz Norman%2C Kaitlyn Bentley%2C Morgan Hettinger%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4131 = ""; var BylineEmail_4131 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4131 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4131 = "400"; var Filename_4132 = "2574%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4132 = "gt%2Dsara fry"; var Caption_4132 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ESara Fry tags a forehand volley at number one doubles%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4132 = ""; var BylineEmail_4132 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4132 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4132 = "400"; var Filename_4133 = "2573%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4133 = "gt%2Dhannah bardwell"; var Caption_4133 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EHannah Bardwell makes a baseline return at number one singles%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4133 = ""; var BylineEmail_4133 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4133 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4133 = "400"; var Filename_4134 = "2572%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4134 = "fb%2Dhain vs KM"; var Caption_4134 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EAlex Hain lowers and tackles a KoMet ball carrier%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4134 = ""; var BylineEmail_4134 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4134 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4134 = "400"; var Filename_4135 = "2571%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4135 = "fb%2D6th avery voigt"; var Caption_4135 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EAvery Voigt scores a touchdown during a Stewartville sixth grade RYFA football team win%2E The Stewie team%2C sponsored by HSI%2C is 2%2D0%2C including a 34%2D6 win over Ohly Law and a 36%2D12 triumph over Adlers%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4135 = ""; var BylineEmail_4135 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4135 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4135 = "400"; var Filename_4136 = "2569%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4136 = "bs%2DVenzke vs PEM"; var Caption_4136 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EJoel Venzke breaks free controlling the ball down the sidelines against P%2DE%2DM%2E No results or stats were submitted on Stewie%92s games versus Kasson and P%2DE%2DM%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4136 = ""; var BylineEmail_4136 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4136 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4136 = "400"; var Filename_4137 = "2568%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4137 = "bs%2Dandorfer vs PEM"; var Caption_4137 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EAlex Arndorfer jukes a Bulldog defender with an outside move as Tiger teammates break for a lead pass%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4137 = ""; var BylineEmail_4137 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4137 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4137 = "400"; var Filename_4138 = "2558%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4138 = "gt%2Dkelsey volkart"; var Caption_4138 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EKelsey Volkart reaches for a forehand smash while playing aggressively at the net on the number two doubles court%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4138 = ""; var BylineEmail_4138 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4138 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4138 = "400"; var Filename_4139 = "2557%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4139 = "gs%2Dheddlesten vs byron"; var Caption_4139 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETeala Heddlesten gives the ball a boot%2C sending it down the sidelines against Byron%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4139 = ""; var BylineEmail_4139 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4139 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4139 = "400"; var Filename_4140 = "2556%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4140 = "gs%2Dgehling vs byron"; var Caption_4140 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EMaria Gehling breaks free%2C controlling the ball as teammates Ellie Bergeson %28%2318%29 and Chelsea Lange create a three%2Don%2Dtwo%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4140 = ""; var BylineEmail_4140 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4140 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4140 = "400"; var Filename_4141 = "2555%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4141 = "gs%2Dbetcher vs byron"; var Caption_4141 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EJackie Betcher shields a Byron player away from the ball%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4141 = ""; var BylineEmail_4141 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4141 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4141 = "400"; var Filename_4142 = "2554%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4142 = "gs%2Dbergeson vs byron"; var Caption_4142 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EEllie Bergeson battles for the ball against Byron%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4142 = ""; var BylineEmail_4142 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4142 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4142 = "400"; var Filename_4143 = "2552%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4143 = "fb%2D8th drees run"; var Caption_4143 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger eighth%2Dgrade running back Zac Drees splits two Hayfield defenders for a big ground gainer%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4143 = ""; var BylineEmail_4143 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4143 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4143 = "400"; var Filename_4144 = "2548%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4144 = "bs%2Dmccarten vs RL"; var Caption_4144 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EConnor McCarten battles for the ball%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4144 = ""; var BylineEmail_4144 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4144 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4144 = "400"; var Filename_4145 = "2547%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4145 = "bs%2Dhogan vs RL"; var Caption_4145 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EBen Hogan defends against Lourdes%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4145 = ""; var BylineEmail_4145 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4145 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4145 = "400"; var Filename_4146 = "2542%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4146 = "vb%2Dschrandt%2Dnorman vs triton"; var Caption_4146 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ESarah Schrandt %28%2312%29 and Kelly Norman block a Triton hitter in Stewie%92s 3%2D0 sweep%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4146 = ""; var BylineEmail_4146 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4146 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4146 = "400"; var Filename_4147 = "2538%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4147 = "fb%2Dsmith breaks for TD"; var Caption_4147 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ERodney Smith shakes off a Lake City tackler and breaks free for a 46%2Dyard TD in Stewie%92s 40%2D14 HVL win in its %9109 home debut%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4147 = ""; var BylineEmail_4147 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4147 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4147 = "400"; var Filename_4148 = "2537%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4148 = "fb%2Drichie QB sack"; var Caption_4148 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EMike Richardson drags down the Lake City quarterback for a sack%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4148 = ""; var BylineEmail_4148 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4148 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4148 = "400"; var Filename_4149 = "2536%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4149 = "fb%2Dnosbisch QB sack"; var Caption_4149 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ENick Nosbisch %28middle photo%29 wraps up and tackles a Lake City running back in the backfield%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4149 = ""; var BylineEmail_4149 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4149 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4149 = "400"; var Filename_4150 = "2535%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4150 = "fb%2Dhain tough gain"; var Caption_4150 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EAlex Hain busts up the gut for a tough gain against the Lake City linebackers%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4150 = ""; var BylineEmail_4150 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4150 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4150 = "400"; var Filename_4151 = "2525%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4151 = "bs%2Dgabe hilger vs schaefer"; var Caption_4151 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EGabe Hilger beats a Schafer Academy player%2C turning it up field%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4151 = ""; var BylineEmail_4151 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4151 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4151 = "400"; var Filename_4152 = "2524%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4152 = "bs%2Dben hogan vs shaefer"; var Caption_4152 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EBen Hogan uses his speed to steal the ball from a Lion%2C advancing the ball on a break%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4152 = ""; var BylineEmail_4152 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4152 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4152 = "400"; var Filename_4153 = "2521%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4153 = "gt%2Dstaples trophy"; var Caption_4153 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville girls tennis team captured the team championship at the Staples%2DMotley%2DWadena Highway 10%2DS tournament on Aug%2E 26%2E Tiger team members are%2C seated%2C from left%2C Erin Hintz%2C Rio Haack%2E Middle row%2C from left%2C Liz Elton%2C Marilyn Yennie%2C Lydia Bardwell%2C Elizabeth Bardwell%2C Veronica Lawrenz%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Taylor Bestor%2C Sara Fry%2C Caity Case%2C Kelsey Volkart%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4153 = ""; var BylineEmail_4153 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4153 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4153 = "400"; var Filename_4154 = "2520%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4154 = "gt%2Derin hinz"; var Caption_4154 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ENumber three doubles player Erin Hintz puts wicked topspin on this baseline rally in a 6%2D4%2C 6%2D3 win over Cotter%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4154 = ""; var BylineEmail_4154 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4154 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4154 = "400"; var Filename_4155 = "2519%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4155 = "gt%2Dcaity case"; var Caption_4155 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ENumber one doubles player Caity Case lunges for a volley playing aggressively at the net in a 6%2D2%2C 6%2D3 win over Cotter%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4155 = ""; var BylineEmail_4155 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4155 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4155 = "400"; var Filename_4156 = "2518%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4156 = "gs%2Dshelby fanton"; var Caption_4156 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EShelby Fanton beats a Cotter defender%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4156 = ""; var BylineEmail_4156 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4156 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4156 = "400"; var Filename_4157 = "2517%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4157 = "gcc%2Dlynch%2Dking"; var Caption_4157 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EMolly Lynch %28left%29 and MacKenzie King exit the woods of the girls varsity 4K race of the Stewartville Invite%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4157 = ""; var BylineEmail_4157 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4157 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4157 = "400"; var Filename_4158 = "2516%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4158 = "gcc%2Dking%2Dthornton"; var Caption_4158 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EMacKenzie King %28left%29 and Jet Thornton corner during the girls varsity 4K race of the Stewartville Invite%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4158 = ""; var BylineEmail_4158 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4158 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4158 = "400"; var Filename_4159 = "2513%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4159 = "bs%2Dwilson to terhaar"; var Caption_4159 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EJosh Wilson %28far left%29 makes a lead pass to Michael Terhaar %28center with white jersey%29 as Matt Terhaar sprints open down field during a 1%2D0 loss hosting LaCrescent in HVL action on Sept%2E 1%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4159 = ""; var BylineEmail_4159 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4159 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4159 = "400"; var Filename_4160 = "2512%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4160 = "bcc%2Ddavid christian at stewie invite"; var Caption_4160 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ENumber one runner David Christian leads the charge on a downhill portion of the Stewartville Invite%2E Christian finished first for the Tigers%2C fifth overall in a time of 17%3A48%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4160 = ""; var BylineEmail_4160 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4160 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4160 = "400"; var Filename_4161 = "2511%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4161 = "bcc%2Dben van ess"; var Caption_4161 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EBen Van Ess is the front runner of a lead pack at the midway point of the boys varsity 5K race during the 36th running of the Stewartville Invite on Sept%2E 3 at Bear Cave Park%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4161 = ""; var BylineEmail_4161 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4161 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4161 = "400"; var Filename_4162 = "2508%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4162 = "vb%2Dblahnik"; var Caption_4162 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EHVL All%2DConference middle hitter Lindsay Blahnik is back to help lead the Tigers back to state%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4162 = ""; var BylineEmail_4162 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4162 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4162 = "400"; var Filename_4163 = "2503%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4163 = "honsey hole%2Din%2Done"; var Caption_4163 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EDave Honsey and Mark Severtson are regular golfing buddies%2E The two are also teammates in the Wednesday night Men%27s League at Somerby in Byron%2E On Wednesday%2C Aug%2E 12%2C during a golf league match%2C Honsey got a hole%2Din%2Done on the Par 3%2C 195%2Dyard%2C fifth hole%2E Twenty minutes later%2C Mark got a hole%2Din%2Done on the Par 3%2C 172%2Dyard%2C eighth hole%2E This was Severtson%27s second hole%2Din%2Done of his career but%2C remarkably%2C it was Honsey%27s eighth%21%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4163 = ""; var BylineEmail_4163 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4163 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4163 = "400"; var Filename_4164 = "2502%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4164 = "gt%2Dbardwell"; var Caption_4164 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ENumber one singles player Hannah Bardwell is back to lead a talented Tiger tennis team in %9109%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4164 = ""; var BylineEmail_4164 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4164 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4164 = "400"; var Filename_4165 = "2501%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4165 = "gs%2Djackie betcher"; var Caption_4165 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EJackie Betcher is one of 17 returning letterwinners back to lead the Tiger girls soccer team%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4165 = ""; var BylineEmail_4165 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4165 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4165 = "400"; var Filename_4166 = "2500%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4166 = "gcc%2Dchloe kidd"; var Caption_4166 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EChloe Kid is back to lead a young but talented corps of Tiger runners%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4166 = ""; var BylineEmail_4166 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4166 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4166 = "400"; var Filename_4167 = "2499%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4167 = "fb%2Dbentley"; var Caption_4167 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EBraden Bentley%2C one of the HVL%92s top receivers in %9108%2C is back to help lead the Tigers to the top of the HVL standings%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4167 = ""; var BylineEmail_4167 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4167 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4167 = "400"; var Filename_4168 = "2494%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4168 = "bs%2Dvenzke"; var Caption_4168 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EJoe Venzke is back to lead a corps of young returning letterwinners%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4168 = ""; var BylineEmail_4168 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4168 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4168 = "400"; var Filename_4169 = "2493%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4169 = "bcc%2Ddavid christian"; var Caption_4169 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EDavid Christian is one of six Tiger runners back to lead Stewie in the %9109 season%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4169 = ""; var BylineEmail_4169 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4169 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4169 = "400"; var Filename_4170 = "2491%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4170 = "vb%2Dnorman dig"; var Caption_4170 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EKelly Norman lunges and squares on a dig to make a pass at volleyball practice%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4170 = ""; var BylineEmail_4170 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4170 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4170 = "400"; var Filename_4171 = "2475%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4171 = "gt%2Dhintz backhand"; var Caption_4171 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EErin Hintz makes a backhand return during tennis practice last week%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4171 = ""; var BylineEmail_4171 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4171 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4171 = "400"; var Filename_4172 = "2474%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4172 = "gs%2Djacquie jukes"; var Caption_4172 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EJacquie Huinker controls the ball as she beats a defender at girls soccer practice%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4172 = ""; var BylineEmail_4172 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4172 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4172 = "400"; var Filename_4173 = "2473%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4173 = "fb%2Dmaschoff trap"; var Caption_4173 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EBryant Maschoff on an inside trap%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4173 = ""; var BylineEmail_4173 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4173 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4173 = "400"; var Filename_4174 = "2472%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4174 = "fb%2Dhain off%2Dtackle"; var Caption_4174 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EAlex Hain busting off%2Dtackle at football practice%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4174 = ""; var BylineEmail_4174 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4174 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4174 = "400"; var Filename_4175 = "2471%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4175 = "fb%2Damos sweeps"; var Caption_4175 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EJake Amos sweeps outside%2C dashing down the sidelines for a TD at football practice%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4175 = ""; var BylineEmail_4175 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4175 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4175 = "400"; var Filename_4176 = "2470%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4176 = "fb%2Dagility drill"; var Caption_4176 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ERunning backs work on agility%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4176 = ""; var BylineEmail_4176 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4176 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4176 = "400"; var Filename_4177 = "2466%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4177 = "bs%2Dwelter header goal"; var Caption_4177 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EMatt Welter scores on a header%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4177 = ""; var BylineEmail_4177 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4177 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4177 = "400"; var Filename_4178 = "2465%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4178 = "bs%2Dwright to venzke pass"; var Caption_4178 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ESpencer Wright leads Joel Venzke on a touch pass drill in boys soccer%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4178 = ""; var BylineEmail_4178 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4178 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4178 = "400"; var Filename_4179 = "2464%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4179 = "bs%2Dlonien scores"; var Caption_4179 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ELuke Lonien fires a high shot past the leaping goalkeeper%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4179 = ""; var BylineEmail_4179 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4179 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4179 = "400"; var Filename_4180 = "2463%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4180 = "bs%2Dsivesind scores"; var Caption_4180 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ERyan Sivesind re%2Ddirects a bouncing pass into the goal at boys soccer practice%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4180 = ""; var BylineEmail_4180 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4180 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4180 = "400"; var Filename_4181 = "2459%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4181 = "lg%2Drosalack"; var Caption_4181 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EB%2Dsquad putter Kris Rosalack and teammate Laurie Wildeman get excited about making a 12%2Dfoot putt%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4181 = ""; var BylineEmail_4181 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4181 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4181 = "400"; var Filename_4182 = "2458%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4182 = "lg%2Dpaulson drives"; var Caption_4182 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ERich Paulson executes with textbook follow through on a lengthy drive at the first annual Veterans Memorial Golf Outing%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4182 = ""; var BylineEmail_4182 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4182 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4182 = "400"; var Filename_4183 = "2457%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4183 = "lg%2Dfinley putt"; var Caption_4183 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EChet Finley drains this 20%2Dfoot putt at the first annual Veterans Memorial Golf Outing%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4183 = ""; var BylineEmail_4183 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4183 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4183 = "400"; var Filename_4184 = "2456%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4184 = "lg%2Dalrick putt"; var Caption_4184 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EWes %93Fuzzy%94 Alrick watches and teammate Curt Grisim pumps his fist in excitement as Alrick%92s 45%2Dfoot birdie putt curls just inches from the cup%2E With some advice from Grisim%2C Aldrick drop the eight%2Dinch putt %93billiard style%94 for par%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4184 = ""; var BylineEmail_4184 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4184 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4184 = "400"; var Filename_4185 = "2455%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4185 = "lg%2Dalrick billiards style putt"; var Caption_4185 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EWes %93Fuzzy%94 Alrick and Curt Grisim team to drop an eight%2Dinch putt%2C billiard style%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4185 = ""; var BylineEmail_4185 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4185 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4185 = "400"; var Filename_4186 = "2453%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4186 = "bb%2Dtom bendzick"; var Caption_4186 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ESharks pitcher Tom Bendzick delivers the rocket fire during his nine%2Dinning performance on the mound in an 11%2D4 playoff win hosting Mankato%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4186 = ""; var BylineEmail_4186 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4186 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4186 = "400"; var Filename_4187 = "2452%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4187 = "bb%2Dmikko norman slides"; var Caption_4187 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ESharks base runner Mikko Norman is tagged out at the plate trying to score during the Sharks%92 five%2Drun first inning in an 11%2D4 playoff win over Mankato on Aug%2E 12 in Stewie%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4187 = ""; var BylineEmail_4187 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4187 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4187 = "400"; var Filename_4188 = "2451%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4188 = "bb%2Djosh schultz homer"; var Caption_4188 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EAfter completing the round%2Dtripper%2C Schultz %28number six%29 is congratulated by teammates pouring out of the Sharks%92 dugout%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4188 = ""; var BylineEmail_4188 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4188 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4188 = "400"; var Filename_4189 = "2450%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4189 = "bb%2Djosh schultz hit"; var Caption_4189 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ESharks slugger Josh Schultz steps into and drives this waist%2Dhigh fastball for a leadoff home run in the bottom of the first inning against the Mankato Mets on Aug%2E 12%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4189 = ""; var BylineEmail_4189 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4189 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4189 = "400"; var Filename_4190 = "2443%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4190 = "sb%2Dtino hits"; var Caption_4190 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EChristina Stanger steps into and drives this fastball for a base hit during recent action%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4190 = ""; var BylineEmail_4190 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4190 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4190 = "400"; var Filename_4191 = "2442%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4191 = "sb%2Dmeyerhofer hits"; var Caption_4191 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EKim Meyerhofer clobbers an extra base hit during Rebel 16U summer softball action%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4191 = ""; var BylineEmail_4191 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4191 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4191 = "400"; var Filename_4192 = "2441%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4192 = "sb%2Dmeyerhofer fields"; var Caption_4192 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EKim Meyerhofer fields a wicked hop%2C snaring the line drive before throwing out the batter on the relay to first base%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4192 = ""; var BylineEmail_4192 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4192 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4192 = "400"; var Filename_4193 = "2440%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4193 = "sb%2Dlexie schunke pitches"; var Caption_4193 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ERebel pitcher Lexie Schunke winds up and delivers the rocket fire fastball in recent summer softball action%2E Stewartville captured seventh place at the Minnesota Class C State Fastpitch tournament in Sauk Rapids on July 25%2D26%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4193 = ""; var BylineEmail_4193 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4193 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4193 = "400"; var Filename_4194 = "2423%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4194 = "vb%2Dteam at UofM camp"; var Caption_4194 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville varsity volleyball team participated in the University of Minnesota Team Camp on July 16%2D18%2E Above%2C Tigers attending the camp included%2C from left%2C Julie Rainey%2C Lisa Flynn%2C Sarah Schrandt%2C Kelly Norman%2C Danielle DeGeus%2C Lindsay Block%2C Brittany Laures%2C Jill Oftedahl%2C Lindsay Blahnik%2C Sam Blahnik%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4194 = ""; var BylineEmail_4194 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4194 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4194 = "400"; var Filename_4195 = "2422%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4195 = "vb%2DLisa%2DLindsay honors at camp"; var Caption_4195 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EOutside hitters Lisa Flynn %28left%29 and Lindsay Blahnik were selected to the camp%92s All%2DStar team and Blahnik was named the camp%92s top blocker%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4195 = ""; var BylineEmail_4195 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4195 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4195 = "400"; var Filename_4196 = "2421%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4196 = "tt%2DTino train"; var Caption_4196 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EChristina Stanger leads Ally Udenberg%2C Jessica Zent%2C Caitlyn Hughes%2C Kaylee Muller and Jackie Bleifus as the %93Tino train%94 strengthen their legs by carrying dumbbells with deep lunging strides%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4196 = ""; var BylineEmail_4196 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4196 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4196 = "400"; var Filename_4197 = "2420%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4197 = "tt%2DSchmidt on incline bench"; var Caption_4197 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger Training athlete Caleb Schmidt builds strength on the incline bench%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4197 = ""; var BylineEmail_4197 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4197 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4197 = "400"; var Filename_4198 = "2419%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4198 = "tt%2Dparachutes"; var Caption_4198 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger Training athletes Nicole Amos%2C left%2C and Katie Bauman improve power in their running stride on the parachutes%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4198 = ""; var BylineEmail_4198 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4198 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4198 = "400"; var Filename_4199 = "2418%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4199 = "tt%2DHughes on bleachers"; var Caption_4199 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EFrom top%2C Caitlyn Hughes%2C Kaylee Muller and Jackie Bleifus build endurance running the bleachers%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4199 = ""; var BylineEmail_4199 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4199 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4199 = "400"; var Filename_4200 = "2411%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4200 = "fb%2DSwanton agility drill at camp"; var Caption_4200 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EJack Swanton leads a group of running backs during an agility drill at football camp%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4200 = ""; var BylineEmail_4200 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4200 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4200 = "400"; var Filename_4201 = "2410%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4201 = "fb%2DStanger reception at camp"; var Caption_4201 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ECody Stanger snags a pass at camp%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4201 = ""; var BylineEmail_4201 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4201 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4201 = "400"; var Filename_4202 = "2409%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4202 = "fb%2Dcoach Meyer talk at camp"; var Caption_4202 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger varsity head football coach Aaron Meyer %28standing%2C second from left in photo below%29 discusses offensive and defensive formations to a group of seventh and eighth graders at the annual Stewartville Football Booster Club Youth Football camp last week%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4202 = ""; var BylineEmail_4202 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4202 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4202 = "400"; var Filename_4203 = "2408%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4203 = "fb%2DLemanski QB drill at camp"; var Caption_4203 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EJordan Lemanski fires a pass during a quarterback drill at camp%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4203 = ""; var BylineEmail_4203 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4203 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4203 = "400"; var Filename_4204 = "2407%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4204 = "fb%2DBauman curl at camp"; var Caption_4204 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EDain Bauman looks the ball into his hands%2C making the grab on a quick curl pattern as varsity player and youth football camp instructor Jake Schwalbach challenges the reception from the d%2Dback position%2E This drill was part of last week%92s seventh%2Dand eighth%2Dgrade session of the annual Stewartville Football Booster Club Youth Football camp at the SHS practice fields%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4204 = ""; var BylineEmail_4204 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4204 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4204 = "400"; var Filename_4205 = "2385%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4205 = "sb%2DHeddlesten fields at 2nd"; var Caption_4205 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ERebel Teala Heddlesten hustles to make a scoop at second base%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4205 = ""; var BylineEmail_4205 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4205 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4205 = "400"; var Filename_4206 = "2384%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4206 = "sb%2DBehrens hits vs Austin"; var Caption_4206 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EMarissa Behrens steps and drives this pitch%2C collecting a base hit against Austin%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4206 = ""; var BylineEmail_4206 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4206 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4206 = "400"; var Filename_4207 = "2383%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4207 = "sb%2DMuller slides safely vs Austin"; var Caption_4207 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EKaylee Muller slides home safely%2C scoring a run against Austin%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4207 = ""; var BylineEmail_4207 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4207 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4207 = "400"; var Filename_4208 = "2382%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4208 = "sb%2DOByrne fields at SS"; var Caption_4208 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EShortstop Jena O%92Byrne keeps her glove down charging a grounder during action against Austin%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4208 = ""; var BylineEmail_4208 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4208 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4208 = "400"; var Filename_4209 = "2381%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4209 = "sb%2DBleifus catches vs Austin"; var Caption_4209 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ECatcher Jackie Bleifus snares a knee%2Dhigh pitch against Austin%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4209 = ""; var BylineEmail_4209 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4209 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4209 = "400"; var Filename_4210 = "2380%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4210 = "sb%2DHughes pitches vs Austin"; var Caption_4210 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ECaitlyn Hughes pitched a one%2Dhit%2C 15%2D0 Rebel win while striking out nine Austin batters in four innings%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4210 = ""; var BylineEmail_4210 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4210 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4210 = "400"; var Filename_4211 = "2373%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4211 = "bb%2D15U 3rd at state"; var Caption_4211 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville 15U boys baseball team wrapped up its season by competing in the MBT State Tournament in Eagan%2E After winning its pool%2C Stewartville advanced to the medal round%2E In the quarterfinal game%2C the Tigers defeated Rockford 6%2D2%2E In the semifinal contest the Tigers took Shoreview%2C the eventual state champions%2C to extra innings before losing by a score 10%2D8%2E The Tiger nine rebounded to capture third place honors%2C defeating Woodbury 8%2D4%2E The victory culminated a very successful season for Stewie%2C as they ended with a record of 17%2D4%2D1%2E Tiger team members are%2C kneeling%2C from left%2C Josh Dodd%2C Luke Lonien%2C Robbie Campbell%2C Tanner Wieck%2E Kneeling%2C from left%2C Sam Quackenbush%2C Tyler Schmitz%2C Shane Mlenar%2C Ryne Prochaska%2C Ben Vaupel%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Coach Mike Prochaska%2C Coach Adam Gross%2C Zach Atkinson%2C Brady Gross%2C Aaron Simmons%2C Peter Elton%2C Coach Dan Mlenar%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4211 = ""; var BylineEmail_4211 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4211 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4211 = "400"; var Filename_4212 = "2372%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4212 = "bb%2D11U 2nd at Lake City"; var Caption_4212 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville Tigers 11U baseball team captured second place at the Lake City 12U tournament on July 18%2E Tigers are%2C kneeling%2C from left%2C Joey Thompson%2C Ryan Clark%2C Luke Schmidt%2C Justin Kime%2C bat boy Blake Ellerbusch%2C Logan Heintz%2C Dylan%0D%0AStofferahn%2E Standing%2C from left%2C coach Kurt Schmidt%2C Chye Stecher%2C John Beach%2C Lucas Ellerbusch%2C Pierce Haas%2C Cody Milburn%2C coaches Mike Thompson and Todd Ellerbusch%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4212 = ""; var BylineEmail_4212 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4212 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4212 = "400"; var Filename_4213 = "2362%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4213 = "Ride for Toys for Tots"; var Caption_4213 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ENinety%2Dfour motorcycle drivers and riders cruised into Stewartville%92s Strikers Corner parking lot on Saturday afternoon%2C July 11%2E The bikers%2C members of A%2EB%2EA%2ET%2E E%2E %28American Bikers for Awareness%2C Training and Education%29 were concluding the group%92s 21st annual ride to benefit Toys for Tots%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4213 = ""; var BylineEmail_4213 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4213 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4213 = "400"; var Filename_4214 = "2361%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4214 = "bb%2Dschultz fields at 3rd"; var Caption_4214 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EJosh Schultz makes a stab at third before making the relay to first during the Sharks%92 8%2D3 win over PI%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4214 = ""; var BylineEmail_4214 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4214 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4214 = "400"; var Filename_4215 = "2360%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4215 = "bb%2DHanson catches"; var Caption_4215 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EScott Hanson catches for the Sharks%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4215 = ""; var BylineEmail_4215 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4215 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4215 = "400"; var Filename_4216 = "2359%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4216 = "bb%2DEnglish hits"; var Caption_4216 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ECraig English takes a wicked cut while batting in the 8%2D3 win over Pine Island%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4216 = ""; var BylineEmail_4216 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4216 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4216 = "400"; var Filename_4217 = "2358%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4217 = "bb%2DDiamond Club donation"; var Caption_4217 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EMembers of the Stewartville Diamond Club presented a check for %24350 to the Stewartville American Legion at Florence Park on July 5%2C helping the Legion support its Veterans Memorial%2E Coach Schmitz thanked the Legion for its support of the Diamond Club%2C the Legion baseball team%2C our community and our country%2E Pictured from left%2C Legion Judge Advocate Chet Finley%2C Legion baseball team members%2C Justin Lonien%2C Travis Pries%2C Alex Kruse%2C Cody Digre%2C Legion Commander Richard Paulson%2C Tyler Pries%2C Shawn Haggerty%2C Legion coach Mark Schmitz%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4217 = ""; var BylineEmail_4217 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4217 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4217 = "400"; var Filename_4218 = "2357%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4218 = "bb%2Dbendzick pitches"; var Caption_4218 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EPitcher Tom Bendzick earned the 8%2D3 win over PI as the Sharks clinched the Twin River League title last Wednesday%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4218 = ""; var BylineEmail_4218 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4218 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4218 = "400"; var Filename_4219 = "2356%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4219 = "bb%2D14U league tourney"; var Caption_4219 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville 14U baseball team wrapped up its summer season competing in the Senior Babe Ruth tournament in Pine Island%2E Team members include%2C seated%2C from left%2C Jon Pyan%2C Justin Thompson%2C Paul Trisko%2C Reese Rinken%2E Kneeling%2C from left%2C Nate Muller%2C Ryan Larson%2C Shayne Udenberg%2C Zach Westfall%2C Zach Schwalbach%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Coach Dan Simmons%2C Aaron Simmons%2C Stephen Lesmeister%2C Matt Aldrich%2C Cooper Billings%2C Isaac Jacobson%2C Jordan Lipkie%2C Coach Travis Pries%2E Not pictured%2C Taylor Iverson%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4219 = ""; var BylineEmail_4219 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4219 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4219 = "400"; var Filename_4220 = "2355%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4220 = "bb%2D10U LaCrescent champs"; var Caption_4220 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville 10U traveling baseball team captured the first place championship at LaCrescent on June 19%2D21%2C winning four games%2C including the championship game against Lansing%2C Iowa%2E Tiger team members include%2C kneeling%2C from left%2C Jordan Newcome%2C Taylor Hagstrom%2C Garrett Johnson%2C Tyler Nagel%2C Paul Betcher%2C Tanner Prochaska%2C Brody Herman%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Bryce Fistler%2C Travis Capelle%2C Dawson Grotjohn%2C Tyler Smidt%2C Cain Quandt%2C Dawson Buss%2C Andrew Quandt%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4220 = ""; var BylineEmail_4220 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4220 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4220 = "400"; var Filename_4221 = "2354%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4221 = "sb%2Dawards"; var Caption_4221 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville Tiger varsity softball team honored its outstanding athletes at the annual awards night back on June 14%2E Tiger team honors were awarded to%2C kneeling%2C from left%2C Theresa Twohey%2C HVL All%2DConference and Golden Glove%3B Brianna Probach%2C Most Improved Player%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Kelly Norman%2C Spark Plug%3B Christina Stanger%2C Hustle Award%3B Erin Hain%2C HVL All%2DConference and Most Valuable Player%3B Shawnna Sperber%2C HVL All%2DConference and Batting Champ%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4221 = ""; var BylineEmail_4221 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4221 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4221 = "400"; var Filename_4222 = "2336%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4222 = "fb%2Dschmidt uppercut"; var Caption_4222 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ECaleb Schmidt works on pass rush moves at RCTC football camp%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4222 = ""; var BylineEmail_4222 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4222 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4222 = "400"; var Filename_4223 = "2335%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4223 = "fb%2Dlangseth catch"; var Caption_4223 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger receiver Gabe Langseth looks this pass into his hands%2C making the reception in the corner of the end zone during football camp at RCTC%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4223 = ""; var BylineEmail_4223 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4223 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4223 = "400"; var Filename_4224 = "2334%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4224 = "fb%2Djezeski pass"; var Caption_4224 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger quarterback Steve Jezeski releases a rocket during football camp at RCTC last week%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4224 = ""; var BylineEmail_4224 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4224 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4224 = "400"; var Filename_4225 = "2333%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4225 = "fb%2Delton carries"; var Caption_4225 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ERunning back Peter Elton eludes a Rochester Mayo tackler during football camp at RCTC%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4225 = ""; var BylineEmail_4225 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4225 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4225 = "400"; var Filename_4226 = "2331%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4226 = "sb%2DTino slides"; var Caption_4226 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EChristina Stanger scores a run%2C sliding safely into home%2C beating the tag of the Z%2DM catcher%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4226 = ""; var BylineEmail_4226 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4226 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4226 = "400"; var Filename_4227 = "2330%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4227 = "sb%2DHeddlesten relays"; var Caption_4227 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ESecond baseman Teala Heddlesten makes a quick relay to first%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4227 = ""; var BylineEmail_4227 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4227 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4227 = "400"; var Filename_4228 = "2329%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4228 = "sb%2DMeyerhofer throws"; var Caption_4228 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EKim Meyerhofer guns the relay from third base%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4228 = ""; var BylineEmail_4228 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4228 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4228 = "400"; var Filename_4229 = "2328%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4229 = "sb%2DNorman fields"; var Caption_4229 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EShortstop Kelly Norman stays down and scoops this grounder with two hands%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4229 = ""; var BylineEmail_4229 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4229 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4229 = "400"; var Filename_4230 = "2327%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4230 = "sb%2DAshley Vance%2DBethke hits"; var Caption_4230 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EAshley Vance%2D Bethke connects%2C driving this grounder for a base hit%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4230 = ""; var BylineEmail_4230 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4230 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4230 = "400"; var Filename_4231 = "2314%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4231 = "bb%2Dtommy G college hoops"; var Caption_4231 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ENear his backyard basketball court%2C Tom Gisler is joined by his parents Sue and Kevin%2C along with Tiger coach Tony Tuseth%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4231 = ""; var BylineEmail_4231 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4231 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4231 = "400"; var Filename_4232 = "2313%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4232 = "bb%2D15u 2nd at Roch"; var Caption_4232 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EStewartville %27s 15U traveling baseball team captured second place in the Rochester %22Klampe%22 15U AA Baseball tournament%2E Stewie defeated teams from Eastview%2C Mankato and St%2E Michael%2DAlbertville to advance to the championship round%2E The Tigers defeated Austin 13%2D3 in the quarterfinals%2C Eden Prairie 13%2D4 in the semifinal round%2C but lost to New Ulm 9%2D7 in eight innings%2C claiming second place%2E The Tigers are 12%2D1 in tournament play this summer%2E Team members include%2C seated%2C from left%2C Luke Lonien%2C Robby Campbell%2C Josh Dodd%2C Tanner Wieck%2E Kneeling%2C from left%2C Sam Quackenbush%2C Shane Mlenar%2C Tyler Schmitz%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Coach Dan Simmons%2C Peter Elton%2C Brady Gross%2C Zach Atkinson%2C Aaron Simmons%2C Coach Dan Mlenar%2E Unavailable for photo%2C Ben Vaupel%2C Ryne Prochaska and Coach Mike Prochaska%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4232 = ""; var BylineEmail_4232 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4232 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4232 = "400"; var Filename_4233 = "2311%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4233 = ""; var Caption_4233 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewie JO 11U volleyball team captured third place%2C earning bronze medals in the Silver Division the Stars of the North Games in St%2E Cloud on June 20%2D21%2E Team members include%2C kneeling%2C from left%2C Emily Branstad%2C Tara Rogers%2C Amanda O%27Connell%2E Standing%2C from left%2C coach Vanessa Lawrenz%2C Allie Schmitz%2C Lauren Arneson%2C Megan Amos%2C Karissa Kime%2C coach Andria Rogers%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4233 = ""; var BylineEmail_4233 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4233 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4233 = "400"; var Filename_4234 = "2308%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4234 = "sb%2D12U Rebels 3rd at KM"; var Caption_4234 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville Rebels 12U fastpitch softball team captured third place at the KM Summer Blast Tournament on June 13%2D14%2E The Rebels finished 5%2D1%2C defeating the KM Wild%2C ZM Sting Silver%2C Rochester Lightning %28twice%29 and Waseca%2E Stewie%92s only loss was to ZM Sting Blue%2E Team members include%2C kneeling%2C from left%2C Abby Sistad%2C Cheyenne Hanson%2C Megan Howell%2C Emily Scruggs%2C Kaylee Muller%2C Jena O%27Byrne%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Coach Christina Stanger%2C Coach Curt Hughes%2C Meghan Schmitz%2C Lauren Mikel%2C Emily Pearson%2C Caitlyn Hughes%2C Jackie Bleifus%2C Olivia Oehlke%2C Coach Mike O%27Byrne%2E Unavailable for photo were Carly Wilde%2C Anna Kruse%2C Marissa Behrens%2C Coach Matt Behrens and Coach Kelly Norman%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4234 = ""; var BylineEmail_4234 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4234 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4234 = "400"; var Filename_4235 = "2307%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4235 = "sb%2DMoeller pitches"; var Caption_4235 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EErnie Moeller shows winning pitcher form for his DownUnder green team%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4235 = ""; var BylineEmail_4235 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4235 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4235 = "400"; var Filename_4236 = "2306%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4236 = "sb%2DBeddow pitches"; var Caption_4236 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EDonnie Beddow releases the pitch for his Corner Meats %26 More Men%92s League softball team%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4236 = ""; var BylineEmail_4236 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4236 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4236 = "400"; var Filename_4237 = "2304%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4237 = "bb%2DNelson hits vs BP"; var Caption_4237 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EMike Nelson steps and drives a Blooming Prairie pitch%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4237 = ""; var BylineEmail_4237 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4237 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4237 = "400"; var Filename_4238 = "2303%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4238 = "bb%2DNelsen%2DGross tag vs BP"; var Caption_4238 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ENoah Nelsen%2DGross makes the tag on this Blooming Prairie base runner attempting to steal second base%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4238 = ""; var BylineEmail_4238 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4238 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4238 = "400"; var Filename_4239 = "2302%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4239 = "bb%2DEasy as 1%2D2%2D3"; var Caption_4239 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EStewartville sixth%2Dgrade traveling baseball players%2C from left%2C Joey Thompson%2C Luke Schmidt and Max Runkle patiently wait to be called up to bat%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4239 = ""; var BylineEmail_4239 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4239 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4239 = "400"; var Filename_4240 = "2301%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4240 = "bb%2DDigre pitches vs BP"; var Caption_4240 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ECody Digre hurls the heat for the Legion baseball team in an 10%2Dinning%2C 8%2D7 loss to Blooming Prairie%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4240 = ""; var BylineEmail_4240 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4240 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4240 = "400"; var Filename_4241 = "2298%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4241 = "Zumbach racing"; var Caption_4241 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ERoss Zumbach%2C who began racing go%2Dcarts when he was 5 years old%2C is pictured in a Stewartville STAR file photo from 2006%2C when he was 16 years old%2E Now 19%2C Zumbach is gearing up to take part in the prestigious ASA Late Model Series%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4241 = ""; var BylineEmail_4241 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4241 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4241 = "400"; var Filename_4242 = "2297%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4242 = "vb%2DJO 17 Blue 5th at Dells"; var Caption_4242 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EStewartville%27s 17 Blue JO volleyball team captured fifth place in the Silver Division of the Wisconsin Dells Prep Volleyball Classic%2E Julie Rainey earned the 17U Outstanding Teammate Award%2E Team members include%2C front row%2C from left%2C Lisa Flynn%2C Danielle Degeus%2C Jill Oftedahl%2C Lindsay Blahnik%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Lindsay Block%2C Kelly Norman%2C Coach Mike Lester%2C Julie Rainey%2C Brittany Laures%2C Sam Blahnik%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4242 = ""; var BylineEmail_4242 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4242 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4242 = "400"; var Filename_4243 = "2295%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4243 = "sb%2DSchunke pitches"; var Caption_4243 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ELexie Schunke unleashes a fastball during a 7%2D2 home loss to the Rochester Bears on June 15%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4243 = ""; var BylineEmail_4243 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4243 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4243 = "400"; var Filename_4244 = "2294%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4244 = "sb%2DSteinkamp hits"; var Caption_4244 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ERoz Steinkamp swings through the pitch%2C connecting for a base hit against the Rochester Bears in a 7%2D2 Rebel loss%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4244 = ""; var BylineEmail_4244 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4244 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4244 = "400"; var Filename_4245 = "2293%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4245 = "sb%2DJezeski tags at third"; var Caption_4245 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ESam Jezeski makes the tag out at third base during a 7%2D2 Rebel home loss to the Rochester Bears in a doubleheader on June 15%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4245 = ""; var BylineEmail_4245 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4245 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4245 = "400"; var Filename_4246 = "2269%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4246 = "bbb%2Dcamp5"; var Caption_4246 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EAaron Simmons%2C Matthew Terhaar and a few others battle on the boards at the Stewartville Boys Basketball Summer Camp for grades 4%2D9 that was held June 15%2D19 at the SHS gym%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4246 = ""; var BylineEmail_4246 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4246 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4246 = "400"; var Filename_4247 = "2268%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4247 = "bbb%2Dcamp4"; var Caption_4247 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EWill Gisler %28left%29 goes strong to hole%2C getting up and over this defender%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4247 = ""; var BylineEmail_4247 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4247 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4247 = "400"; var Filename_4248 = "2267%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4248 = "bbb%2Dcamp2"; var Caption_4248 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EEric Nosbish %28above%29 gets this leaning layin rejected by a skying Aaron Simmons%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4248 = ""; var BylineEmail_4248 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4248 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4248 = "400"; var Filename_4249 = "2266%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4249 = "bbb%2Dcamp1"; var Caption_4249 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ELuke Schmidt tries to dribble around defender Jordan Johnson%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4249 = ""; var BylineEmail_4249 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4249 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4249 = "400"; var Filename_4250 = "2265%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4250 = "bb%2Dspring awards"; var Caption_4250 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ERecognized for their talents at the June 14 Tiger baseball awards banquet were%2C kneeling from left%2C Matt Smith%2C HVL All%2DConference%2C All West 1AA Subsection%2C Tiger batting champ%2C Tiger co%2DMost Valuable Pitcher and Tiger MVP%3B Rob Vaupel%2C HVL All%2DConference%3B and Noah Nelsen%2DGross%2C outgoing senior recognition plaque%2E Standing are Cody Digre %28left%29%2C Tiger co%2DMost Valuable Pitcher%3B and Justin Lonien%2C HVL All%2DConference%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4250 = ""; var BylineEmail_4250 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4250 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4250 = "400"; var Filename_4251 = "2247%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4251 = "gbb camp6"; var Caption_4251 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EKyleigh Reinartz peers around defender Ashley Eberle%2C loking to pass inside during 3%2Don%2D3 action at camp last week%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4251 = ""; var BylineEmail_4251 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4251 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4251 = "400"; var Filename_4252 = "2246%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4252 = "gbb camp5"; var Caption_4252 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EMeghan Schmitz breaks down the lane for a layup against defender Ashley Eberle during camp%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4252 = ""; var BylineEmail_4252 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4252 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4252 = "400"; var Filename_4253 = "2245%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4253 = "gbb camp4"; var Caption_4253 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EJen Speer gets inside position on defender Meghan Schmitz and drives to the hoop during 1%2Don%2D1 at summer basketball camp%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4253 = ""; var BylineEmail_4253 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4253 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4253 = "400"; var Filename_4254 = "2244%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4254 = "gbb camp3"; var Caption_4254 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EAlexis Leathes tries to shoot over defender Marissa Behrens%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4254 = ""; var BylineEmail_4254 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4254 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4254 = "400"; var Filename_4255 = "2243%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4255 = "gbb camp2"; var Caption_4255 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ELiz Waugh eyes the hoop%2C gives a head fake and scores against defender Marissa Behrens during summer basketball camp action last week%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4255 = ""; var BylineEmail_4255 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4255 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4255 = "400"; var Filename_4256 = "2242%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4256 = "gbb camp1"; var Caption_4256 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ECoach Hannah Calhoun provides instruction to girls basketball summer campers last week%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4256 = ""; var BylineEmail_4256 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4256 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4256 = "400"; var Filename_4257 = "2238%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4257 = "bb%2D15U Austin champs"; var Caption_4257 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EStewartville%27s 15U traveling baseball team defeated Minnetonka 12%2D1%2C capturing championship honors at the Burnsville 15AA Baseball Invitational on June 7%2E Rainy conditions changed the format to a one%2Dday bracket tournament%2E Stewartville defeated Rochester John Marshall 8%2D1 in quarterfinal play and then defeated a tough Burnsville team 3%2D0 to reach the championship game%2E Winning this tournament earned the Tigers a spot in the MBT State tournament in July%2E Team members are%2C kneeling%2C from left%2C Robbie Campbell%2C Ben Vaupel%2C Tyler Schmitz%2C Sam Quackenbush%2C Josh Dodd%2C Ryne Prochaska%2C Tanner Wieck%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Coach Dan Mlenar%2C Shane Mlenar%2C Peter Elton%2C Aaron Simmons%2C Zach Atkinson%2C Brady Gross%2C Luke Lonien%2C Coach Mike Prochaska%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4257 = ""; var BylineEmail_4257 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4257 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4257 = "400"; var Filename_4258 = "2237%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4258 = "bb%2D15U Austin champs"; var Caption_4258 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville 15U traveling baseball team defeated New Ulm 6%2D0%2C capturing championship honors in the Austin Riverland Baseball Challenge tournament%2E Stewie went 3%2D0 in pool play%2C topping Owatonna 7%2D1%2C South St%2E Paul 13%2D9 and Burnsville 3%2D0%2E Team members are%2C seated%2C from left%2C Tanner Wieck%2C Ryne Prochaska%2C Ben Vaupel%2C Josh Dodd%2E Kneeling%2C from left%2C Luke Lonien%2C Shane Mlenar%2C Tyler Schmitz%2C Robbie Campbell%2C Sam Quackenbush%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Coach Mike Prochaska%2C Aaron Simmons%2C Zach Atkinson%2C Brady Gross%2C Peter Elton%2C Coach Dan Mlenar%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4258 = ""; var BylineEmail_4258 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4258 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4258 = "400"; var Filename_4259 = "2236%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4259 = "bb%2D10U Onalaska champs"; var Caption_4259 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EStewartville%27s 10U traveling baseball team won three games%2C capturing first place at the Onalaska%2C Wis%2E tournament on June 6%2D7%2E Stewie also placed fourth in the Zumbrota tournament on June 13%2D14%2E Team members are%2C kneeling%2C from left%2C Brody Herman%2C Tyler Nagel%2C Paul Betcher%2C Garrett Johnson%2C Tanner Prochaska%2E Standing%2C from left%2C AJ Quandt%2C Cain Quandt%2C Travis Capelle%2C Dawson Grotjohn%2C Tyler Smidt%2C Bryce Fistler%2C Taylor Hagstrom%2C Dawson Buss%2E The team is coached by%2C back row%2C from left%2C Mark Herman%2C Mike Johnson%2C Mark Smidt%2C Aaron Fistler%2E Not pictured%2C Gary Betcher%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4259 = ""; var BylineEmail_4259 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4259 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4259 = "400"; var Filename_4260 = "2233%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4260 = "7%2D9th gbb awards"; var Caption_4260 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ENumbers continue to increase in the Stewartville girls basketball program%2C as nearly 100 area youth participated in or assisted in coaching this summer%92s Stewartville girls basketball camp%2C June 8%2D12 at the SHS gym%2E The camp was attended by 84 campers in four age groups including 24 K%2Dsecond graders%2C 14 third and fourth graders%2C 16 fifth and sixth graders and 30 seventh%2Dninth graders%2E The camp was coached by Tiger girls basketball coach Hannah Calhoun with a dozen of Stewie%92s varsity players assisting%2E Award winners from last week%92s girls basketball camp included seventh through ninth graders%2C from left%2C free throw champion%2C Ashley Eberle%3B 3%2Don%2D3 champions%2C Marissa Behrens%2C Maddie Hettinger%2C Paige Tapp%3B Hotshot champion and 1%2Don%2D1 champion%2C Liz Waugh%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4260 = ""; var BylineEmail_4260 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4260 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4260 = "400"; var Filename_4261 = "2232%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4261 = "5%2D6th gbb awards"; var Caption_4261 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EAward winners from last week%92s girls basketball camp included fifth and sixth graders%2C from left%2C free throw champion%2C Lauren Arneson%3B Hotshot champion%2C Allison Schmitz%3B 1%2Don%2D1 champion%2C Hunter Miller%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4261 = ""; var BylineEmail_4261 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4261 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4261 = "400"; var Filename_4262 = "2231%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4262 = "3%2D4th gbb awards"; var Caption_4262 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EAward winners from last week%92s girls basketball camp included third and fourth graders%2C from left%2C Hotshot champion%2C Emma Welch%3B free throw champion%2C Amy Lofgren%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4262 = ""; var BylineEmail_4262 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4262 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4262 = "400"; var Filename_4263 = "2217%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4263 = "bt%2DFritsch LJ at HVL"; var Caption_4263 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EDavid Fritsch catches air in the long jump at the HVL championships %28file photo%29 in Stewawrtville recently%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4263 = ""; var BylineEmail_4263 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4263 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4263 = "400"; var Filename_4264 = "2219%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4264 = "bt%2DTapp HJ at state"; var Caption_4264 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EIsaac Tapp clears 5%2D8 at state%2E The high jump event was moved indoors due to the poor weather conditions%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4264 = ""; var BylineEmail_4264 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4264 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4264 = "400"; var Filename_4265 = "2218%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4265 = "bt%2DKing HJ at state"; var Caption_4265 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EBrandon King attempts 5%2D8 at state%2E The high jump event was moved indoors due to the weather%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4265 = ""; var BylineEmail_4265 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4265 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4265 = "400"; var Filename_4266 = "2216%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4266 = "bt%2D4x8 with Mickie at state"; var Caption_4266 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EProud to be number one are the 4x800m relay legs and Tiger distance coach Mickie Tuseth %28far left%29%2E Offering bright smiles on the dark%2C rainy day are 4x800m state champion team members from left%2C Mike Orte%2C Seth Huiras%2C David Christian and Gabe Langseth%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4266 = ""; var BylineEmail_4266 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4266 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4266 = "400"; var Filename_4267 = "2215%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4267 = "bt%2D4x8 Orte pass PEM1 at state"; var Caption_4267 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EMike Orte strides to pass the PEM runner in the 4x800m at state%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4267 = ""; var BylineEmail_4267 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4267 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4267 = "400"; var Filename_4268 = "2214%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4268 = "bt%2D4x8 Huiras start at state"; var Caption_4268 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ESeth Huiras on the first corner of the start of the 4x800m race at state%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4268 = ""; var BylineEmail_4268 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4268 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4268 = "400"; var Filename_4269 = "2213%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4269 = "bt%2D4x8 awards stand"; var Caption_4269 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EGrasping hands over heads on the award stand at state are Stewartville 4x800m relay state champion team members%2C from left%2C Seth Huiras%2C Gabe Langseth%2C David Christian and Mike Orte%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4269 = ""; var BylineEmail_4269 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4269 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4269 = "400"; var Filename_4270 = "2212%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4270 = "bt%2D4x100 medals at state"; var Caption_4270 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EAfter capturing third place at the Class A State championships%2C the 4x100m relay team poses for a team picture%2E Tiger sprinters are%2C from left%2C Zac Tuffly%2C Rodney Smith%2C Korey Drees and Braden Bentley%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4270 = ""; var BylineEmail_4270 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4270 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4270 = "400"; var Filename_4271 = "2211%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4271 = "bt%2D4x100 Drees%2DTuffly at state"; var Caption_4271 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EKorey Drees hands off to Zac Tuffly in the 4x100m at state%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4271 = ""; var BylineEmail_4271 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4271 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4271 = "400"; var Filename_4272 = "2210%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4272 = "bg%2DBlake putt at state"; var Caption_4272 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EBlake Honsey placed 69th in the Class AA field%2C carding a 168 in two rounds at the state tournament%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4272 = ""; var BylineEmail_4272 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4272 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4272 = "400"; var Filename_4273 = "2208%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4273 = "ten%2D%2Dhogan"; var Caption_4273 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EBen Hogan follows through this forehand smash from the baseline in number one doubles action%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4273 = ""; var BylineEmail_4273 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4273 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4273 = "400"; var Filename_4274 = "2204%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4274 = "sb%2DNorman tags"; var Caption_4274 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EKelly Norman lays on the tag for a pickoff%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4274 = ""; var BylineEmail_4274 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4274 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4274 = "400"; var Filename_4275 = "2195%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4275 = "gg%2DBrittaney drives"; var Caption_4275 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EBrittaney Laber executes perfect follow through form on this drive%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4275 = ""; var BylineEmail_4275 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4275 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4275 = "400"; var Filename_4276 = "2194%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4276 = "gg%2DBlair chips"; var Caption_4276 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EBlair Honsey chips on the green%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4276 = ""; var BylineEmail_4276 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4276 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4276 = "400"; var Filename_4277 = "2192%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4277 = "bg%2DBergeson putts"; var Caption_4277 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETim Bergeson curl his putt into the cup%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4277 = ""; var BylineEmail_4277 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4277 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4277 = "400"; var Filename_4278 = "2191%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4278 = "bb%2DJezeski hits"; var Caption_4278 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger hitter Steve Jezeski steps into and drives this pitch for a base hit%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4278 = ""; var BylineEmail_4278 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4278 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4278 = "400"; var Filename_4279 = "2190%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4279 = "bb%2DHain catch"; var Caption_4279 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger catcher Alex Hain stands from his crouch%2C eyeing a stealing baserunner as he mitts the pitch%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4279 = ""; var BylineEmail_4279 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4279 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4279 = "400"; var Filename_4280 = "2188%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4280 = "vb%2D12%2D1 JO vb champs"; var Caption_4280 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville 12%2D1 JO volleyball team captured first place in the 2009 Caledonia Volleyball Tournament on May 9%2E Team members include%2C kneeling%2C from left%2C Kaylee Muller%2C Taylor DeGeus%2C Gabby Dale%2C Brianna Henderson%2C Jena O%27Byrne%2E Standing %2C from left%2C Coach Chris Hughes%2C Jackie Bleifus%2C Meghan Schmitz%2C Marissa Behrens%2C Caitlyn Hughes%2C Coach Matt Behrens%2C Jenna Willenborg%2C Coach Mike DeGeus%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4280 = ""; var BylineEmail_4280 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4280 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4280 = "400"; var Filename_4281 = "2186%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4281 = "sb%2D12U Rebels"; var Caption_4281 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville Rebels 12U softball team captured third place in the gold bracket of the Med%2DCity May Daze tournament on May 16%2D17%2E The Rebels defeated the Rochester Lightning and Rochester Cubs in pool play%2E The Rebels lost 2%2D1 to the Rochester Royals before defeating the Rochester Pirates 14%2D0 in the third place game%2E Team members include%2C seated Anna Kruse %28left%29%2C Carly Wilde%2E Kneeling%2C from left%2C Emily Scruggs%2C Abby Sistad%2C Kaylee Muller%2C Emily Pearson%2C Jena O%27Byrne%2C Lauren Mikel%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Coach Mike O%27Byrne%2C Meghan Schmitz%2C Megan Howell%2C Marissa Behrens%2C Caitlyn Hughes%2C Olivia Oehlke%2C Coach Matt Behrens%2C Jackie Bleifus%2C Coach Curt Hughes%2C Cheyenne Hanson%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4281 = ""; var BylineEmail_4281 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4281 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4281 = "400"; var Filename_4282 = "2176%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4282 = "gt%2DWaugh HJ champ at subsections"; var Caption_4282 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ERachel Waugh clears the bar%2C jumping 4%2D10 to win the girls high jump subsection championship%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4282 = ""; var BylineEmail_4282 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4282 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4282 = "400"; var Filename_4283 = "2175%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4283 = "gt%2D4x200m at subsections"; var Caption_4283 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ESara Zent %28left%29 receives the baton from Danielle DeGeus in the 4x200m relay%2E The Tiger relay placed third at the subsection meet on May 21%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4283 = ""; var BylineEmail_4283 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4283 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4283 = "400"; var Filename_4284 = "2174%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4284 = "bt%2DKing HJ champ at subsections"; var Caption_4284 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EBrandon King grazes the bar%2C clearing 5%2D10 to win the boys high jump subsection championship%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4284 = ""; var BylineEmail_4284 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4284 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4284 = "400"; var Filename_4285 = "2173%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4285 = "bg%2DJohns Gisler drives"; var Caption_4285 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EJohn Gisler executes perfect follow through on his drive%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4285 = ""; var BylineEmail_4285 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4285 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4285 = "400"; var Filename_4286 = "2170%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4286 = "ten%2DAbbott2singles"; var Caption_4286 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ENeal Abbot returns a slicing backhand volley%2E Abbott was lost for the season with an ankle injury on May 11%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4286 = ""; var BylineEmail_4286 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4286 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4286 = "400"; var Filename_4287 = "2167%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4287 = "sb%2DKim Meyerhofer hits"; var Caption_4287 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EKim Meyerhofer connects%2C driving the ball for a single%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4287 = ""; var BylineEmail_4287 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4287 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4287 = "400"; var Filename_4288 = "2161%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4288 = "gt%2DHale TJ at HVL"; var Caption_4288 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EJosie Hale leaps to a landing of 32%2E6%2E5 at the HVL championships in Stewartville%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4288 = ""; var BylineEmail_4288 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4288 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4288 = "400"; var Filename_4289 = "2160%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4289 = "gt%2DChristian vault at HVL"; var Caption_4289 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EKaryn Christian goes up and over the bar set at 9%2D0 to capture third place in the pole vault at the HVL meet%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4289 = ""; var BylineEmail_4289 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4289 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4289 = "400"; var Filename_4290 = "2153%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4290 = "bt%2DTuffly LJ at HVL"; var Caption_4290 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EZac Tuffly catches air and lands 20%2D10 to win the HVL long jump championship%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4290 = ""; var BylineEmail_4290 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4290 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4290 = "400"; var Filename_4291 = "2152%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4291 = "bt%2DHarris discus at HVL"; var Caption_4291 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EHVL discus throw champ Ben Harris unleashes for a mark of 143%2D4%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4291 = ""; var BylineEmail_4291 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4291 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4291 = "400"; var Filename_4292 = "2151%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4292 = "bt%2DAskelson shot at HVL"; var Caption_4292 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ENate Askelson heaves the shot 43%2D10 to claim second place at the HVL meet%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4292 = ""; var BylineEmail_4292 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4292 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4292 = "400"; var Filename_4293 = "2150%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4293 = "bb%2DDigre pitching"; var Caption_4293 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ECody Digre pitched a shutout win in the title game of the DCC and went 13 innings in a heartbreaking 2%2D1 loss at Pine Island in the season finale%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4293 = ""; var BylineEmail_4293 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4293 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4293 = "400"; var Filename_4294 = "2149%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4294 = "bb%2D9th undefeated"; var Caption_4294 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville freshman baseball team finished the %9109 season with a perfect 19%2D0 record%2E Team members are%2C kneeling%2C from left%2C Taner Wiek%2C Ben Vaupel%2C Ryne Prohaska%2C Sam Quackenbush%2C Josh Dodd%2C Tyler Schmitz%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Luke Lonien%2C Jordon Foster%2C Zach Atkinson%2C Brady Gross%2C Robby Campbell%2C Peter Elton%2C Shane Mlenar%2C Coach Jon Severson%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4294 = ""; var BylineEmail_4294 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4294 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4294 = "400"; var Filename_4295 = "2148gg%2Dhonsey vs tri"; var PhotoTitle_4295 = "gg%2DHonsey drives vs Stewie triangular"; var Caption_4295 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EBlair Honsey drives with perfect form%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4295 = ""; var BylineEmail_4295 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4295 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4295 = "400"; var Filename_4296 = "2145%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4296 = "sb%2DNorman tags out vs Triton"; var Caption_4296 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EKelly Norman tags out a Triton base runner%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4296 = ""; var BylineEmail_4296 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4296 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4296 = "400"; var Filename_4297 = "2137%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4297 = "gg%2DOlsen chips vs Stewie triangular"; var Caption_4297 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EMacKenzie Olsen chips on the green%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4297 = ""; var BylineEmail_4297 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4297 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4297 = "400"; var Filename_4298 = "2136gg%2Dhonsey vs tri"; var PhotoTitle_4298 = "gg%2DHonsey drives vs Stewie triangular"; var Caption_4298 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EBlair Honsey drives with perfect form%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4298 = ""; var BylineEmail_4298 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4298 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4298 = "400"; var Filename_4299 = "2133%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4299 = "fb%2DSchroeder at Vikings rookie camp"; var Caption_4299 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EEric Schroeder%2C a 2004 SHS grad%2C standout Tiger football player and D1 defensive lineman for SDSU is marketing his abilities to the NFL%2E Schroeder made an appearance at the Minnesota Vikings rookie camp on May 1%2D3 before battling for a roster spot for the New Orleans Saints on May 8%2D10%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4299 = ""; var BylineEmail_4299 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4299 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4299 = "400"; var Filename_4300 = "2132%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4300 = "bg%2DRosenblad putts at Stewie triangular"; var Caption_4300 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EAustin Rosenblad%0D%0Auses a little body English%0D%0Ato help his ball to the hole%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4300 = ""; var BylineEmail_4300 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4300 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4300 = "400"; var Filename_4301 = "2131%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4301 = "bb%2Dsmith pitch vs KM"; var Caption_4301 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EMatt Smith hurls the rocket fire%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4301 = ""; var BylineEmail_4301 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4301 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4301 = "400"; var Filename_4302 = "2130%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4302 = "bb%2DHain getback vs KM"; var Caption_4302 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EAlex Hain dives back safely on a pickoff attempt at first base during Stewie%92s 13%2D2 loss hosting Kasson%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4302 = ""; var BylineEmail_4302 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4302 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4302 = "400"; var Filename_4303 = "2129%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4303 = "8th bb%2DByron champs"; var Caption_4303 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville eighth grade baseball team defeated tournament host Byron%2C 10%2D3%2C capturing the Byron Invitational Tournament championship on May 2%2E Stewartville beat Zumbrota%2DMazeppa 2%2D0 and Kasson%2DMantorville 7%2D1 to reach the championship game%2E Seated from left%2C Reese Rinken%2C Paul Trisko%2C Justin Thompson%2C Jon Pyan%2E Kneeling%2C from left%2C Ryan Larson%2C Zach Schwalbach%2C Taylor Iverson%2C Alex Emanuel%2C Zach Westfall%2C and Shayne Udenberg%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Jordan Lipke%2C Matt Aldrich%2C Aaron Simmons%2C Cooper Billings%2C and Nate Muller%2E The Tigers are coached by Curt Hughes%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4303 = ""; var BylineEmail_4303 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4303 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4303 = "400"; var Filename_4304 = "2124%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4304 = "ten%2DMontgomery vs Shattuck"; var Caption_4304 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ECorben Montgomery aggressively charges the net%2C lunging to return this low Shattuck%2DSt%2E Mary%92s volley during Stewie%92s 5%2D2 loss%2C hosting the Sabres on April 28%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4304 = ""; var BylineEmail_4304 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4304 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4304 = "400"; var Filename_4305 = "2123%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4305 = "sb%2DRCTC trio from Stewie"; var Caption_4305 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EFormer Stewartville Tigers softball players%2C from left%2C Andria Rogers%2C Wendi Irlbeck and Caitlin Donahoe%2C are part of the RCTC softball team%92s success this season%2E The Yellowjackets finished the regular season as the nation%92s number one%2Dranked team in Division III of the NJCAA with a record of 30%2D5%2C including a second place finish this past weekend in the Minnesota State Junior College tournament in St%2E Cloud%2E Irlbeck and Donahoe%2C both freshmen%2C contribute as pitchers%2E Irlbeck is 8%2D2 in 60 innings of pitching and has a %2E250 batting average%2C seeing limited at%2Dbats%2E Donahoe%92s record as a pitcher is 6%2D2 and she carries an impressive %2E360 batting average in 33 games%2E Rogers%2C a sophomore third baseman%2C is hitting with a %2E320 batting average in all 35 games%2E With RCTC%92s Southern Division league championship%2C the team has earned an automatic bid to the NJCAA Region 13 tournament on May 8%2D9%2E The Yellowjackets are scheduled to open tournament play this Friday%2C May 8 at noon%2E Games will be played at the RCTC softball fields%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4305 = ""; var BylineEmail_4305 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4305 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4305 = "400"; var Filename_4306 = "2122%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4306 = "sb%2DHain pitches"; var Caption_4306 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EErin Hain pitched a two%2Dhit shutout and went 2%2Dfor%2D4 from the batter%92s box as the Tigers blanked Hayfield 8%2D0 last week%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4306 = ""; var BylineEmail_4306 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4306 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4306 = "400"; var Filename_4307 = "2116%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4307 = "Ironwood turkey hunt"; var Caption_4307 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EColt Wynn%2C Dean Westfall%2C Chuck Bloom and Brian Conlon%2C seated in front%2C shot turkeys on Saturday morning%2C April 25 during the second annual turkey hunt for the disabled at Ironwood Springs Christian Ranch%2E Also pictured are other hunters and the volunteer support guides who assisted the hunters%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4307 = ""; var BylineEmail_4307 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4307 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4307 = "400"; var Filename_4308 = "2114%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4308 = "gt%2DWalker hurdles vs Byron"; var Caption_4308 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EJeanne Walker pulls ahead in the 100m high hurdles at Byron%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4308 = ""; var BylineEmail_4308 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4308 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4308 = "400"; var Filename_4309 = "2113%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4309 = "gt%2D4x200m handoff"; var Caption_4309 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EDanielle DeGeus hands off the baton to Sara Zent on the final exchange of the 4x200m relay at the Byron Invite%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4309 = ""; var BylineEmail_4309 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4309 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4309 = "400"; var Filename_4310 = "2112%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4310 = "fb%2DEric Schroeder hope to play in NFL"; var Caption_4310 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EEric Schroeder%2C a 2004 graduate and outstanding football player from Stewartville High School%2C who went on to play D%2D1 football as a three%2Dyear starter at defensive tackle for South Dakota State University%2C tried out at the Minnesota Vikings%92 rookie camp this past weekend at the team%92s