May 23, 2022 at 8:51 a.m.

"Learning to be a teacher, and traveling"

"Learning to be a teacher, and traveling"
"Learning to be a teacher, and traveling"

Emma Welch wanted to be an
elementary school teacher for as
long as she can remember.
She says she loves providing a
positive educational experience to
help students grow into the amazing
people they're meant to be.
After graduating from Stewartville
High School in 2018, she
enrolled at the University of Wisconsin-
River Falls, where she majored
in elementary education and
minored in early childhood education.
She chose UW-River Falls in
large part because the school offered
Consortium for Overseas
Teaching, COST, a program that
gives prospective teachers a
chance to teach overseas.
"It was a great combination of
the two things I love, learning to
be a teacher, and traveling," she
said in an email. "This opportunity
allowed me to complete my
required credits, along with traveling."
Filling out her COST application,
she listed four countries to
which she would like to travel:
Ireland, Germany, the Netherlands
and Greece...
For more on this story pick up your copy of the May 24 Stewartville STAR.

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