practice facility in Eden Prairie%2E Schroeder will also pursue rookie camps from teams that showed interest in the Stewartville native%2C including the New Orleans Saints%2C Cleveland Browns and Chicago Bears%2E Although limited by injuries during his senior season in 2008%2C Schroeder earned second%2Dteam All%2DMissouri Valley Football Conference honors after recording 17 tackles%2C including 2%2E5 sacks%2E In his first two starting seasons for the Jackrabbits%2C Schroeder led the Great West Football Conference with 13%2E5 tackles for loss and ranked fourth on the SDSU team with 68 total tackles%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4310 = ""; var BylineEmail_4310 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4310 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4310 = "400"; var Filename_4311 = "2107%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4311 = "bt%2DTapp HJ at Byron"; var Caption_4311 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EIsaac Tapp clears the bar set at 6%2D0%2C capturing first place in the boys high jump event at the Byron Invite on April 30%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4311 = ""; var BylineEmail_4311 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4311 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4311 = "400"; var Filename_4312 = "2105%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4312 = "bt%2DAskelson discus at Byron"; var Caption_4312 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ENate Askelson unleashes the discus during the Byron Invite%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4312 = ""; var BylineEmail_4312 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4312 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4312 = "400"; var Filename_4313 = "2104%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4313 = "bt%2D4x200m at Byron"; var Caption_4313 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EDavid Fritsch handsoff to Bryan Schroeder in the first exchange of the 4x200m relay at the Byron Invite%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4313 = ""; var BylineEmail_4313 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4313 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4313 = "400"; var Filename_4314 = "2103%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4314 = "bg%2DBergy drives"; var Caption_4314 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETim Bergeson follows through as he watches his drive%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4314 = ""; var BylineEmail_4314 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4314 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4314 = "400"; var Filename_4315 = "2102%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4315 = "bb%2DSmith vs Hayfield"; var Caption_4315 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EMatt Smith steps into and drives this Hayfield pitch for a hit%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4315 = ""; var BylineEmail_4315 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4315 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4315 = "400"; var Filename_4316 = "2101%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4316 = "bb%2DRichie vs Hayfield"; var Caption_4316 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EMike Richardson eyes a thigh%2Dhigh fastball%2C steps into and drives it to opposite field for a single against Hayfield on April 28%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4316 = ""; var BylineEmail_4316 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4316 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4316 = "400"; var Filename_4317 = "2100%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4317 = "15 Blue JO vball champs"; var Caption_4317 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville 15 Blue JO volleyball team captured first place in the Gold Division at the North Country Region area event tournament on April 26%2E Team members include%2C kneeling%2C from left%2C Morgan Howard%2C Brittany Reed%2C Katie Doty%2C Liz Waugh%2E Standing%2C from left%2C coach Pat Sobotta%2C Katelyn Hanf%2C Brianna Behrens%2C Shauna Groski%2C Abby Buck%2C Sarah Schrandt%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4317 = ""; var BylineEmail_4317 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4317 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4317 = "400"; var Filename_4318 = "2098%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4318 = "Green Slime youth soccer"; var Caption_4318 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EMembers of %22The Green Slime%22 wait on the sidelines during their debut SYAA soccer game on April 14 at Bear Cave Park%2E Teammates are%2C from left%2C Alyssa Dwire%2C Emily Sikkink and Gloria Nelson%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4318 = ""; var BylineEmail_4318 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4318 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4318 = "400"; var Filename_4319 = "2096%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4319 = "Jordon Foster bags prize turkey"; var Caption_4319 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EJordon Foster%2C a 15%2Dyear old freshman at Stewartville High School%2C shot this prize turkey at 6%3A30 a%2Em%2E on April 15%2E Foster%2C in his second year of hunting%2C shot the second largest turkey recorded in Minnesota since 2000%2C using used a 12%2Dgauge shot gun%2E The bird weighed 29%2E7 pounds%2C including 1%2E25%2Dinch spurs and a 9%2E5%2Dinch beard%2E Foster%92s turkey scored a 73 on the state records rating%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4319 = ""; var BylineEmail_4319 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4319 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4319 = "400"; var Filename_4320 = "2095%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4320 = "ten%2DRaygor return vs Lourdes"; var Caption_4320 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EBen Raygor eyes the ball for a forehand return on the number one singles court against Rochester Lourdes%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4320 = ""; var BylineEmail_4320 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4320 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4320 = "400"; var Filename_4321 = "2089%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4321 = "bt%2DJohnson hurdles vs Tiger Relays"; var Caption_4321 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EJesse Johnson pulls into second place%2C skimming the top of hurdle during the Tiger Relays%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4321 = ""; var BylineEmail_4321 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4321 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4321 = "400"; var Filename_4322 = "2088%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4322 = "bt%2D4x100m vs Tiger Relays"; var Caption_4322 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EZac Tuffly hands off the baton to Braden Bentley%2C timing the blind exchange on the final leg of the 4x100m relay at the Tiger Relays%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4322 = ""; var BylineEmail_4322 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4322 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4322 = "400"; var Filename_4323 = "2087%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4323 = "bg%2DHonsey chips vs Stewie Invite"; var Caption_4323 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EBlake Honsey pops this chip shot approximately three feet from the cup on the second hole during the Stewartville Invite%2E Honsey captured meet medalist honors%2C shooting a 73%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4323 = ""; var BylineEmail_4323 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4323 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4323 = "400"; var Filename_4324 = "2086%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4324 = "bg%2DBergeson putts vs Stewie Invite"; var Caption_4324 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETim Bergeson watches his 15%2Dfoot putt curl to the cup%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4324 = ""; var BylineEmail_4324 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4324 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4324 = "400"; var Filename_4325 = "2085%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4325 = "15 Blue JO vball 2nd place"; var Caption_4325 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewie JOVB 15 Blue Team captured second place at the NVC Tournament on April 18%2E Team members are%2C kneeling%2C from left%2C Morgan Howard%2C Katelyn Hanf%2C Liz Waugh%2C Sarah Schrandt%2E Standing are%2C from left%2C Brianna Reed%2C Katie Bauman%2C Shauna Groski%2C Brianna Behrens%2C Katie Doty%2C Abby Buck%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4325 = ""; var BylineEmail_4325 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4325 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4325 = "400"; var Filename_4326 = "2084%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4326 = "12%2D1 JO vball champs"; var Caption_4326 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville 12%2D1 JO volleyball team captured first place at the St%2E Charles tournament on April 4%2E Team members are%2C kneeling%2C from left%2C Jena O%27Byrne%2C Gabby Dale%2C Kaylee Muller%2C Breanna Henderson%2C Taylor DeGeus%2C Coach Mike DeGeus%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Coach Matt Behrens%2C Jackie Bleifus%2C Marissa Behrens%2C Meghan Schmitz%2C Jenna Willenborg%2C Caitlyn Hughes%2C Coach Chris Hughes%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4326 = ""; var BylineEmail_4326 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4326 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4326 = "400"; var Filename_4327 = "2083%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4327 = "11%2D2 JO vball champs"; var Caption_4327 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EStewartville%27s 11%2D2 JO volleyball team captured first place in the 12s tournament at the National Volleyball Center on April 18%2E Team members are%2C kneeling from left%2C Emily Branstad%2C Lauren Arneson%2C Karissa Kime%2C Tara Rogers%2C Mikya Amos%2C Allison Schmitz%2E Standing from left%2C Coach Vanessa Lawrenz%2C Kari Johnson%2C Greta Hoffman%2C Marissa Reinartz%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4327 = ""; var BylineEmail_4327 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4327 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4327 = "400"; var Filename_4328 = "2077%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4328 = "sb%2DTwohey hit vs Chatfield"; var Caption_4328 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETheresa Twohey swings and connects for a base hit during a 5%2D0 loss hosting Chatfield on April 13%2E Twohey leads the Tigers in hitting%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4328 = ""; var BylineEmail_4328 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4328 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4328 = "400"; var Filename_4329 = "2076%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4329 = "sb%2DHain pitch vs Chatfield"; var Caption_4329 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EErin Hain delivers a laser with her windmill pitching against Chatfield%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4329 = ""; var BylineEmail_4329 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4329 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4329 = "400"; var Filename_4330 = "2074%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4330 = "gt%2DFlynn discus at Amundsen Invite"; var Caption_4330 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ELisa Flynn launches the discus 100%2D6%2C claiming third place at the Glenn Amundsen Invite%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4330 = ""; var BylineEmail_4330 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4330 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4330 = "400"; var Filename_4331 = "2073%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4331 = "gt%2D4x100m at Amundsen Invite"; var Caption_4331 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EDanielle DeGeus hands off to Katie Tweite in the 4x100m relay at the Glenn Amundsen Invite in Stewartville%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4331 = ""; var BylineEmail_4331 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4331 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4331 = "400"; var Filename_4332 = "2070%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4332 = "bt%2DBentley 100m at Amundsen Invite"; var Caption_4332 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EBraden Bentley %28lane 3%29 edges Dennis Gilbertson of Hayfield in the 100m dash%2E Korey Drees %28lane 5%29 claims third place at the Glenn Amundsen Invite hosted and won by Stewartville%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4332 = ""; var BylineEmail_4332 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4332 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4332 = "400"; var Filename_4333 = "2069%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4333 = "bt%2DAskelson shot at Amundsen Invite"; var Caption_4333 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ENate Askelson heaves the shot 41%2D7%2E5 to claim second at the Glenn Amundsen Invite in Stewie on April 14%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4333 = ""; var BylineEmail_4333 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4333 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4333 = "400"; var Filename_4334 = "2068%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4334 = "bb%2DSmith tags vs Cotter"; var Caption_4334 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EMatt Smith snares a pickoff throw and readies to tag a Cotter base runner attempting a steal%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4334 = ""; var BylineEmail_4334 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4334 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4334 = "400"; var Filename_4335 = "2067%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4335 = "bb%2DHohmeister hit vs Cotter"; var Caption_4335 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ESean hohmeister steps and drives a Cotter pitch for a base hit%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4335 = ""; var BylineEmail_4335 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4335 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4335 = "400"; var Filename_4336 = "2066%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4336 = "bb%2DDigre pitch vs Cotter"; var Caption_4336 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ECody Digre hurls the heat during Stewie%92s 11%2D1 loss hosting Winona Cotter on April 13%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4336 = ""; var BylineEmail_4336 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4336 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4336 = "400"; var Filename_4337 = "2052%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4337 = "JO vball%2D11%2D2"; var Caption_4337 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EStewartville%92s 11%2D2 JO volleyball team captured first place honors in the Silver Division at the St%2ECharles Sizzler 12s volleyball tournament on April 4%2E Team members are%2C kneeling%2C from left%2C Marissa Reinartz%2C Erin Fischer%2C Lauren Arneson%2C Karissa Kime%2C Emily Branstad%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Tara Rogers%2C Allie Schmitz%2C Kari Johnson and coach Vanessa Lawrenz%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4337 = ""; var BylineEmail_4337 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4337 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4337 = "400"; var Filename_4338 = "2047%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4338 = "sb%2DStanger guns vs LC"; var Caption_4338 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EChristina Stanger charges and relays a Lake City bunt from third base for a Tiger out%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4338 = ""; var BylineEmail_4338 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4338 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4338 = "400"; var Filename_4339 = "2046%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4339 = "sb%2DSperber hits vs LC"; var Caption_4339 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EShawnna Sperber steps in and drives the ball for a base hit against Lake City%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4339 = ""; var BylineEmail_4339 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4339 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4339 = "400"; var Filename_4340 = "2045%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4340 = "sb%2DNorman tags vs LC"; var Caption_4340 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EKelly Norman denies this Lake City runner a stolen base%2C making the tag off a perfect pickoff throw from Tiger catcher Shawnna Sperber%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4340 = ""; var BylineEmail_4340 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4340 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4340 = "400"; var Filename_4341 = "2044%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4341 = "sb%2DHain pitches vs LC"; var Caption_4341 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EErin Hain hurls the heat pitching against Lake City last week%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4341 = ""; var BylineEmail_4341 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4341 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4341 = "400"; var Filename_4342 = "2041%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4342 = "bt%2DSmith%2D1oom%2DHeitman"; var Caption_4342 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ERodney Smith %28right%29 kicks it in down the stretch of the 100m dash at the Al Heitman Invite%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4342 = ""; var BylineEmail_4342 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4342 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4342 = "400"; var Filename_4343 = "2040%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4343 = "bt%2DFritsch%2DTJ%2DHeitman"; var Caption_4343 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EDavid Fritsch catches some air to win the triple jump at the Al Heitman Invite%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4343 = ""; var BylineEmail_4343 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4343 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4343 = "400"; var Filename_4344 = "2039%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4344 = "Boys track"; var Caption_4344 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville boys track team return a solid corps of top%2Dscoring athletes%2C including%2C front row%2C from left%2C Brandon King%2C Ben Harris%2C Braden Bentley%2E Middle row%2C from left%2C Zac Tuffly%2C Jesse Johnson%2C Korey Drees%2C Mike Orte%2E Back row%2C Bryan Schroeder %28left%29 and David Christian%2E Unavailable for photo%2C Nate Askelson and Seth Hurias%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4344 = ""; var BylineEmail_4344 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4344 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4344 = "400"; var Filename_4345 = "2037%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4345 = "Boys tennis letterwinners"; var Caption_4345 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EFour returning letterwinners are back to lead the %9109 Stewartville boys tennis team%2C including%2C kneeling%2C Ben Raygor %28left%29 and Neal Abbott%2E Standing%2C Corben Montgomery %28left%29 and Ben Hogan%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4345 = ""; var BylineEmail_4345 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4345 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4345 = "400"; var Filename_4346 = "2036%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4346 = "Softball letterwinners"; var Caption_4346 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville softball team returns a hard%2Dhitting nucleus for the %9109 season%2C including%2C in front%2C Shawnna Sperber %28left%29 and Kelly Norman%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Katie Meyerhofer%2C Theresa Twohey%2C Christina Stanger and Erin Hain%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4346 = ""; var BylineEmail_4346 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4346 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4346 = "400"; var Filename_4347 = "2032%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4347 = "Golf teams"; var Caption_4347 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville golf teams have eight returning letterwinners back to lead the Tigers in %9109 including%2C in front Tim Bergeson %28left%29 and Blake Honsey%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Heather Rysted%2C Blair Honsey%2C Michael Terhaar%2C Taylor Bestor%2C Travis Wellik%2E Unavailable for photo%2C Brittaney Laber%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4347 = ""; var BylineEmail_4347 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4347 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4347 = "400"; var Filename_4348 = "2031%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4348 = "Girls track"; var Caption_4348 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville girls track team returns a solid corps of top scoring athletes including%2C in front Shelby Fanton %28left%29 and Rachel Langseth%2E Middle row%2C from left%2C Sam Blahnik%2C Lisa Flynn%2C Kayla Luttke%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Molly Lynch%2C Danielle DeGeus%2C Karyn Christian%2C Rachel Waugh%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4348 = ""; var BylineEmail_4348 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4348 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4348 = "400"; var Filename_4349 = "2027%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4349 = "Baseball letterwinners"; var Caption_4349 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville baseball team will rebuild in %9109 around returning letterwinners%2C from left%2C Matt Smith%2C Sean Hohmeister and Rob Vaupel%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4349 = ""; var BylineEmail_4349 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4349 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4349 = "400"; var Filename_4350 = "2025%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4350 = "vb%2D14U JO champs"; var Caption_4350 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EStewartville%27s 14 Blue JO volleyball team captured first place at the Stewie Sizzler 13%2D14s volleyball tournament on March 21%2E Team members are%2C in front Paige %28left%29 and Hannah Tapp%2E Kneeling%2C from left%2C Whitney Lloyd%2C Josie Hale%2C Blair Honsey%2C%0D%0AAshlyn Elliott%2C Liz Norman%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Morgan Hettinger%2C Kaitlyn Bentley%2E The team is coached by John Dzubay%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4350 = ""; var BylineEmail_4350 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4350 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4350 = "400"; var Filename_4351 = "2021%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4351 = "mat%2DVanDyke at NYWA Regional"; var Caption_4351 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EFrom the bottom position%2C Hunter VanDyke sits and scoots to break the grip on his leg%2C rotating his upper body to score a reversal at the NYWA Championships%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4351 = ""; var BylineEmail_4351 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4351 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4351 = "400"; var Filename_4352 = "2020%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4352 = "mat%2DStensberg2 at NYWA Regional"; var Caption_4352 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ECarter Stensberg drops his opponent with a short drag and circles for a takedown at the NYWA Regionals%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4352 = ""; var BylineEmail_4352 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4352 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4352 = "400"; var Filename_4353 = "2019%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4353 = "mat%2DStensberg1 at NYWA Regional"; var Caption_4353 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ECarter Stensberg drives the shoulders of his first round NYWA opponent to the mat%2C scoring back points%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4353 = ""; var BylineEmail_4353 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4353 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4353 = "400"; var Filename_4354 = "2018%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4354 = "mat%2DProchaska2 at NYWA Regional"; var Caption_4354 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETanner Prochaska drives the shoulders of his opponent to the mat seconds before pinning him at the NYWA Regional Championships last weekend in Rochester%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4354 = ""; var BylineEmail_4354 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4354 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4354 = "400"; var Filename_4355 = "2017%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4355 = "mat%2DProchaska1 at NYWA Regional"; var Caption_4355 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETanner Prochaska slides in a half%2DNelson and scoots out from the down position%2C scoring a reversal in his 76%2Dpound match at the NYWA Regional Championsips%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4355 = ""; var BylineEmail_4355 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4355 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4355 = "400"; var Filename_4356 = "2016%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4356 = "mat%2DOlson at NYWA Regional"; var Caption_4356 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EBrody Olson puts a tight squeeze on a headlock as the referee whistles a pin at the NYWA Regionals%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4356 = ""; var BylineEmail_4356 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4356 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4356 = "400"; var Filename_4357 = "2012%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4357 = "gbb%2D6th%2D4th at state"; var Caption_4357 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EStewartville%27s sixth%2Dgrade girls traveling basketball team concluded its successful season%2C capturing fourth place in the 15%2Dteam field at the MYAS Grade State Championships on March 7%2D8%2E The team defeated Orono %28twice%29 and Urban Stars while losing to Winona and South St%2E Paul%2E Team members include%2C kneeling%2C from left%2C Jena O%27Byrne%2C Abby Sistad%2C Gabby Dale%2C Kaylee Muller%2C Emily Scruggs%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Coach Lisa Muller%2C Coach Matt Behrens%2C Megan Howell%2C Meghan Schmitz%2C Marissa Behrens%2C Caitlyn Hughes%2C Jackie Bleifus%2C Coach Curt Hughes%2E Not pictured%2C Carly Wilde%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4357 = ""; var BylineEmail_4357 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4357 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4357 = "400"; var Filename_4358 = "2011%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4358 = "gbb%2D6th%2D2nd at DE"; var Caption_4358 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EStewartville%92s sixth%2Dgrade girls traveling basketball team captured second%2Dplace medals at the Dover%2DEyota tournament on Feb%2E 28%2E The Tigers recorded victories over Rochester Mayo and Plainview%2DElgin%2DMillville before losing to Southland in the championship game%2E Team members include%2C kneeling%2C from left%2C Jackie Bleifus%2C Abby Sistad%2C Kaylee Muller%2C Carly Wilde%2C Jena O%27Byrne%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Coach Lisa Muller%2C Coach Matt Behrens%2C Emily Scruggs%2C Marissa Behrens%2C Meghan Schmitz%2C Caitlyn Hughes%2C Megan Howell%2C Coach Curt Hughes%2E Not pictured%2C Gabby Dale%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4358 = ""; var BylineEmail_4358 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4358 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4358 = "400"; var Filename_4359 = "2004%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4359 = "vball%2D14 Blue JO captures first"; var Caption_4359 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville 14 Blue JO Volleyball team captured first place at the Lewiston LA Diggers volleyball tournament on March 14%2E Team members are%2C front row%2C from left%2C Paige Tapp%2C Ashlyn Elliott%2C Hannah Tapp%2E Second row%2C from left%2C Whitney Lloyd%2C Kaitlyn Bentley%2C Josie Hale%2E Third row%2C from left%2C Liz Norman%2C Morgan Hettinger%2C Blair Honsey%2E The team is coached by John Dzubay%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4359 = ""; var BylineEmail_4359 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4359 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4359 = "400"; var Filename_4360 = "2003%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4360 = "mat%2DMikey is All%2DAmerican"; var Caption_4360 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EMike Schmitz%2C 2007 SHS graduate and 174%2Dpound freshman for the UW%2DLaCrosse Eagles%2C captured fourth place at the NCAA Division III Wrestling Championship on March%2D 6%2D7 at the US Cellular Center in Cedar Rapids%2C Iowa%2E Placing fourth earned Schmitz %2817%2D8%29 All%2DAmerican honors%2E Schmitz finished 4%2D2 at the two%2Dday championships%2C earning a bye in the first round%2C then recording an 8%2D3 decision over Troy Carlson of the University of Chicago%2E Schmitz lost a narrow 4%2D3 decision to Rocky Mantella of Delaware Valley College %28Pa%2E%29 in the championship quarterfinals%2C but recorded a 14%2D4 major decision over Michael Reilly of King%92s College %28Pa%2E%29 in the consoltion bracket%2E The two%2Dtime state champ as a Tiger posted a 13%2D3 major decision over Brian Thomason of York College %28Pa%2E%29 and bumped up to the third place bracket with a 3%2D2 decision over fifth%2Dseed Kyle Kehrli of Cornell College %28Iowa%29 in the consolation semi%92s%2E Schmitz lost by fall %284%3A08%29 to Byron Grothus of Coe College %28Iowa%29 in his third place match%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4360 = ""; var BylineEmail_4360 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4360 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4360 = "400"; var Filename_4361 = "2001%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4361 = "gbb%2D9th claims 3rd place"; var Caption_4361 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EStewartville%27s ninth%2Dgrade girls basketball team finished its season with a 22%2D6 record%2C including a 14%2Dgame winning streak%2E The Tiger freshman cagers won four of five games%2C capturing third place at the Hayfield tournament on Feb%2E 14%2E Team members are%2C front row%2C from left%2C Nicole Amos%2C Jackie Betcher %28captain%29%2C Hannah Tapp%2C Liz Waugh%2C Steph Jorde%2C Paige Tapp%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Morgan Schiebsted%2C Sarah Schrandt %28captain%29%2C Amy Reinhardt%2C Rosilyn Steinkamp%2C Lizzy Norman%2C Katelyn Hanf %28captain%29%2C coach Cheri Stageberg%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4361 = ""; var BylineEmail_4361 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4361 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4361 = "400"; var Filename_4362 = "1992%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4362 = "bbb%2Dteam trophy sections"; var Caption_4362 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville boys basketball team captured second place in the MSHSL Section 1%2C Class AA championships on March 19 at the Mayo Civic Arena%2E Tiger team members with their second place trophy and medals are%2C kneeling%2C from left%2C Tyler Rogers%2C David Fritsch%2C Rob Vaupel%2C Mike Orte%2C Ben Harris%2C Isaac Tapp%2C coach Tom Brown%2E Standing%2C from left%2C coach Nate Meyer%2C coach Steve Rogers%2C Brandon King%2C Tom Gisler%2C Nate Askelson%2C Chad Harris%2C Matt Smith%2C Derek Robey%2C John Gisler%2C coach Tony Tuseth%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4362 = ""; var BylineEmail_4362 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4362 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4362 = "400"; var Filename_4363 = "1991%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4363 = "bbb%2DRobey2 vs PEM sections"; var Caption_4363 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EDerek Robey breaks baseline%2C eyes a Tiger inside and dishes it off during the section championship game%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4363 = ""; var BylineEmail_4363 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4363 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4363 = "400"; var Filename_4364 = "1990%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4364 = "bbb%2DRobey vs PEM sections"; var Caption_4364 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EDerek Robey shakes and bakes%2C drawing a foul on this bucket against PEM during the section championship game%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4364 = ""; var BylineEmail_4364 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4364 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4364 = "400"; var Filename_4365 = "1989%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4365 = "bbb%2DGisler vs PEM sections"; var Caption_4365 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETom Gisler goes strong to the bucket%2C collecting the hoop and the harm for three of his 13 second half points in the section championship game against PEM%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4365 = ""; var BylineEmail_4365 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4365 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4365 = "400"; var Filename_4366 = "1988%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4366 = "bbb%2DTigers dejected after champ game"; var Caption_4366 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EStewartville%92s players%2C from left%2C Brandon King%2C Ben Harris%2C Tom Gisler and Chad Harris are heartbroken by the loss%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4366 = ""; var BylineEmail_4366 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4366 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4366 = "400"; var Filename_4367 = "1987%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4367 = "bbb%2Dfritsch vs PEM sections"; var Caption_4367 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EDavid Fritsch slashes from the wing for a layup during the section title game%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4367 = ""; var BylineEmail_4367 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4367 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4367 = "400"; var Filename_4368 = "1986%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4368 = "bbb%2Dbench at buzzer"; var Caption_4368 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3Emarch sadness %2D%2D Chad Harris rises from his seat and other Tiger players%2C from left%2C Isaac Tapp%2C Ben Harris%2C Nate Askelson and Matt Smith watch PEM star Clay Olstad%92s three%2Dpointer swish through with 3%2E8 seconds to play to give Plainview%2DElgin Millville a 49%2D46 victory in last week%92s Section 1AA championship game%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4368 = ""; var BylineEmail_4368 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4368 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4368 = "400"; var Filename_4369 = "1985%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4369 = "bbb%2D5th 2nd at state"; var Caption_4369 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EStewartville%27s fifth%2Dgrade boys traveling basketball team captured second place in the Grade State A Division on March 13%2D14%2E The Tigers beat Maple Grove 26%2D24%2C Buffalo 28%2D17 and Prior Lake 36%2D16 before losing 31%2D29 in the championship to Coon Rapids%2E The team finished with a season record of 22%2D5%2C claiming three first place%2C two second place and two third place trophies%2E Team members include%2C kneeling%2C from left%2C Sam Woods%2C Jordan Johnson%2C Luke Scruggs%2C Moses Hettinger%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Chye Stecher%2C Nick Stahnke%2C Dylan Stofferahn%2C Garret Nosbisch%2C Lucas Ellerbusch%2E In back%2C Coaches Kent Johnson %28left%29 and Todd Ellerbusch%2E Not pictured was Cody Bakken%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4369 = ""; var BylineEmail_4369 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4369 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4369 = "400"; var Filename_4370 = "1983%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4370 = "bbb%2Dteam trophy subsections"; var Caption_4370 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville boys basketball team defended its West 1AA Subsection team championship with a 57%2D53 win over Rochester Lourdes on March 13%2E Tiger team members with their first place medals and team trophy are%2C kneeling%2C from left%2C Rob Vaupel%2C Matt Smith%2C Ben Harris%2C David Fritsch%2C Tyler Rogers%2E Standing%2C from left%2C coach Nate Meyer%2C coach Tom Brown%2C Brandon King%2C Mike Orte%2C Chad Harris%2C John Gisler%2C Nate Askelson%2C Tom Gisler%2C Isaac Tapp%2C Derek Robey%2C coach Tony Tuseth%2C coach Steve Rogers%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4370 = ""; var BylineEmail_4370 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4370 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4370 = "400"; var Filename_4371 = "1982%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4371 = "Youth wrestling champs"; var Caption_4371 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EStewartville%27s youth wrestling team captured first place honors crossing the border to take part at the South Winn Youth Wrestling Tournament in Calmar%2C Iowa%2E The Tigers competed%0D%0Aindividually%2C but their placing counted toward team points%2E Stewartville finished with 36 points%2C beating runner%2Dup Cresco%2C Iowa in second place with 30 points%2E First place winners included%2C Brody Olson%2C Carter Stenberg%2C Hunter VanDyke%2C Tanner Prochaska%2C Eric Sistad%2C Brody Herman%2C Alex Higgins%2C Tanner Johnson%2EPlacing second included%2C Riley Klema%2C David Hurley%2C%0D%0ABailey Herman%2C Jack Swanton%2C Hunter Johnson%2C Zach Jaeger%2C Jamie Gehling%2E Claiming third place were%2C Sloan VanDyke%2C Caleb Miller%2C Mike Malone%2C Ryan Clark%2C Dalton Heintz%2C Brady Keefe%2E Earning fourth place included%2C Casey Swanton%2C Logan%0D%0AHeintz%2C Colton Miller%2C Aaron Clark%2E Members of Stewartville%92s junior team include%2C kneeling%2C from left%2C Carter Stenberg%2C Riley Klema%2C Hunter VanDyke%2C Brody Olson%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Sloan VanDyke%2C Eric Sistad%2C David Hurley%2C Brody Herman%2C Tanner Prochaska%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4371 = ""; var BylineEmail_4371 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4371 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4371 = "400"; var Filename_4372 = "1978%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4372 = "gbb%2D9th state champs"; var Caption_4372 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EStewartville%27s ninth%2Dgrade girls basketball team captured the Minnesota Girls 9th Grade AAA State Championship on March 8 in Fridley%2C defeating Holy Family 42%2D20%2C Owatonna 41%2D29 and Mounds View 44%2D40 in the championship game%2E Stewie upped its record to 29%2D0 on the season%2E Tiger team members are%2C seated from left%2C Nicole Amos%2C Katelyn Hanf%2C Stephanie Jorde%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Coach Gerads%2C Morgan Schiebsted%2C Jackie Betcher%2C Shannon Curtis%2C Katie Bauman%2C Amy Reinhart%2C Roselyn Steinkamp%2C Sarah Schrandt%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4372 = ""; var BylineEmail_4372 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4372 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4372 = "400"; var Filename_4373 = "1976%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4373 = "bbb%2DTapp vs RL subsections"; var Caption_4373 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EIsaac Tapp skies for a bucket over a Lourdes defender%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4373 = ""; var BylineEmail_4373 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4373 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4373 = "400"; var Filename_4374 = "1975%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4374 = "bbb%2DRobey vs RL subsections"; var Caption_4374 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EDerek Robey beats an Eagle defender for an easy layup%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4374 = ""; var BylineEmail_4374 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4374 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4374 = "400"; var Filename_4375 = "1974%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4375 = "bbb%2DOrte vs ZM subsections"; var Caption_4375 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EMike Orte drives the lane for a bucket against Z%2DM%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4375 = ""; var BylineEmail_4375 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4375 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4375 = "400"; var Filename_4376 = "1973%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4376 = "bbb%2DOrte vs RL subsections"; var Caption_4376 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EMike Orte drives baseline aggressively for a Tiger bucket against Lourdes%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4376 = ""; var BylineEmail_4376 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4376 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4376 = "400"; var Filename_4377 = "1972%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4377 = "bbb%2DGisler vs RL subsections"; var Caption_4377 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETom Gisler fights off a foul for a bucket underneath%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4377 = ""; var BylineEmail_4377 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4377 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4377 = "400"; var Filename_4378 = "1971%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4378 = "bbb%2D8th 2nd place"; var Caption_4378 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EStewartville%27s eighth%2Dgrade traveling basketball team captured second place at the Austin tournament on March 14%2E The Tigers defeated Fairmont 37%2D27%2C Cannon Falls 41%2D26 and lost to Maple River 56%2D47 in the championship game%2E Tiger team members are%2C seated%2C from left%2C Ryan Larson%2C Jacob Narveson%2C Justin Thompson%2C Jon Pyan%2C Zach Schwalbach%2C Shayne Udenberg%2E Standing%2C from left%2C coach Dan Pyan%2C Nate Muller%2C Jack Howell%2C Will Gisler%2C Erik Nosbisch%2C Matt Aldrich%2C Aaron Simmons%2C coach Jeff Schwalbach%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4378 = ""; var BylineEmail_4378 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4378 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4378 = "400"; var Filename_4379 = "1970%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4379 = "bbb%2D5th champs"; var Caption_4379 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EStewartville%27s fifth%2Dgrade boys traveling basketball team captured first place at the RCYBA tournament on March 7%2D8%2E The Tigers beat Lakeville South 39%2D16%2C Waseca 32%2D23%2C Wayzata 36%2D26%2C and Eden Prairie 31%2D13 in the championship game%2E Team members include%2C kneeling%2C from left%2C Moses Hettinger%2C Luke Scruggs%2C Cody Bakken %2C Sam Woods%2C Lucas Ellerbusch %2E Standing from left%2C Garret Nosbisch%2C Chye Stecher %2C Dylan Stofferahn%2C Nick Stahnke%2C Jordan Johnson%2E The team is coached by Todd Ellerbusch%2C Mark Hettinger and Kent Johnson%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4379 = ""; var BylineEmail_4379 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4379 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4379 = "400"; var Filename_4380 = "1955%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4380 = "mat%2DLecy at state preliminary"; var Caption_4380 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ENate Lecy rolls his Litchfield foe to his back before pinning him in 55 seconds of his 112%2Dpound state preliminary round match%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4380 = ""; var BylineEmail_4380 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4380 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4380 = "400"; var Filename_4381 = "1952%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4381 = "gbb%2DSperber vs DE sections"; var Caption_4381 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EShawnna Sperber drives baseline%2C being held and hip fouled against the DE defense%2E No foul was called on the play%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4381 = ""; var BylineEmail_4381 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4381 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4381 = "400"; var Filename_4382 = "1951%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4382 = "gbb%2DOftedahl vs DE sections"; var Caption_4382 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EJill Oftedahl with a head fake and a short jumper against D%2DE%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4382 = ""; var BylineEmail_4382 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4382 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4382 = "400"; var Filename_4383 = "1950%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4383 = "gbb%2DHaack vs DE sections"; var Caption_4383 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ERio Haack is fouled driving the lane for a bucket against Dover%2DEyota%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4383 = ""; var BylineEmail_4383 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4383 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4383 = "400"; var Filename_4384 = "1949%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4384 = "gbb%2DCurtis vs DE sections"; var Caption_4384 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EShannon Curtis battles under for a rebound against D%2DE%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4384 = ""; var BylineEmail_4384 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4384 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4384 = "400"; var Filename_4385 = "1948%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4385 = "bbb%2Drobey vs DE sections"; var Caption_4385 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EDerek Robey beats an Eagle defender baseline for two of his game%2Dhigh 18 points in Stewie%92s 53%2D50 win over D%2DE%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4385 = ""; var BylineEmail_4385 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4385 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4385 = "400"; var Filename_4386 = "1947%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4386 = "bbb%2DKing vs DE sections"; var Caption_4386 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EBrandon King is hacked going hard to the hoop against D%2DE%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4386 = ""; var BylineEmail_4386 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4386 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4386 = "400"; var Filename_4387 = "1946%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4387 = "bbb%2Dfritsch vs DE sections"; var Caption_4387 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EDavid Fritsch slashes to the basket%2C collecting the hoop and the harm against Dover%2DEyota%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4387 = ""; var BylineEmail_4387 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4387 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4387 = "400"; var Filename_4388 = "1945%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4388 = "bbb%2D5th 3rd place"; var Caption_4388 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EStewartville%27s fifth%2Dgrade boys traveling basketball team captured third place out of eight teams at the Hayfield tournament on Feb%2E 28%2E Team members are%2C kneeling from left%2C Chye Stecher%2C Garret Nosbisch%2C Nick Stahnke%2C Dylan Stofferahn%2C Jordan Johnson%2E Standing from left%2C Sam Woods%2C Moses Hettinger%2C Luke Scruggs%2C Cody Bakken%2C Lucas Ellerbusch%2E The team is coached by Todd Ellerbusch%2C Mark Hettinger and Kent Johnson%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4388 = ""; var BylineEmail_4388 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4388 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4388 = "400"; var Filename_4389 = "1938%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4389 = "mat%2DNelson at sections"; var Caption_4389 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EEric Nelson works an arm bar on his 125%2Dpound Lake City opponent at sections%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4389 = ""; var BylineEmail_4389 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4389 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4389 = "400"; var Filename_4390 = "1937%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4390 = "mat%2DLecy at sections"; var Caption_4390 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ENate Lecy pins the left arm%2C twisting the head and the right arm of his Byron foe seconds before pinning him during section action%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4390 = ""; var BylineEmail_4390 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4390 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4390 = "400"; var Filename_4391 = "1936%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4391 = "mat%2DKuisle at sections"; var Caption_4391 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EJake Kuisle bars up the second arm of his Kasson opponent before turning him to his back%2E Kuisle recorded an upset win over the 215%2Dpound KoMet at sections%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4391 = ""; var BylineEmail_4391 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4391 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4391 = "400"; var Filename_4392 = "1935%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4392 = "mat%2DGoeldi at sections"; var Caption_4392 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ENate Goeldi sits out%2C pulling an ankle pick and circling for a reversal against his Lake City opponent during section action at 160 pounds%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4392 = ""; var BylineEmail_4392 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4392 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4392 = "400"; var Filename_4393 = "1934%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4393 = "mat%2DBuchanan at sections"; var Caption_4393 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ECody Buchanan records a fall in his 140%2Dpound quarterfianl match at sections%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4393 = ""; var BylineEmail_4393 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4393 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4393 = "400"; var Filename_4394 = "1932%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4394 = "gym%2DChristian to state on beam"; var Caption_4394 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EKaryn Christian%0D%0Aon beam%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4394 = ""; var BylineEmail_4394 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4394 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4394 = "400"; var Filename_4395 = "1931%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4395 = "gbb%2DSperber vs CF at sections"; var Caption_4395 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EShawnna Sperber poured in a career%2Dhigh 36 points to help her Tigers blast the Bombers 71%2D42 in section action%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4395 = ""; var BylineEmail_4395 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4395 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4395 = "400"; var Filename_4396 = "1930%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4396 = "gbb%2DRainey vs CF at sections"; var Caption_4396 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EJulie Rainey goes strong to the hoop%2C collecting the foul along the way for three of her 10 points in Stewie%92s 71%2D42 win over the Bombers at sections%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4396 = ""; var BylineEmail_4396 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4396 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4396 = "400"; var Filename_4397 = "1929%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4397 = "gbb%2DOftedahl vs CF at sections"; var Caption_4397 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EJill Oftedahl slashes through the lane for a bucket against Cannon Falls%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4397 = ""; var BylineEmail_4397 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4397 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4397 = "400"; var Filename_4398 = "1928%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4398 = "gbb%2DHaack vs CF at sections"; var Caption_4398 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ERio Haack collects two of her five points on this floating jumper in the lane during Stewie%92s 71%2D42 win over Cannon Falls%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4398 = ""; var BylineEmail_4398 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4398 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4398 = "400"; var Filename_4399 = "1927%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4399 = "gbb%2D8th champs"; var Caption_4399 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EStewartville%27s eighth grade girls traveling basketball team captured first place in the B Division at the Rochester tournament on Feb%2E 21%2D22%2E Seated%2C from left%2C Liz Waugh%2C Ashlyn Elliott%2C Paige Tapp%2E Kneeling%2C from left%2C Alexis Leathes%2C Josie Hale%2C Gloria Mueller%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Kaitlyn Bentley%2C Liz Norman%2C Hannah Tapp%2C Natalie Howell%2E Not pictured Morgan Hettinger%2C Jen Speer%2C Blair Honsey%2C Molly Lynch%2C coach Tracy and Amy Tapp%2C coach Sean Hale%2C coach Jim Elliott%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4399 = ""; var BylineEmail_4399 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4399 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4399 = "400"; var Filename_4400 = "1921%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4400 = "bbb%2D5th champs"; var Caption_4400 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EStewartville%27s fifth grade boys traveling basketball team captured first place at the Stewartville tournament on Feb%2E 21%2E Tiger team members include%2C kneeling%2C from left%2C Nick Stahnke%2C Dylan Stofferahn%2C Lucas Ellerbusch%2C Jordan Johnson%2C Chye Stecher%2C Garret Nosbisch%2E Standing from left%2C Luke Scruggs%2C Moses Hettinger%2C Sam Woods%2C Cody Bakken%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4400 = ""; var BylineEmail_4400 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4400 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4400 = "400"; var Filename_4401 = "1919%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4401 = "SHS bowling team"; var Caption_4401 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville High School bowling team honored several team members at its end%2Dof%2Dthe%2Dseason banquet on Feb%2E 18 at Strikers Corner%2E Four Tiger kegglers earned varsity letters%2C including Kara Roeder%2C Justin Lonien%2C Hayley Mace and Luke Lonien%2E Shane Uptagrafft%2C Jared Groski and Luke Lonien%0D%0Awere named top 15 bowlers in the conference and led Stewie%92s varsity squad to fourth place in the league%2C while the Tiger JV squad placed eighth at JV State tourney%2E Shane Uptagrafft%2C Justin%0D%0ALonien and Luke Lonien received All%2DConference honorable mention%2E Tiger team members include%2C seated%2C from left%2C Katie Finley%2C Amy Heintz%2C Hayley Mace%2E Kneeling%2C from left%2C Shane Uptagrafft%2C Noah Johnson%2C Austin Rosenblad%2C Luke Lonien%2C Kara Roeder%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Justin Lonien%2C Brandon Westphal%2C Coach Kime%2C Coach Roeder%2C Shawn Hansen%2C Jared Groski%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4401 = ""; var BylineEmail_4401 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4401 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4401 = "400"; var Filename_4402 = "1908%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4402 = "gym%2DChristian on beam"; var Caption_4402 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EKaryn Christian executes a side scale during her beam routine%2E Christian placed fourth and qualified for Friday%92s state championships%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4402 = ""; var BylineEmail_4402 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4402 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4402 = "400"; var Filename_4403 = "1907%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4403 = "Gordy1%2D50 years"; var Caption_4403 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville School District honored Gordy Koehn for devoting 50 years to recording statistics and running the scoreboard at varsity Tiger football%2C volleyball%2C girls basketball and boys basketball games%2E Gordy was recognized at the beginning of the Tiger boys%92 home basketball game on Feb%2E 20%2E Poor weather conditions prevented the Karin Lundberg and Paul Koehn families from attending the event%2C but Koehn and his wife Amy %28in front of below photo%29 were joined by family members%2C from left%2C Connie Berg%2C Kathy Illa%2C Isaac Illa%2C Kyle Berg%2C Evan Peterson %28top%29%2C Kris Peterson%2C Erik Peterson and Gary Peterson%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4403 = ""; var BylineEmail_4403 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4403 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4403 = "400"; var Filename_4404 = "1906%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4404 = "gbb%2DTwohey vs Goodhue"; var Caption_4404 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETheresa Twohey pops a quick eight%2Dfoot jumper along the baseline for two of her six points against Goodhue%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4404 = ""; var BylineEmail_4404 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4404 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4404 = "400"; var Filename_4405 = "1905%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4405 = "gbb%2DSperber vs Goodhue"; var Caption_4405 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EShawnna Sperber scores on this layin%2C collecting two of her 20 points against the Wildcats%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4405 = ""; var BylineEmail_4405 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4405 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4405 = "400"; var Filename_4406 = "1904%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4406 = "gbb%2DRainey vs Goodhue"; var Caption_4406 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EJulie Rainey scores two of her career%2Dhigh 22 points on this scoop to the hoop during Stewie%92s 66%2D44 win over Goodhue%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4406 = ""; var BylineEmail_4406 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4406 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4406 = "400"; var Filename_4407 = "1902%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4407 = "bbb%2DRobey vs ZM"; var Caption_4407 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EDerek Robey skies high%2C collecting two of his 10 points against Zumbrota%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4407 = ""; var BylineEmail_4407 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4407 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4407 = "400"; var Filename_4408 = "1901%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4408 = "bbb%2DOrte vs ZM"; var Caption_4408 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EMike Orte is money%2C cashing in for two of his 17 points off a steal against ZM%2E %0D%0A%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4408 = ""; var BylineEmail_4408 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4408 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4408 = "400"; var Filename_4409 = "1900%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4409 = "bbb%2DHarris vs ZM"; var Caption_4409 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EBen Harris pops a baseline jumper against ZM%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4409 = ""; var BylineEmail_4409 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4409 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4409 = "400"; var Filename_4410 = "1899%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4410 = "bbb%2DFritsch vs ZM"; var Caption_4410 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EDavid Fritsch collects two of his 19 points against ZM%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4410 = ""; var BylineEmail_4410 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4410 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4410 = "400"; var Filename_4411 = "1898%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4411 = "bbb%2D6th 3rd place"; var Caption_4411 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EStewartville%27s sixth grade boys traveling basketball team captured third place at the Southland tournament in Adams on Feb%2E 14%2E Kneeling%2C from left%2C Drew Gilk%2C Daniel Richardson%2C Ben Grabau%2E Standing from left%2C coach Bryant Maschoff%2C Cody Carpentier%2C Aaron Quandt%2C Brandon Groski%2C Connor Hanf%2C coach Jacob Amos%2E Not pictured coach Nikki Geerdes%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4411 = ""; var BylineEmail_4411 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4411 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4411 = "400"; var Filename_4412 = "1889%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4412 = "gbb%2DSperber vs RL"; var Caption_4412 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EShawnna Sperber collects a bucket%2C drawing a foul with this breakaway layin against Rochester Lourdes%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4412 = ""; var BylineEmail_4412 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4412 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4412 = "400"; var Filename_4413 = "1888%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4413 = "gbb%2DRainey vs RL"; var Caption_4413 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EJulie Rainey beats an Eagle defender for a Tiger bucket%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4413 = ""; var BylineEmail_4413 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4413 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4413 = "400"; var Filename_4414 = "1887%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4414 = "gbb%2DNorman vs RL"; var Caption_4414 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EKelly Norman gets an open look a connects from beyond the arc against Lourdes%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4414 = ""; var BylineEmail_4414 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4414 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4414 = "400"; var Filename_4415 = "1885%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4415 = "bbb%2DSmith vs KM"; var Caption_4415 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EMatt Smith battles KM defenders for a rebound%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4415 = ""; var BylineEmail_4415 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4415 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4415 = "400"; var Filename_4416 = "1884%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4416 = "bbb%2DOrte vs KM"; var Caption_4416 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EMike Orte drives the lane against the Kasson defense%2C scoring with this scoop to the hoop%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4416 = ""; var BylineEmail_4416 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4416 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4416 = "400"; var Filename_4417 = "1883%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4417 = "bbb%2DHarris vs KM"; var Caption_4417 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EBen Harris battles KoMet defenders for a Tiger bucket%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4417 = ""; var BylineEmail_4417 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4417 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4417 = "400"; var Filename_4418 = "1882%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4418 = "bbb%2DGisler vs KM"; var Caption_4418 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETom Gisler collects a Tiger bucket against the KoMets%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4418 = ""; var BylineEmail_4418 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4418 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4418 = "400"; var Filename_4419 = "1881%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4419 = "bbb%2Dgisler all%2Dtime leading scorer"; var Caption_4419 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETom Gisler %28above%29 scored 25 points in a 71%2D60 win at Hayfield on Feb%2E 6 and Tiger coach Tony Tuseth recognized Gisler for becoming the Stewartville boys basketball program%92s all%2Dtime leading scorer%2E His 25 against Hayfield earned the senior power forward 1%2C056 career points with six regular season games and the playoffs remaining%2E Gisler surpassed John Garry%92s record of 1%2C044 career points%2C set in the mid%2D1970s%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4419 = ""; var BylineEmail_4419 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4419 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4419 = "400"; var Filename_4420 = "1880%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4420 = "bbb%2D9th champs"; var Caption_4420 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EStewartville%27s ninth grade boys basketball team captured first place at the Feb%2E 7 Stewartville Invitational%2E The Tigers fininshed 2%2D1%2C beating Rochester Lourdes and Winona Cotter%2E Kneeling%2C from left are Shane Mlenar%2C Ricky Elizondo%2C Warren Lawrenz%2C Ryne Prochaska%2C Tanner Wieck%2C Kyle King%2C Tyler Schmitz%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Coach Steve Rogers%2C Jason Robey%2C Luke Lonien%2C Will Gisler%2C Brady Gross%2C Zach Scruggs%2C Sam Quackenbush%2C Ben Hogan%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4420 = ""; var BylineEmail_4420 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4420 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4420 = "400"; var Filename_4421 = "1879%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4421 = "bbb%2D8th team champs"; var Caption_4421 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EStewartville%27s eighth grade boys basketball team captured the championship at the Byron Invitational Tournament%2C defeating the Triton Cobras 37%2D24 and the Byron Bears 36%2D34 on Feb%2E 7%2E The two most recent wins up the Tiger record to 17%2D1 this season%2E Seated%2C from left%2C Sawyer Weiss%2C Jon Pyan%2C Justin Thompson%2C Reese Rinken%2C Isaac Kidd%2E Kneeling%2C from left%2C Jacob Narveson%2C Dustin McHenry%2C Matt Terhaar%2C Zach Schwalbach%2C Ryan Larson%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Shayne Udenberg%2E Nate Muller%2C Erik Nosbisch%2C Jack Howell%2C Aaron Simmons%2C Matt Aldrich%2C Coach Nate Meyer%2E Not pictured%3A Will Gisler%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4421 = ""; var BylineEmail_4421 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4421 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4421 = "400"; var Filename_4422 = "1868%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4422 = "mat%2DLecy vs LaC"; var Caption_4422 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ENate Lecy circles hard%2C turning his Lancer foe to his back before pinning him%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4422 = ""; var BylineEmail_4422 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4422 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4422 = "400"; var Filename_4423 = "1867%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4423 = "mat%2DJensen vs LaC"; var Caption_4423 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ELuke Jensen turns his Lancer foe to his back%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4423 = ""; var BylineEmail_4423 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4423 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4423 = "400"; var Filename_4424 = "1866%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4424 = "mat%2DEric Twohey vs LaC"; var Caption_4424 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EEric Twohey lifts the head%2C driving the shoulders of his Lancer opponent to the mat to collect a pin%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4424 = ""; var BylineEmail_4424 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4424 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4424 = "400"; var Filename_4425 = "1864%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4425 = "Schroeder signs with RCTC"; var Caption_4425 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EStewartville senior Bryan Schroeder%2C a 6%2D0%2C 195%2Dpound%0D%0Afullback%2Flinebacker signed a National Letter of Intent to play football with the RCTC Yellowjackets on Feb%2E 7%2E Here%2C Schroeder is interviewed after the signing event%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4425 = ""; var BylineEmail_4425 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4425 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4425 = "400"; var Filename_4426 = "1863%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4426 = "bbb%2DTapp vs Byron"; var Caption_4426 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EIsaac Tapp glides through the lane for a bucket against Byron%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4426 = ""; var BylineEmail_4426 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4426 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4426 = "400"; var Filename_4427 = "1862%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4427 = "Bball%2DSMS Hoop Shoot"; var Caption_4427 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EHOOP DREAMS %2D%2D A total of 185 students between ages 10 and 13 participated in the 2008 Elks %22Hoop Shoot%22 free%2Dthrow shooting contest%2E Students shot free throws before school and during sixth%2D and seventh%2Dgrade physical education classes%2E Winners include%2C front row%2C from left%2C Aaron Quandt%2C first place%2C 10%2D and 11%2Dyear%2Dold boys%2C who made 10 of 25 free throws%3B Kyle%0D%0AParks%2C second place%2C 10%2Dand 11%2Dyear old boys%2C six of 25%3B Dain Bauman%2C first place%2C 12%2D and 13%2Dyear%2Dold boys%2C 19 of 25%3B and Robert Corsini%2C second place%2C 12%2D and 13%2Dyear%2Dold boys%2C 18 of 25%2E Back row%2C from left%2C Gabrielle Dale%2C second place%2C 10%2D and 11%2Dyear%2Dold girls%2C six of 25 free throws%3B Ashley Eberle%2C second place%2C 12%2D and 13%2Dyear%2Dold girls%2C 15 of 25%3B Jess Speer%2C first place%2C 12%2D and 13%2Dyear%2Dold girls%2C 16 of 25%3B and Madisen Hart%2C first place%2C 10%2D and 11%2Dyear%2Dold girls%2C six of 25%2E Corsini and Bauman advanced to compete at Rochester%2C where Corsini placed first by hitting on 22 of 25 free throws%2E Corsini then moved on to compete at Austin%2C where he placed second by making 17 of 25 shots%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4427 = ""; var BylineEmail_4427 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4427 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4427 = "400"; var Filename_4428 = "1861%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4428 = "bbb%2DRobey vs Byron"; var Caption_4428 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EDerek Robey collects three points the old fashioned way with the hoop and the harm on this bucket against Byron%2E %0D%0A%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4428 = ""; var BylineEmail_4428 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4428 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4428 = "400"; var Filename_4429 = "1860%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4429 = "bbb%2DBen Harris vs Byron"; var Caption_4429 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EBen Harris goes hard to the hoop%2C battling on the boards against Byron%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4429 = ""; var BylineEmail_4429 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4429 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4429 = "400"; var Filename_4430 = "1859%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4430 = "bbb%2DFritsch vs Byron"; var Caption_4430 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EDavid Fritsch with the scoop to the hoop against Byron%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4430 = ""; var BylineEmail_4430 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4430 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4430 = "400"; var Filename_4431 = "1858%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4431 = "8th bbb champs"; var Caption_4431 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EStewartville%27s eighth grade basketball team captured championship honors at the Stewartville Invitational tournament on Jan%2E 31%2E Stewartville defeated Grand Meadow %26 Kingsland in pool play%2E The Tigers avenged an earlier loss to Byron by defeating the Bears 30%2D19 in the championship game%2E Team members are%2C kneeling%2C from left%2C Sawyer Weiss%2C Jon Pyan%2C Isaac Kidd%2C Justin Thompson%2C Reese Rinken%2E Middle row%2C from left%2C Jacob Narveson%2C Dustin McHenry%2C Matt Terhaar%2C Zach Schwalbach%2C Ryan Larson%2C Shayne Udenberg%2C Nate Muller%2E Back row%2C from left%2C Coach Will Fredrickson%2C Aaron Simmons%2C Erik Nosbisch%2C Jack Howell%2C Will Gisler%2C Matt Aldrich%2C Coach Nate Meyer%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4431 = ""; var BylineEmail_4431 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4431 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4431 = "400"; var Filename_4432 = "1849%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4432 = "mat%2DTiger youth wrestling"; var Caption_4432 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville K%2D6 youth wrestling team captured second place at the six%2Dteam Chatfield youth wrestling team tournament on Jan 25%2E Stewartville opened action with a 40%2D25 victory over Dover%2DEyota and edged host Chatfield by a narrow 36%2D34 margin in its second round%2E The 2%2D0 Tigers lost to Albert Lea in the team championship match%2E Tiger team members in no particular order include%2C Brody Olson%2C Carter Stenberg%2C Riley Klema%2C Joey Thompson%2C Caleb Miller%2C Tanner Prochaska%2C Brody Herman%2C Logan Heintz%2C Alex Higgins%2C Hunter Johnson%2C Brady Keefe%2C Shane Curtis%2C Travis Capelle%2C Jamie Gehling%2C Adam Gehling%2C Dalton Heintz%2C Colton Miller%2C Mitch Osterhus%2C Troy Bailey%2C Ryan Clarke%2C Aaron Clarke%2E Several Stewartville youth wrestlers have competed in individual open tournaments%2E Results from Southland include%2C Brody Herman%2C first place%2E Results from Harmony include%2C Brody Herman%2C second place%3B Erik Sistad%2C second place and Hunter VanDyke%2C first place%2E Results from Zumbrota include%2C Carter Stenberg%2C first place%3B Chris Espinoza%2C second place%2E Results from Adams include%2C Travis Capelle%2C first place%2E Results from Kasson include%2C Travis Capelle first place%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4432 = ""; var BylineEmail_4432 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4432 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4432 = "400"; var Filename_4433 = "1848%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4433 = "mat Tim Twohey vs Byron"; var Caption_4433 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETim Twohey bars up an arm and turns his Byron foe for back points%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4433 = ""; var BylineEmail_4433 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4433 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4433 = "400"; var Filename_4434 = "1847%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4434 = "mat%2DHaase vs Byron"; var Caption_4434 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EJustin Haase takes a big step prior to cranking back his 152%2Dpound Byron foe into a cradle%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4434 = ""; var BylineEmail_4434 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4434 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4434 = "400"; var Filename_4435 = "1846%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4435 = "mat%2DGoeldi vs Byron"; var Caption_4435 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ENate Goeldi bars up the left arm and gathers the right as he circles to turn his 160%2Dpound Byron foe to his back%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4435 = ""; var BylineEmail_4435 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4435 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4435 = "400"; var Filename_4436 = "1845%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4436 = "gbb%2DSperber vs GM"; var Caption_4436 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EShawnna Sperber breaks baseline to beat a Lark defender%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4436 = ""; var BylineEmail_4436 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4436 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4436 = "400"; var Filename_4437 = "1843%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4437 = "gbb%2DOftedahl vs GM"; var Caption_4437 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EJill Oftedahl drives from the wing against a Lark defender%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4437 = ""; var BylineEmail_4437 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4437 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4437 = "400"; var Filename_4438 = "1842%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4438 = "gbb%2DKukuzke vs GM"; var Caption_4438 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EDanielle Kukuzke grabs a wicked rebound against Grand Meadow%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4438 = ""; var BylineEmail_4438 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4438 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4438 = "400"; var Filename_4439 = "1841%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4439 = "gbb%2DHaack vs GM"; var Caption_4439 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ERio Haack pops a 10%2Dfoot baseline jumper against Grand Meadow%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4439 = ""; var BylineEmail_4439 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4439 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4439 = "400"; var Filename_4440 = "1840%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4440 = "gbb%2DCurtis vs GM"; var Caption_4440 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EShannon Curtis posts up for a bucket against Grand Meadow%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4440 = ""; var BylineEmail_4440 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4440 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4440 = "400"; var Filename_4441 = "1833%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4441 = "bbb%2D8th champs"; var Caption_4441 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EStewartville%27s eighth grade traveling basketball team captured championship honors by winning the %22B%22 Division of the Owatonna Basketball Tournament%2E In the first two rounds of the tournament%2C Stewartville defeated Owatonna %28white%29 and Fairmont%2E Stewartville defeated Owatonna %28silver%29 in the championship game 42%2D26%2E Team members are kneeling%2C from left%2C Jon Pyan%2C Justin Thompson%2E Middle row%2C standing%2C from left%2C Nate Muller%2C Shane Udenberg%2C Zach Schwalbach%2C Ryan Larson%2E Back row%2C standing%2C from left%2C Coach Dan Pyan%2C Aaron Simmons%2C Will Gisler%2C Jack Howell%2C Erik Nosbisch%2C Matt Aldrich%2C Coach Jeff Scwalbach%2E Not Pictured%3A Jacob Narveson%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4441 = ""; var BylineEmail_4441 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4441 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4441 = "400"; var Filename_4442 = "1832%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4442 = "bbb%2D6th 1st place"; var Caption_4442 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EStewartville%27s sixth grade traveling boys basketball team captured first place at the Rochester tournament in the National Volleyball Center%2E The Tigers defeated Rochester Mayo%2C John Marshall and Century teams to earn the team title%2E Team members are kneeling%2C from left%2C Benjamin Grabau%2C Drew Gilk%2C Daniel Richardson%2E Tigers standing%2C from left%2C Connor Hanf%2C Brandon%0D%0AGroski%2C Aaron Quandt%2C Cody Carpentier%2E The team is coached by%2C from left%2C Nikki Geerdes%2C with assistants Jacob Amos and Bryant Maschoff%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4442 = ""; var BylineEmail_4442 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4442 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4442 = "400"; var Filename_4443 = "1831%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4443 = "bbb%2D5th second place"; var Caption_4443 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EStewartville%27s fifth grade traveling boys basketball team captured second place at the Owatonna tournament on Jan%2E 24%2E The Tigers beat Austin and Maple Grove and lost to the Mason City Magic in the championship%2E Team members include%2C kneeling%2C from left%2C Moses Hettinger%2C Cody Bakken%2C Luke Scruggs%2C Sam Woods%2E Middle row%2C from left%2C Jordan Johnson%2C Dylan Stofferahn%2C Chye Stecher%2C Garret Nosbisch%2C Lucas Ellerbusch%2E Back row from left%2C coaches Mark Hettinger%2C Kent Johnson%2C Todd Ellerbusch%2E Not pictured%2C Nick Stahnke%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4443 = ""; var BylineEmail_4443 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4443 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4443 = "400"; var Filename_4444 = "1824%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4444 = "mat%2DSmith vs Lake City"; var Caption_4444 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EJeff Smith works to turn his 145%2Dpound Lake City foe to his back%2E Smith won a close one%2C 4%2D2%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4444 = ""; var BylineEmail_4444 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4444 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4444 = "400"; var Filename_4445 = "1825%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4445 = "mat%2DStolarzyk vs Lake City"; var Caption_4445 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EBrett Stolarzyk gains wrist control prior to executing a crssface on his Lake City foe%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4445 = ""; var BylineEmail_4445 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4445 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4445 = "400"; var Filename_4446 = "1823%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4446 = "mat%2DLecy vs Lake City"; var Caption_4446 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ENate Lecy tips his 112%2Dpound Lake City foe to his shoulders seconds before pinning him%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4446 = ""; var BylineEmail_4446 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4446 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4446 = "400"; var Filename_4447 = "1814%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4447 = "Elks Hoop Shoot winners"; var Caption_4447 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EMoses Hettinger %28left%29 captured first place and Lucas Ellerbusch claimed second in the 10%2D and 11%2Dyear old division of the Elk%92s Hoop Shoot free throw contest in Rochester%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4447 = ""; var BylineEmail_4447 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4447 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4447 = "400"; var Filename_4448 = "1810%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4448 = "bbb%2DRobey vs Lourdes"; var Caption_4448 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EDerek Robey breaks baseline to beat the Lourdes defense%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4448 = ""; var BylineEmail_4448 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4448 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4448 = "400"; var Filename_4449 = "1809%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4449 = "bbb%2DHarris vs Lourdes"; var Caption_4449 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EBen Harris battles on the boards with an Eagle player%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4449 = ""; var BylineEmail_4449 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4449 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4449 = "400"; var Filename_4450 = "1808%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4450 = "bbb%2DFritsch vs Lourdes"; var Caption_4450 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EDavid Fritsch drives the lane for two of his 14 points in a 55%2D51 loss hosting Lourdes%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4450 = ""; var BylineEmail_4450 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4450 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4450 = "400"; var Filename_4451 = "1807%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4451 = "6th gbb%2DMYAS champs"; var Caption_4451 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EStewartville%92s sixth grade girls traveling basketball team captured first place at the MYAS Supersaver Tournament in Park Center on Jan%2E 17%2E Team members include%2C kneeling%2C from left%2C Gabby Dale%2C Emily Scruggs%2C Caitlyn Hughes%2C Jena O%27Byrne%2C Carly Wilde%2C Kaylee Muller%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Coach Matt Behrens%2C Coach Lisa Muller%2C Megan Howell%2C Jackie Bleifus%2C Marissa Behrens%2C Meghan Schmitz%2C Abby Sistad%2C Coach Curt Hughes%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4451 = ""; var BylineEmail_4451 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4451 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4451 = "400"; var Filename_4452 = "1806%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4452 = "5th bbb%2Dtravel champs"; var Caption_4452 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EStewartville%92s fifth grade boys traveling basketball team captured first place at the Byron tournament on Jan%2E 17%2E The Tigers beat Kasson%2C Owatonna and Byron%2E Team members include%2C kneeling%2C from left%2C Jordan Johnson%2C Luke Scruggs%2C Moses Hettinger%2C Sam Woods%2C Cody Bakken%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Dylan Stofferahn%2C Nick Stahnke%2C Chye Stecher%2C Garret Nosbisch%2C Lucas Ellerbusch%2E The Tigers are coached by%2C from left%2C Todd Ellerbusch%2C Kent Johnson%2C Mark Hettinger%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4452 = ""; var BylineEmail_4452 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4452 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4452 = "400"; var Filename_4453 = "1800%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4453 = "mat%2DTwohey vs Vikes"; var Caption_4453 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EEric Twohey pins his Hayfield opponent with a double arm bar%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4453 = ""; var BylineEmail_4453 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4453 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4453 = "400"; var Filename_4454 = "1799%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4454 = "mat%2DNelson vs Vikes"; var Caption_4454 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EEric Nelson escapes from the bottom and circles%2C scoring a takedown%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4454 = ""; var BylineEmail_4454 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4454 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4454 = "400"; var Filename_4455 = "1798%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4455 = "mat%2DLecy vs Vikes"; var Caption_4455 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ENate Lecy drives the shoulders of his Hayfield opponent to the mat%2C collecting a pin%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4455 = ""; var BylineEmail_4455 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4455 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4455 = "400"; var Filename_4456 = "1797%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4456 = "mat%2DJensen vs Vikes"; var Caption_4456 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ELuke Jensen bars up the right arm of his 189%2Dpound Hayfield opponent%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4456 = ""; var BylineEmail_4456 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4456 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4456 = "400"; var Filename_4457 = "1792%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4457 = "Bonner%2DHoop Shoot winners"; var Caption_4457 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EHOOP DREAMS %2D%2D Bonner Elementary School Hoop Shoot winners in the 8%2D and 9%2Dyear%2Dold division include third%2Dgraders%2C front row%2C from left%2C Josh Beecher%2C who made 15 free throws in 25 attempts%3B and Adam Koenigs%2C who made 14 shots%2E Back row%2C from left%2C are Amy Lofgren%2C who made 13 free throws%3B and Olivia Kruse%2C who made nine%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4457 = ""; var BylineEmail_4457 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4457 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4457 = "400"; var Filename_4458 = "1791%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4458 = "gbb%2DSperber vs Byron"; var Caption_4458 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EShawnna Sperber drives the lane from the top of the key to collect two of her game%2Dhigh 20 points in Stewie%92s 61%2D32 HVL win%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4458 = ""; var BylineEmail_4458 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4458 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4458 = "400"; var Filename_4459 = "1790%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4459 = "gbb%2DRainey vs Byron"; var Caption_4459 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EJulie Rainey breaks past a Byron for two of her 12 points during Stewie%27s 61%2D32 triumph%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4459 = ""; var BylineEmail_4459 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4459 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4459 = "400"; var Filename_4460 = "1789%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4460 = "gbb%2DO Sullivan vs Byron"; var Caption_4460 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETori O%92Sullivan goes up strong to the hoop against Byron in the land of the hands%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4460 = ""; var BylineEmail_4460 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4460 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4460 = "400"; var Filename_4461 = "1788%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4461 = "gbb%2DBlahnik vs Byron"; var Caption_4461 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ELindsay Blahnik battles the boards for a putback bucket against Byron%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4461 = ""; var BylineEmail_4461 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4461 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4461 = "400"; var Filename_4462 = "1777%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4462 = "16 blue JO VB"; var Caption_4462 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EStewartville%92s 16 Blue JO volleyball team captured third place in the Gold bracket at the Rochester Frostbite tournament on Jan%2E 24%2D25%2E team members include%2C kneeling%2C from left%2C Alex Udenberg%2C Jessica Zent%2C Kaylie Anderson%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Coach Kelly Williams%2C Sam Jezeski%2C Rachel Beaver%2C Kayla Luttke%2C Katie Tweite%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4462 = ""; var BylineEmail_4462 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4462 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4462 = "400"; var Filename_4463 = "1776%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4463 = "mat%2DNelson vs KW"; var Caption_4463 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EEric Nelson pulls in the far leg to score a takedown against his 125%2Dpound Kenyon opponent%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4463 = ""; var BylineEmail_4463 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4463 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4463 = "400"; var Filename_4464 = "1769%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4464 = "mat%2DGottman vs KW"; var Caption_4464 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EKalen Gottman circles to score a takedown on his Kenyon opponent%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4464 = ""; var BylineEmail_4464 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4464 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4464 = "400"; var Filename_4465 = "1768%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4465 = "mat%2DEric Twohey vs KW"; var Caption_4465 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EEric Twohey executes a single leg takedown against his Kenyon opponent%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4465 = ""; var BylineEmail_4465 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4465 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4465 = "400"; var Filename_4466 = "1767%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4466 = "Hoop Shoot%2DSimmons"; var Caption_4466 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EAndrew Simmons captured championship honors%2C winning the %2D9%2Dyear%2Dold boys%92 division of the 37th Annual Elk%92s National Hoop Shoot contest%2E Simmons tied for first place%2C winning the shoot off tie%2Dbreaker by draining five%2Dof%2Dfive from the free throw line to claim the title%2E Simmons advances to the district competition in Austin on Saturday%2C Jan%2E 17%2E Andrew is the son of Dan and Teri Simmons of Stewartville%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4466 = ""; var BylineEmail_4466 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4466 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4466 = "400"; var Filename_4467 = "1766%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4467 = "gym%2DMaxwell vs Century"; var Caption_4467 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EJenn Maxwell executes a full forward flip on her dismount from the beam%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4467 = ""; var BylineEmail_4467 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4467 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4467 = "400"; var Filename_4468 = "1765%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4468 = "gym%2DHutchins vs Century"; var Caption_4468 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETaylor Hutchins executes a front walk over during her beam routine against Century%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4468 = ""; var BylineEmail_4468 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4468 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4468 = "400"; var Filename_4469 = "1764%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4469 = "gym%2DGardner2 vs Century"; var Caption_4469 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ENia Gardner swings from an uprise during her bars routine against Century%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4469 = ""; var BylineEmail_4469 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4469 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4469 = "400"; var Filename_4470 = "1763%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4470 = "gym%2DGardner vs Century"; var Caption_4470 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ENia Gardner executes a back walk over during her beam routine against Century%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4470 = ""; var BylineEmail_4470 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4470 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4470 = "400"; var Filename_4471 = "1762%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4471 = "gym%2DChristian2 vs Century"; var Caption_4471 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EKaryn Christian swings into her kip during her beam performance against Century%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4471 = ""; var BylineEmail_4471 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4471 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4471 = "400"; var Filename_4472 = "1761%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4472 = "gym%2Dchristian vs Century"; var Caption_4472 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EKaryn Christian executes a side scale during her beam routine against Rochester Century%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4472 = ""; var BylineEmail_4472 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4472 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4472 = "400"; var Filename_4473 = "1759%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4473 = "gbb%2DSperber vs LaC"; var Caption_4473 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EShawnna Sperber drives for two of her game%2Dhigh 16 points during Stewie%92s win over La Crescent%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4473 = ""; var BylineEmail_4473 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4473 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4473 = "400"; var Filename_4474 = "1758%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4474 = "gbb%2DRainey vs LaC"; var Caption_4474 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EJulie Rainey goes hard to the hoop for two of her 12 points during Stewie%92s 55%2D41 HVL win over La Crescent%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4474 = ""; var BylineEmail_4474 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4474 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4474 = "400"; var Filename_4475 = "1757%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4475 = "gbb%2D O Sullivan vs LaC"; var Caption_4475 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETori O%27Sullivan rips down a rebound and gets the putback bucket against the Lancers%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4475 = ""; var BylineEmail_4475 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4475 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4475 = "400"; var Filename_4476 = "1756%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4476 = "gbb%2DNorman vs LaC"; var Caption_4476 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EKelly Norman stops and pulls up for a quick jumper against La Crescent%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4476 = ""; var BylineEmail_4476 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4476 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4476 = "400"; var Filename_4477 = "1753%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4477 = "8th grade bbb team champs"; var Caption_4477 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EStewartville%92s eighth grade boys basketball team captured first place honors at the Goodhue Basketball Invitational on Jan%2E 10%2E Stewartville defeated Kenyon%2D Wanamingo 42%2D38 and went on to defeat Goodhue 40%2D31 in the championship game%2E Stewartville improved to 7%2D0 on the season%2E Tiger team members include%2C sitting%2C from left%2C Jacob Narveson%2C Justin Thompson%2C Jon Pyan%2C Reese Rinken%2C Isaac Kidd%2E Kneeling%2C from left%2C Sawyer Weiss%2C Ryan Larson%2C Zach Schwalbach%2C Matt Terhaar%2C Shayne Udenberg%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Coach Nate Meyer%2C Aaron Simmons%2C Will Gisler%2C Jack Howell%2C Nate Meyer%2C Matt Aldrich%2C Coach Will Fredricksen%2E Not pictured%2C Dustin McHenry%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4477 = ""; var BylineEmail_4477 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4477 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4477 = "400"; var Filename_4478 = "1740%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4478 = "bbb%2DTapp vs Burros"; var Caption_4478 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EIsaac Tapp fakes left and drives right%2C beating this Burro defender in the title game%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4478 = ""; var BylineEmail_4478 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4478 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4478 = "400"; var Filename_4479 = "1739%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4479 = "bbb%2DRobey vs Burros"; var Caption_4479 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EDerek Robey shakes and bakes Lanesboro defenders for points in the paint during Stewie%92s 82%2D62 win in the championship game of the St%2E Charles Holiday tourney%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4479 = ""; var BylineEmail_4479 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4479 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4479 = "400"; var Filename_4480 = "1738%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4480 = "bbb%2DJ Gisler vs Burros"; var Caption_4480 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EJohn Gisler tallies two of his 17 points in the tourney title game%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4480 = ""; var BylineEmail_4480 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4480 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4480 = "400"; var Filename_4481 = "1737%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4481 = "bbb%2DFritsch vs Burros"; var Caption_4481 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EDavid Fritsch scoops a bucket on the falling layup%2C collecting the hoop and the harm%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4481 = ""; var BylineEmail_4481 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4481 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4481 = "400"; var Filename_4482 = "1736%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4482 = "bbb%2DChad Harris vs Burros"; var Caption_4482 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EChad Harris goes up and over the defense for a bucket against Lanesboro%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4482 = ""; var BylineEmail_4482 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4482 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4482 = "400"; var Filename_4483 = "1725%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4483 = "Hoop Shoot2"; var Caption_4483 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EHOOP DREAMS %2D%2D Hoop Shoot winners in the 8%2D and 9%2Dyear%2Dold division at Central Intermediate School include%2C front row%2C from left%2C Hailey Hanf and Allison Burch%2E Back row%2C Carter Mintey and Mason Stenzel%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4483 = ""; var BylineEmail_4483 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4483 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4483 = "400"; var Filename_4484 = "1724%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4484 = "Hoop Shoot1"; var Caption_4484 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EGOOD SHOOTERS %2D%2D Hoop Shoot winners in the 10%2D and 11%2Dyear%2Dold division at Central Intermediate School include%2C front row%2C from left%2C MacKayla Olsen and Jordan Johnson%2E Back row%2C from left%2C Karissa Kime and Moses Hettinger%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4484 = ""; var BylineEmail_4484 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4484 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4484 = "400"; var Filename_4485 = "1720%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4485 = "bbb%2DOrte vs Cotter"; var Caption_4485 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EMike Orte skies high%2C driving for this baseline bucket in Stewie%92s 74%2D51 win over Cotter%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4485 = ""; var BylineEmail_4485 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4485 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4485 = "400"; var Filename_4486 = "1719%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4486 = "bbb%2Dfritsch2 vs Cotter"; var Caption_4486 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EDavid Fritsch drives and connects on this leaning layin%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4486 = ""; var BylineEmail_4486 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4486 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4486 = "400"; var Filename_4487 = "1718%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4487 = "bbb%2Dfritsch1 vs Cotter"; var Caption_4487 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EDavid Fritsch collects two of his 16 points on a fast break layin%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4487 = ""; var BylineEmail_4487 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4487 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4487 = "400"; var Filename_4488 = "1717%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4488 = "bbb%2Daskelson vs Cotter"; var Caption_4488 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ENate Askelson gathers a rebound on the baseline and eyes an open teammate for a bucket against Winona Cotter%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4488 = ""; var BylineEmail_4488 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4488 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4488 = "400"; var Filename_4489 = "1714%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4489 = "mat%2DTimmy Twohey vs Triton"; var Caption_4489 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETimmy Twohey drives the shoulders of his 285%2Dpound Triton opponent to the mat to record a fall%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4489 = ""; var BylineEmail_4489 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4489 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4489 = "400"; var Filename_4490 = "1713%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4490 = "mat%2DNelson vs Triton"; var Caption_4490 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EEric Nelson collects back points%2C driving the shoulders of his Triton opponent to the mat%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4490 = ""; var BylineEmail_4490 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4490 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4490 = "400"; var Filename_4491 = "1712%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4491 = "mat%2DJensen vs Triton"; var Caption_4491 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ELuke Jensen uses wrist control to bar up an arm against his Triton opponent%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4491 = ""; var BylineEmail_4491 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4491 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4491 = "400"; var Filename_4492 = "1711%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4492 = "mat%2DGoeldi vs Triton"; var Caption_4492 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ENate Goeldi works for a double arm bar to turn his 145%2Dpound Triton foe%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4492 = ""; var BylineEmail_4492 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4492 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4492 = "400"; var Filename_4493 = "1710%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4493 = "mat%2DEric Twohey vs Triton"; var Caption_4493 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EWith an arm bar and wrist control%2C Eric Twohey turn his 119%2Dpound Triton foe to his back%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4493 = ""; var BylineEmail_4493 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4493 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4493 = "400"; var Filename_4494 = "1703%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4494 = "gym%2DMaxwell vs Byron"; var Caption_4494 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EJen Maxwell executes a wolf jump during her beam routine against Byron%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4494 = ""; var BylineEmail_4494 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4494 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4494 = "400"; var Filename_4495 = "1702%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4495 = "gym%2DHamre vs Byron"; var Caption_4495 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EAmanda Hamre executes a back tuck dismount at the end of her beam routine%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4495 = ""; var BylineEmail_4495 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4495 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4495 = "400"; var Filename_4496 = "1701%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4496 = "gbb%2DSperber vs KW"; var Caption_4496 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EShawnna Sperber scores two of her 22 points against Kenyon%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4496 = ""; var BylineEmail_4496 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4496 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4496 = "400"; var Filename_4497 = "1700%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4497 = "gbb%2DRainey vs KW"; var Caption_4497 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EJulie Rainey beats a Kenyon defender for the quick jumper%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4497 = ""; var BylineEmail_4497 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4497 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4497 = "400"; var Filename_4498 = "1699%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4498 = "gbb%2DKukuzke vs KW"; var Caption_4498 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EDanielle Kukuzke eyes a bucket%2C beating a Kenyon defender%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4498 = ""; var BylineEmail_4498 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4498 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4498 = "400"; var Filename_4499 = "1694%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4499 = "7th gbb mysa team picture"; var Caption_4499 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville seventh%2Dgrade girls traveling basketball team captured first place%2C going 3%2D0 in the MYAS basketball tournament in Plymouth on December 13%2E Team members are%2C front row%2C from left%2C Jessica Twohey%2C Kyleigh Reinartz%2C Jesselynn Speer%2C Jacqui Dodd%2C Lindsay Bergeson%2E Back row%2C from left%2C coach Darin Sanford%2C Allyson Dale%2C Libby Lee%2C Ashley Eberle%2C Jessica Rosenblad%2C coach Kimberly Sanford%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4499 = ""; var BylineEmail_4499 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4499 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4499 = "400"; var Filename_4500 = "1686%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4500 = "JV bowling team at state"; var Caption_4500 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville JV bowling team captured first place at its conference meet on November 15%2C earning a bid to the Minnesota State Junior Varsity Tournament at the Sundance Golf %26 Bowl in Dayton on Dec%2E 7%2E The state%92s top 24 JV teams participated in a 10 game qualifier%2C where the Tiger JVers rolled to the 12th seed in the 16%2Dteam final cut%2E Stewie went 1%2D2 competing in the elite field to capture eighth place in the state tournament%2E The 2008 Stewartville Tiger JV bowlers are%2C front row%2C from left%2C Shane Uptagrafft%2C Katie Finley%2C Amy Hintz%2E Back row%2C from left%2C varsity coach Roger Roeder%2C Noah Johnson%2C Austin Rosenblad%2C Shawn Hansen%2C JV coach Brad Kime%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4500 = ""; var BylineEmail_4500 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4500 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4500 = "400"; var Filename_4501 = "1684%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4501 = "gym%2DMeitzner vs LAC"; var Caption_4501 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EAshley Meitzner is poetry in motion with this side stag leap during her floor routine%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4501 = ""; var BylineEmail_4501 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4501 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4501 = "400"; var Filename_4502 = "1683%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4502 = "gym%2DGardner vs LAC"; var Caption_4502 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ENia Gardner executes a tuck jump on the balance beam%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4502 = ""; var BylineEmail_4502 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4502 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4502 = "400"; var Filename_4503 = "1682%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4503 = "gym%2DChristian vs LAC"; var Caption_4503 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EKaryn Christian swings into a kip during her uneven bars exercise%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4503 = ""; var BylineEmail_4503 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4503 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4503 = "400"; var Filename_4504 = "1676%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4504 = "bbb%2DRobey vs LC"; var Caption_4504 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EDerek Robey with the hoop and the hack on this shake and bake move down the paint against Lake City%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4504 = ""; var BylineEmail_4504 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4504 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4504 = "400"; var Filename_4505 = "1675%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4505 = "bbb%2DKing2 vs LC"; var Caption_4505 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EBrandon King skies high for a layup against Lake City%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4505 = ""; var BylineEmail_4505 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4505 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4505 = "400"; var Filename_4506 = "1674%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4506 = "bbb%2DKing vs LC"; var Caption_4506 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EBrandon King skies high for a fastbreak bucket against Lake City%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4506 = ""; var BylineEmail_4506 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4506 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4506 = "400"; var Filename_4507 = "1673%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4507 = "bbb%2DGisler vs LC"; var Caption_4507 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETom Gisler breaks from the wing for two of his game%2Dhigh 23 points in Stewie%92s 52%2D45 win over Lake City%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4507 = ""; var BylineEmail_4507 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4507 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4507 = "400"; var Filename_4508 = "1672%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4508 = "bbb%2DFritsch vs LC"; var Caption_4508 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EDavid Fritsch scores on a leaning layin%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4508 = ""; var BylineEmail_4508 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4508 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4508 = "400"; var Filename_4509 = "1670%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4509 = "vball%2DHVL All%2DConference"; var Caption_4509 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EFour Tiger volleyball players earned HVL All%2DConference honors%2C including%2C from left%2C Lisa Flynn%2C Emily Rainey%2C Julie Rainey%2C Lindsay Blahnik%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4509 = ""; var BylineEmail_4509 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4509 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4509 = "400"; var Filename_4510 = "1660%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4510 = "bbb%2Dvaupel vs Lewiston"; var Caption_4510 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ERob Vaupel breaks from the wing%2C drawing the Lewiston defense toward him before dishing inside to an open teammate%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4510 = ""; var BylineEmail_4510 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4510 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4510 = "400"; var Filename_4511 = "1659%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4511 = "bbb%2DRobey vs Lewiston"; var Caption_4511 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EDerek Robey spies a seam between two Lewiston defenders and drives the lane%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4511 = ""; var BylineEmail_4511 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4511 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4511 = "400"; var Filename_4512 = "1658%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4512 = "bbb%2DMike Orte vs Lewiston"; var Caption_4512 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EMike Orte%2C who was named to the all%2Dtournament team%2C drives for a bucket aaginst Lewiston%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4512 = ""; var BylineEmail_4512 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4512 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4512 = "400"; var Filename_4513 = "1657%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4513 = "bbb%2DGisler vs Lewiston"; var Caption_4513 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETom Gisler rips down a rack on a putback bucket during Stewie%92s lopsided 70%2D42 win over Lewiston in the Early Bird tournament%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4513 = ""; var BylineEmail_4513 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4513 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4513 = "400"; var Filename_4514 = "1656%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4514 = "bbb%2DChad Harris vs Lewiston"; var Caption_4514 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EChad Harris drives baseline to collect a bucket against Lewiston%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4514 = ""; var BylineEmail_4514 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4514 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4514 = "400"; var Filename_4515 = "1655%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4515 = "bbb%2DBen Harris vs Lewiston"; var Caption_4515 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EBen Harris aggresively drives baseline for a bucket against Lewiston%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4515 = ""; var BylineEmail_4515 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4515 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4515 = "400"; var Filename_4516 = "1653%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4516 = "Matmen returning letterwinners"; var Caption_4516 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EReturning letterwinners back to lead the Tiger wrestling team during the 2008%2D09 season include%2C kneeling%2C from left%2C Justin Haase%2C Mike Kellner%2C Lucas Jensen%2C Nate Goeldi%2C Tim Twohey%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Zach Jaeger%2C Nate Lecy%2C Cody Buchanan%2C Brett Stolarzyk%2C Eric Twohey%2C Eric Nelson%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4516 = ""; var BylineEmail_4516 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4516 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4516 = "400"; var Filename_4517 = "1645%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4517 = "Cager boys letterwinners"; var Caption_4517 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EReturning to lead the Tiger boys basketball team in the 2008%2D09 campaign are 10 senior letterwinners%2C including%2C kneeling%2C from left%2C David Fritsch%2C Matt Smith%2C Nate Askelson%2C Ben Harris%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Tom Gisler%2C Derek Robey%2C Rob Vaupel%2C Michael Orte%2C Brandon King%2C Chad Harris%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4517 = ""; var BylineEmail_4517 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4517 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4517 = "400"; var Filename_4518 = "1638%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4518 = "Gymnastics team photo"; var Caption_4518 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe 2008%2D09 Stewartville gymnastics team are seated in front%2C Morgan Kotten %28left%29 and Ashley Mietzner%2E Kneeling from left%2C Jeanne Walker%2C Taylor Hutchins%2C Jennifer Hurley%2C Nia Gardner%2E Back row from left%2C Amanda Hamre%2C Ally Prochaska%2C Jennifer Maxwell%2C Karyn Christian%2C Nicole Vrieze%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4518 = ""; var BylineEmail_4518 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4518 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4518 = "400"; var Filename_4519 = "1637%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4519 = "Grisim bags 10%2Dpoint buck"; var Caption_4519 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EStewartville%92s Curt Grisim bagged this mamouth 250%2Dpound%2C 10%2Dpoint buck%2C hunting in Two Harbors%2C Minn%2E on Nov%2E 15%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4519 = ""; var BylineEmail_4519 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4519 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4519 = "400"; var Filename_4520 = "1636%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4520 = "Girls bball returning letterwinners"; var Caption_4520 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EReturning letterwinners back to guide the Stewartville girls basketball team during the 2008%2D09 season include%2C in front%2C Shawnna Sperber %28left%29 and Kelly Norman%2E Kneeling from left%2C Jill Oftedahl%2C Theresa Twohey and Julie Rainey%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Dani Kukuzke%2C Tori O%92Sullivan and Rio Haack%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4520 = ""; var BylineEmail_4520 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4520 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4520 = "400"; var Filename_4521 = "1622%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4521 = "2008 Tiger football Fan of the Year"; var Caption_4521 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EKaren and Harlan Thompson were selected the 2008 Tiger Football %93Fans of the Year%94 by the Stewartville Football Booster Club at awards night on Nov%2E 16%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4521 = ""; var BylineEmail_4521 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4521 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4521 = "400"; var Filename_4522 = "1621%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4522 = "2008 Tiger football award winners"; var Caption_4522 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger football players honored at the Stewartville Football Booster Club annual awards night included%2C seated from left%2C Tom Gisler%2C defensive lineman of the year and HVL All%2DConference wide receiver%3B Ben Harris%2C offensive lineman of the year%3B Bryan Schroeder%2C team MVP and HVL All%2DConference fullback%3B Zac Tuffly%2C offensive player of the year and HVL All%2DConference halfback%2E Standing from left%2C Collin Craven%2C defensive player of the year and HVL All%2DConference defensive back%3B Jacob Amos%2C scout team player of the year%3B Thomas Robak%2C special teams player of the year%3B Alex Svoboda%2C Tiger Award%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4522 = ""; var BylineEmail_4522 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4522 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4522 = "400"; var Filename_4523 = "1616%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4523 = "vb%2DPries%2DButlin celebrate"; var Caption_4523 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETravis Pries %28left%29%2C sporting long golden locks and a glittery gold top hat and Jesse Butlin with his maroon mohawk celebrate the Tiger volleyball team%92s consolation championship%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4523 = ""; var BylineEmail_4523 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4523 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4523 = "400"; var Filename_4524 = "1615%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4524 = "vb%2DLangseth%2DBlahnik block vs CHS"; var Caption_4524 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ERachel Langseth %28left%29 and Lindsay Blahnik block a Crusader attack%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4524 = ""; var BylineEmail_4524 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4524 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4524 = "400"; var Filename_4525 = "1614%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4525 = "vb%2DNelson%2DYork dig vs DHS"; var Caption_4525 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EErica Nelson %28left%29 and Stephanie York dig a Delano attack%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4525 = ""; var BylineEmail_4525 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4525 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4525 = "400"; var Filename_4526 = "1613%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4526 = "vb%2DLangseth tip vs DHS"; var Caption_4526 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ERachel Langseth directs this tip away from a Delano blocker%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4526 = ""; var BylineEmail_4526 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4526 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4526 = "400"; var Filename_4527 = "1612%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4527 = "vb%2DJulie Rainey dig vs DHS"; var Caption_4527 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EJulie Rainey digs and passes a Delano attack%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4527 = ""; var BylineEmail_4527 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4527 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4527 = "400"; var Filename_4528 = "1611%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4528 = "vb%2DJulie Rainey block vs CHS"; var Caption_4528 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EJulie Rainey goes up to block a Crusader attack at the net%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4528 = ""; var BylineEmail_4528 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4528 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4528 = "400"; var Filename_4529 = "1610%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4529 = "vb%2DFlynn dig vs DHS"; var Caption_4529 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ELisa Flynn lunges to pass%2C keeping her shoulders square%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4529 = ""; var BylineEmail_4529 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4529 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4529 = "400"; var Filename_4530 = "1609%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4530 = "vb%2Demily%2Dkelly block vs CHS"; var Caption_4530 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EEmily Rainey %28left%29 and Kelly Norman block a Crusader attack%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4530 = ""; var BylineEmail_4530 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4530 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4530 = "400"; var Filename_4531 = "1608%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4531 = "vb%2Dconsolation team trophy"; var Caption_4531 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville volleyball team proudly displays the MSHSL Class AA Volleyball Consolation Championship trophy after beating Delano 3%2D1 on Nov%2E 8 at the Excel Energy Center%2E The Tigers finished with the same record%2C 2%2D1%2C as the second and third place teams%2E Stewartville team members are%2C kneeling%2C from left%2C Jill Oftedahl%2C Rachel Langseth%2C Emily Rainey%2C Julie Rainey%2C Alyssa Hoth%2E Second row%2C from left%2C Kelly Norman%2C Lisa Flynn%2C Brittany Laures%2C Erica Nelson%2C Lindsay Blahnik%2C Stephanie York%2C Danielle DeGeus%2E Back row%2C from left%2C Coach John Dzubay%2C Rachel Waugh%2C Sam Blahnik%2C Lindsay Block%2C assistant coach Pat Sobotta%2C assistant coach Laura Wiles%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4531 = ""; var BylineEmail_4531 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4531 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4531 = "400"; var Filename_4532 = "1607%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4532 = "vb%2DBlahnik kill vs CHS"; var Caption_4532 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ELindsay Blahnik pounds an attack through a St%2E Cloud Cathedral block attempt for a kill%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4532 = ""; var BylineEmail_4532 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4532 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4532 = "400"; var Filename_4533 = "1599%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4533 = "Tiger girls soccer All%2DConference"; var Caption_4533 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville girls soccer team passed out team honors at its annual end of the season banquet on Nov%2E 3%2E Top awards went to HVL All%2DConference selections%2C from left%2C Tori O%92Sullivan%2C Brianna Probach and Karyn Christian%2E All%2DConference honorable mention went to Maria Gehling%2C Gabi Hale and Shawna Sperber%2E Team voting selected Tori O%92Sullivan as MVP%3B Maria Gehling as Miss Hustle%3B Ellie Bergeson as Most Improved and Most Supportive Player%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4533 = ""; var BylineEmail_4533 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4533 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4533 = "400"; var Filename_4534 = "1598%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4534 = "5th grade football team"; var Caption_4534 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville fifth grade football team sponsored by Home Systems Installation captured second place in its RYFA league%2C posting a record of 6%2D2%2E Team members include%2C kneeling%2C from left%2C Joey Thompson%2C Max Runkle%2C Lucas Scruggs%2C Logan Heintz%2C Jacob Hawkins%2CDavid Capelle%2C Colton Miller%2C William Thomas%2C Ryan Clark%2C Luke Schmidt%2E Second row%2C from left%2C Cody Milburn%2C Dylan Rios%2C Colton Schmidt%2C Dillon Graves%2C Avery Voigt%2C Conner Stenberg%2C Alex Kimelman%2C Adam Zieman%2E Third row%2C from left%2C Daniel Hardin%2C Troy Bailey%2C Brandon Hoth%2C Coach Bill Stahnke%2C Coach Mike Thompson%2C Coach Eric Milburn%2C Winston Gruenhagen%2C Jordan Johnson%2C Lucas Ellerbusch%2E Fourth row%2C from left%2C Moses Hettinger%2C Dylan Stofferahn%2C Adam Gehling%2C Chye Stecher%2C Pierce Haas%2C Chance Jakobson%2C Nick Stahnke%2C Garret Nosbisch%2E Not pictured%3A Caleb Miller and Coach Arneson%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4534 = ""; var BylineEmail_4534 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4534 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4534 = "400"; var Filename_4535 = "1596%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4535 = "vb%2DYork block"; var Caption_4535 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EStephanie York jumps for a block%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4535 = ""; var BylineEmail_4535 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4535 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4535 = "400"; var Filename_4536 = "1595%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4536 = "vb%2DYork attack"; var Caption_4536 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EStephanie York goes cross%2Dcourt to beat a PI blocker%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4536 = ""; var BylineEmail_4536 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4536 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4536 = "400"; var Filename_4537 = "1594%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4537 = "vb%2DWest 1AA Subsection champs"; var Caption_4537 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EStewartville volleyball team members pose with their 2008 West 1AA Section Championship trophy%2E The Tigers are%2C front row from left%2C Jill Oftedahl%2C Rachel Langseth%2C Julie Rainey%2C Emily Rainey%2E Middle row%2C from left%2C Rachel Waugh%2C Erica Nelson%2C Kelly Norman%2C Stephanie York%2C Alyssa Hoth%2E Back row%2C from left%2C Danielle DeGeus%2C Lisa Flynn%2C Sam Blahnik%2C Brittany Laures%2C Lindsay Block%2C Lindsay Blahnik%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4537 = ""; var BylineEmail_4537 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4537 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4537 = "400"; var Filename_4538 = "1593%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4538 = "vb%2DSection champs"; var Caption_4538 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EStewartville volleyball team members pose with their 2008 1AA Section Championship trophy%2E The Tigers are%2C front row from left%2C Jill Oftedahl%2C Rachel Langseth%2C Emily Rainey%2C Julie Rainey%2C Lindsay Blahnik%2E Middle row%2C from left%2C Sam Blahnik%2C Erica Nelson%2C Rachel Waugh%2C Lisa Flynn%2C Danielle DeGeus%2C Lindsay Block%2C Stephanie York%2C Alyssa Hoth%2E Back row%2C from left%2C Brittany Laures%2C Coach John Dzubay%2C Coach Pat Sobotta%2C Kelly Norman%2C Coach Laura Wiles%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4538 = ""; var BylineEmail_4538 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4538 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4538 = "400"; var Filename_4539 = "1592%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4539 = "vb%2DRainey tip"; var Caption_4539 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EJulie Rainey directs this tip away from a Pine Island blocker in the subsection title match%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4539 = ""; var BylineEmail_4539 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4539 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4539 = "400"; var Filename_4540 = "1591%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4540 = "vb%2DNorman%2DLangseth block"; var Caption_4540 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EKelly Norman and Rachel Langseth leap high%2C blocking this Caledonia attack during Stewie%92s section title win%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4540 = ""; var BylineEmail_4540 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4540 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4540 = "400"; var Filename_4541 = "1590%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4541 = "vb%2DNelson dig"; var Caption_4541 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EErica Nelson dives for a dig in the section title match%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4541 = ""; var BylineEmail_4541 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4541 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4541 = "400"; var Filename_4542 = "1589%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4542 = "vb%2DLangseth%2DRainey block"; var Caption_4542 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ERachel Langseth %28left%29 and Julie Rainey block a Pine Island attack%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4542 = ""; var BylineEmail_4542 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4542 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4542 = "400"; var Filename_4543 = "1588%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4543 = "vb%2DRainey attack"; var Caption_4543 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EJulie Rainey beats a Warrior block with a cross%2Dcourt kill%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4543 = ""; var BylineEmail_4543 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4543 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4543 = "400"; var Filename_4544 = "1587%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4544 = "vb%2DBlahnik attack"; var Caption_4544 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ELindsay Blahnik blasts a kill by a Caledonia block%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4544 = ""; var BylineEmail_4544 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4544 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4544 = "400"; var Filename_4545 = "1586%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4545 = "vb%2DBench celebrates"; var Caption_4545 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETigers celebrate as the winning point of the section title match hits the floor%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4545 = ""; var BylineEmail_4545 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4545 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4545 = "400"; var Filename_4546 = "1572%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4546 = "VB%2DLangseth%2DRainey block"; var Caption_4546 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ERachel Langseth %28left%29 and Julie Rainey block a Lourdes attack at the net during subsection action last week%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4546 = ""; var BylineEmail_4546 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4546 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4546 = "400"; var Filename_4547 = "1571%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4547 = "VB%2DDzubay 700th win"; var Caption_4547 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger coach John Dzubay %28center%2C back row%29%2C was recognized for recording his 700th career match win before Stewartville%92s 1AA Subsection quarterfinal match win over Rochester Lourdes on Oct%2E 23%2E Here%2C Dzubay is surrounded by this year%92s Tigers%2C front row%2C from left%2C Danielle DeGeus%2C Julie Rainey%2C Emily Rainey%2C Alyssa Hoth%2E middle%2C from left%2C Stephanie York%2C Lindsay Blahnik%2C Rachel Waugh%2E Back row%2C from left%2C Lindsay Block%2C Sam Blahnik%2C Lisa Flynn%2C Erica Nelson%2C coach John Dzubay%2C Rachel Langseth%2C Kelly Norman%2C Jill Oftedahl%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4547 = ""; var BylineEmail_4547 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4547 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4547 = "400"; var Filename_4548 = "1570%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4548 = "VB%2DBlahnik attack"; var Caption_4548 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ELindsay Blahnik blasts a kill at the tape%2C beating a Lourdes block attempt during subsection action%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4548 = ""; var BylineEmail_4548 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4548 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4548 = "400"; var Filename_4549 = "1566%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4549 = "FB%2DTuffly lowers shoulder"; var Caption_4549 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EZac Tuffly lowers his shoulder and churns his legs%2C driving for extra yardage in Stewie%27s 27%2D14 playoff win at La Crescent%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4549 = ""; var BylineEmail_4549 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4549 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4549 = "400"; var Filename_4550 = "1565%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4550 = "FB%2DSchroeder punishes Lancer D"; var Caption_4550 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EBryan Schroeder plows over one La Crescent defender %28%2316%29 and sheds a second Lancer %28%234%29 on a big ground gainer during Stewie%92s first playoff win in 11 years%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4550 = ""; var BylineEmail_4550 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4550 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4550 = "400"; var Filename_4551 = "1564%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4551 = "FB%2DJensen%27s QB sack"; var Caption_4551 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ELucas Jensen wraps up the La Crescent quarterback%2C recording one of his two sacks in Stewie%92s 27%2D14 playoff victory%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4551 = ""; var BylineEmail_4551 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4551 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4551 = "400"; var Filename_4552 = "1563%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4552 = "FB%2DGisler chops fumble"; var Caption_4552 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETom Gisler chops the pitch arm of the La Crescent quarterback%2C causing an errant toss during Stewie%27s 27%2D14 playoff win%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4552 = ""; var BylineEmail_4552 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4552 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4552 = "400"; var Filename_4553 = "1562%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4553 = "CC%2DHuiras leads at woods"; var Caption_4553 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ESeth Huiras keeps pace with the lead pack at sections%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4553 = ""; var BylineEmail_4553 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4553 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4553 = "400"; var Filename_4554 = "1561%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4554 = "CC%2DChristian and Huiras lead Tiger boys"; var Caption_4554 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EFront runner David Christian and Seth Huiras lead the Tiger boys team at sections%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4554 = ""; var BylineEmail_4554 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4554 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4554 = "400"; var Filename_4555 = "1560%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4555 = "CC%2DAutumn Kruse leads at prairie"; var Caption_4555 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EAutumn Kruse in the front pack%2C leading the Tiger girls at sections%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4555 = ""; var BylineEmail_4555 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4555 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4555 = "400"; var Filename_4556 = "1558%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4556 = "CC%2DChloe Kidd leads at woods"; var Caption_4556 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EChloe Kidd pulls away from the pack at sections%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4556 = ""; var BylineEmail_4556 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4556 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4556 = "400"; var Filename_4557 = "1549%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4557 = "FB%2DRogers tackle"; var Caption_4557 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETyler Rogers drags down the Lancer quarterback at the line of scrimmage on this option keeper%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4557 = ""; var BylineEmail_4557 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4557 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4557 = "400"; var Filename_4558 = "1548%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4558 = "FB%2Dgang tackle"; var Caption_4558 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETigers swarm for a gang tackle%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4558 = ""; var BylineEmail_4558 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4558 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4558 = "400"; var Filename_4559 = "1547%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4559 = "FB%2DTuffly carry vs LaC"; var Caption_4559 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EZac Tuffly eludes a lunging Lancer defender%2C cutting behind Bryan Schroeder%92s lead block that turfs another Lancer defender%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4559 = ""; var BylineEmail_4559 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4559 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4559 = "400"; var Filename_4560 = "1546%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4560 = "FB%2Dforced fumble"; var Caption_4560 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ESteve Jezeski jars the ball from the Lancer QB%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4560 = ""; var BylineEmail_4560 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4560 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4560 = "400"; var Filename_4561 = "1543%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4561 = "CC%2DOrte leads the pack"; var Caption_4561 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EMichael Orte is out in front of the lead pack%2E Orte was the number four runner for the Tigers%2C placing 22nd at the HVL meet in Winona%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4561 = ""; var BylineEmail_4561 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4561 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4561 = "400"; var Filename_4562 = "1540%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4562 = "VB%2DRainey earns 1000 set assist"; var Caption_4562 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EEmily Rainey eyes a pass and makes another perfect set assist%2E Rainey reached the 1%2C000 set assist milestone during Stewie%92s sweep of Hayfield last week%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4562 = ""; var BylineEmail_4562 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4562 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4562 = "400"; var Filename_4563 = "1539%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4563 = "VB%2DFlynn tips vs Hayfield"; var Caption_4563 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ELisa Flynn is stronger at the net%2C popping a tip over a Hayfield hitter for a Tiger point during Stewie%92s HVL three%2Dgame sweep of the Vikes%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4563 = ""; var BylineEmail_4563 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4563 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4563 = "400"; var Filename_4564 = "1538%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4564 = "VB%2DBlahnik%2DFlynn block vs Vikes"; var Caption_4564 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ELindsay Blahnik %28left%29 and Lisa Flynn sky high for a block against Hayfield%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4564 = ""; var BylineEmail_4564 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4564 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4564 = "400"; var Filename_4565 = "1533%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4565 = "FB%2DSchroeder run vs KM"; var Caption_4565 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EFullback Bryan Schroeder breaks through the line and into the secondary on a big ground gainer against Kasson%2DMantorville%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4565 = ""; var BylineEmail_4565 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4565 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4565 = "400"; var Filename_4566 = "1532%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4566 = "FB%2DRogers tackle vs KM"; var Caption_4566 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ECornerback Tyler Rogers clings to a shirtail tackle as pursuit from Caleb Schmidt and Steve Jezeski %28%234%29 arrives%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4566 = ""; var BylineEmail_4566 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4566 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4566 = "400"; var Filename_4567 = "1530%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4567 = "FB%2DHarris fumble recovery"; var Caption_4567 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EDefensive end Ben Harris makes a fumble recovery against Kasson%2DMantorville%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4567 = ""; var BylineEmail_4567 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4567 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4567 = "400"; var Filename_4568 = "1529%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4568 = "FB%2DGisler tackle vs KM"; var Caption_4568 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EDefensive end Tom Gisler makes a tackle against a KoMet ball carrier%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4568 = ""; var BylineEmail_4568 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4568 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4568 = "400"; var Filename_4569 = "1528%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4569 = "FB%2DGisler catch vs KM"; var Caption_4569 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EWideout Tom Gisler makes a catch against Kasson%2DMantorville%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4569 = ""; var BylineEmail_4569 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4569 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4569 = "400"; var Filename_4570 = "1525%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4570 = "5th grade football action"; var Caption_4570 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EHome System Installation%27s Jordan Johnson runs for a touchdown during the Stewartville fifth grade football team%92s 36%2D0 victory over Rochester%92s Ryan Siding on Sept%2E 20%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4570 = ""; var BylineEmail_4570 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4570 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4570 = "400"; var Filename_4571 = "1522%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4571 = "vb%2DNorman%2DBlahnik block"; var Caption_4571 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EKelly Norman %28left%29 and Blahnik block this Cannon Falls hitter%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4571 = ""; var BylineEmail_4571 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4571 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4571 = "400"; var Filename_4572 = "1521%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4572 = "vb%2DBlahnik spike"; var Caption_4572 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ELindsay Blahnik beats two Bomber blockers on this cross%2Dcourt spike during Stewie%92s sweep of Cannon Falls%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4572 = ""; var BylineEmail_4572 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4572 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4572 = "400"; var Filename_4573 = "1505%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4573 = "gsoccer%2DSteph Bussan aggressive"; var Caption_4573 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EStephanie Bussan attacks the ball%2C beating a St%2E Charles forward on the play%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4573 = ""; var BylineEmail_4573 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4573 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4573 = "400"; var Filename_4574 = "1504%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4574 = "gsoccer%2DReinhardt breakaway"; var Caption_4574 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EAmy Reinhardt uses her speed to beat the defense and charge the Saints goal%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4574 = ""; var BylineEmail_4574 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4574 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4574 = "400"; var Filename_4575 = "1503%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4575 = "gsoccer%2DLC champs"; var Caption_4575 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville varsity soccer team captured first place at the Lake City tournament on Sept%2E 27%2E Tiger team members are%2C seated%2C from left%2C Amy Reinhardt%2C Nicole Amos%2C Stephanie Bussan%2C Jackie Betcher%2C Morgan Hettinger%2C Steph Jorde%2E Kneeling%2C from left%2C Shawnna Sperber%2C Gabi Hale%2C Kahla Aldrich%2C Maria Gehling%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Brianna Probach%2C Ellie Bergeson%2C Taylor Hutchins%2C Karyn Christian%2C Tori O%27 Sullivan%2C Teala Heddlesten%2C Mallory Berg%2C Coach Greg Hale%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4575 = ""; var BylineEmail_4575 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4575 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4575 = "400"; var Filename_4576 = "1502%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4576 = "fb%2DTuffly around end vs CF"; var Caption_4576 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EZac Tuffly follows his lead block around end for a big ground gainer against Cannon Falls%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4576 = ""; var BylineEmail_4576 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4576 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4576 = "400"; var Filename_4577 = "1501%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4577 = "fb%2DSchroeder sheds tackle vs CF"; var Caption_4577 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EBryan Schroeder breaks a Bomber tackle for a big ground gainer during Stewie%27s 24%2D7 Homecoming win%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4577 = ""; var BylineEmail_4577 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4577 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4577 = "400"; var Filename_4578 = "1500%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4578 = "fb%2DRogers%2DHain tackle vs CF"; var Caption_4578 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETyler Rogers and Alex Hain %28%2324%29 tackle a Bomber ball carrier during Stewartville%92s 24%2D7 homecoming win%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4578 = ""; var BylineEmail_4578 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4578 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4578 = "400"; var Filename_4579 = "1499%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4579 = "fb%2DHarris fumble recovery vs CF"; var Caption_4579 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EBen Harris pounces on a Bomber fumble caused by Adam Glahn%27s QB sack%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4579 = ""; var BylineEmail_4579 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4579 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4579 = "400"; var Filename_4580 = "1498%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4580 = "fb%2DGlahn sacks CF QB"; var Caption_4580 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EAdam Glahn sacks the Cannon Falls QB during Stewie%27s 24%2D7 Homecoming win%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4580 = ""; var BylineEmail_4580 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4580 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4580 = "400"; var Filename_4581 = "1497%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4581 = "fb%2DBentley YAC vs CF"; var Caption_4581 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EBraden Bentley collects big yards after catch %28YAC%29 against Cannon Falls%2E Bentley finished with 117 yards receiving%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4581 = ""; var BylineEmail_4581 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4581 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4581 = "400"; var Filename_4582 = "1495%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4582 = "bsoccer%2D Matt Terhaar header"; var Caption_4582 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EMatt Terhaar advances the ball against Plainview with this header%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4582 = ""; var BylineEmail_4582 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4582 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4582 = "400"; var Filename_4583 = "1494%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4583 = "bsoccer%2DMatt Welter boots"; var Caption_4583 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EMatt Welter boots a knee%2Dhigh bouncer%2C sending it to a team mate down field%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4583 = ""; var BylineEmail_4583 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4583 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4583 = "400"; var Filename_4584 = "1493%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4584 = "Boys SMS soccer champs"; var Caption_4584 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EStewartville Middle School soccer team captured first place at the Plainview Junior High tournament on Sept%2E 27%2E The Tigers beat Plainview 2%2D0 in the opening game and topped Lake City 3%2D1 for the championship%2E Team members are%2C goalies Ben Hogan %28left%29 and Mack Christenson%2E Kneeling%2C from left%2C Tim Eisen%2C Shane Parks%2C Nick Stibbens%2C LeRoy Malone%2C Michael Stageberg%2C Josh Wilson%2C Chay Chou%2C Jacob Vetsch%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Matt Terhaar%2C Steven Brady%2C Conner McCartan%2C Josh Peirick%2C Gabe Hilger%2C Coach Sean Bestor%2C Kenny Dux%2C Joel Venzke%2C Dillon Welter%2C Matt Titel%2C Matt %22Tiny%22 Welter%2C Spencer Wright%2C Troy Vetsch%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4584 = ""; var BylineEmail_4584 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4584 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4584 = "400"; var Filename_4585 = "1491%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4585 = "vb%2DRainey spike"; var Caption_4585 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EJulie Rainey drives the ball against Goodhue for a Tiger point%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4585 = ""; var BylineEmail_4585 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4585 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4585 = "400"; var Filename_4586 = "1490%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4586 = "vb%2DLangseth%2DBlahnik block"; var Caption_4586 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ERachel Langsth %28left%29 and Lindsay Blahnik block a Goodhue hitter%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4586 = ""; var BylineEmail_4586 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4586 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4586 = "400"; var Filename_4587 = "1489%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4587 = "tennis%2DVeronica Lawrenz"; var Caption_4587 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ENumber two singles player Veronica Lawrenz aggressively charges the net for this backhand volley%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4587 = ""; var BylineEmail_4587 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4587 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4587 = "400"; var Filename_4588 = "1488%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4588 = "tennis%2DMarilyn Yennie"; var Caption_4588 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EMarilyn Yennie makes an aggressive return at the net on the number two doubles court%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4588 = ""; var BylineEmail_4588 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4588 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4588 = "400"; var Filename_4589 = "1479%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4589 = "fb%2DTuffly sheds LC tackler"; var Caption_4589 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EZac Tuffly squirts through a seam on the line and sheds a Lake City tackler%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4589 = ""; var BylineEmail_4589 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4589 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4589 = "400"; var Filename_4590 = "1478%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4590 = "fb%2DRobak reception"; var Caption_4590 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThomas Robak protects the ball and gains yards after this reception%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4590 = ""; var BylineEmail_4590 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4590 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4590 = "400"; var Filename_4591 = "1477%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4591 = "fb%2DGlahn fumble recovery"; var Caption_4591 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EAdam Glahn causes a fumble on this quarterback sack and lands on the loose ball for the recovery%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4591 = ""; var BylineEmail_4591 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4591 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4591 = "400"; var Filename_4592 = "1476%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4592 = "fb%2DGisler TD catch"; var Caption_4592 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETom Gisler sheds a Lake City tackler after the reception and gallops to the end zone during the Tigers%92 47%2D28 HVL triumph%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4592 = ""; var BylineEmail_4592 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4592 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4592 = "400"; var Filename_4593 = "1475%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4593 = "fb%2Dgang tackle"; var Caption_4593 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Tiger defense makes a gang tackle at the line of scrimmage%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4593 = ""; var BylineEmail_4593 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4593 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4593 = "400"; var Filename_4594 = "1474%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4594 = "bsoccer%2Dsivesind clears zone"; var Caption_4594 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ERyan Sivesind clears the defensive zone against Byron%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4594 = ""; var BylineEmail_4594 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4594 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4594 = "400"; var Filename_4595 = "1473%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4595 = "bsoccer%2Dosullivan hustle"; var Caption_4595 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EJohn O%27Sullivan uses his speed to maintain ball control against Byron%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4595 = ""; var BylineEmail_4595 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4595 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4595 = "400"; var Filename_4596 = "1469%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4596 = "Tennis%2DOlivia Skic"; var Caption_4596 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EOlivia Skic eyes a low volley for a return during recent action%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4596 = ""; var BylineEmail_4596 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4596 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4596 = "400"; var Filename_4597 = "1468%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4597 = "Tennis%2DHaley Pearson"; var Caption_4597 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EHaley Pearson charges and returns a volley during Tiger court action%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4597 = ""; var BylineEmail_4597 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4597 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4597 = "400"; var Filename_4598 = "1465%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4598 = "Gsoccer%2DGehling pass"; var Caption_4598 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EMaria Gehling pushes the ball upfield before centering to an open Shawnna Sperber%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4598 = ""; var BylineEmail_4598 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4598 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4598 = "400"; var Filename_4599 = "1463%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4599 = "Gsoccer%2DGehling header"; var Caption_4599 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EMaria Gehling beats a D%2DE player to the ball for a header%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4599 = ""; var BylineEmail_4599 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4599 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4599 = "400"; var Filename_4600 = "1462%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4600 = "Gsoccer%2DBussan sends"; var Caption_4600 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ESteph Bussan sends with this big boot%2C beating a Dover%2DEyota player%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4600 = ""; var BylineEmail_4600 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4600 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4600 = "400"; var Filename_4601 = "1461%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4601 = "Gsoccer%2DBetcher clears zone"; var Caption_4601 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EJackie Betcher hustles to clear the defensive zone%2C beating a Dover%2DEyota attacker%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4601 = ""; var BylineEmail_4601 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4601 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4601 = "400"; var Filename_4602 = "1460%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4602 = "FB%2DTuffly breaks free"; var Caption_4602 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EHalfback Zac Tuffly breaks free and outruns the Cotter defense for a touchdown during Stewie%27s 36%2D19 win%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4602 = ""; var BylineEmail_4602 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4602 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4602 = "400"; var Filename_4603 = "1459%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4603 = "FB%2DSchroeder TD dive"; var Caption_4603 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EBryan Schroeder ducks and dives%2C eluding Cotter defenders as the hash marks end to score on the Tigers%92 first offensive play%2E Stewartville rocked the Ramblers 36%2D19%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4603 = ""; var BylineEmail_4603 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4603 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4603 = "400"; var Filename_4604 = "1458%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4604 = "FB%2DRogers kick return"; var Caption_4604 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EKick return man Tyler Rogers leaps over a Cotter attempt on a kick return during Stewi%27s 36%2D19 win%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4604 = ""; var BylineEmail_4604 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4604 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4604 = "400"; var Filename_4605 = "1457%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4605 = "FB%2DHarris sacks Cotter QB"; var Caption_4605 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EDefensive end Ben Harris sacks the Cotter QB during the Tigers%27 36%2D19 win%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4605 = ""; var BylineEmail_4605 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4605 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4605 = "400"; var Filename_4606 = "1456%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4606 = "FB%2DBentley TD vs Cotter"; var Caption_4606 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EBraden Bentley beats a Cotter defender to the endzone for one of his two touchdowns%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4606 = ""; var BylineEmail_4606 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4606 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4606 = "400"; var Filename_4607 = "1453%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4607 = "5th grade fb action%2DMax Runkle"; var Caption_4607 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EStewartville running back Max Runkle breaks into the secondary%2C outrunning the Rochester Adler%92s defense for a touchdown%2E The Stewartville fifth grade football team sponsored by HSI beat Adler%92s 31%2D12 on Sept%2E 13%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4607 = ""; var BylineEmail_4607 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4607 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4607 = "400"; var Filename_4608 = "1448%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4608 = "Rainey spike vs Lourdes"; var Caption_4608 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EJulie Rainey beats the Lourdes block%2C crushing this cross%2Dcourt kill for a point%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4608 = ""; var BylineEmail_4608 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4608 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4608 = "400"; var Filename_4609 = "1447%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4609 = "Rainey block vs Lourdes"; var Caption_4609 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EJulie Rainey skies high for a block duriing Stewie%27s 3%2D0 win over Lourdes%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4609 = ""; var BylineEmail_4609 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4609 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4609 = "400"; var Filename_4610 = "1446%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4610 = "Oftedahl bumps vs Lourdes"; var Caption_4610 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EJill Oftedahl makes a bump pass of a serve receive during the match win against Lourdes%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4610 = ""; var BylineEmail_4610 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4610 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4610 = "400"; var Filename_4611 = "1445%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4611 = "Flynn spike vs KM"; var Caption_4611 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ELisa Flynn eludes a KoMet block%2C driving this hit cross%2Dcourt for a Tiger point%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4611 = ""; var BylineEmail_4611 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4611 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4611 = "400"; var Filename_4612 = "1444%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4612 = "Blahnik Rainey block vs KM"; var Caption_4612 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ELindsay Blahnik %28left%29 and Julie Rainey deny a KoMet hitter with this block during Stewie%92s 3%2D0 HVL win%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4612 = ""; var BylineEmail_4612 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4612 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4612 = "400"; var Filename_4613 = "1443%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4613 = "Blahnik spike vs KM"; var Caption_4613 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ELindsay Blahnik skies high and drives straight down for a kill against the KoMets%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4613 = ""; var BylineEmail_4613 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4613 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4613 = "400"; var Filename_4614 = "1438%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4614 = "Tuffly gets outside vs Byron"; var Caption_4614 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EHalfback Zac Tuffly pops outside for a long run against Byron%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4614 = ""; var BylineEmail_4614 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4614 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4614 = "400"; var Filename_4615 = "1437%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4615 = "Tuffly sweeps vs Lourdes"; var Caption_4615 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EHalfback Zac Tuffly gets some help from a pair of blockers on this sweep against Lourdes%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4615 = ""; var BylineEmail_4615 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4615 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4615 = "400"; var Filename_4616 = "1436%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4616 = "Tuffly scores vs Byron"; var Caption_4616 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EHalfback Zac Tuffly squirts through the middle of the Byron line a scores Stewie%27s first touchdown%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4616 = ""; var BylineEmail_4616 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4616 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4616 = "400"; var Filename_4617 = "1435%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4617 = "Schroeder breaks a tackle vs Byron"; var Caption_4617 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EFullback Bryan Schroeder breaks the grip of a Byron tackler to add yardage to a big ground gainer%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4617 = ""; var BylineEmail_4617 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4617 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4617 = "400"; var Filename_4618 = "1434%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4618 = "Robak tackles Byron receiver"; var Caption_4618 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EStrong Safety Thomas Robak wraps up a Byron receiver for a tackle%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4618 = ""; var BylineEmail_4618 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4618 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4618 = "400"; var Filename_4619 = "1433%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4619 = "Gisler chases down Byron QB"; var Caption_4619 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EDefensive end Tom Gisler chases down the Byron quarterback%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4619 = ""; var BylineEmail_4619 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4619 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4619 = "400"; var Filename_4620 = "1432%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4620 = "Gang tackle vs Lourdes"; var Caption_4620 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EA trio of Tiger tacklers drag down a Lourdes ball carrier%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4620 = ""; var BylineEmail_4620 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4620 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4620 = "400"; var Filename_4621 = "1431%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4621 = "Schroeder big gainer vs Lourdes"; var Caption_4621 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EFullback Bryan Schroeder breaks into the Lourdes%27 secondary for a big ground gainer%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4621 = ""; var BylineEmail_4621 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4621 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4621 = "400"; var Filename_4622 = "1430%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4622 = "Bentley TD reception vs Byron"; var Caption_4622 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EWideout Braden Bentley outruns the entire Byron defense for a touchdown%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4622 = ""; var BylineEmail_4622 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4622 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4622 = "400"; var Filename_4623 = "1429%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4623 = "Schroeder first down dive vs Lourdes"; var Caption_4623 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EBryan Schroeder dives for the first down after a 10%2Dyard gain against Lourdes%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4623 = ""; var BylineEmail_4623 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4623 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4623 = "400"; var Filename_4624 = "1427%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4624 = "5th grade football action"; var Caption_4624 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EGarret Nosbisch shakes a tackle%2C scoring an extra point for Stewartville%27s 5th grade Home System Installation youth football team during a 25%2D22 loss to the Rochester Jets on Sept%2E 6%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4624 = ""; var BylineEmail_4624 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4624 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4624 = "400"; var Filename_4625 = "1425%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4625 = "Tennis%2DSara Fry net volley"; var Caption_4625 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ESara Fry aggressively returns a volley at the net during number one doubles action%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4625 = ""; var BylineEmail_4625 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4625 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4625 = "400"; var Filename_4626 = "1424%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4626 = "Tennis%2DHannah Bardwell"; var Caption_4626 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EHannah Bardwell eyes the ball on this lunging volley at the net during her number one singles match against Cannon Falls on Sept%2E 2%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4626 = ""; var BylineEmail_4626 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4626 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4626 = "400"; var Filename_4627 = "1423%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4627 = "Soccer%2DVenzke defense"; var Caption_4627 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EJoe Venzke fends off a Lake City forward with his defensive hustle%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4627 = ""; var BylineEmail_4627 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4627 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4627 = "400"; var Filename_4628 = "1422%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4628 = "Soccer%2DMatt Terhaar breakaway"; var Caption_4628 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EMatt Terhaar dashes down the middle of the field on a breakaway against Lake City%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4628 = ""; var BylineEmail_4628 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4628 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4628 = "400"; var Filename_4629 = "1419%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4629 = "Football%2DTuffly busts free"; var Caption_4629 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EHalfback Zac Tuffly sweeps around end and breaks free in the secooondary for big yardage%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4629 = ""; var BylineEmail_4629 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4629 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4629 = "400"; var Filename_4630 = "1418%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4630 = "Football%2DSchroeder cuts back"; var Caption_4630 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EFullback Bryan Schroeder cuts away from a Hayfield tackler to add more yardage to a big ground gainer%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4630 = ""; var BylineEmail_4630 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4630 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4630 = "400"; var Filename_4631 = "1417%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4631 = "Football%2DRogers reception"; var Caption_4631 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EWideout Tyler Rogers tucks the ball after the buble pass and dashes for big yardage against Hayfield%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4631 = ""; var BylineEmail_4631 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4631 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4631 = "400"; var Filename_4632 = "1416%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4632 = "Football%2DGisler%2DTuffly tackle"; var Caption_4632 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETom Gisler %28left%29 and Zac Tuffly sack the Hayfield quarterback%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4632 = ""; var BylineEmail_4632 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4632 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4632 = "400"; var Filename_4633 = "1415%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4633 = "Football%2DGisler TD catch"; var Caption_4633 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger receiver Tom Gisler eludes a Hayfield d%2Dback and strides into the end zone%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4633 = ""; var BylineEmail_4633 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4633 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4633 = "400"; var Filename_4634 = "1414%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4634 = "Football%2Dgang tackle"; var Caption_4634 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville defense swarms to the Hayfield ball carrier on this gang tackle%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4634 = ""; var BylineEmail_4634 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4634 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4634 = "400"; var Filename_4635 = "1406%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4635 = "vball%2DNorman%2DFlynn block"; var Caption_4635 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EKelly Norman %28left%29 and Lisa Flynn block a Kingsland hitter%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4635 = ""; var BylineEmail_4635 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4635 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4635 = "400"; var Filename_4636 = "1402%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4636 = "soccer%2DHettinger sends one"; var Caption_4636 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EAttacker Morgan Hettinger sends the ball with a booming boot in a 4%2D0 non%2Dconference loss to Albet Lea on Sept%2E 26%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4636 = ""; var BylineEmail_4636 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4636 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4636 = "400"; var Filename_4637 = "1401%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4637 = "soccer%2DHelldlesten header"; var Caption_4637 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETeala Heddlesten skies high for a header against Albert Lea%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4637 = ""; var BylineEmail_4637 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4637 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4637 = "400"; var Filename_4638 = "1400%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4638 = "soccer%2DGehling splits defense"; var Caption_4638 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EMaria Gehling splits two Albert Le defender with her hustle for the ball%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4638 = ""; var BylineEmail_4638 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4638 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4638 = "400"; var Filename_4639 = "1399%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4639 = "soccer%2DBerg breakaway"; var Caption_4639 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EMal Berg receives a long sending pass for a breakaway against Albert Lea%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4639 = ""; var BylineEmail_4639 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4639 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4639 = "400"; var Filename_4640 = "1397%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4640 = "CC%2DCurtis%2DGeerdes pass"; var Caption_4640 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EShannon Curtis %28left%29 and Brittany Geerdes pass a Medford runner at the Stewie Invite%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4640 = ""; var BylineEmail_4640 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4640 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4640 = "400"; var Filename_4641 = "1396%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4641 = "CC%2DDistad churns uphill"; var Caption_4641 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ECorinna Distad makes a move%2C churning uphill to pass runners in the lead pack at the Stewie Invite%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4641 = ""; var BylineEmail_4641 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4641 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4641 = "400"; var Filename_4642 = "1395%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4642 = "CC%2DHuiras corners"; var Caption_4642 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ESeth Huiras races the 5K at the Stewie Invite%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4642 = ""; var BylineEmail_4642 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4642 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4642 = "400"; var Filename_4643 = "1394%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4643 = "CC%2DChristian corners"; var Caption_4643 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EDavid Christian pulls away in the lead pack of the boys 5K race at the Stewie Invite%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4643 = ""; var BylineEmail_4643 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4643 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4643 = "400"; var Filename_4644 = "1392%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4644 = "12U Baseball"; var Caption_4644 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville 12U traveling baseball team recently completed its 2008 summer season%2E Highlights included a first place finish in Holmen%2C Wis%2E%2C second place in Lake City%2C third place in Shelby%2C Wis%2E and 12%2D5 overall record%2E Tiger team members are%2C seated%2C Zack Hickman %28batboy%29%2E Kneeling from left%2C Shane Uptagrafft%2C Jason Danielson%2C LeRoy Malone%2C Conner Paulson%2C Bailey Herman%2C Casey Swanton%2E Standing from left%2C coach Joey Johnson%2C Noah Johnson%2C Alex Sperber%2C coach Ian Swanton%2C Jeremiah Iverson%2C Cody Stanger%2C Jack Swanton%2C Joshua Nordine%2C Tyler Hickman%2C coach John Hickman%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4644 = ""; var BylineEmail_4644 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4644 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4644 = "400"; var Filename_4645 = "1391%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4645 = "Gang tackle vs Red Wing"; var Caption_4645 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Tiger defense converges to gang tackle a Red Wing receiver%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4645 = ""; var BylineEmail_4645 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4645 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4645 = "400"; var Filename_4646 = "1389%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4646 = "Tuffly cuts throughhole vs Red Wing"; var Caption_4646 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EHalfback Zac Tuffly reads the lead block of fullback Bryan Schroeder and cuts through a gaping hole for big yardage against the Red Wing defense during the Winona Jamboree Scrimmage on Aug%2E 23%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4646 = ""; var BylineEmail_4646 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4646 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4646 = "400"; var Filename_4647 = "1388%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4647 = "2008 swim team photo"; var Caption_4647 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe 2008 Stewartville swim team competed from July 7%2DAug%2E 2 against five communities%2C including Chatfield%2C St%2E Charles%2C Kasson%2C West Concord and Dodge Center%2E Tiger team members %28not pictured in order%29 incuded%2C Cecelia Gray%2C George Gray%2C Taylor Bestor%2C Lily Schimke%2C Ben Schimke%2C Jenna Willenborg%2C Kathryn Bucknell%2C Mikayla Engel%2C Haley Ahart%2C Mackenzie VandeWalker%2C Emma Dwire%2C Elizabeth Becker%2C Stacy Dahl%2C Jesse Dahl%2C Kaitlyn Claeys%2C Nate Sikkink%2C Connor Stenberg%2C Sidney Flottum%2C Sierra Flottum%2C Sabrina Elton%2C Samantha Elton%2C Crystal Piercey%2C Carissa Smith%2C Kennedy Schwichtenberg%2C Mack Christenson%2C Abby Christenson%2C Libby Christenson%2C Chrissy Lofgren%2C Amy Lofgren%2C Lauren Arneson%2C Emily Loux%2C David Rysted%2C Heather Rysted%2C Breanna Smith%2C Alexis Leathes%2C Tucker Reed%2C Ethan Peter%2C Jordan Peter%2C Tyler Smidt%2C Madline Miller%2C Brianna Henderson%2C Marie Larson%2C Audrey Miller%2C Morgan Wildeman%2C Nicole Stanley%2C Mathew Terhaar%2C Miriah Terhaar%2C Jessie Gorder%2C Kailyn Manthei and Zach Rupprecht%2E Coaches included Michael Terhaar%2C Chris Richardson%2C Steven Rysted and Brittany Nelson%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4647 = ""; var BylineEmail_4647 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4647 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4647 = "400"; var Filename_4648 = "1387%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4648 = "Schroeder punishes Red Wing d%2Dback"; var Caption_4648 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EFullback Bryan Schroeder lowers his shoulder to deliver a punishing blow to a Red Wing defender%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4648 = ""; var BylineEmail_4648 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4648 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4648 = "400"; var Filename_4649 = "1379%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4649 = "Bentley tackles vs Red Wing"; var Caption_4649 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ELinebacker Braden Bentley drags down the Red Wing fullback%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4649 = ""; var BylineEmail_4649 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4649 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4649 = "400"; var Filename_4650 = "1378%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4650 = "Bentley sweeps vs Red Wing"; var Caption_4650 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EHalfback Braden Bentley jukes to the sideline before cutting inside behind this lead block against Red Wing%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4650 = ""; var BylineEmail_4650 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4650 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4650 = "400"; var Filename_4651 = "1377%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4651 = "10U baseball"; var Caption_4651 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville 10U traveling baseball team recently completed its 2008 summer season competing at tournaments in Zumbrota%2C Rolingston%2C Lake City and Shelby%2C Wisconsin%2E Tiger team members include%2C kneeling%2C bat boy Parker Grotjohn%2C Taylor Hagstrom%2C Paul Betcher%2C Garrett Johnson%2C Tyler Nagel%2C Tanner Prochaska%2C Brody Herman%2E Standing%2C from left are%2C Cain Quandt%2C Bryce Fistler%2C AJ Quandt%2C Dawson Grotjohn%2C Travis Capelle%2C Dawson Buss%2C Tyler Smidt%2E The team was coached by%2C from left%2C Mark Herman%2C Gary Betcher%2C Mike Johnson%2C Aaron Fistler%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4651 = ""; var BylineEmail_4651 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4651 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4651 = "400"; var Filename_4652 = "1376%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4652 = "Amos sideline scamper vs Red Wing"; var Caption_4652 = ""; var Byline_4652 = ""; var BylineEmail_4652 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4652 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4652 = "400"; var Filename_4653 = "1368%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4653 = "Big musky caught"; var Caption_4653 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThis trio of local fishermen caught a 50%2Dinch%2C 45%2Dpound musky on a recent Minnesota fishing trip%2E John Ulwelling %28left%29%2C ran the pole%3B Rodney Bell %28center%29%2C minded the net%2C while the vacationing Kent Bell captained the boat%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4653 = ""; var BylineEmail_4653 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4653 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4653 = "400"; var Filename_4654 = "1364%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4654 = "Football%2D Sanderfoot spins"; var Caption_4654 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EHalfback Will Sanderfoot dives for extra yardage during a hit and spin drill at practice on Aug%2E 14%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4654 = ""; var BylineEmail_4654 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4654 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4654 = "400"; var Filename_4655 = "1363%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4655 = "Football%2D Tuffly explodes"; var Caption_4655 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EHalfback Zac Tuffly eludes a defender%92s grasp%2C exploding through the hole behind the lead block of fullback Bryan Schroeder during an intrasquad scrimmage%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4655 = ""; var BylineEmail_4655 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4655 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4655 = "400"; var Filename_4656 = "1362%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4656 = "Football%2D Schroeder scampers"; var Caption_4656 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EFullback Bryan Schroeder busts outside and upfield for a touchdown during the Aug%2E 14 intrasquad scrimmage%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4656 = ""; var BylineEmail_4656 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4656 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4656 = "400"; var Filename_4657 = "1361%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4657 = "Football%2D Jezeski passes"; var Caption_4657 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EQuarterback Steve Jezeski executes a passing drill with perfect form and accuracy%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4657 = ""; var BylineEmail_4657 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4657 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4657 = "400"; var Filename_4658 = "1360%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4658 = "Football%2D Gisler snares pass"; var Caption_4658 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EReceiver Tom Gisler snares this pass%2C looking the ball into his hands during a drill at practice on Aug%2E 14%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4658 = ""; var BylineEmail_4658 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4658 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4658 = "400"; var Filename_4659 = "1359%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4659 = "Tiger cheerleaders"; var Caption_4659 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger varsity cheerleader team members displaying the %93Spirit Stick%94 are%2C kneeling%2C Emily Gorder %28left%29 and Sonora Dahl%2E Middle row%2C from left%2C Chrissy Dotterwick%2C Cassie Westphal%2C Kara Roeder%2E Back row%2C from left%2C Ashley Nauman%2C Jamie Warford%2C Dana Maxon%2C Autumn Lee%2E Unavailable for photo%2C Stephanie Zylstra%2C Colleen Nagel %28advisor%29%2C Ann Westphal %28advisor%29%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4659 = ""; var BylineEmail_4659 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4659 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4659 = "400"; var Filename_4660 = "1351%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4660 = "Weights%2DSteve Jezeski"; var Caption_4660 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ESteve Jezeski works with dumbbells on an incline bench%2C lifting at an open weight room session last week%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4660 = ""; var BylineEmail_4660 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4660 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4660 = "400"; var Filename_4661 = "1350%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4661 = "Weights%2DLuke Jensen"; var Caption_4661 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ELuke Jensen strengthens upper body muscles for the upcoming football season on a weight machine%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4661 = ""; var BylineEmail_4661 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4661 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4661 = "400"; var Filename_4662 = "1349%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4662 = "Weights%2DEric Nelson"; var Caption_4662 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EEric Nelson strengthens his legs for the upcoming football season%2C executing a squat during open weight room%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4662 = ""; var BylineEmail_4662 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4662 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4662 = "400"; var Filename_4663 = "1348%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4663 = "Softball%2DLevi Horvei"; var Caption_4663 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ECorner Meats%0D%0A%26 More pitcher Levi Horvei hurls a deep inside pitch during Men%92s Middle League playoffs last Thursday%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4663 = ""; var BylineEmail_4663 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4663 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4663 = "400"; var Filename_4664 = "1347%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4664 = "Softball%2DJake Flynn"; var Caption_4664 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ECorner Meats %26 More hitter Jake Flynn waits for the ball to come down before taking a level swing for a base hit during Men%92s Middle League playoff action last Thursday%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4664 = ""; var BylineEmail_4664 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4664 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4664 = "400"; var Filename_4665 = "1340%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4665 = "Mikko hits"; var Caption_4665 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EMikko Norman set two SHS school records%2C hitting 16 doubles in a single season and 31 doubles in his career%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4665 = ""; var BylineEmail_4665 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4665 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4665 = "400"; var Filename_4666 = "1339%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4666 = "Mikko catch"; var Caption_4666 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EFour%2Dyear Tiger starter Mikko Norman was named MSHSL Class AA All%2DState catcher%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4666 = ""; var BylineEmail_4666 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4666 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4666 = "400"; var Filename_4667 = "1335%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4667 = "Stageberg hole%2Din%2Done"; var Caption_4667 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EMichael Stageberg%2C right%2C a seventh grader at Stewartville Middle School%2C carded his first hole%2Din%2Done on Aug%2E 8 at Little Willow Golf Course in Rochester%2E Stageberg used an eight%2Diron to ace the 92%2Dyard%2C fourth hole%2E Nick Stebbins was on hand to witness the event%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4667 = ""; var BylineEmail_4667 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4667 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4667 = "400"; var Filename_4668 = "1330%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4668 = "Tiger Youth Football Camp3"; var Caption_4668 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ED%2Dbacks go for the pick during a drill at the Tiger Youth Football Camp on July 29%2D30%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4668 = ""; var BylineEmail_4668 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4668 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4668 = "400"; var Filename_4669 = "1329%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4669 = "Tiger Youth Football Camp2"; var Caption_4669 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ELinebackers work on agility and shedding blocks during a Tiger Youth Football Camp drill%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4669 = ""; var BylineEmail_4669 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4669 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4669 = "400"; var Filename_4670 = "1328%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4670 = "Tiger Youth Football Camp2"; var Caption_4670 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ESHS Tiger football coach Jeff Jacobsen assists a youth camper on punting%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4670 = ""; var BylineEmail_4670 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4670 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4670 = "400"; var Filename_4671 = "1327%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4671 = "Youth Football camp1"; var Caption_4671 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ECoach Aaron Meyer %28right%29 leads 4%2D6 grade d%2Dbacks in a drill during Tiger Youth Football Camp last week%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4671 = ""; var BylineEmail_4671 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4671 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4671 = "400"; var Filename_4672 = "1326%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4672 = "Tiger Training%2DSimmons"; var Caption_4672 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EAaron Simmons %28right%29 and Jordon Foster manipulate the cone agility drill during Tiger Training%2C as Coach Ben King looks on%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4672 = ""; var BylineEmail_4672 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4672 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4672 = "400"; var Filename_4673 = "1325%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4673 = "Tiger Training%2DSchmitz"; var Caption_4673 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETyler Schmitz shows his agility and quickness as he sprints through the cone line drill during Tiger Training%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4673 = ""; var BylineEmail_4673 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4673 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4673 = "400"; var Filename_4674 = "1324%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4674 = "Tiger Training%2DCoach Hughes"; var Caption_4674 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ECoach Curt Hughes %28center%29 motivates Tiger Training athletes executing the power harness drill%2E Athletes are paired%2C from left %28front to rear%29%2D Kyleigh Reinartz pulling Jacqui Dodd%3B Kaylee Muller pulling Caitlyn Hughes%3B Katelyn Hanf pulling Sarah Schrandt%3B Katie Bauman pulling Nicole Amos%2E A record%2Dhigh 92 athletes participated in the seven%2Dweek weightlifting%2C speed and conditioning program%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4674 = ""; var BylineEmail_4674 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4674 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4674 = "400"; var Filename_4675 = "1321%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4675 = "Soccer4%2DHeddlesten"; var Caption_4675 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETeala Heddlesten clears the zone%2C booting the ball down field as it grazes the shoulder of forward Morgan Hettinger during a scrimmage at girls soccer camp%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4675 = ""; var BylineEmail_4675 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4675 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4675 = "400"; var Filename_4676 = "1320%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4676 = "Soccer3%2DGehling%2DChristian"; var Caption_4676 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EMaria Gehling %28right%29 passes around defender Karyn Christian %28center%29%2C as Teala Heddlesten moves into position for a pass and Coach Hale watches the soccer camp triangle drill%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4676 = ""; var BylineEmail_4676 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4676 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4676 = "400"; var Filename_4677 = "1319%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4677 = "Soccer2%2DCoach Hale"; var Caption_4677 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger girls soccer coach Greg Hale %28left%29 explains a drill to a group of the 45%2Dplus athletes that attended soccer camp at Bear Cave Park%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4677 = ""; var BylineEmail_4677 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4677 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4677 = "400"; var Filename_4678 = "1297%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4678 = "11U baseball"; var Caption_4678 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville 11U traveling baseball team recently completed it 2008 summer season%2E Tiger team members include%2C kneeling from left%2C James Mathison%2C Aaron Clark%2C Collin Fanton%2C Conner Hanf%2C Dalton Heintz%2C Daniel Richardson%2C Alex Higgins%2E Standing from left%2C Jamie Gehling%2C Cole Quandt%2C Thomas Lewis%2C Shane Curtis%2C Kailen McGuire%2C Aaron Quandt%2C Brandon Groski%2E Coaches from left%2C Dave Groski%2C Jesse Hanf%2C Steve Quandt%2E Not pictured%2C Drew Gilk and Coach Todd Curtis%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4678 = ""; var BylineEmail_4678 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4678 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4678 = "400"; var Filename_4679 = "1294%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4679 = "10U baseball champs"; var Caption_4679 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville 10U traveling baseball team captured first place at the Lake City tournament on July 26%2E The Tigers beat Miesville%2C 14%2D1%3B St%2E Charles%2C 11%2D3%3B and Kenyon%2DWanamingo%2C 7%2D0 in the championship game%2E Tiger team members include%2C kneeling from left%2C Nathan Johnson %28batboy%29%2C Ryan Clark%2C Lucas Scruggs%2C Logan Heintz%2C Max Runkle%2C Blake Ellerbusch %28batboy%29%2E Standing from left%2C Jordan Johnson%2C Chye Stecher%2C Adam Gehling%2C Dylan Stofferahn%2C Sam Woods%2C Garret Nosbisch%2C Lucas Ellerbusch%2E Stewartville is coached by%2C from left%2C Kent Johnson%2C Todd Ellerbusch%2C Bryan Runkle%2E Team members not present%3A Caleb Miller%2C Colton Miller%2C Luke Schmidt%2C Joey Thompson%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4679 = ""; var BylineEmail_4679 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4679 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4679 = "400"; var Filename_4680 = "1291%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4680 = "fball%2DTiger tug%2Do%2Dwar"; var Caption_4680 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ESeveral members of the Tiger football team exert power and strength working together during the team tug%2Do%2Dwar competition at the RCTC football camp%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4680 = ""; var BylineEmail_4680 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4680 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4680 = "400"; var Filename_4681 = "1290%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4681 = "fball%2DSchroeder TD run"; var Caption_4681 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EBryan Schroeder explodes into the open field%2C gets a key block %28right%29 and scores a TD against St%2E Charles during a scrimmage at the RCTC football camp%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4681 = ""; var BylineEmail_4681 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4681 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4681 = "400"; var Filename_4682 = "1289%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4682 = "fball%2DSchmidt top O%2Dlineman"; var Caption_4682 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EOffensive lineman Caleb Schmidt %28left%29 blocks a Southland defender in a 1%2Don%2D1 competition in which Schmidt won first place among ninth and 10th grade linemen at the RCTC football camp%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4682 = ""; var BylineEmail_4682 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4682 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4682 = "400"; var Filename_4683 = "1288%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4683 = "fball%2DJezeski makes tackle"; var Caption_4683 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EStewartville linebacker Steve Jezeski makes the tackle by wrapping up this St%2E Charles ball carrier during a scrimmage at the July 19 RCTC football camp%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4683 = ""; var BylineEmail_4683 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4683 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4683 = "400"; var Filename_4684 = "1287%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4684 = "fball%2DJensen top D%2Dlineman"; var Caption_4684 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EDefensive end Luke Jensen sheds the block of a St%2E Charles lineman and gets to the RCTC coach %28left%29%2C posing as a QB%2E Jensen went on to win the 1%2Don%2D1 competition between 11th and 12th grade lineman at the RCTC football camp%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4684 = ""; var BylineEmail_4684 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4684 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4684 = "400"; var Filename_4685 = "1286%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4685 = "fball%2DAmos ground gainer"; var Caption_4685 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EJake Amos reads his lead block and cuts back for a ground gainer against St%2E Charles during a scrimmage at the RCTC football camp%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4685 = ""; var BylineEmail_4685 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4685 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4685 = "400"; var Filename_4686 = "1285%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4686 = "fball%2DSchroeder turfs Rebel"; var Caption_4686 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EFullback Bryan Schroeder turfs a Rebel defender attempting to rush the quarterback during a drill at the RCTC football camp%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4686 = ""; var BylineEmail_4686 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4686 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4686 = "400"; var Filename_4687 = "1275%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4687 = "10U baseball champs"; var Caption_4687 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville 10U traveling baseball team captured first place at the St%2E Charles tournament on July 19%2E The team beat St%2E Charles 14%2D1%2C Minnesota City %28Gray%29 2%2D0 and in the Championship game defeated Minnesota City %28Red%29 8%2D0%2E Tiger team members include%2C kneeling from left%2C Nathan Johnson %28batboy%29%2C Max Runkle%2C Logan Heintz%2C Ryan Clark%2C Joey Thompson%2C Lucas Scruggs%2C Luke Schmidt%2C Blake Ellerbusch %28batboy%29%2E Standing from left%2C Coach Kent Johnson%2C Chye Stecher%2C Garret Nosbisch%2C Jordan Johnson%2C Sam Woods%2C Adam Gehling%2C Lucas Ellerbusch%2C Coach Todd Ellerbusch%2E Team members not present%3A Caleb Miller%2C Colton Miller and Dylan Stofferahn%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4687 = ""; var BylineEmail_4687 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4687 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4687 = "400"; var Filename_4688 = "1262%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4688 = "All%2DStar Norman"; var Caption_4688 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EWest All%2DStar hitter Mikko Norman drives a double to the gap%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4688 = ""; var BylineEmail_4688 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4688 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4688 = "400"; var Filename_4689 = "1260%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4689 = "Football camp"; var Caption_4689 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Tiger defensive line%2Flinebackers react to the ball as coach Trevor Wiles %28back to camera%29 reveals the direction of a run%2Fpass during Stewartville%92s first annual mini team football camp for grades 7%2D12 on July 15%2D16%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4689 = ""; var BylineEmail_4689 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4689 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4689 = "400"; var Filename_4690 = "1257%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4690 = "CC pool donation"; var Caption_4690 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville cross country team and booster club donated %24500%2E00 to the Stewartville%0D%0Apool project%2E The team and booster club gave the money to thank the city of Stewartville for its support%2E Standing from left%2C cross country runners Seth Huiras%2C Brittany Geerdes%2C councilperson Greg House%2C representing the city of Stewartville%2C runners Molly Bisbee%2C Michael Orte and cross country booster and Summerfest Run Director Kevin Torgerson%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4690 = ""; var BylineEmail_4690 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4690 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4690 = "400"; var Filename_4691 = "1255%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4691 = "Hope and courage bike tour"; var Caption_4691 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ESTRONG RIDERS %2D%2D Bob Mortimer%2C in front%2C leads his wife Darla and son Grant on a ride near Stewartville%92s Main Street last week%2E The Mortimers are riding across America witnessing to their faith in Jesus Christ%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4691 = ""; var BylineEmail_4691 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4691 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4691 = "400"; var Filename_4692 = "1254%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4692 = "All%2DStar Beddow2"; var Caption_4692 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EWest All%2DStar base runner Donnie Beddow dives back to first base%2C beating a pickoff attempt by the East All%2DStar pitcher%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4692 = ""; var BylineEmail_4692 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4692 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4692 = "400"; var Filename_4693 = "1253%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4693 = "All%2DStar Beddow"; var Caption_4693 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EStewartville Legion player Donnie Beddow steps into a pitch during the Division II%2C District 1 All%2DStar game%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4693 = ""; var BylineEmail_4693 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4693 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4693 = "400"; var Filename_4694 = "1252%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4694 = "Babe Ruth 13U league champs"; var Caption_4694 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville 13U traveling baseball team finished the season with a 15%2D2 record and captured the league tournament championship in Byron on July 16%2E Tiger team members are%2C kneeling%2C from left%2C Taylor Iverson%2C Jon Pyan%2C Justin Thompson%2C Paul Trisko%2C Reese Rinken%2C Shayne Udenberg%2E Standing%2C from left%2C coach Cody Digre%2C Aaron Simmons%2C Cooper Billings%2C Matt Aldrich%2C Nate Muller%2C Ryan Larson%2C coach Dan Simmons%2E Not pictured%3A Zach Schwalbach%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4694 = ""; var BylineEmail_4694 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4694 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4694 = "400"; var Filename_4695 = "1251%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4695 = "All%2DStar Babcock"; var Caption_4695 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EStewartville Legion player Bruce Babcock connects for a single during the Division II%2C District I All%2DStar game%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4695 = ""; var BylineEmail_4695 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4695 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4695 = "400"; var Filename_4696 = "1250%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4696 = "All%2DStar Albers2"; var Caption_4696 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EJared Albers miffs batters with some wicked junk pitching for the District I%2C Division II%2CAmerican Legion West All%2DStar team%2E Albers%2C four other Generals and their West All%2DStar teammates beat the East All%2DStars 6%2D1 in the first%2Dever Legion All%2DStar game hosted by Stewartville on July 16%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4696 = ""; var BylineEmail_4696 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4696 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4696 = "400"; var Filename_4697 = "1249%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4697 = "All%2DStar Albers1"; var Caption_4697 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EStewartville Legion pitcher Jared Albers was selected to the Division II%2C District I%2C West All%2DStar roster%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4697 = ""; var BylineEmail_4697 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4697 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4697 = "400"; var Filename_4698 = "1248%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4698 = "Hoops camp%2Ddriving score"; var Caption_4698 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EWill Gisler scores on this layin during a 1%2Don%2D1 game at the Tiger boys summer basketball camp%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4698 = ""; var BylineEmail_4698 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4698 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4698 = "400"; var Filename_4699 = "1246%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4699 = "Hoops camp%2Dgame jumper"; var Caption_4699 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EAaron Simmons beats a defender and goes hard to the hole for a bucket during a 1%2Don%2D1 game%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4699 = ""; var BylineEmail_4699 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4699 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4699 = "400"; var Filename_4700 = "1245%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4700 = "Hoops camp%2D1%2Don%2D1 game"; var Caption_4700 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EJason Robey breaks baseline to beat a defender in a 1%2Don%2D1 game%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4700 = ""; var BylineEmail_4700 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4700 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4700 = "400"; var Filename_4701 = "1244%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4701 = "Hoops camp%2Dlayup drill"; var Caption_4701 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EDain Bauman drives and scores during a layup drill%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4701 = ""; var BylineEmail_4701 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4701 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4701 = "400"; var Filename_4702 = "1243%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4702 = "Hoops camp%2Ddishoff"; var Caption_4702 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EWarren Lawrenz drives and dishes to a teammate in the lane%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4702 = ""; var BylineEmail_4702 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4702 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4702 = "400"; var Filename_4703 = "1242%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4703 = "hoops camp%2Ddribble drill"; var Caption_4703 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EConner Paulson weaves between cones during a dribbling drill%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4703 = ""; var BylineEmail_4703 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4703 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4703 = "400"; var Filename_4704 = "1241%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4704 = "Medal winners grades 8%2D9"; var Caption_4704 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EBoys basketball camp medal winners in grades 8%2D9%2C included%2C kneeling from left%2C Nate Muller %28Dribble Champ%29%2C Justin Thompson %283%2Don%2D3 Champ%29%2C Tyler Schmitz %28Hot Shot Champ and 3%2Don%2D3 champ%29%2E Standing from left%2C Ben Hogan %283%2DPoint Shot Champ and 3%2Don%2D3 Champ%29%2C Will Gisler %28Free Throw Champ%29 %2C Jason Robey %281%2Don%2D1 Champ and Defensive Shuffle Champ%29%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4704 = ""; var BylineEmail_4704 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4704 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4704 = "400"; var Filename_4705 = "1240%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4705 = "Medal winners grades 6%2D7"; var Caption_4705 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EBoys basketball camp medal winners in grades 6%2D7 included%2C from left%2C Daniel Richardson %283%2Don%2D3 Champ%29%2C Conner Hanf %283%2Don%2D3 Champ%29%2C Justin Zabinski %28Defensive Shuffle Champ%2C Free Throw Champ and 3%2Don%2D3 Champ %29%2C Dain Bauman %28Dribble Champ%2C 3%2DPoint Shot Champ%2C Hot Shot Champ and 1%2Don%2D1 Champ%29%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4705 = ""; var BylineEmail_4705 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4705 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4705 = "400"; var Filename_4706 = "1239%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4706 = "Medal winners grades 4%2D5"; var Caption_4706 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EBoys basketball camp medal winners in grades 4%2D5 included%2C kneeling from left%2C Paul Betcher %28Hot Shot Champ and 3%2Don%2D3 champ%29%2C Jon Beach %28Defensive Shuffle Champ%29%2C James Beach %283%2Don%2D3 Champ%29%2E Standing from left%2C Jakob Tordsen %28Dribble Champ and 3%2DPoint Shot Champ%29%2C Brandon Hoth %28Free Throw Champ%29%2C Joseph Finley %283%2Don%2D3 Champ%29%2C Garrett Nosbisch %281%2Don%2D1 Champ%29%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4706 = ""; var BylineEmail_4706 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4706 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4706 = "400"; var Filename_4707 = "1224%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4707 = "Junior Legioin baseball champs"; var Caption_4707 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EStewartville%27s Junior Legion team captured the championship of the Lewiston Junior Legion tournament on June 28%2E Team members included%2C in front%2C Mike Nelson%2E Kneeling%2C from left%2C Cody Digre%2C Mike Richardson%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Justin Lonien%2C Travis Pries%2C Jake Schwalbach%2C Alex Hain%2C Noah Nelson%2DGross%2C Zach Hatcher%2C Steve Jezeski%2C Kyle Augustin%2C Sean Hohmeister%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4707 = ""; var BylineEmail_4707 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4707 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4707 = "400"; var Filename_4708 = "1218%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4708 = "Fishing contest winners"; var Caption_4708 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETrophy winners in the Stewartville Summerfest Fourth of July Fishing Contest included%2C front row%2C from left%2C third%2Dplace finishers Abby Sistad%2C Hunter Benge and Will Urban%2E Second row%2C from left%2C second%2Dplace finishers Noah Hart%2C Evan Buri and Brian Kubat%2E Back row%2C from left%2C first%2Dplace winners Drew Koch%2C Nicholas Hart and Carly Benge%2E About 75 kids in three age groups %283%2D5%2C 6%2D9 and 10%2D12%29 took part in the contest%2C which was sponsored by Stephanie Fossum%2C standing at right in back%2C and Little Adventures Day Care%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4708 = ""; var BylineEmail_4708 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4708 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4708 = "400"; var Filename_4709 = "1212%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4709 = "5%2Dmile run overall winners"; var Caption_4709 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETom Pesch and Melissa King were the overall first%2Dplace finishers in the men%27s and women%27s divisions of Stewartville Summerfest 5%2Dmile run on Friday%2C July 4%2E Pesch finished with a time of 27%3A30%2E King was clocked in 34%3A53%2E In all%2C 239 runners took part in the 3%2Dmile event and 125 ran the 5%2Dmile%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4709 = ""; var BylineEmail_4709 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4709 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4709 = "400"; var Filename_4710 = "1211%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4710 = "5%2Dmile run group winners"; var Caption_4710 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EFirst place winners in their age groups in the Stewartville Summerfest 5%2Dmile run included%2C front row%2C from left%2C Sandra Dalquist%2C women%27s 60%2D69%3B Leah Polzine%2DCampbell%2C women%27s 30%2D39%3B Pat Brown%2C men%27s 70%2Dplus%3B Renee Saxman%2C women%27s 40%2D49%3B and Brad Kautz%2C men%27s 50%2D59%2E Back row%2C from left%2C Laura Jacobson%2C women%27s 19%2D29%3B Billy Schimmel%2C boys 15%2D18%3B Alex Higgens%2C boys 11%2D14%3B Andrew Shulha%2C men%27s 19%2D29%3B and Ron Giles%2C men%27s 30%2D39%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4710 = ""; var BylineEmail_4710 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4710 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4710 = "400"; var Filename_4711 = "1210%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4711 = "3%2Dmile run overall winners"; var Caption_4711 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ELisa Wegman and Clay Thomas were the overall first%2Dplace finishers in the women%27s and men%27s divisions of the Stewartville Summerfest 3%2Dmile run on Friday%2C July 4%2E Wegman finished the course with a time of 18%3A22%2E Thomas%27 winning time was 16%3A23%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4711 = ""; var BylineEmail_4711 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4711 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4711 = "400"; var Filename_4712 = "1209%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4712 = "3%2Dmile run group winners"; var Caption_4712 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EFirst place winners in their age groups in the Stewartville Summerfest 3%2Dmile run included%2C front row%2C from left%2C Jerry Reynolds%2C men%27s 70%2Dplus%3B Steve Carlson%2C men%27s 40%2D49%3B Andrew Shulha%2C men%27s 19%2D29%3B Steve Strange%2C men%27s 60%2D69%3B Chad Couser%2C boys 10 and under%3B and Shelly Mikel%2C women%27s 39%2D49%2E Back row%2C from left%2C Laura Cattaneo%2C girls 11%2D14%3B Elena Cattaneo%2C girls 10 and under%3B Henry Hartzler%2C boys 11%2D14%3B Dallas Davidson%2C boys 15%2D18%3B Brad Kautz%2C men%27s 50%2D59%3B and Connie McKee%2C women%27s 19%2D29%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4712 = ""; var BylineEmail_4712 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4712 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4712 = "400"; var Filename_4713 = "1208%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4713 = "3%2Dmile run action3"; var Caption_4713 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EParticipants in the Summerfest 3%2Dmile run cross the bridge before the final stretch to the finish line%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4713 = ""; var BylineEmail_4713 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4713 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4713 = "400"; var Filename_4714 = "1207%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4714 = "3%2Dmile run action2"; var Caption_4714 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EClay Thomas %28right%29 and Andrew Shulha sprint the final 200 meters battling to finish first in the Summerfest%0D%0A3%2Dmile race%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4714 = ""; var BylineEmail_4714 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4714 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4714 = "400"; var Filename_4715 = "1206%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4715 = "3%2Dmile run action1"; var Caption_4715 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EOver 235 participants take off at the start of the Summerfest 3%2Dmile race%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4715 = ""; var BylineEmail_4715 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4715 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4715 = "400"; var Filename_4716 = "1205%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4716 = "12U baseball"; var Caption_4716 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville 12U traveling baseball team captured the tournament championship at Holmen%2C WI on June 28%2D29%2E Team members are%2C kneeling%2C from left%2C Shane Uptagrafft%2C Jason Danielson%2C Leroy Malone%2C Conner Paulson%2C Zach Hickman %28batboy%29%2C Bailey Herman%2C Casey Swanton%2E Standing%2C from left%2C coach Joe Johnson%2C Noah Johnson%2C Alex Sperber%2C coach Ian Swanton%2C Jeremiah Iverson%2C Cody Stanger%2C Jack Swanton%2C Josh Nordine%2C Tyler Hickman%2C coach John Hickman%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4716 = ""; var BylineEmail_4716 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4716 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4716 = "400"; var Filename_4717 = "1200%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4717 = "Stanger relays vs Austin"; var Caption_4717 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ERebel third baseman Christina Stanger relays to first for the out versus Austin%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4717 = ""; var BylineEmail_4717 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4717 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4717 = "400"; var Filename_4718 = "1199%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4718 = "Sperber tags vs Austin"; var Caption_4718 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ERebel shortstop Shawna Sperber snares the throw from catcher Teala Heddlesten and makes the tag to deny this steal attempt%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4718 = ""; var BylineEmail_4718 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4718 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4718 = "400"; var Filename_4719 = "1198%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4719 = "Norman pitches vs Austin"; var Caption_4719 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ERebel pitcher Kelly Norman hurls the heat to beat Austin 4%2D3 in the first game of a doubleheader%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4719 = ""; var BylineEmail_4719 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4719 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4719 = "400"; var Filename_4720 = "1197%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4720 = "Vance hits vs Austin"; var Caption_4720 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ERebel hitter Ashley Vance steps into and drives this pitch for a single during Stewie%92s 4%2D3 win over Austin%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4720 = ""; var BylineEmail_4720 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4720 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4720 = "400"; var Filename_4721 = "1196%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4721 = "Pearson scoop at 2nd"; var Caption_4721 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ERebel second baseman scoops the ball on a routine grounder to make the play during Stewie%27s 4%2D3 win over Austin%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4721 = ""; var BylineEmail_4721 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4721 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4721 = "400"; var Filename_4722 = "1188%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4722 = "Blair Honsey"; var Caption_4722 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EBlair Honsey captured first place at the Optimist District Junior Golf Tournament at Crystal Lake Golf Course in Lakeville%2C Minnesota on June 23%2E Honsey%2C competing against girls from Minnesota%2C North%0D%0ADakota and South Dakota%2C topped the leader board of the 75%2Dgolfer field in the 12%2D13 year old age division%2E%0D%0AThe victory earns Honsey a berth in the Optimist International Junior Golf Championships in West Palm Beach%2C Fla%2E%2C in July%2E Blair is the daughter of Dave and Sue Honsey of Stewartville%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4722 = ""; var BylineEmail_4722 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4722 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4722 = "400"; var Filename_4723 = "1185%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4723 = "baseball all conf%2E"; var Caption_4723 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EStewartville baseball players selected to the 2008 HVL All%2DConference team included seated from left%2C Matt Smith%2C Donnie Beddow%2C Mikko Norman%2C Craig English%2E Standing from left are 2008 HVL All%2DConference Honorable Mentions Nate Nelson%2C Jared Albers%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4723 = ""; var BylineEmail_4723 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4723 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4723 = "400"; var Filename_4724 = "1182%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4724 = "16 blue vball"; var Caption_4724 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewie 16 Blue volleyball team captured third place in the Gold Division of the Star of the North Games in in St%2E Paul on June 21%2D22%2E Seated%3A Britney Laures%2C Stewart%2C %93the Goose%2E%94 Kneeling%2C Jill Oftedahl %28left%29%2C Kelly Norman%2E Standing from left%2C Lisa Flynn%2C Kaitlin Terleski%2C Coach Kelly Williams%2C Brenda Dahl%2C Caitlin Case%2C Ellie Bergeson%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4724 = ""; var BylineEmail_4724 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4724 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4724 = "400"; var Filename_4725 = "1181%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4725 = "14u baseball"; var Caption_4725 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EStewartville%27s 14U traveling baseball team captured runnerup honors at Owatonna%27s Bullpen Club Bash tournament%2C June 21%2D22%2E Stewartville went 4%2D1 in the tournament defeating Hastings%2C Owatonna and the Quad Cities in pool play%2E On Sunday in the semifinals%2C Stewartville defeated Mason City 10%2D9 in eight innings before losing %0D%0A9%2D6 to South St%2E Paul in the championship game%2E Kneeling%2C from left%2C Luke Lonien%2C Warren Lawrenz%2C Tyler Schmitz%2C Taner Wieck%2C Ben Vaupel%2C Josh Dodd%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Brady Gross%2C Peter Elton%2C Ryne Prochaska%2C Sam Quackenbush%2C Aaron Simmons%2C Robbie Campbell%2C Shane Mlenar%2E Not pictured%3A Coaches Dan Mlenar and Mike Prochaska%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4725 = ""; var BylineEmail_4725 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4725 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4725 = "400"; var Filename_4726 = "1180%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4726 = "14u vball"; var Caption_4726 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewie 14 Blue volleyball team captured second place in the Gold Division at the Star of the North games in St%2E Paul on June 21%2D22%2E Team members include%2C kneeling from left%2C Katie Doty%2C Danielle DeGeus%2C Liz Waugh%2C Brianna Behrens%2E Standing from left%2C Coach John Dzubay%2C Sarah Schrandt%2C Katie Bauman%2C Katelyn Hanf%2C Shauna Groski%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4726 = ""; var BylineEmail_4726 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4726 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4726 = "400"; var Filename_4727 = "1178%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4727 = "12u vball"; var Caption_4727 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewie 12%2D2 volleyball team captured first place in the Rochester Tournament at the National Volleyball Center on May 4%2E Team members include%2C seated from the left%2C Marissa Behrens%2C Kaylee Muller%2C Brianna Henderson%2C Taylor DeGeus%2E Standing from left%2C Olivia Oelke%2C Jackie Bleifus%2C Meghan Schmitz%2C Lauren Mikel%2C Caitlyn Hughes%2E Coaches from left%2C Mike DeGeus%2C Matt Behrens%2C Chris Hughes%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4727 = ""; var BylineEmail_4727 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4727 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4727 = "400"; var Filename_4728 = "1176%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4728 = "16U softball champs"; var Caption_4728 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville Rebels 16U summer traveling softball team captured the championship of the Southern Minny League tournament in Austin on June 21%2D21%2E Team members include%2C sitting%2C from left%2C Teala Heddlesten%2C Erin Hintz%2C Linzie Schunke%2EStanding%2C from left%2C Coach Pat Aldrich%2C Kahla Aldrich%2C Shawna Sperber%2C Erin Hain%2C Coach Lynnae Thompson%2C Kim Meyerhofer%2C Ashley Vance%2C Christina Stanger%2C Coach Mike Hintz%2E Unavailable for photo were%2C Kelly Norman%2C Haley Pearson%2C Liz Elton%2C Brianna Probach%2C Amber Sawyer%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4728 = ""; var BylineEmail_4728 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4728 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4728 = "400"; var Filename_4729 = "1175%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4729 = "Tiger varsity basketball champs"; var Caption_4729 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EStewartville%92s summer varsity boys basketball team captured championship titles at the Winona Cotter and RCTC tournaments on June 14%2D15%2E Tiger team members include seated%2C from left%2C Matt Smith%2C Tom Gisler%2C Nate Askelson%2C David Fritsch%2C Derek Robey%2E Standing from left%2C coach Tony Tuseth%2C Chad Harris%2C Mike Orte%2C Ben Harris%2C John Gisler%2C Brandon King%2C coach Tom Brown%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4729 = ""; var BylineEmail_4729 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4729 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4729 = "400"; var Filename_4730 = "1174%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4730 = "Sharks%2DScott Boettcher bunts"; var Caption_4730 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ES%2DR hitter Scott Boettcher lays down a perfect bunt during the Sharks%92 six%2Drun%2C sixth%2Dinning%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4730 = ""; var BylineEmail_4730 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4730 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4730 = "400"; var Filename_4731 = "1173%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4731 = "Sharks%2DRyan Manske hits"; var Caption_4731 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ESharks hitter Ryan Manske drives a pitch to a gap in the outfield%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4731 = ""; var BylineEmail_4731 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4731 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4731 = "400"; var Filename_4732 = "1172%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4732 = "Sharks%2DJosh Schultz hits"; var Caption_4732 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ESharks hitter Josh Schultz steps and drives the ball for a single%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4732 = ""; var BylineEmail_4732 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4732 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4732 = "400"; var Filename_4733 = "1171%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4733 = "Sharks%2DJoe Magee slides"; var Caption_4733 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ESharks base runner Joe Magee slides head first into secoond during S%2DR%27s 6%2D1 win%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4733 = ""; var BylineEmail_4733 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4733 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4733 = "400"; var Filename_4734 = "1170%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4734 = "Sharks%2DJade Boettcher"; var Caption_4734 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ES%2DR ace pitcher Jade Boettcher %285%2D1%29 eyes the target and brings the heat during the Sharks%92 6%2D1 win over the Dodge Center Dodgers on June 18%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4734 = ""; var BylineEmail_4734 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4734 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4734 = "400"; var Filename_4735 = "1135%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4735 = "Rebel slider"; var Caption_4735 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ERebel base runner Kaylee Muller %28%2339%29 slides safely into third on an extra base hit against Austin%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4735 = ""; var BylineEmail_4735 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4735 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4735 = "400"; var Filename_4736 = "1134%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4736 = "Rebel pitcher"; var Caption_4736 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ESummer softball action cranked up last week with Stewartville traveling teams taking to the diamonds%2E Here%2C Stewartville 12U Rebel pitcher Caitlin Hughes hurls the heat in a win over Austin on June 10%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4736 = ""; var BylineEmail_4736 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4736 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4736 = "400"; var Filename_4737 = "1133%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4737 = "Rebel fielder"; var Caption_4737 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ERebel infielder Amy Hintz uses textbook form%2C using two hands and looking the ball into her glove for the catch and the out%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4737 = ""; var BylineEmail_4737 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4737 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4737 = "400"; var Filename_4738 = "1132%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4738 = "Rebel batter4"; var Caption_4738 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ERebel hitter Lauren Mikel picks a pitch and drives the ball for a single against Austin%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4738 = ""; var BylineEmail_4738 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4738 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4738 = "400"; var Filename_4739 = "1131%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4739 = "Rebel batter3"; var Caption_4739 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ERebel hitter Meghan Schmitz steps into it and connects for a hit%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4739 = ""; var BylineEmail_4739 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4739 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4739 = "400"; var Filename_4740 = "1130%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4740 = "Rebel batter2"; var Caption_4740 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ERebel hitter Monika Anderson drives an RBI double to the gap during Stewie%92s win over Austin%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4740 = ""; var BylineEmail_4740 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4740 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4740 = "400"; var Filename_4741 = "1129%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4741 = "Rebel batter1"; var Caption_4741 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ERebel hitter Megan Howell steps and drives the ball for a hit%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4741 = ""; var BylineEmail_4741 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4741 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4741 = "400"; var Filename_4742 = "1123%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4742 = "Sheely vault at state2"; var Caption_4742 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EMarie Sheely dashes down the runway to capture ninth place in the girls pole vault at the MSHSL Class A State Track %26 Field championships at Hamline University on June 6%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4742 = ""; var BylineEmail_4742 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4742 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4742 = "400"; var Filename_4743 = "1122%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4743 = "Sheely vault at state1"; var Caption_4743 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EMarie Sheely powers herself over the bar set at 9%2D6 to capture ninth place in the girls pole vault at the MSHSL Class A State Track %26 Field championships at Hamline University on June 6%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4743 = ""; var BylineEmail_4743 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4743 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4743 = "400"; var Filename_4744 = "1121%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4744 = "Sheely HJ at state"; var Caption_4744 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EMarie Sheely clears the bar set at 5%2D0 to claim ninth place at the MSHSL Class A State Track %26 Field championships at Hamline University on June 6%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4744 = ""; var BylineEmail_4744 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4744 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4744 = "400"; var Filename_4745 = "1120%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4745 = "Bentley in 100m at state"; var Caption_4745 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EBraden Bentley%0D%0Abattles fiercely in the final 15 meters in heat one of the preliminary race of the 100m dash at the MSHSL Class A State Track %26 Field championships at Hamline University on June 6%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4745 = ""; var BylineEmail_4745 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4745 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4745 = "400"; var Filename_4746 = "1119%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4746 = "Stately relay medalists"; var Caption_4746 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe 4x100m relay team%2C from left%2C Braden Bentley%2C Korey Drees%2C Ryan Schaefer and Zac Tuffly proudly pose on the awards stand with their medals after capturing fifth place at the MSHSL Class A State Track %26 Field championships at Hamline University on June 7%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4746 = ""; var BylineEmail_4746 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4746 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4746 = "400"; var Filename_4747 = "1118%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4747 = "Stately baton exchange"; var Caption_4747 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ERyan Schaefer %28back%29 and Korey Drees %28front%29%2C the first two legs of Stewartville%92s 4x100m relay %28second team from left%29%2C exchange the baton%2C racing to fifth place in the finals at the MSHSL Class A State Track %26 Field championships at Hamline University on June 7%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4747 = ""; var BylineEmail_4747 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4747 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4747 = "400"; var Filename_4748 = "1100%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4748 = "14U baseball champs"; var Caption_4748 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville Tiger 14U baseball team captured first place in the Lakeville Woodbat tournament on May 30%2DJune 1%2E Stewartville outscored its opponents 50%2D15 in its six games%2C including 2%2D0 against Shoreview in the semi%2Dfinals and 9%2D0 against Eagan in the championship game%2E This tourney title qualifies the Tigers for two state tournaments later this summer%2E Team members are%2C kneeling%2C from left%2C Ben Vaupel%2C Ryne Prochaska%2C Tyler Schmitz%2C Tanner Wieck%2C Warren Lawrenz%2C Josh Dodd%2C Luke Lonien%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Coach Dan Mlenar%2C Shane Mlenar%2C Aaron Simmons%2C Pete Elton%2C Brady Gross%2C Sam Quackenbush%2C Robbie Campbell%2C Coach Mike Prochaska%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4748 = ""; var BylineEmail_4748 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4748 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4748 = "400"; var Filename_4749 = "1099%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4749 = "14U baseball 2nd at Roch%2E"; var Caption_4749 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville Tiger 14U baseball team captured runner%2Dup honors in the Rochester Classic Baseball Tournament%2E Stewartville defeated teams from Austin%2C Altoona%2C Wisconsin and Eden Prairie before losing in the championship game to Minneapolis 4%2D0%2E Kneeling%2C from left%2C Luke Lonien%2C Tyler Schmitz%2C Warren Lawrenz%2C Josh Dodd%2C Ryne Prochaska%2C Ben Vaupel%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Coach Dan Mlenar%2C Sam Quackenbush%2C Shane Mlenar%2C Robbie Campbell%2C Brady Gross%2C Peter Elton%2C Aaron Simmons%2C Coach Mike Prochaska%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4749 = ""; var BylineEmail_4749 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4749 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4749 = "400"; var Filename_4750 = "1097%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4750 = "Smith vs ZM on 5%2F26"; var Caption_4750 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EMatt Smith is tagged out at the plate against the Cougars%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4750 = ""; var BylineEmail_4750 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4750 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4750 = "400"; var Filename_4751 = "1095%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4751 = "Nelson vs ZM on 5%2F26"; var Caption_4751 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ENate Nelson drags a toe for the force and relays to first%2C turning a double play against the Cougars%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4751 = ""; var BylineEmail_4751 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4751 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4751 = "400"; var Filename_4752 = "1093%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4752 = "Mikko vs ZM on 5%2F26"; var Caption_4752 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETiger catcher Mikko Norman eyes one of Babcock%92s strikes behind the plate against Zumbrota%2DMazeppa%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4752 = ""; var BylineEmail_4752 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4752 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4752 = "400"; var Filename_4753 = "1088%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4753 = "Olson vs ZM on 5%2F26"; var Caption_4753 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EJake Olson lays down a bunt that barely spins foul down the third base line%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4753 = ""; var BylineEmail_4753 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4753 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4753 = "400"; var Filename_4754 = "1086%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4754 = "Getback to Beddow"; var Caption_4754 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EDonnie Beddow readies to make the tag on this pick off attempt at first base during the ZM playoff game%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4754 = ""; var BylineEmail_4754 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4754 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4754 = "400"; var Filename_4755 = "1082%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4755 = "Babcock vs ZM on 5%2F26"; var Caption_4755 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EBruce Babcock cranks back to rocket fire another smokin%92 pitch during Stewartville%92s 5%2D3 loss to Zumbrota%2DMazeppa in the state playoffs%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4755 = ""; var BylineEmail_4755 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4755 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4755 = "400"; var Filename_4756 = "1076%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4756 = "Nelson getback %2D 1st playoff game"; var Caption_4756 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ENate Nelson dives back safely to first base%2C beating this Byron pickoff attempt%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4756 = ""; var BylineEmail_4756 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4756 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4756 = "400"; var Filename_4757 = "1075%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4757 = "Mikko hits %2D 1st playoff game"; var Caption_4757 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EMikko Norman steps and drives this Byron pitch for a double%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4757 = ""; var BylineEmail_4757 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4757 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4757 = "400"; var Filename_4758 = "1073%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4758 = "English pitch %2D 1st playoff game"; var Caption_4758 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ELefty Craig English pitched strong in the 6%2D5 Byron loss%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4758 = ""; var BylineEmail_4758 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4758 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4758 = "400"; var Filename_4759 = "1071%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4759 = "Carter getback vs KM"; var Caption_4759 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EShane Carter dives and gets back safely with a hand on the base as the tag is made to his shoulder on this pickoff attempt%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4759 = ""; var BylineEmail_4759 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4759 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4759 = "400"; var Filename_4760 = "1070%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4760 = "8th grade baseball champs"; var Caption_4760 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville eighth grade boys baseball team placed first in the Byron Invitational on May 10%2C defeating Zumbrota%2DMazeppa 11%2D2%2C Kasson Mantorville 19%2D0 and Pine Island 8%2D1 in the championship game%2E The Tigers ended their season with a record of 19%2D1%2D2%2E Team members kneeling%2C from left%2C Taner Wieck%2C Sam Quackenbush%2C Tyler Schmidt%2C Ben Vaupel%2C Ryne Prochaska%2C Josh Dodd%2C Warren Lawrence%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Josh Pierick%2C Shane Mlenar%2C Jordan Foster%2C Brady Gross%2C Conner Craven%2C Collin Niesen%2C Luke Lonien%2C Tim Twohey%2C Robby Campbell%2C Zach Atkinson%2C Peter Elton%2E Coach was Curt Hughes with Adam Eichoff assisting%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4760 = ""; var BylineEmail_4760 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4760 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4760 = "400"; var Filename_4761 = "1067%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4761 = "14 Blue JO vball"; var Caption_4761 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville 14 Blue JO volleyball team beat the Milwaukee Sting to claim third place at the elite 24%2Dteam Rochester Cup Tournament on May 10%2D11%2E The team is preparing for the National AAU tournament in Orlando%2C Florida on June 11%2D14%2E Team members are%2C kneeling%2C from left%2C Liz Waugh%2C Brianna Behrens%2C Danielle DeGeus%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Shauna Groski%2C Brianna Behrens%2C coach John Dzubay%2C Katelyn Hanf%2C Katie Bauman%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4761 = ""; var BylineEmail_4761 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4761 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4761 = "400"; var Filename_4762 = "1057%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4762 = "Boys golf HVL champs"; var Caption_4762 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville boys golf team earned HVL team championship honors on May 15%2E Tiger team members are%2C from left%2C Travis Wellik%2C Will Fredricksen%2C Blake Honsey%2C Austin Mulleneaux%2C Tim Bergeson%2C Andre Joyce%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4762 = ""; var BylineEmail_4762 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4762 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4762 = "400"; var Filename_4763 = "1055%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4763 = "English vs Cotter"; var Caption_4763 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ECraig English crushes this thigh%2Dhigh fastball %28below%29 during the Tigers 2%2D0 win over Cotter on May 15%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4763 = ""; var BylineEmail_4763 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4763 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4763 = "400"; var Filename_4764 = "1050%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4764 = "Babcock vs Cotter"; var Caption_4764 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EBruce Babcock unleashes another blistering breaking ball that had Cotter hitters miffed%2C then whiffed%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4764 = ""; var BylineEmail_4764 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4764 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4764 = "400"; var Filename_4765 = "1049%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4765 = "All%2DConference Golfers"; var Caption_4765 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EEarning HVL All%2DConference honors at the conference championship meet on May 15 were Tigers%2C from left%2C Tim Bergeson%2C Will Fredricksen%2C Blair Honsey%2C Blake Honsey%2C Austin Mulleneaux%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4765 = ""; var BylineEmail_4765 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4765 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4765 = "400"; var Filename_4766 = "1047%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4766 = "Svoboda vs Shattuck"; var Caption_4766 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EJustin Svoboda eyes a high volley before tagging a return with wicked topspin against Shattuck%2DSt%2E Mary%27s%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4766 = ""; var BylineEmail_4766 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4766 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4766 = "400"; var Filename_4767 = "1046%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4767 = "Rysted vs Shattuck"; var Caption_4767 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EHeather Rysted chips on the green from about 20 yards out at the Stewie hosted HVL triangular on May 8%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4767 = ""; var BylineEmail_4767 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4767 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4767 = "400"; var Filename_4768 = "1045%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4768 = "Raygor vs Shattuck"; var Caption_4768 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EBen Raygor plays aggressively at the net on the number one singles court against Shattuck%2DSt%2E Mary%27s%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4768 = ""; var BylineEmail_4768 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4768 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4768 = "400"; var Filename_4769 = "1042%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4769 = "Nielsen vs Shattuck"; var Caption_4769 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EMatt Nielsen cranks a backhand slam at the net against Shattuck%2DSt%2E Mary%27s%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4769 = ""; var BylineEmail_4769 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4769 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4769 = "400"; var Filename_4770 = "1041%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4770 = "Mulleneaux at Stewie HVL triangular"; var Caption_4770 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EAustin Mulleneaux drains an 18%2Dfooter for birdie at the Stewie hosted HVL triangular on May 8%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4770 = ""; var BylineEmail_4770 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4770 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4770 = "400"; var Filename_4771 = "1038%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4771 = "Laber at Stewie HVL triangular"; var Caption_4771 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EBrittaney Laber executes classic follow through after her drive on the 13th tee box during the Stewartville triangular%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4771 = ""; var BylineEmail_4771 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4771 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4771 = "400"; var Filename_4772 = "1037%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4772 = "Jorde vs Shattuck"; var Caption_4772 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETravis Jorde drives a waist%2Dhigh forehand slam against Shattuck%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4772 = ""; var BylineEmail_4772 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4772 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4772 = "400"; var Filename_4773 = "1036%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4773 = "Jagusch vs Shattuck"; var Caption_4773 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EBekken Jagusch chases down a volley to the front court against Shattuck%2DSt%2E Mary%27s%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4773 = ""; var BylineEmail_4773 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4773 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4773 = "400"; var Filename_4774 = "1032%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4774 = "Fritz vs Shattuck"; var Caption_4774 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EDerek Fritz lunges for a return playing aggressively at the net against Shattuck%2DSt%2E Mary%92s%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4774 = ""; var BylineEmail_4774 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4774 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4774 = "400"; var Filename_4775 = "1029%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4775 = "Blake Honsey chip at Stewie triangular"; var Caption_4775 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EBlake Honsey chips from the fringe of the second hole during the Stewartville triagular%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4775 = ""; var BylineEmail_4775 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4775 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4775 = "400"; var Filename_4776 = "1028%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4776 = "Bergy at Stewie triangular"; var Caption_4776 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETim Bergeson curls a 25%2Dfoot putt in the cup for birdie during the Stewie hosted triangular on May 8%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4776 = ""; var BylineEmail_4776 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4776 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4776 = "400"; var Filename_4777 = "1024%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4777 = "7th grade boys bball"; var Caption_4777 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville seventh grade traveling basketball team captured the consolation championship at the regional Pacesetter tournament in Rochester on April 28%2E The Tigers lost their first game to Century %28eventual tournament champs%29%2C but went on to win their next three games%2C defeating LeRoy%2DOstrander%2C Fillmore Central and Faribault BA%2E The Pacesetter Minnesota Youth Basketball State Tournament has been conducted since 1993 with 700%2D900 teams in grades 5%2D9 participating annually throughout the state%2E Front row%2C from left%2C Justin Thompson%2C Jon Pyan%2C Nate Muller%2C Matt Terhaar%2C Ryan Larson%2C Zach Schwalbach%2E Back row%2C from left%2C Coach Dan Pyan%2C Aaron Simmons%2C Jordan Lemanski%2C Jack Howell%2C Matt Aldrich%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4777 = ""; var BylineEmail_4777 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4777 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4777 = "400"; var Filename_4778 = "1022%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4778 = "Westfall turkey hunt"; var Caption_4778 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EDean Westfall of Dexter%2C right%2C shot this turkey during the first annual turkey hunt for the disabled near Ironwood Springs Christian Ranch on Saturday%2C April 26%2E Lynn Laures%2C left%2C served as Westfall%92s hunting guide%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4778 = ""; var BylineEmail_4778 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4778 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4778 = "400"; var Filename_4779 = "1018%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4779 = "16 Blue JO vball"; var Caption_4779 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville 16 Blue JO volleyball team captured first place at the North Country Region Volleyball Tournament on April 28%2E Kneeling from left%2C Sam Jezeski%2C Jill Oftedahl%2C Ellie Bergeson%2C Lisa Flynn%2E Standing from left%2C coach Kelly Williams%2C Kaitlin Terleski%2C Britney Laures%2C Brenda Dahl%2C Caitlin Case%2E Unavailable for photo was Kelly Norman%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4779 = ""; var BylineEmail_4779 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4779 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4779 = "400"; var Filename_4780 = "1015%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4780 = "Meyerhofer hit vs Hayfield"; var Caption_4780 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EKatie Meyerhofer keeps her eye on the ball as she drives this run%2Dscoring single against Hayfield%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4780 = ""; var BylineEmail_4780 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4780 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4780 = "400"; var Filename_4781 = "1013%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4781 = "Irlbeck pitch vs Hayfield"; var Caption_4781 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EPitcher Wendi Irlbeck hurls the heat with her slingshot delivery%2E Irlbeck went the seven%2Dinning distance to record the win over Hayfield%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4781 = ""; var BylineEmail_4781 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4781 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4781 = "400"; var Filename_4782 = "1012%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4782 = "Irlbeck hits vs Hayfield"; var Caption_4782 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EWendi Irlbeck drives a Viking pitch for another Tiger hit%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4782 = ""; var BylineEmail_4782 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4782 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4782 = "400"; var Filename_4783 = "1011%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4783 = "Hain hits vs Hayfield"; var Caption_4783 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EErin Hain cranks on a fastbal lin the strike zone against Hayfield%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4783 = ""; var BylineEmail_4783 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4783 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4783 = "400"; var Filename_4784 = "1010%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4784 = "Donahoe tags vs Hayfield"; var Caption_4784 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ECait Donahoe turns and tags a Hayfield baserunner completing a 6%2D3%2D5 double play during Stewie%92s 14%2D6 HVL win on April 29%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4784 = ""; var BylineEmail_4784 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4784 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4784 = "400"; var Filename_4785 = "1009%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4785 = "Donahoe relay vs Hayfield"; var Caption_4785 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ECait Donahoe fires a relay to first%2C beating the Hayfield base runner %28left%29 during Stewie%27s 14%2D6 win%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4785 = ""; var BylineEmail_4785 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4785 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4785 = "400"; var Filename_4786 = "1002%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4786 = "Upty slides at home"; var Caption_4786 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EKayla Uptagrafft slides safely at home under the lunging tag of the Kasson catcher%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4786 = ""; var BylineEmail_4786 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4786 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4786 = "400"; var Filename_4787 = "1001%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4787 = "Stanger bunts vs KM"; var Caption_4787 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EChristina Stanger drops a perfect bunt straight down by leaning over the plate on the placement%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4787 = ""; var BylineEmail_4787 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4787 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4787 = "400"; var Filename_4788 = "986%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4788 = "Morse hit vs KM"; var Caption_4788 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETina Morse drive a high fastball to the gap to collect of of Stewie%27s 12 hits%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4788 = ""; var BylineEmail_4788 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4788 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4788 = "400"; var Filename_4789 = "982%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4789 = "Mikko Norman hit vs CF"; var Caption_4789 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EMikko Norman drives a knee%2Dhigh fastball in a 9%2D2 win over Cannon Falls%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4789 = ""; var BylineEmail_4789 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4789 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4789 = "400"; var Filename_4790 = "979%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4790 = "Kelly Norman tags vs KM"; var Caption_4790 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EWith a perfect one%2Dhop pickoff from catcher Shawnna Sperber%2C shortstop Kelly Norman readies to lay the tag on the KoMet base runner during Stewie%92s 8%2D3 HVL win last week%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4790 = ""; var BylineEmail_4790 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4790 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4790 = "400"; var Filename_4791 = "977%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4791 = "Hain pitch vs KM"; var Caption_4791 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EPitcher Erin Hain unleashes another wicked curve during the Tigers%92 8%2D3 win over the KoMets%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4791 = ""; var BylineEmail_4791 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4791 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4791 = "400"; var Filename_4792 = "976%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4792 = "English pitch vs CF"; var Caption_4792 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EStarting and winning pitcher Craig English mows down Bomber batters%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4792 = ""; var BylineEmail_4792 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4792 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4792 = "400"; var Filename_4793 = "975%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4793 = "Donahoe snares vs KM"; var Caption_4793 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ECait Donahoe snares a grounder at third base during Stewie%27s 8%2D3 win over the KoMets%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4793 = ""; var BylineEmail_4793 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4793 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4793 = "400"; var Filename_4794 = "974%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4794 = "16 Blue JO vball"; var Caption_4794 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville 16 Blue JO volleyball team captured first place in the Minnesota Sports Federation State Tournament at the National Volleyball Center on April 13%2E Team members include%2C kneeling%2C from left%2C Caity Case%2C Kelly Norman%2C Brittany Laures%2C Coach Kelly Williams%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Lisa Flynn%2C Brenda Dahl%2C Ellie Bergeson%2C Jill Oftedahl%2E Kaitlin Terleski was unavailable for photograph%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4794 = ""; var BylineEmail_4794 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4794 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4794 = "400"; var Filename_4795 = "973%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4795 = "14 Blue JO vball"; var Caption_4795 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville 14 Blue JO volleyball team captured first place in the MSF Tournament on April 12%2E Team members include%2C from left%2C Sarah Schrandt%2C Brianna Behrens%2C Katelyn Hanf%2C Elizabeth Waugh%2C Katie Bauman%2C Coach John Dzubay%2C Katie Doty%2C Shauna Groski%2C Danielle DeGeus%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4795 = ""; var BylineEmail_4795 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4795 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4795 = "400"; var Filename_4796 = "966%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4796 = "Smith pitch vs Byron"; var Caption_4796 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EStarting pitcher Matt Smith hurls the heat in game one against Byron%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4796 = ""; var BylineEmail_4796 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4796 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4796 = "400"; var Filename_4797 = "965%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4797 = "Nosbisch signs with Crookston"; var Caption_4797 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ESteve Nosbisch signs a National Letter of Intent to play basketball for the University of Minnesota%2C Crookston beginning in 2008%2D09%2E Looking on are%2C from left%2C Nosbisch%92s mother%2C Jenny%2C his brother Nick and dad Don%2C along with Tiger coach Tony Tuseth%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4797 = ""; var BylineEmail_4797 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4797 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4797 = "400"; var Filename_4798 = "952%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4798 = "Albie pitch vs Byron"; var Caption_4798 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ERight%2Dhanded reliever Jared Albers unleashes a wicked curve that silenced Byron bats%2C enabling the Tigers to rally for an 8%2D7 victory in game one of a doubleheader on April 17%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4798 = ""; var BylineEmail_4798 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4798 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4798 = "400"; var Filename_4799 = "951%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4799 = "Girls 4x200 at Heitman Invite"; var Caption_4799 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EMarie Sheely makes the baton exchange to Karyn Christian during the 4x200m relay%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4799 = ""; var BylineEmail_4799 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4799 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4799 = "400"; var Filename_4800 = "950%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4800 = "Drees leaps at Heitman Invite"; var Caption_4800 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3E%0D%0AKorey Drees leaps for a landing of 16%2D4 in the long jump%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4800 = ""; var BylineEmail_4800 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4800 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4800 = "400"; var Filename_4801 = "948%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4801 = "Flynn%2Ddiscus"; var Caption_4801 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EJake Flynn cranks off his release throwing the discus%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4801 = ""; var BylineEmail_4801 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4801 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4801 = "400"; var Filename_4802 = "944%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4802 = "Softball seniors"; var Caption_4802 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville varsity softball team will look to the leadership of six seniors for its 2008 campaign%2E Back to guide the Tiger nine are%2C in front%2C Tina Morse %28left%29%2C Wendi Irlbeck%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Amy Wohlhuter%2C Sam Engebreston%2C Kayla Uptagrafft%2C Cait Donahoe%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4802 = ""; var BylineEmail_4802 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4802 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4802 = "400"; var Filename_4803 = "941%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4803 = "Flynn throws shot at Rushford"; var Caption_4803 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ELisa Flynn heaves the shot put at the season opener in Rushford on April 3%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4803 = ""; var BylineEmail_4803 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4803 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4803 = "400"; var Filename_4804 = "938%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4804 = "Girls 4x200 at Rushford"; var Caption_4804 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EAndrea Venzke makes the baton exchange to Lindsay Blahnik during the 4x200m relay at the Rushford Invite%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4804 = ""; var BylineEmail_4804 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4804 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4804 = "400"; var Filename_4805 = "934%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4805 = "Schaefer LJ at Rushford"; var Caption_4805 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ERyan Schaefer catches air on this long jump landing at the R%2DP Invite%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4805 = ""; var BylineEmail_4805 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4805 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4805 = "400"; var Filename_4806 = "933%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4806 = "Johnson hurdles at Rushford"; var Caption_4806 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EJesse Johnson cruises to an easy win during the 110m high hurdle event at the Rushford%2DPeterson Invite on April 3%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4806 = ""; var BylineEmail_4806 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4806 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4806 = "400"; var Filename_4807 = "932%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4807 = "Harris throws discus%2DRushford"; var Caption_4807 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EBen Harris unleashes the discus for a first place landing of 110%2D9 at the Rushford Invite%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4807 = ""; var BylineEmail_4807 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4807 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4807 = "400"; var Filename_4808 = "928%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4808 = "15 blue jo vball"; var Caption_4808 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewie 15 Blue JO volleyball team captured first place in the 16s Upper Bracket Division at the National Volleyball Center Tournament in Rochester on March 29%2E Team members are%2C kneeling%2C from left%2C Kayla Lutteke%2C Sam Jezeski%2C Jessica Zent%2C Katie Twiete%2C Rachel Beaver%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Coach Pat Sobotta%2C Kayla Thompson%2DWooner%2C Allie Udenberg%2C Christina Stanger%2C Ashley Vance%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4808 = ""; var BylineEmail_4808 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4808 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4808 = "400"; var Filename_4809 = "925%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4809 = "Travis Capelle at NYWA"; var Caption_4809 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETravis Capelle drives the shoulders of his opponent to the mat and squeezes for a pin during action at the NYWA Regional tournament and state qualifier on March 29 at RCTC%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4809 = ""; var BylineEmail_4809 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4809 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4809 = "400"; var Filename_4810 = "924%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4810 = "Tanner Prochaska at NYWA"; var Caption_4810 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ETanner Prochaska breaks down his opponent with leg control while driving his head to the mat%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4810 = ""; var BylineEmail_4810 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4810 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4810 = "400"; var Filename_4811 = "917%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4811 = "Eric Sistad at NYWA"; var Caption_4811 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EStewartville youth wrestling action at the NYWA Regional tournament and state qualifier saw Eric Sistad turn his opponent%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4811 = ""; var BylineEmail_4811 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4811 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4811 = "400"; var Filename_4812 = "913%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4812 = "David Capelle at NYWA"; var Caption_4812 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EStewartville youth wrestling action at the NYWA Regional tournament and state qualifier saw David Capelle throw a crossface%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4812 = ""; var BylineEmail_4812 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4812 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4812 = "400"; var Filename_4813 = "912%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4813 = "Carter Stenberg at NYWA"; var Caption_4813 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EStewartville youth wrestling action at the NYWA Regional tournament and state qualifier saw Carter Stenberg throw a headlock%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4813 = ""; var BylineEmail_4813 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4813 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4813 = "400"; var Filename_4814 = "911%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4814 = "Bushman rolls three 300s"; var Caption_4814 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EJared Bushman has rolled seven 300 games in 2008%2C including three in one day at a recent tournament in St%2E Cloud%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4814 = ""; var BylineEmail_4814 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4814 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4814 = "400"; var Filename_4815 = "910%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4815 = "Brody Herman2 NYWA"; var Caption_4815 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EBrody Herman uses his left hand on the lower shoulder and uses his chin to drive the shoulders of his opponent to the mat seconds before pinning him at the NYWA Regional%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4815 = ""; var BylineEmail_4815 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4815 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4815 = "400"; var Filename_4816 = "909%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4816 = "Brody Herman NYWA"; var Caption_4816 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EBrody Herman lifts his opponent with a two%2Dlegged takedown at the NYWA Regional on March 29%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4816 = ""; var BylineEmail_4816 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4816 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4816 = "400"; var Filename_4817 = "905%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4817 = "7th grade boys traveling basketball team"; var Caption_4817 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville seventh%2Dgrade boys traveling basketball team captured second place at the recent Austin Tournament%2E The Tigers defeated Albert Lea and Rochester John Marshall before falling 41%2D39 to Plainview%2DElgin%2DMillville in the championship game%2E Tiger team members include%2C kneeling%2C from left%2C Zach Schwalbach%2C Luke Wilde%2C Jon Pyan%2C Justin Thompson%2C Reese Rinken%2C Jacob Narveson%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Coach Jeff Schwalbach%2C Nate Muller%2C Ryan Larson%2C Will Gisler%2C Jack Howell%2C Matt Aldrich%2C Aaron Simmons %26 Dan Pyan%2E%09%09%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4817 = ""; var BylineEmail_4817 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4817 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4817 = "400"; var Filename_4818 = "903%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4818 = "6th grade boys traveling baskbetball team"; var Caption_4818 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville sixth%2Dgrade boys traveling basketball team captured championship honors at the MYAS State Tournament held March 15%2D16%2E The team beat the Minneapolis Lakers%2C Owatonna%2C New Life Academy and Woodbury in the championship game%2E Tiger team members include%2C kneeling%2C from left%2C Michael Stageberg%2C Jason Danielson%2C Dain Bauman%2C Conner Paulson%2C %0D%0AJustin Zabinski%2C Shane Uptagrafft%2E Standing%2C from left%2C coach Joe Bauman%2C Tyler Hickman%2C Alex Sperber%2C Jeremiah Iverson%2C Noah Johnson%2C Jordan Lemanski%2C Cody Stanger%2C Ryan Quandt%2C coach Cheri Stageberg%2E %09%09%09%09%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4818 = ""; var BylineEmail_4818 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4818 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4818 = "400"; var Filename_4819 = "902%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4819 = "4th grade boys traveling basketball team"; var Caption_4819 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville fourth%2Dgrade boys traveling basketball team finished its season with a 20%2D5 record%2C capturing first place in two tournaments%2C second place in two tournaments and third place in two tournaments%2E Team members are%2C kneeling%2C from left%2C Luke Schmidt%2C Justin Kime%2C Sam Woods%2C Moses Hettinger%2C Max Runkle%2C Cody Bakken%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Garret Nosbisch%2C Lucas Ellerbusch%2C Lucas Scruggs%2C Jordan Johnson%2C Dylan Stofferahn%2C Chye Stecher%2E%09%09%09%09%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4819 = ""; var BylineEmail_4819 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4819 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4819 = "400"; var Filename_4820 = "908%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4820 = "8th grade girls traveling basketball team"; var Caption_4820 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville eighth%2Dgrade girls traveling basketball team captured second place the MYAS State Tournament on March 8%2D9%2E The Tigers compiled an impressive 26%2D0 school record and 16%2D4 as a traveling team%2E Stewie participated in tournaments at Farmington%2C Minneapolis%2C St%2E Paul%2C Owatonna%2C and Rochester%2E Team members include%2C seated%2C from left%2C Steph Jorde%2C Jackie Betcher%2C Elizabeth Waugh%2C Sarah Schrandt%2E Kneeling%2C from left%2C Katelyn Hanf%2C Amy Reinhardt%2C Sharon Curtis%2C Nicole Amos%2C Katie Bauman%2C Coach Cheri Stageberg%2E%09%09%09%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4820 = ""; var BylineEmail_4820 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4820 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4820 = "400"; var Filename_4821 = "907%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4821 = "9th grade traveling basketball team"; var Caption_4821 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewartville ninth%2Dgrade girls traveling basketball team captured first place in the AAA Division at the 2008 Grade State Basketball tournament on March 8%2D9 in Spring Lake Park%2E Tiger team members include%2C kneeling%2C from left%2C Lindsay Blahnik%2C Kahla Aldrich%2C Allie Udenberg%2C Kayla Lutteke%2C Kim Meyerhofer%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Kristina Stanger%2C Shawnna Sperber%2C Maria Gehling%2C Lisa Flynn%2E The team is coached by%2C from left%2C Pat Aldrich%2C John Lemanski%2C Ray Sperber%2E%09%09%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4821 = ""; var BylineEmail_4821 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4821 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4821 = "400"; var Filename_4822 = "906%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4822 = "Stewie 14 Blue JO Volleyball %2D Sizzler Tourney"; var Caption_4822 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewie 14 Blue JO volleyball team captured first place at the Stewie Sizzler Tournament on March 1%2E Team members include%2C kneeling from left%2C Danielle DeGeus%2C Liz Waugh%2C Sarah Schrandt%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Katelyn Hanf%2C Brianna Behrens%2C Shauna Groski%2C Katie Bauman%2C Katie Doty%2C coach Julie Rainey%2E%0D%0A%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4822 = ""; var BylineEmail_4822 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4822 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4822 = "400"; var Filename_4823 = "904%2Ejpg"; var PhotoTitle_4823 = "14 Blue JO volleyball team"; var Caption_4823 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EThe Stewie 14 Blue JO volleyball team captured first place at the Eastview Tournament on March 15%2E Team members include%3A front three%2C from left%2C Shauna Groski%2C Liz Waugh%2C Danielle DeGeus%2E Standing%2C from left%2C Brianna Behrens%2C Katie Bauman%2C Sarah Schrandt%2C Katelyn Hanf%2C Katie Doty%2C coach John%0D%0ADzubay%2E %09%09%09%09%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4823 = ""; var BylineEmail_4823 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4823 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4823 = "400"; var Filename_4824 = "900%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4824 = "Orte vs LAC"; var Caption_4824 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EMike Orte eludes a Lancer block with the scoop and the hoop for two of his six points%2E%09%09%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4824 = "Bill Schroeder"; var BylineEmail_4824 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4824 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4824 = "400"; var Filename_4825 = "899%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4825 = "Nosbisch vs LAC"; var Caption_4825 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ESteve Nosbisch skies high underneath the hoop for two of his 10 points against La Crescent%2E %09%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4825 = "Bill Schroeder"; var BylineEmail_4825 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4825 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4825 = "400"; var Filename_4826 = "898%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4826 = "Fritsch vs LAC"; var Caption_4826 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EDavid Fritsch tries for two of his 10 points against La Crescent%2E%09%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4826 = "Bill Schroeder"; var BylineEmail_4826 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4826 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4826 = "400"; var Filename_4827 = "897%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4827 = "King vs LAC"; var Caption_4827 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EBrandon King aggressively drives the lane and eyes an open teammate for a quick dish off%2E %09%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4827 = "Bill Schroeder"; var BylineEmail_4827 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4827 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4827 = "400"; var Filename_4828 = "896%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4828 = "English vs LAC"; var Caption_4828 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3ECraig English uses his speed to blow by the Lancer defense from the wing%2E%09%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4828 = "Bill Schroeder"; var BylineEmail_4828 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4828 = ""; var PhotoWidth_4828 = "400"; var Filename_4829 = "895%2EJPG"; var PhotoTitle_4829 = "Orte vs DE 3%2D15"; var Caption_4829 = "%3Cimg src%3D%22images%2Fcleardot%2Egif%22 height%3D%2210%22%3E%3Cbr%3EMike Orte floats trough the lane for a layup against DE%2E%3Cbr%3E"; var Byline_4829 = ""; var BylineEmail_4829 = ""; var PurchasePhoto_4829 = "http://thinkstewart